April 4, 2013

Skip Beat [Chapter 199]

[Free Talk: This is just a brief speedy summary of what happened. For corrections and details, wait for the English scanlation.]

Manaka is in full Cain fangirl mode that she makes up theories on why Cain acts like that and cannot blend in with them. Manaka even goes to Cain and says all sorts of nice stuff. Setsuka-Kyouko wonders what’s up with this girl  who is all lovey-dovey with Cain all of a sudden, since yesterday. Cain tells her to shut up and stop dreaming. This made Manaka go into a more fanatic fangirl mode since he responded to her. She wants to eat lunch together with him. Murasame fails to snap Manaka out of it so he shouts at Cain over what he did to cause this misunderstanding. Cain claims that he didn’t do anything. And since Setsuka glares and insists to know, Cain tells them that he just pick up the coin that Manaka dropped. It seems that Cain-Ren felt like laughing there since Manaka is trembling like a hamster. He put the coin on one of the soda cans she is carrying and smiled. Then, he patted her head. End flashback. Murasame exclaims over what that patting head thing is. Setsuka also asks about this since HER BROTHER is being nice to some other girl. Cain asks if he can’t do that. Setusuka-Kyouko thinks of course not, because of his ‘brother’ role. Cain says that even he loves pet animals. So, Murasame starts trying to snap Manaka out of it since that meant this guy treats her like a pet hamster. Manaka shouts that he is really Kyoushirou-sama and he wants to be hugged in his chest, too <- scene from Kyoushirou movie where Kyoushiro holds a cat in his chest while it is raining. As Murasame carries fan-crazed Manaka away, Cain asks Setsuka if she is angry. She says that she isn’t.
Then, Kyouko is shock because as Setsuka, she ought to be angry. Cain-Ren is surprised when Kyouko suddenly walks away. He asks again if she is angry and she insists that she isn’t. Soon, Cain-Ren is speechless over the pile of food she put on his plate. Setsuka insists that she isn’t angry over this since she isn’t a kid. She tells him to eat first since she is going to get some hot water. He tells her that he’ll wait for her. While walking out, Kyouko thinks that this are far from good and it started from that time <- flirting with half-naked Ren. She had used the alibi that she has this feeling as Setsuka. Just now [about not being angry], her subconscious barely passed because this feeling isn’t.. She recalls seeing Shou kissing some girl under the tree and her eyes went blank. Until now, to show this feeling outside- She recalls how she happily served Shou with drinks and pudding. Setsuka-Kyouko’s eyes go blank. She knows what this feeling is and she also knows where it sprouted from. Imaginary world: At the cliff, Ren tells her not to continue backing away and come to him, there’s nothing to be afraid of. She shakes her head. He calls her name. She thinks that hand would definitely expose her and all along, she wants to hide it as if her life depended on it. When Ren moves a step forward, Kyouko steps back and falls down the cliff. While surprised Ren calls out to her, Kyouko falls down and sadly thinks that only this little bit is no good[/not allowed]. “Only you, I don’t want [/unwilling to let] you to know the source of this feeling that has sprouted out.” And, a lock falls down from the box. All of the locks of Kyouko’s Pandora box have been removed. Next chapter will be out on May 2nd in Japan.
Comment: Hehe, so the cliffhanger of this chapter is indeed that cliffhanger. =P So, it seems that Kyouko has finally realized her feelings for Ren which she has been denying. Now, she will do whatever it takes to hide this truth from him. Well, it seems that Kyouko has already reached Ren’s level of ‘hiding one’s feelings for the other’. So, would they now keep this act that everything is cool and everything between them but actually, inside, it isn’t really what it appears outside? Ah..that gives me a feeling that we are still far from the ending..like will this reach chapter 300? ^^;; Hopefully something a bit progressive will happens rather than for this stalemate to last for a long time. So far, Ren hasn’t realized anything yet. He seems to assume that she is angry over the incident as Setsuka, since she gave him a lot of food, fully knowing that he isn’t fond of eating. Hm..apparently, Shou is a playboy and can I assume that Kyouko is really ‘in love’ to still fall for someone like him and follow him to Tokyo to be his ‘maid’. Actually, that side of Ren of being somewhat of a playboy is not good. Of course, they are not the same but having that kind of similarity and for her to have that kind of trauma, it might be a disadvantage for Ren. Lastly, Manaka is quite funny with her fangirling. Well, ‘infatuation’ can really twist everything how one views a person from what is ‘bad’ into ‘good’. I think she is reading too much manga or is into Kyoushirou too much that she believes a ‘bad guy who is being rude to her’ has reasons for doing such things and he is actually nice deep inside just because of doing one single nice thing to her. In reality, I think that behavior can be reckless since the ‘bad guy’ might actually be a ‘bad guy’ and not what one really perceives one to be or just pretending to be a ‘good guy’. Hm..I wonder if how Manaka views Cain will be a hindrance to the movie. Maybe Ren would have to ‘erase’ her ‘nice perception of Cain’ or else, he fails in making them all fear him which would be evident in the movie. =P Scans by 红莲汉.

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