April 9, 2013

Sugar*Soldier [Chapter 21]

Cover page: “Finally, it is cultural festival day! What happy thing could be waiting..!?” So, decorations are done. Consolation prizes are fixed as well as the cards [to be stamped]. Preparations are complete! In her school uniform with a badge ‘committee member’ on her arm, Makoto looks very satisfied. All the others are dressed up as characters in Alice in Wonderland. The girls are excited for it will start in 5 minutes. Kou and Makoto’s eyes met. With a tear in his eye, Kou gives her a thumbs up which meant, ‘It’s alright! About yesterday’s incident, I plan not to say it out!’ He is referring to the time when he asked Iriya if he likes Makoto to which Iriya replied, ‘what about it’. Makoto felt bad for she did wondered about ‘what if everyone knew about it’ She looks at Iriya and recalls him asking her to wait some more for him. She is very curious on how long would that wait will be. She shakes her head and tells herself to concentrate for today. And, it is already 9 o’clock, the official start of Shuei [集英 probably based on the publishers name of Shueisha] high school’s cultural festival. As guests and other students are walking around the hallway, the participating students try to attract their attention to their stores. A girl asks where they would start. Her friend asks what’s with that class that has a very long queue. They are shock when someone from Makoto’s class is shouting to try out the ‘stamp collection’. The one who gets the most stamps wins the grand prize of going to a model experience trip with Kisaragi Rika. He tells the girls that there are also consolation prizes so come and join. The two girls are more than willing to join so they also line up. A girl goes in the preparation room and says that based on what she saw from the other classes’ programs and customers, their class has the most number of customers. The others are delighted to hear this. She also informs them that the second year is holding a beauty contest for Mr and Miss Shuei. Currently, they are signing up and the voting starts in the afternoon. “Iriya-kun, do you want to join?” Iriya declines by saying that he isn’t interested in it. The girl tells him that he will definitely win it if he joins. Iriya changes the topic by saying that it would be his turn soon so shouldn’t he be changing his clothes. Overhearing that conversation, Makoto also thinks that it is a waste since Iriya would definitely be the first placer but then..*shock* if he did go, they would be pulled apart again and it wasn’t easy to get this close distance to him, but then, Iriya’s good looking appearance is everyone’s joint asset.
Her conflicting thoughts are interrupted when another girl asks for more of the stamping cards since they almost run out of it. Soon, Makoto is busy with the supplies like sheets on rules during chasing and discarding the empty box. Just when she is about to go out, she overhears someone in the dressing room, shouting over Iriya really suits dressing up as the rabbit that she wants to take a picture. Makoto is trembling for she really wants to see him like that but the girl urges her to hurry up with the cards. While rushing at the hallway, she felt that in the end, they don’t have free time to talk. Then, she passes by section F that she wonders how is Yusa’s performance. She is a bit curious especially since he was oozing with self-confidence. She peeks inside the room. Inside, Yusa prepares to sing ‘Come in Valley’. Makoto is horrified over how awful Yusa sounded but the mothers/‘obasan’ of the committee members are raving over Yusa. Makoto quietly closes the door and thinks that it is great that everyone is happy. She nervously thinks that the ‘Come in Valley’ song is loosely based on Iriya’s surname [which literally means ‘come in [the] valley]. Soon, at the reception table, a girl tells Makoto about the registration book and the booklets to be given to the visitors. The girl leaves everything to Makoto and leaves. As committee member, receiving and registering guest is part of her work. Makoto happily gives some guests who ask for the booklet. Then, she is happy when a couple of girls are busy getting their cards stamped. A girl got only 5 stamps and it is a bit difficult. As they go somewhere, Makoto is busy again in receiving guests. She is surprised when Rabbit Iriya rushes to her and apologizes to let him hide for a while. Makoto is surprised when a group of girls start running towards her direction. They ask Makoto if she has seen a handsome Rabbit-san passing by there. Iriya is hiding under the table. Makoto nervously says no, she didn’t see him. After thanking her, the girls start running off and decide to separate for they must get his email address. Iriya comes out of the table and says that she has been a great help. Putting his rabbit hat back on, Iriya tells Makoto that he already stamped their cards but they unexpectedly wanted his email address, it is quite troublesome. Makoto is thinking that Iriya’s outfit really suits him. She says that it is amazing for everyone seems like a hunter. She imagines a rugged hunter laughing and exclaiming where the prey is. Iriya says that he is very happy though that a lot of people joined. Makoto nervously hopes that Iriya won’t get captured. Iriya asks if she is doing reception work and is she okay now [health-wise]. Makoto happily says that she is.
