April 10, 2013

Amai Amai Koi o Seyo [Chapter 2]

[Free Talk: I got guy’s name right but not the girl’s. Her name is Satodzuka Nagomi from /なごみ]

Cover page: “Nagomi’s dream is to fall in love with a perfect Prince! So, [I] absolutely will not love with this obscene guy!!” Game#2: Humans can Kiss. Narration: “Why do humans kiss? When Nagomi was forcefully kissed by that so-called shameless alien Haruto, the moment when I was kissed, my heart kept on beating continuously. Afterwards, right now, only because of the moment of feeling our lips touched, my heart still kept on beating continuously. *snaps out of it* What-” Looking surprised, Nagomi shouts, “What heart beating continuously!?” Saka angrily hits her head and tells her that she’s too noisy. While her friends are talking, Nagomi wonders why would her heart kept on beating continuously when that guy isn’t a prince, he’s Haruto and that is totally not like the Prince-sama’s kiss that she has longed for 15 years. Holding her Prince book, Nagomi wanted her first kiss to be perfect. In the book, Hana and Prince had a perfect kiss which is a memory of love. Nagomi lets out a very loud sigh. She wonders why Haruto would do that kind of kiss. Saka calls out, “Hey, the big idiot at that side.” Nagomi asks if she called her. Saka tells her that they going tomorrow to a newly opened playground[/theme park]. Saka gets angry when Nagomi asks if it is Dream Island. Her other friend tells her that it is a playground wherein there is a super huge swimming pool and also a slide. While drooling, Nagomi repeats ‘pool’ and ‘slide’. “I want to go to Dream Island! (not)” In front of the indoor pool building, Nagomi is shock to see Haruto [who is carrying a strange bunny float? doll] and friends. Pointing at Haruto, Nagomi, who is carrying a frog swim tube, shouts why he is here when today, she is going to solely enjoy this big pool. “By the way, are you stalking us--!? Let me warn you--” Haruto angrily shouts, as if. He tells her that regretfully, those other guys had already invited them. Nagomi realizes this is true for one of her friends is already lovey-dovey with one of Haruto’s friends. Nagomi couldn’t believe this and what’s up with them, shameless lovers. Soon, Haruto and friends are quite happy to see the chests of Nagomi’s sexy friends in swimsuits. Then, as Saki apologizes for the wait, what is that behind her – it is Nagomi wearing a froggie cap and froggie cape. Her froggie swim tube is looped around her neck. Haruto goes ‘what the heck is that’.

While his and her friend goes lovey-dovey, Nagomi just pass by shocked Haruto and sits on one of the chairs. Nagomi doesn’t want Haruto to see her swimsuit since her cuteness and innocent is too perfect. Haruto got irritated by this that he removes her cap and swimtube. He shouts for her to immediately remove that strange outfit. Nagomi shouts what’s up with him, you shameless guy..her cute hat got removed.. Then, she is surprised when Haruto pushes her down on the chair and tells her to strip or else, he’ll do it. Nagomi shouts he’s shameless and she’s warning him. While unbuttoning her froggie cape, Haruto tells her to shut up for as he said before, if it is her, he won’t be stimulated even if he wanted to.. While teary-eyed Nagomi wonders why he is always doing these things to her, blushing Haruto is shock for Nagomi turns out to have a full chest. He mutters, “Don’t joke around and this is such a foul.” He puts his jacket on her and tells her not to strip. This surprises Nagomi. When she exclaims in disbelief, Haruto zips up the zipper up and tells her that she’s too noisy, okay, quickly dress up. She is surprised to see him blushing. As he walks away, Nagomi wonders why her heart keeps on beating. One moment he was stripping her and another moment he was dressing her up. He obviously would just say at will, the things he is thinking and yet, her heart is beating continuously. She thinks that his coat is quite big. She looks at Haruto who is showing the rabbit doll to a friend, and she thinks that he is quite tall. She is shock over what she is thinking. She quickly removes the coat. She believes that wearing this kind of coat would infect her with shameless germs and this coat has a lot of it. She starts screaming and calls out to Haruto. She pushes the coat to him and exclaims that she doesn’t want it. Haruto shouts why, and wear it. She shouts about being infected by shameless germs that Haruto furiously exclaims what she just said. Nagomi insists that she doesn’t want it. She thinks that it is the coat’s fault because wearing it makes her heart keep on beating continuously. Soon, the other guys are infatuated with Nagomi’s body which made Haruto flustered. He tosses her into the pool. The others are muttering over how he pushed the girl into the pool. His friend hooks his arm around Haruto’s neck and says that he has seen Nagomi’s chest which is quite good. Haruto kicks him and tells him to shut up and die.
His friends start acting like gossiping wives by saying that if it is some other girls’ chest, Haruto won’t get angry and Haruto starts to panic because Nagomi’s chest turns out to be unexpectedly good. Haruto shouts for them to shut up. Then, Nagomi is shock when Haruto dives into the pool, near her. After he surfaces, Nagomi shouts why he pushed her into the pool and he ought to commit seppuku [a samurai's suicide by disemboweling] right now. While Nagomi is thinking over how he could do such hard to believe thing to her, she stops shouting upon seeing blushing Haruto’s serious expression. Her heart beats and she also blushes. Haruto tells her to shut up, it’s all her fault. He holds her shoulders and says that aside from him, she shouldn’t let anyone else see her body. Nagomi says that she doesn’t understand this, and it isn’t like she’ll just casually let other people see it.. She thinks that it is here again, that heart beating continuously even if she was unbelievably pushed into the pool. She touches his face that blushing Haruto tells her not to touch him. She felt her heart is going to explode and right now, there is this very sweet feeling. She tells him that he said before about her properly looking at him. “[I] will look. Want to properly look at Haruto’s everything.. (Is this feeling, love?)” He takes her hand and tells her to come with him. She thought that it was at that time when her heart always has this sweet, sweet feeling. Behind a huge pillar at the pool, he corners her and says, “I want to kiss you.. Right now, I really want to kiss you, Nagomi. Can I? *holds her chin* Hey, say it quick. Quickly say, it is okay..” Nagomi thinks that if this is love then, she finally understands. Nagomi says, “Okay.” And they kiss. Narration: “Humans kiss because of like[/love].” After kissing, Nagomi says, “..about that..” Haruto asks what it is. Nagomi continues, “Do you also like Nagomi?” This made Haruto blush and says, “..ah huh!? What.. For you to use ‘also’, that means you..” Nagomi shouts that he’s the one who likes her right!? The two becomes very embarrassed that the both shout, “How is that possible, that kind of foolish thing--” Narration: “This is bad-- for this sweet feeling to sprout from my heart. For the first time, Nagomi has a love premonition?” Blurb: “Silly lovers is born!? Follow closely the story’s progress to its finale [in the next chapter]!!”
Comment: First of all, Nagomi’s original swim frog theme outfit is so cute. And no wonder Haruto is shock to find out what she is really hiding inside it. =P For me, it does seem more like infatuation rather than love but then, it is obvious that they like/attracted to each other. Since it is a short series, it will just deal for the two to admit that they are in love with each other with that kind of cliffhanger. =P The gamble bet thing seems to have been swept under the rug. ^^; Anyway, I hope the finale is cute and funny, too ^^ Scans by 夜莺工作室

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