May 14, 2013

Last Notes [Chapter 0]

[Free Talk: This is Sakurakouji Kanoko’s new series.]
Narration: “Coldness continues to persist. Continues to unceasingly fall.” A girl looks out the window and thinks that the snow had accumulated on the roof. She goes up the roof and tries to remove the thick snow. She is a bit tired from doing it that she slightly rest up a bit. She looks down to see a man calling out to his brother’s wife that he’ll help her shovel the snow since she cannot clear the snow all by herself. The woman says that she always troubles him. The man says not to say that for everyone should take care of each other. In the car, a woman glances at the girl on the roof top and the car speeds away. The girl continues to remove the snow on the roof. A flustered boy looks at the girl. He seems to pity her and want to help her but hearing some people chattering, he quickly turns away and leaves.
Soon, the girl is having dinner alone. She thinks that it seems that her grandfather is coming home tomorrow. Narration: “Coldness continues to unceasingly fall. Bit by bit it accumulates around me. But staying at this house, [I’m] totally warm. Totally at peace. No matter who, cannot harm me.” She is startled when the phone started ringing. Narration: “That is the sound that will open the peaceful world’s gate.” The girl answers the phone. The other person on the line says, “Is this Gotou Goshima [guesswork from 五嶋]’s residence? I’m from the foreign affair’s..” Scans by 深雪组.

Comment: From the cover page, it seems to be a love triangle story. From this prologue, she seems to be an outcast. She is content with her life and of course, things are going to change soon.. Since it is foreign affairs, will she be travelling elsewhere soon?

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