Just when he is about to say something more, a couple of girls spots him and shouts that Rabbit-san is there. Iriya comments that is quite quick. Since he is already found out, Iriya pats Makoto’s head. He tells her that he’s off and good luck[/gambatte] to her. She touches her head and thinks that he’s gone. Makoto wishes that even if for just a moment, she can stroll around the festival with Iriya. She starts to think that for Iriya to say ‘wait for me again a bit’, won’t she unconsciously anticipate for in the end, Iriya is a special person for everyone around him. She starts to wonder if it was just her imagination that Iriya told her to wait but she kept on thinking about it so it ought not to be a dream, right.. Bunny tells her not to be pessimistic while receiving guests. After Makoto’s shift, Nanami drops by to share some of the French macaroons she got from section C’s café. Makoto thanks her and says that they are delicious. Nanami asks if it is almost her noon break. Makoto tells her that she just gotten off her shift. Nanami is delighted to hear this and tells her that they go together to watch Uki’s performance. Makoto excitedly says that she would want to go and it isn’t the time to be eating here. On their way to the courtyard’s stage, they hear some girls excitedly wanting to see the band perform. Makoto and Nanami decide to hurry up. While waiting for Uki’s performance, Nanami mentions that the evaluation is quite good and it is noisier than at Yusa’s side. Soon, the two are shock to see a rock-punk band with Uki as the lead singer since she is only supposed to play the guitar. They were surprised when one of the audience people informs them that the lead singer had a stomachache at the start of the MC so Uki is the replacement. Makoto comments that it really suits Uki and the outfit that Nanami made really suits her. Upon seeing Nanami, Uki shouts to Nanami if the outfit suits her. This made Nanami surprised. She shouts back that it suits her the most. Then, Uki bends down and kisses Nanami’s cheek. Uki flashes a v-sign and winks. From the window, Yusa shouts at Uki that her voice is too loud that it’s drowning his beautiful voice. Uki gives him the middle finger and shouts for him to shut up for he’s noisy like a duck. Yusa gives her the thumbs down and shouts what did she say. The audience covers their ears and shouts for them not to quarrel using the microphone. The teacher reprimanded the two [screaming] singers and forced them to stop [temporarily?] their performance.
While walking away, Makoto tells Nanami that it is amazing for even if they were lectured, they[/Uki] are going to continue the performance so does Nanami want to go back..but then, she [Makoto] still has work to do. She has to call out to Nanami again since she is lost in thought. Nanami tells her that she has to be Alice next so she has to go and prepare. Makoto comments that she eagerly anticipates it for she suits wearing Alice [clothes]. Nanami asks is that so. Makoto says yes, everyone is amazing including Iriya, Uki, Nanami and Yusa(?) for they are like sparkling lead [roles], and it is really great that they all have a good relationship with her. She comments that no matter what, this world is an illusion. Nanami says that she’s really amazing to be able to say such annoying things again. Makoto gloomily says that it is nothing, for she felt sincere[/realize reality?] after talking with Iriya earlier. Nanami thinks of something and asks her if her next job, does it have to be a committee member who’ll do it? Makoto says that it wasn’t specifically mentioned. Nanami darkly smiles. She grabs Makoto and tells her that she’s coming with her. Soon, while Makoto protests that it is almost time for her to go back to work, Nanami is busy putting make-up and dressing Makoto up. Nanami comes out from the dressing room and tells some people that the 2pm Alice has already prepared so she’s going ahead. They say okay but how come she isn’t dressed up. Makoto comes out and tells Nanami to wait, she hasn’t look at the mirror. Everyone is surprised to see Makoto as Alice. Nanami gives her a hand mirror. Surprised Makoto looks at the mirror and says that there’s a cute girl in the mirror, and this shouldn’t be an illusion, right? Nanami tells her to quickly go for shouldn’t Alice be chasing after Rabbit-san. Then, the PA rings, calling for Makoto to go to her assigned position. Makoto says that she’s going. Nanami gloomily mutters about the bad timing. She smiles as she watches Makoto off. Then, to her surprise, Iriya arrives and apologizes for being late. Taking off his coat, he says that it’s time for the switch. Seeing Nanami’s ‘ugh’ expression, Iriya nervously asks what happened and did he do something. Nanami mutters that this side also has bad timing. While walking, Makoto is uneasy over catching people’s attention who kept on calling out, ‘hey, it’s Alice.’ She feels embarrassed but she felt light for she hasn’t worn this kind of outfit until now. She hopes that Iriya would also get to see her in it even if it is embarrassing. Backstage, a guy tells Makoto to immediately bring this box to the second floor’s conference room since the third years need it. The guy comments that she’s dressed up quite cute. Makoto apologizes for being late. While carrying the heavy box, Makoto overhears the loud shouts at the other side of the stage and wonders what fun thing is going on there. Then, her foot got entangled on some wire lying on the ground. She loses her balance and grabs the curtain. She finds herself on the stage. The surprised host and female contestants are looking at her. She realizes that it is the Mr. & Miss Shuei election. The host asks if the Alice-looking girl also wants to join. This shocks aghast Makoto in disbelief.
Comment: Hm..if she joins, she’ll make a good pair with Iriya if he also joins and he’s still wears his Rabbit outfit. ^^ Since Makoto is still busy, she might not join but winning the contest might help boost her self-confidence. Well, in an Alice outfit, she’ll probably get more admirers which might pressure Iriya to go steady with her already. =P Yusa is amusingly funny and no wonder, his outfit is ‘old-stye’. His fans are older women. ^^; As for Uki, she really looks cool there and I really wonder if the mangaka is going for GL between Uki and Nanami. =P Though, the way Uki and Yusa quarrel is a bit like couples of other shoujos. Anyway, hopefully some major progress will happen in the cultural festival like a public declaration since Makoto seems to entertain the thought of everyone knowing that Iriya likes her. Scans by allwink汉化组

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