May 16, 2013

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 7]

While walking at the halls of the Vatican, Albrecht passes by a guy who is wearing fur and printed shirt. He says that it has been a long time, Basilisk. Opening the cabinet, Nora is surprised over the many dresses in it since it isn’t exactly ‘some’ clothes that Win has prepared for her. Win takes out a dress and happily recommends it to Nora. After a scream and a slap, Win tells Albrecht that it is the ‘whip of love’. Wearing the dress that Win recommended, Nora angrily comes out and shouts for him to quit recklessly saying things. She reprimands Win for not reflecting on his deed of just entering inside when she is going to change her clothes. Albrecht asks if he is peeping. Win denies this for if he was peeping, he would be more cautious and absolutely won’t let her see him. Nora grabs his collar wanting to kill him when someone calls out their attention. It is Basilisk who comments that he is happy that Win is enjoying life. Since Basilisk greeted her, Nora wonders how he knew her name and he doesn’t seem to be a priest. Albrecht tells Nora that Basilisk is a ‘merchant’ and Win bought her clothes from him. Basilisk tells Nora that not only clothes, he also sell other things that the people needs whether it is things, people or information. Feeling that sharp pain, Nora mutters that he is a devil. Basilisk asks if it is because he is the same with her pet owner that is why she noticed it. Upon confirmation, Nora sighs. Albrecht comments that her reaction is quite calm. Nora tells him that it isn’t surprising that there is a merchant demon because after all the Church also had a contract with a demon. Albrecht says that is good. Nora protests that it isn’t since she is worried about the Church’s future. Win asks Basilisk why he unexpectedly came here on his own. Basilisk says that even if he has ‘direct permission’ to go in the Vatican but he didn’t come here to hang out because devils would avoid it even if there is someone who is totally not affected that he can freely coming in and out. [<- referring to Albrecht]. Win asks again why he would come here then. Basilisk asks for a favor. Upon looking at Nora, Basilisk puts his arm around her and asks Albrecht to lend Nora to him for a day, and of course, he can come along, too. Since Albrecht says that it won’t be cheap, Basilisk tells him that even if he didn’t say it, he would repay him with a huge amount of money. Win muses over how easy Albrecht agreed to it To Nora’s anger, Albrecht agrees to lend her to Basilisk without her permission. At a bar, a couple of drunkards notice that it is open when it was always closed. They decide to enter but beautifully dressed Nora apologizes to them that the place is fully booked so come back next time. Blushing, the two leave. Basilisk comments that Nora is really good in acting the role of ‘bar’s proprietress’. Nora angrily asks if she is the bar’s proprietress, then what is he. Basilisk asks if he is the boss[/proprietor] who has fallen for her. Putting his arm around Nora, Albrecht says that he’ll play the role of the bar customer who wins the proprietress’ heart. Nora angrily shouts for him not to say such nonsense things and it is fine for him to be an ordinary customer. Nora asks why he is wearing that casual outfit that it looks suspicious. He tells her that it enables him to blend in for priests don’t go to bars like this. Then, Nora asks why she has to wear these revealing clothes. She is speechless when Basilisk laughs and says that it is his interest[/hobby].
Basilisk explains that he bought this bar some time ago but, because he is very busy, he hired a manager but after a few days, he died. Then, he hired a new one but after a few days, he hanged himself. Then, I hired some more people but whether man or woman, the end is the same. He thinks that things are a bit irregular but he didn’t think that it turns out to be like this. It became a ghost bar. A lot of gloomy ghosts are sitting around the bar. Albrecht says that the strength at that side is strong. Basilisk agrees for it seems that the dead had gathered there. It seems that they still have attachments to this world so they won’t naturally just disappear. Albrecht says that an ordinary person cannot stay at this place but to have that degree [power?] of ghosts, Basilisk ought to be able to handle it on his own. Waving his hand, Basilisk says no, even if he has the power to do so, he doesn’t want to do it because his customers are humans. He has to maintain humans in this current lifestyle [<- something like have a good relationship, I think]. And even if he is a ‘devil’, but if he roughly treats humans [in this case, I think he meant ghosts], he would be violating his principles. He doesn’t know how to deal with this when he heard news of Albrecht returning to the Vatican and he brought along a girl. Then, he heard that it seems that this girl has a strong ‘power’ and with that ‘power’, it is his only hope. Albrecht repeats, ‘only..huh’. Basilisk says that is how it is so he’ll leave it all up to Nora. Nora angrily shouts for him to quit deciding things on his own. At the Vatican, Win is startled when Leo calls out to him. Leo asks if he is alone and where Gabriel is. Win says that Gabriel is in a meeting so he isn’t in the Vatican. Leo asks what he is doing. Win suddenly grabs Leo’s arm and asks if he is busy. Leo says that he plans to return home to rest. Win asks him to go along with him. Leo tries to protest but Win darkly insists with a smile so Leo timidly agrees. At the bar, Nora listens to a ghost’s story about his regret of telling his mother that he doesn’t want to her son but he never got to apologize for it because he died of illness soon