April 8, 2013

Marmalade Boy Little [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is a sequel to Wataru Yoshizumi’s Marmalade Boy but this time around, it involves their younger sister and younger brother. This is serialized in Cocohana. If you read her previous series, Chitose, Etc., you’ll somewhat know whom the lead characters are based from =P I have read Marmalade Boy summaries before and it has a long time so I pretty much forgot what happened there except the couple ended up together. ^^; Anyway, this is just a preview.]
Matsuura Rikka always thought that the four of them are siblings - her kind older sister Miki, handsome Yuu, then, she and younger brother, Hajime. But actually, their family is quite complicated. When Rikka is 6 years old, she asks her mother when would her older siblings come and play. Her mother says that currently, the two are busy at work so they can’t for the meantime. Rikka complains that it is boring. Her mother asks if she cannot play with Hajime and didn’t she buy a new game for her. Rikka complains that Hajime always wins and he is obviously the younger brother, younger by 7 months, but he’s too aggressive[/arrogant]. Her mother asks if she actually thought that Hajime is her younger brother. Rikka freaks out over this and asks if Hajime is adopted. Her mother nervously says it isn’t like that and she misunderstood. She asks Chiyako [Hajime’s mother] if it is time to properly explain things to the kids. Chiyako agrees since they are already in elementary. Rumi [Rikka’s mother] calls Jin and Youji [the fathers] to come. They explain that: “The Matsura family = Youji and Chiyako who had Yuu. The Koishikawa family = Jin and Rumi who had Miki. When Miki and Yuu are in first year high school, Rumi and Chiyako exchanged because of some complicated reason. Afterwards, Rikka and Hajime were born. So, it became like this: both parents divorced so, after re-marrying, Rumi and Youji had Rikka while and Jin Chiyako had Hajime.” The four adults ask if they understand it. Rikka is confused and to her surprise, Hajime got it. Rikka shouts, wasn’t it like four parents had four children type of family. The adults sweatdrop and laugh as they say she actually thought it is like that but it isn’t though it cannot be helped since they are raising them all together. Soon, Rikka is moping in her room. Hajime comes in her room and gives her kappa doll that she forgot. It was a blow to Rikka to know that they aren’t blood-related family. Hajime tells her that they are still family even if they aren’t blood-related. This cheers Rikka up and says that’s true. She thinks that even if it is a bit messed up, but their family had a harmonious relationship which everyone likes so this is fine! Soon, they are 12 years old. The two ‘siblings’ prepare to go to Toryou school as first year junior high students. Hajime asks if Rikka is ready. Rikka says that she’s coming. And, while they are walking, Rikka tells Hajime to hurry it up.
While walking at the school hallway, Rikka tells her friend, Eri [guesswork from 笑里] about her real relationship with Hajime. Then, she greets a teacher named Gin[ta] who tells them to hurry for the bell has rung. Eri asks how come she knows him. Rikka says that that her older brother and sister know Gin. Also, when she was young, it seems that she would frequently see him. Eri comments that Rikka’s older siblings also graduated from this school. Rikka says that’s right, she had heard a lot about the school that she is eager to go there and it’s great that she and Hajime got in the school. Soon, it is raining after school dismissal. Rikka laments over why it is raining when it was just sunny a while ago. She had been engrossed talking with Gin at the office regarding her older siblings’ very interesting past. Since Hajime and Eri went home already, she wonders if she ought to make a run for it. To her surprise, a boy smiles and gives her a folded umbrella. He urges her to use it if it’s okay with her. Rikka blushes and thanks him. She wonders who he is and he looks very beautiful. She is surprised when the boy starts walking in the rain. She shouts where his umbrella is. The boy tells her that he only has one. Rikka wants to return his umbrella but he claims that he likes the rain and it isn’t really raining hard. She insists for he’ll catch a cold and radiation. The boy laughs and says that it is alright. “See you.” Rikka is captivated by him as he runs in the rain. She is surprised that she was lost in thought while watching him off. She looks at the umbrella and notices a label ‘Aoi’ on the handle. She wonders if it is his name. The umbrella isn’t black but a beautiful pale grey which totally matches his image. The next day, Hajime gets a note from Rikka that she’ll be going ahead first to school. Hajime mutters that this is quite rare. At school, Rikka waits for Aoi to come. Upon seeing him, she thanks him for lending it to her for it has been a great help. She asks if he didn’t catch a cold. He tells her that there’s totally no problem at all. He asks if she waited for him early in the morning. Rikka says yes, because she doesn’t know his name. Aoi smiles and thanks her for specially waiting for him. Blushing Rikka says that there’s no need for that, she should be the one thanking him. After they wave each other goodbye, Rikka realizes that she forgot to ask his full name and she forgot to introduce herself. While she berates herself for being stupid, Hajime asks her what’s up with her [expression] and does she know Namura. Since she is puzzled, Hajime says that the one whom she’s talking with is, Namura Aoi, his classmate. Blushing Rikka mentally says Aoi’s full name. And, Hajime is looking at her.
Comment: Okay, time will tell if this will be another indirect ‘incest’ story since Hajime seems to be intrigued/concerned about this development. For Rikka, she does seem to purely view him as a younger brother. As earlier mentioned, Rikka reminds me of Chitose and Hajime reminds me of Subaru in both looks and personality. For now, it does seem Aoi is like Yuki. ^^; I find it amusing though that the characters that this mangaka is writing is getting younger because she had written more adult series in the form of josei before. But then, this magazine is considered josei. ^^;; Hm..it makes me wonder if it is in a josei magazine because the adult characters would have a bigger role later on. Scans by 红莲汉.

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