April 1, 2013

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 45]

Cover page: “Making my heart beat endlessly, it is HARU’s fault!? Spring has arrived! For the first time, Shizuku cried in front of Haru..” Top 5 Popularity poll: 1. Yamaken - “This is of course, inevitable”, 2. Haru - “I’m the only number 1 in Shizuku’s heart”, 3. Sasayan – “I’m so happy to be able to get into the top 3. Thank you everyone!”, 4. Asako – “Number one female character~ (cry)” and 5. Shizuku – “I’m the lead character..” Haru looks at crying Shizuku and asks, “What is it? Does your stomach hurt, Shizuku?” Shizuku replies, “(Every time I feel hurt, I choose to run away..) No.. (In order not to let myself get hurt, I’m always all alone by myself..) I just feel very happy. (My heart is overflowing with this feeling that it is hard to stop it. Once all alone, the two of us gradually mature, and now, finally [our] feelings are connected--.)” Title: Warm Dawn. Shizuku tearfully tells Haru that she thought that Haru would definitely not be around anymore because she said some really mean words. “..why, I obviously didn’t come here to talk about this. (-just like a child, I can only push through shoving and bumping, not knowing how to express my own feelings) This isn’t what I want to tell you. *sobs* I originally do not want to hurt you. ..sob, please do not hate me..” Haru touches her face and thinks, “Why did I think that she is only a strong person. Thinking that she doesn’t have times when she is weak.” Haru hugs Shizuku and says, “I’m sorry, Shizuku.” Surprised Shizuku asks why he is apologizing when she was the one who said those mean things. Haru replies, “I cannot be hurt merely because of those words so it is alright even if it is said. You can even say a bit more of those words, Shizuku. Because of this thing, I won’t choose to leave you.” Shizuku looks at Haru in surprise. Haru smiles at her and Shizuku starts to cry again. “Haru.” Haru freaks out and exclaims why she is crying again. Wiping her tears, Shizuku says, “Be..because.. is this real?” Haru looks surprised and starts laughing. Haru makes Shizuku wipe her tears on his shirt. Then, he licks her cheek. This made Shizuku blush. And, after looking at each other, they kiss. Scene: Young Shizuku is reading a book and a young Haru gives her a flower. At the back of Mitsuyoshi’s game center, some things including the tanuki statue is packed at the back of a van truck. Standing at the back of the truck, Yuuzan says that it is gratifying to be able to reach this stage today, and it took a lot of effort. Mitsuyoshi laughs and says, ‘good job’. Andou asks Mitsuyoshi if he still has things that he wants to throw away. Mitsuyoshi says that there’s nothing more, thanks. Mitsuyoshi comments to Yuuzan that it is quite surprising for he had really made up his mind.
Yuuzan just looks at the side with a smile and asks about Haru. Mitsuyoshi says that he went out since the kids had a gathering at school. Yuuzan laughs and says that if it is the Christmas party he mentioned before and kids are quite relaxed. Mitsuyoshi teases him by saying that Yuuzan is the kid. After looking surprised, Yuuzan pouts and says that Mitsuyoshi always quickly stands by Haru’s side. Andou calls out to Yuuzan that everything is already prepared. Yuuzan says that he’s going. “I don’t want to be lectured by Mitsuyoshi-san today. Goodbye, Mitsuyoshi. Take care of yourself. ..and have a good year. Then, Andou-san, let’s go!” Andou tells him that it is illegal to stay at the back of the van[?]. While Mitsuyoshi smiles, Yuuzan says that he knows that. Soon, it is night. In a crowded street, Asako calls out to Sasayan who greets her back. Sasayan asks if she had just arrived. Asako giggles and says that she is going to join up with Shizuku. Sasayan laughs and says that he’s waiting for Seta and the others. While walking, they talk about it being cold and wearing warm[/thermal] clothes. Asako looks at the clock which is around 10:25. Asako comments that once again, this year will also be over. She tells Sasayan that it seems that Haru went to section A’s party. Sasayan asks if it is that yearend party and that class has a wonderful unity. Asako tells him that every year on this day, it seems that Chizuru is with Yuu-chan and she said that they are going to join them again. Somewhere else, Chizuru apologizes to Yuu-chan for waiting and they can go. Yuu-chan asks her how the yearend party went. Back to Asako and Sasayan, she wonders what those people are doing. Sasayan asks who. Asako says, Yamaken. Somewhere else, following Yamaken and friends, Iyo calls out to her brother to wait for her. Mabo tells Iyo not to follow them. Iyo says that it is because she is quite bored that she also wants to come to the countdown. Back to the two, Asako says that even if she invited Iyo but it seems that she is going to Dubai with her mother on New Year. Sasayan laughs and says that’s amazing. He comments that he is worried a bit regarding Yamaken. Trying to warm up her hands, Asako says about that, in the end, she had made up her mind on wanting to hinder them. Sasayan protests but, it is alright, for even if she hinders them, they won’t change much. Asako says is that so, and she always feels that the way he [Sasayan] talks is somewhat fishy. Sasayan continues to say, “Besides, I particularly like that ‘charging around violently’ nature of yours.” This surprises nervous Asako.
