April 2, 2013

Kyou no Kira-kun [Chapter 19]

Page 19: Goodbye, Sympathy [/tenderness towards] and Sadness. Character profile: Yabe Kazuhiro, 16 years old, <birthday> August 18th, <blood type> Type A, <height> 180 cm, and <commonly referred to as> Kira’s fan. Flashback: In section 3-C [junior high], glasses Yabe is all alone in the classroom. He is doing something on his desk when the door suddenly opens. He looked up and is shock to see Kira coming in. While he is freaking out that it is Kira Yuuji, Kira approached him and said that it turns out that he’s not the only one who is ditching PE class. “About that, what’s your name again?” Trembling since he thinks that Kira is a terrifying person, Yabe replied that he’s called Yabe. Looking away, Kira said that it turns out that someone like him would also ditch class. After looking surprised by that, Yabe told him that it is because someone hid his PE uniform. Kira looked surprised by that then he noticed that Yabe is drawing a mecha manga. Yabe quickly closed the book and shouted that he’s studying. Kira picked up the book and looked at it. Yabe nervously thought that he will be teased, he will definitely be teased. He imagines some people looking at him with a disgusted expression saying that he’s gross for he turns out to be an otaku. Kira laughed and happily said, “Yabe, you’re really amazing. This is very interesting- *Yabe is surprised; patting Yabe’s head* Aren’t you quite cool?” Yabe blushed and is moved by what Kira said. End flashback. And, Yabe wakes up. At school, Kira is with Rei, who is eating a crepe. Kira explains to Nino that it is because Nino looks like someone who is easy to bully[/one can’t help but want to bully her] so Rei did that kind of thing. “The fact is she fundamentally only wanted to check out my girlfriend but it appears her S[adist] heart is moved.” Surprised Nino nervously asks if she’s easily bullied. Kira says that it is because Nino has this lack of self-confidence look and Rei’s personality is a bit twisted. “It is because she has an eccentricity of loving to bully those whom she had taken a fancy on, so she doesn’t have friends. Right.” Rei apologizes to Nino for not only lying to her but also saying some mean things to her. “Even if I didn’t have a romance with Yuuji but during his second year junior high, he was scared witless and got depressed because he wet the bed.” In disbelief, Nino asks if it is Kira-kun. While Rei darkly smiles, embarrassed Kira shouts at Rei that didn’t she promise that she would never to say it to anyone throughout her life. “Nino, quickly forget it, just this once.” Sensei smiles and thinks that it isn’t some suspicious relationship but only just grabbing the handle[?], how idiotic.
Kira tells Rei that compared to that, she ought to have something more important to say. Rei is surprised then shoves her crepe to Kira which makes him think that she wants him to hold it. Nino is puzzled when Rei approaches her and holds out her hand. Rei says, “The Nino who didn’t choose to run away even once. Drinking the milk in one gulp is really quite cool. If it is okay with you, please be friends with me.” Rei looks shy and timid at surprised Nino. Kira stands near Nino and flashes a v-sign = you did well. This made Nino blush. She holds Rei’s outreached hand and says, “Yo..yoroshiku [/I’ll be under your care].” This made Rei smile and says, “As much as possible, I will control myself from bullying you. *the two sweatdrops* Because I also discovered a very interesting person.” They ask her about this discovery but Rei says that it is a secret. From behind the classroom door, Yabe is watching the three. He thinks, “That female gamer.. How come she is in that area that I can’t get into!? *closes the door* ..by the way, up to when am I going to hide..” While walking home, Kira tells Nino that it is great that she got a friend. Nino says that is right, and they even exchanged email addresses. After a pause, Nino says that there is something she is quite bothered.. Kira asks what it is. While Sensei is sleeping on her shoulder, Nino tells him that Rei showed her a picture of him, half-naked and holding someone’s hand so what’s up with that. Kira exclaims in shock over how Rei got that. Then, he starts muttering that it is impossible but for others, he might be too sexy that he totally doesn’t know who has it[/who passed it to whom]. He tells her that it is some gamble bet with some girl and mistakenly sending some message/mms as proof upon winning. [<- probably playing some sort of strip betting game?] “But, that is already something that has happened a very long time ago, so there’s no need for you to mind it.. Right now, I’m Nino’s heart desire.” Nino looks at him and lightly punches him on the shoulder. “I really mind it. Even if it is me, I’ll also get jealous.” Kira covers his face with his hands and says, “Wait- That is also so cute!! I’m sorry, I’ll pay attention to it later on.” Puzzled Nino tells him that it’s good that he understands. He glances at her and says, “By the way, since yesterday of that, I have been thinking of this same question every 10 minutes.” Nino asks since yesterday of that? Cornering her on the wall, Kira asks, “Can I kiss you once again? *Nino is surprised* How embarrassing, ..although I don’t know what you, Nino, is thinking of, but in the end, I still couldn’t restrain myself.”
