May 15, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 79]

Sawako thinks over what Shouta told her about staying here and inheriting the family business. She hasn’t thought of it but he also entertained the possibility of separating in the future. She shakes away this thought and thinks that they would both stay here in the future. She gives her mother the information regarding a 3 person interview [between the teacher, student and parent]. Her mother asks her what she wants to do in the future. To her surprise, Sawako tells her that she will work. Sawako is surprised to learn that her mother had actually saved money for her college because Sawako has always been studying hard. She tells Sawako not to worry about the money. She asks her why she wants to work afterwards. If that is what she wants then they won’t oppose her. It is okay for her to be undecided and confused because she no longer has this kind of opportunity. Sawako starts to recall the things her mother and Pin said before. At school, while Sawako’s friends are chatting, Sawako decides to ask them if they have decided on what to do in the future. Chizuru is a total no. Ayane asks about Ryu. Chizuru thinks that he will inherit the ramen store for he told her before that he cannot imagine the store closing. Sawako wonders if that is also what Shouta is thinking. Chizuru says that he doesn’t think that Tooru would inherit it. Ayane asks her if she will be working at Ryu’s place. Blushing Chizuru exclaims why she says it as if she’s going to get married. The other two girls are surprised by that. Realizing what she just blurted out, Chizuru tries to say that it isn’t like that, except that she wants to keep staying at this place. When Sawako mutters, ‘you too’, Chizuru exclaims if she also wants to stay in this place. After Sawako tells her intention, the two girls exclaim why she is going to work and it is such a waste because if it is her, she can go to a good school. Sawako is surprised by their reaction. She admits to them that she hasn’t really thought of things. Ayane looks lost in thought when Chizuru says that a lot of people want to go to Sapporo, Tokyo, etc. Chizuru is happy that Sawako and Shouta are staying. While walking downstairs, Ayane is telling them about college. The two are looking at her so Ayane admitted that she is going to a college in Sapporo. Chizuru felt lonely but she cheered up when Ayane says that they can come over and stay overnight. Ayane says that they can see each other anytime [two hour trip through JR] and there are a lot of colleges in Sapporo. Kent is also going there. Chizuru[?] exclaims that they are still in second year. Ayane tells her that they will be third year soon and a lot of changes might happen after today. Sawako thinks that everyone is thinking of one’s own path, and she never thought that they would separate.
The two girls call out to Sawako. She smiles and catches up to them. She thinks that even if it is somewhat lonely but everyone is going forward. In class, Sawako wonders when Shouta decided on it and what was his thoughts about it. She wants to chat with him in detail about it. It is snowing hard after school so Sawako wishes Shouta the best in shoveling the snow. Then, Ayane is going to wait for Kent to finish cleaning duty. He kept on happily smiling at her that she got embarrassed and told him to go. Ayane sees Sawako who told her that she wanted to see Pin and ask him how come he wanted to become a teacher. Ayane joins her in meeting with Pin. Pin apologizes for he has interviews and club activity afterwards. Ayane tells him to quickly get it over with since he isn’t going to say anything useful. Pin comments that she’s really terrific. [<-sarcasm?] Seeing Sawako disappointed about it, Pin suggests that they eat ramen tonight and it will be his treat. Ayane tells Sawako not to take it since Pin would want a payback for it. To Ayane’s surprise, Pin also invites her. Pin tells them that it will be at Ryu’s place. At the ramen store, Chizuru is working as waitress and she serves Pin and the two girls. After Pin comments that this work suits Chizuru, Sawako asks Pin why he became a teacher. Is there some teacher he looks up to[/respect]. Pin mentions about a baseball coach during high school. He tells Sawako that it isn’t because he wants to looks up to that person that he became a teacher. It is something like even if one isn’t concerned about not being respected, one is naturally respected by others, like him. He thinks that it is fun and rather than wanting to be respected, he wants people to envy him. Sawako asks if teaching is fun. Pin comments that he basically didn’t think of educating the younger generation. They were interrupted by Chizuru who urges them to quickly eat the ramen or else, it will be ruined. Pin tells them that observing students is interesting because they are foolish, doing strange things and he doesn’t get tired of it. In three years’ time, how will they change, what will they think of, and what will they do. Pin asks if Sawako wants to change herself. Sawako says yes, He asks if she thinks that it is better for her to change. Sawako says yes, because everyone is at her side. Pin says that is right but, she also created the environment that enabled her and the others to be together. As for Ayane, she is just starting. Ayane angrily shouts what. Pin says that everyone is just starting and of course, he is a guy who has a future. Aghast Ayane says that no one is asking that. Pin tells them that whether it is baseball or being a teacher, in the end, he likes interesting things. What does he really want, what does he want to go after, no matter what he wants to do, the basis is, more or less, the same. What’s the most important thing for him is, whether or not, it is interesting to him. And, they finished eating.
On the way home, the sky is clear and they can see the stars. Pin notices Ryu jogging. He asks Ryu if he is working out. Ryu greets him. Pin comments that Ryu’s life is jogging, sleeping, baseball and eating. Ryu glances in the store to see Chizuru working. Then, he continues to jog away that Pin shouts that he already jogged one round. Sawako tells Pin that she still really looks up to him. Pin asks if she is envious. While Ayane is lost in thought, Sawako says, yes. After Sawako bids them goodbye, Pin comments that Ayane really did come along. Ayane says that she is worried about Sawako for he might say bad things to her. Pin says that no matter what is the reason, what’s important is that she [Ayane] moved[/made a move]. Ayane comments that she feels that tomorrow, he will shift the topic into ‘reason is the most important’. Pin laughs and exclaims that she really knows it. Pin tells her again that she is just starting and the road afterwards is still long. On the way home, Sawako calls Shouta and tells him about just finished eating ramen with the others and thinking over what to do in the future. She says that she wants to hear his voice and the stars are very beautiful. To her surprise, Shouta goes out to meet her since she is nearby. He tells her that he wants to see her right now. Sawako says that next time, she wants to talk with him more, to know more about him and his aspiration, and many other things. Shouta says, me too. She holds his hand and says that she likes him the most. At school, Pin asks Shouta if it is his mother who is coming for the interview. To his dismay, Shouta says that it is his father. Sawako tells Shouta that she’ll wait for him. In the room, Pin asks if Ryu wants to study college. Ryu says yes. Ryu’s father asks if Ryu’s grades are okay. Pin tells them that in autumn season’s competition, there will be familiar people showing up and it is people from college who are looking for candidates, so along with his grades.. Ryu looks serious and says, okay. An imposing man walks at the hallway. After coming out of the toilet, Sawako sees the man going in the room. She has lost the opportunity to greet Shouta’s father. She wonders if it is okay for her to wait at the hallway and would she obstruct anyone. She is surprised by a sudden ruckus inside. To Pin’s shock, Shouta’s father had just punched Shouta and angrily called him a damned idiot.
Comment: Well, there are supportive parents and there is one seemingly not supportive. My guess is Shouta’s father probably thinks that Shouta decided on that as some sort of ‘his duty’ rather than what he really wants to do. Pin’s advice is nice. Idealistically, if that is possible, that is how it should be. And, that is the opportunity that Sawako’s parents are giving her since she doesn’t have to worry about the money for college. From the looks of things, Chizuru will stay on at the ramen store and Ryu will go to college. It does seem that his baseball is going to be a factor to help him fulfill that dream. I’m not too sure over what Pin is hinting to Ayane. ^^; Scans by 工作室.

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