Soon, Shizuku, together with Takaya, greets Sasayan and Asako. Shizuku comments that they are together. Sasayan happily greets her back. Asako is still puffed up speechless over what Sasayan said earlier so Shizuku asks her what’s up with that expression. Shizuku comments that this is really good to be doing this at this time while in high school. Sasayan reminds her that this is what they did last year. Blushing Asako is angrily muttering that it is really strange, right, and how come she felt that she had been had [by Sasayan]. Flashback: Blushing Asako shouted at Sasayan that she told him not to say it that way. Sasayan laughed and said that he was careless. End flashback. While Sasayan is on the phone, Takaya asks Shizuku if Chizuru is also coming today. Shizuku says that she is already here. Takaya asks where. Shizuku says at the courtyard. “Then, it is almost time to go to the hatsumode [first shrine visit].” At the courtyard of the shrine, Haru and Shimoyanagi are doing some stand up comedy with the other section A class students about a mouse. Chizuru greets Shizuku and the others. As everyone greets her, Sasayan comments that section A class also came. Chizuru sweatdrops and says that they said that they were going to the New Year’s hatsumode and in the end, they’ve stayed around and came. While Haru and the others are making a ruckus over Haru’s repeated boring jokes, and the others wanting to replace him, Sasayan wonders out loud why are they this enthusiastic. Embarrassed Chizuru says that it has been like that after the yearend party. Seta says that it has become Haru’s party. While two other people are now doing the stand up comedy, Shizuku asks what they are going to do next. Chizuru says that there is still time before the year ends so how about they go eat something. Asako exclaims that her blood of liking festivals is boiling. Yuu-chan says that she wants to eat beef barbecue. Later on, someone asks if Takaya is tired and how about they go have their fortunes told. Asako whispers to Shizuku if this is okay for it is rare for Haru to be also there. Shizuku says that it is alright for it feels like Haru is very happy. Then, she thinks for a moment and whispers to Asako, “..it would be better to join up Haru in a little while.” Then, regarding love fortunes, Shizuku and Asako are freaking out with their hairs up over their fortunes. Chizuru doesn’t seem to have gotten a good love fortune since she seems speechless over it. While Sasayan and others are eating, some friends greet them. Haru continues with his stand-up comedy with his classmates.
And, the New Year Eve’s [countdown] bell has started to ring. Someone says that it is time for them to line up. Shizuku apologizes and says that she is going to the toilet. She asks if Takaya wants to go, too. Takaya shakes his head and says that he’ll stay with Chizuru. While walking, Shizuku thinks that Takaya would unexpectedly stick around with her friends, and he is really quite good in social interactions. “Friends, huh. Until I was conscious of it, unknowingly, I gradually have more and more people beside me.” While the bell continuously rings, Shizuku sits by the edge. To her surprise, smiling Haru sits beside her. She calls out his name. Haru asks what she is doing in this place. Shizuku smiles and says, “Nothing.. I just feel very happy.” Haru looks surprised then he smiles again. “Okay.” Standing up, Haru says that they should go for Sasayan and others are waiting for them. “Let’s meet the New Year together.” Shizuku grabs his sleeve and says, “.. even if I have no objections regarding everyone being together, I only want a bit more time, or I should say.. I want to be with you..” Haru smiles. They hug each other tight and Haru happily exclaims, “..I’m extremely honored to!” Then, they notice that Sasayan and Asako are happily watching them with amused expressions. This embarrasses Shizuku. Chizuru tries to cover Takaya’s eyes. Soon, it is 23:59 of December 31st. Everyone is doing the countdown. While holding hands, Haru and Shizuku look at each other and Shizuku happily smile. Narration: “Miss each other. Feelings [for] each other connected. Getting angry because of some small things. Smile coming from the bottom of one’s heart. Extending one’s hand. Tightly grasping it back. It is only such things that I felt can make a person happy.” At Mitsuyoshi’s game center, while Nagoya is walking around, everyone is fast asleep. Sasayan and Asako sleep near each other.  Haru sleeps while hugging Shizuku. And on the messy floor with books all over the place, there is a big envelope regarding some ocean research institute [/graduate school].