This made Nino blush as she remembers their kiss at the beach. Looking down, blushing Nino says, “I’m very happy. Because I’m so excited yesterday, I wasn’t able to sleep. I’ve always been thinking of wanting it and how can I make it happen again..” Kira looks surprised and lets out a sigh which surprises Nino. He looks away and says, “..this is bad, I’m so happy that it made me somewhat afraid..” Nino looks at him in surprised and she hugs him. They kiss. Already awake, Sensei can only think that Kira ought to be conscious[/don’t take things too far]. Narration: “‘Adorable’, it seems that lately I’ve pretty much understand the meaning of this word.” At school again, Nino tells Kira that they go invite Rei this noon break. She is surprised when Kira declines by saying that he is going to the clinic to rest. Nino whispers if he isn’t feeling well and maybe he ought to take the day off. Kira tells her that he is fine, and his body just a bit sore[/ache] so he ought to lie down a bit. He says that it is only because he lacks physical strength. Nino says is that so, then it is good if he’s okay. Yabe quietly watches them. At the clinic, Mio tells Kira to be good and sleep since she has to go to the staff office. Lying on the bed, Kira assures her that he is fine. After she left, Kira thinks that Nino looks uneasy and would she continuously show that kind of expression from today on.. He hears some footsteps that he calls out if it is Mio. He is surprised when it is Yabe who entered inside. After recovering from his surprise, Kira asks him what it is. Yabe says that there is something that he wants to ask him. Yabe starts to become nervous and breaths heavily that Kira asks if he is feeling well. Yabe tells him that he had accidentally overheard him and Nino talking in the classroom before. Kira nervously tells him to say it to him bluntly. Yabe asks, “Kira, will you DIE? It’s a joke, right?” After looking surprised, Kira says, “Ah- not at all, anyway you guys will know of it one day. Even if you found out about it, it is also inevitable. *Yabe looks stunned by what he said* I also do not want this to be material for gossip *lying back on the bed again* so you can say that I hid it from you guys as much as possible. *This shocks Yabe that he clenches his fist* Even if saying it is also useless but I still hope that you won’t tell it to others..” He is surprised that Yabe is already gone. At the hallway, Rei is texting Nino that she is on her way when she is surprised to see Yabe who is looking quite dark-gloomy.
On the way home, Kira tells Nino that Yabe has found out about it and he hopes that Yabe wouldn’t spread it around. This surprises Nino. She thinks that Yabe isn’t that kind of person who would do that. Then, Nino looks at her plastic bag and realizes that she bought the wrong kind of bird food for Sensei. Nino tells Kira to wait there for her as she goes and buy the right one. By the lamp post, Kira says okay. While Nino and Sensei are talking about apologizing and it is her fault, she overhears a guy on the phone saying that it is infuriating. Holding a cat by its scruff, the guy complains to the other party over it being an exaggeration that he got suspended from school and this cat is really infuriating that he wants to bully it. By the lamp post, Kira starts to feel that slight aching body pain again. Then, he sees Yabe with a friend. Yabe turns and notices him. Kira is surprised when a guy grabs Nino’s hand and shouts for her to stop since she made the cat runaway. Nino says that it is bad to vent his anger on it. The guy grabs Nino’s head and pushes it on the wall. He shouts that she’ll be the substitute for it. Kira is about to go to her when he felt a pain. He becomes dizzy and his sight becomes blurry. He steadies himself on the lamp post and sees someone rushing towards Nino. It is Yabe. Just when the guy is about to punch Nino, Yabe got punched instead when he got in between them. Nino is surprised to see him. The guy nervously asks who he is and that hurts. Yabe looks straight at the guy and tells him that he called the police so quickly scram. <- a lie. The guy quickly runs off. Nino asks if he is alright and there’s blood. Yabe says that it is no big deal. He wonders why Kira didn’t make a move and save her. While Nino is busy thanking him, Yabe notices surprised Kira holding on the lamp post. After looking surprised, Yabe looks dark and mutters, “..Ah, it’s because he can’t move, right..” Nino is puzzled by what he is saying. [<- she is facing away from Kira] She is surprised when Yabe suddenly hugs her. While Kira seems to be stunned, dark Yabe looks at Kira and mutters, “Serves you right.” Blurb: “After learning Kira’s health condition, how come Yabe [becomes] heartless!?”
Comment: Okay, so it is Yabe’s turn to be the ‘bad guy’. I think Kira had underestimated Yabe’s ‘adoration’ of him. I’m assuming that because Kira would even hide his true health condition from him to the point of thinking that he is like everyone else who would just gossip about him. That must have been a blow for Yabe. Well, I’m thinking of this like some fan of a certain actor/actress who got betrayed or something like that and the ‘love’ turns into ‘hate’. It doesn’t bodes well either for Kira to see that kind of scene and be so helpless in protecting Nino. Okay, he also got another important thing to worry about like his health seems to be fast deteriorating. ^^; In short, the odds are all against Kira and we’ll know later on how he’ll handle this – positively or otherwise. It does seem like his ‘being afraid because he’s so happy’ is coming true since it is like something bad is going to happen which did happen. I’m not too sure if Nino would be conscious over the ‘rivalry’ for her between Kira and Yabe. Hm..it does seem like Yabe is going to use her to get back at Kira for whatever fault Kira did to him. I think Rei would have an important role to it later on especially since she is a friend of both. She had already noticed that something is wrong with Yabe when he passed by her. Though, somehow, I think she has plans to ‘bully’ Yabe later on. ^^; In a way, it does seem that Yabe and Rei is a match because he is into manga and she is into games, and they have stalking tendencies. I wonder if that is deliberately done by the author. Hm..actually, I’m not sure if Yabe can sustain the ‘bad guy’ role since he isn’t really bad and he is a bit of a ‘funny guy’ in the series so I think this will be temporary..well, I certainly hope so because I don’t want the mood to be that seriously dark especially with a possible tragic main lead. The lovey-dovey scene of ‘want to kiss you again’ is really cute ^^ Anyway, I think this arc would be about how to get Kira and Yabe friends again like before..probably with the help of the girls. =P Scans by 离境汉化组

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