March 31, 2013

Free Talk: I'm Back

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! The vacation trip is okay but it was raining in Hong Kong so I didn’t get to go to the places where I planned to go to. So much for all that planning.. We mostly spend the time shopping around malls which is somewhat boring for me since I’m not into that. I was hoping to check out the mall that has anime and manga stuff but of all days, there was incident there = complete with 2 fire trucks, 1 ambulance and police to barricade the place. ^^; And, the horrors..I forgot to bring some really important stuff especially my medicine. orz After some minor inconvenience of getting their own doctor to prescribe it since they won’t accept my country’s prescription, we got the medicine. Thank God, I discovered it on the first day, the hospital is close by where we stayed and they actually had that medicine. ^^

Anyway, I’ll work on Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun next so hopefully, it will be out tomorrow. Then, I’ll work on Kyou no Kira-kun. The other pending ones are: Himitsu no Ai-chan, Sugar*Soldier and Suki-tte Ii na yo. Then, we are expecting The One coming out within this week. So, that’s what to expect this week. ^^