Side story which happened at the end of volume 3 – at the end of the first year’s cultural festival: Yamaken dreams of nurse Shizuku saying to him with a wink, “Yama∙ken∙kun♡♡ I like you♡♡♡” Yamaken immediately punch himself to which nurse Shizuku says that he is so manly. Holding his face, Yamaken thinks that it doesn’t hurt so it is a dream. He asks her what she is doing and what is she called. Saluting, she says that she is Ding Dong Nurse Mizutani Shizuku. Yamaken asks if she is treating him like a fool. Shizuku says that he isn’t having a dream so how about this. She becomes cute school girl Shizuku with her hair down. Looking away, Yamaken says that’s ordinary. Shizuku becomes black bunny girl and asks how about long ears and what is she in his mind. Yamaken exclaims that he doesn’t like nurses or bunny cosplay. Putting on thick glasses, Shizuku says too bad, she is back to her usual self. Preparing to jump into a hole, Shizuku says that since he doesn’t seem to like it[/her], she has homework to do so she’s going ahead. Yamaken grabs her hand and says no, it isn’t like he doesn’t like- He is surprised when Shizuku brightly smiles at him. Then, she jumps on to him. Nervous aghast Yamaken says no no no no no, this is too weird and what is this. Touching his face, seductive Shizuku says, “what it is, of course--” And Yamaken wakes up and thinks that it is a nightmare. While serving some coffee, Yamaken’s mother asks about the others. Yamaken says that they are still sleeping and just let them sleep. His mother reminds him to eat the carrots. Yamaken angrily says he will. Yamaken thinks that it is because he went to the cultural festival that he unexpectedly dreamt of that bookworm. Iyo asks her mother where her bandage is, the one which she usually uses. Her mother says that she doesn’t know so why not use a new one. Iyo protests that she doesn’t want to because if it isn’t that one, the seal will be lifted. Yamaken got irritated and tells himself to forget it. While walking, bandaged Iyo calls out to her brother who just glares at her. Iyo starts to remove her bandage for that glare is like treating her as an idiot. She doesn’t want to wear it again. Yamaken walks away and decides to treat her like a stranger. Narration: “My younger sister whose brain become stupider every day, and also that female bookworm who is with Haru. Fundamentally, people that has no relationship with me. For a good life and uninterrupted victorious future, I should not have a dream regarding that girl again.” Blurb: “A story of, ‘before he was conscious of it, he didn’t know that he had already fallen into the river of love..’”
Comment: So, with that assurance of not leaving her just because of some mean things she had/will say, Shizuku is not quite bashful in speaking out her mind and well, most of it is more on wanting to be with Haru. ^^ It seems that Yuuzan is leaving or something. I wonder what his plans are for the future but at least, it seems like he is moving on. I’m not sure if Sasayan is making a slight progress with Asako but he would surely tease/compliment her in any way possible with high chances of getting away with it =P Yamaken is still with his gang and will probably be bothered to death by Iyo. Hehe, and it does seem that Takaya has a crush on Chizuru though Shizuku doesn’t seem to notice it yet. Well, the lovey-dovey moments are really nice and it seems that there is something in store for Haru’s future regarding whatever it is in that envelope. I’m assuming it is an invitation so I wonder if he will immediately accept it or at least, until they graduate high school. As for the side story, the dreams are amusing. It does seem that Yamaken subconsciously didn’t immediately pursue Shizuku is because he knows that he will lose to Haru. I guess that was Iyo’s awkward stage which kind of permanently made Yamaken to look down on her. ^^; So not only is it a blow to his ego that he has fallen for a bookworm girlfriend of Haru, he also had a ‘weirdo’ younger sister. =P Scans by 离境

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