after. Nora suggests that he quickly go now but the ghost protests that he cannot because he is already dead. Slamming her hand on the table, Nora scolds the ghost for being a fool for wasting so much time and energy hanging around here but didn’t bother going to apologize to his mother through a dream. The ghost is stunned. Nora shouts for him to quit dilly-dallying and move. The ghost says yes, thanks her and left. Basilisk gives her a glass of drink and tells her ‘good job’ but he didn’t expect her to resolve it through ‘conversation’ when he thought she is going to use that ‘eye power’. After drinking, Nora says that if she did that, won’t it be the ‘force[/violence]’ that he hated. Even if she doesn’t use devilish power, it is still forcibly driving them away. Since other ways can be done to achieve the same end, she thinks that the best way to do this is make them leave on their own. Standing up, Nora apologizes for not having a show for him but she is going to use her own way to handle this. After she left, Basilisk laughs and tells Albrecht that she is an interesting girl and no wonder Albrecht has his eye on her. He says that it seems that these ‘eyes’ are more powerful than he thought for just being near her, his whole body feels numb. He comments that her disapproving attitude is also really amazing but then, what does she meant by ‘show’ a while ago.
Albrecht tells him that Nora has already realized that his goal is actually to ‘see’ her [power] out of curiosity and there are times that her sharpness is quite scary. Basilisk whistles and says that he should be careful but that kind of looks and personality is like.. He tells Albrecht to give Nora to him if he got tired of her. Albrecht comments that it seems that ‘getting tired of her’ won’t happen throughout his lifetime. Soon, Nora is quite happy that the bar is now all cleared..until she notices one more ghost left. She thinks that this ghost’s condition is quite bad [since it is quite gloomy]. She calls out the female ghost’s attention. Soon, Win with reluctant Leo arrives at the bar. Albrecht asks if he can go out. Win says that Gabriel isn’t around today or else, he absolutely cannot come. He asks where Nora is. Albrecht and Basilisk realize that Nora isn’t around. Just when Leo tries to tell Win to go back since he doesn’t suit in this place, Nora bumps into him. He looks at Nora who sweetly smiles at him. Leo freezes like a rock. Win happily calls for Nora to come over. To the others’ surprise, Nora sits on Albrecht’s lap. Albrecht is surprised speechless over this. Win goes into shock and Basilisk is amused. Albrecht comments that it seems that there is something inside Nora. Basilik asks if it is one of the ghosts in the store. ‘Nora’ says that is right, she is already dead and this good Miss temporarily lent her body to her. Win wonders what to do about this. Basilisk says that they should do it like what Nora has been doing. He asks ‘Nora’ what her wish or regret is. ‘Nora’ exclaims that she isn’t popular with guys that she wasn’t able to go steady with any guy, so at least, she wants to physically experience a kiss. Win couldn’t believe that Nora can have that kind of expression. Basilisk asks if it is alright if it is anyone. ‘Nora’ says that she would want it to be with this one -> Albrecht. Albrecht has no problems with it. Basilisk comments that from his tone, it seems that Albrecht is in a bad mood. ‘Nora’ asks Albrecht to close his eyes. While Win and Basilisk happily watch this, Nora suddenly shouts for ‘her’ to stop since this isn’t what she just told her. The ghost apologizes. Nora angrily shouts that she said that she only want to talk with a guy so she lent her body. The ghost laughs and says that her main desire is.. Nora angrily shouts for her to get rid of that desire. Win comments that Nora has two voices. Basilisk complains over Nora’s consciousness coming back during the crucial point. While Nora is quarreling with the ghost, Albrecht says that he’ll fulfill her wish, so don’t move. He holds her neck and kisses her on the lips. Nora is surprised by this and she notices that Albrecht isn’t acting normal. Basilisk mentions again that Albrecht is in a bad mood because someone is in Nora’s body. The ghost leaves and thanks them. Win laughs and says that she [ghost] seems satisfied. Someone holds his shoulder. He turns and it is Gabriel. Win asks why he is here. Smiling Gabriel angrily says that two hours ago, Leo called someone to inform him and Win really likes to torment someone, that he even made Leo an accomplice. After kissing her, Albrecht tells Nora that he obviously told her that she belongs to him so she isn’t allowed to let someone else, other than him, to manipulate her body at will. Thinking that this is the first time she saw him showing emotion, Nora angrily shouts that she also doesn’t plan on letting him manipulate her at will. Then, Win and Gabriel freak out over Leo turning into stone = still in shock.
Comment: And, we have a new character..another good looking guy. It does seem that Nora is building a harem. ^^; Nora’s counseling is amusing. She is dressed beautifully here. Albrecht shows his possessive side and amusingly, it isn’t with one of the guys, but a ghost who got in Nora. ^^; This series turns out to be quite episodic and I’m not really into that type of series because there is nothing much to look forward to. Is this about Nora’s daily life with willful devils and priests? That’s it? Anyway, if the next chapter is still episodic = not a long arc or something, I’ll most probably won’t be summarizing this anymore. So, just in case, to those who have been reading up to this point, thank you ^-^ Scans by Class Bianca.

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