April 3, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 38]

At a swimwear store, Aiko gloomily looks at a bikini and mutters that she didn’t imagine that Takumi would be in the same group that it is really hard for her to be a bit happy about it. She is startled when Hiroko, who is wearing a cute bikini, comes out of the dressing room to shout if Aiko knew the hurt feeling of not being able to be in the same group. As Hiroko pouts, Aiko says that her bikini is so cute and it is bad since it will tantalize people. Aiko tells her that it is impossible that she isn’t sad. Hiroko asks if that is true. Aiko says that it is. Hiroko wonders out loud if she is exposing her chest too much and since Ritsuki isn’t there, it is useless to tantalize.. “Four days and three nights. I won’t see Ritsuki for four days. I’m so uneasy!!! It wasn’t easy for us to reconcile~~” Aiko hugs her and comforts her by saying that is true, she is definitely uneasy about not seeing him for four days. Hiroko comments that it felt like Aiko had become a real girl. This surprises Aiko. Hiroko giggles and says that Leo has been striving hard so next time, she’ll praise him. Aiko exclaims what she meant by that. Deciding to try a different bikini, Hiroko asks her what swimsuit is she going to wear. Aiko scratches her head and says, ya, this is quite troublesome. Then, she spots a cute bikini. Looking at her chest, Aiko thinks that it doesn’t suit her since she doesn’t have a chest and her chest can really make people sorry for her. After wearing another bikini, Hiroko holds a bikini and suggests it to Aiko. She tells Aiko that it is sexy that can make Leo’s heart beat fast. Blushing Aiko says no, for everyone is there and what will happen if she made Leo’s heart beat faster. Playfully sticking out her tongue, Hiroko says that Leo will [instantly] combust. Aiko asks when did she change her bikini and that chest is really huge. After fixing her hair bangs[/fringe] to be like Leo's, Hiroko grabs Aiko’s hand and says, “Aiko, do not wear such a sexy swimwear in front of others. –so, how about we secretly have H[/sex]?” This made Aiko blush really red. Holding a bikini into the dressing room, Aiko shouts no way and she’s an idiot. Inside, Aiko’s heart is beating fast. She wonders if it is that kind of method. Then, she hits her head with her hand and thinks that it is wrong, for it is impossible to secretly have H in an open[/public] place. Looking at the bikini she chose, Aiko believes that it is best for her to do it her way in this field trip. Aiko comes out with a sporty type bikini. She asks Hiroko how this looks and doesn’t it suit her style. Hiroko says ya, but it isn’t a bit interesting, it doesn’t even makes one heart beat faster a bit. “It’s ordinary-” Aiko exclaims in disbelief and asks what’s wrong with it. Hiroko tells her that the surprise element is very important and that swimwear doesn’t make one heart beat any faster.
They were interrupted by three of Leo’s fangirls who greet the two and ask if they are buying swimsuits, too. Hiroko asks if they have already bought theirs. One of the girls says not yet, and they are perplexed over what kind of swimwear they can use to seduce Leo. Aiko is surprised by this. Girl 1 says that the field trip is the greatest opportunity. Girl 2 says that after Leo separated with his girlfriend called Mai, Leo possibly would have open up his heart. Girl 3 says that even if it is a mistake, it is also alright for only this once, it ought to be permitted. Aiko angrily wonders what kind of mistake she is thinking of committing. [<- one night stand, I think] While Aiko is wondering what’s going on, girl 1 gushes over the rumor that Leo is an expert in H. Girl 2 says that just attempting to hug[/make love] with that body can make her excited to death. Girl 3 says Leo’s fondling style is quite lewd and she wants to be fondled. Hiroko nervously tells them to wait, are they serious. Girl 2 says of course, and does she know how many girls are aiming for Leo. “Everyone is betting on the field trip so we won’t lose to them!!” Aiko freaks out for they are serious. Girl 2 says that they heard from Renji that Leo likes big breasts so is that true. She starts fondling Hiroko’s chest and says that hers are quite big. Shouting for her to stop that, Hiroko says that she doesn’t know about that. Aiko nervously wonders if Leo is like that. Girl 2 says because of that, they are changing their fighting style in aiming for Leo. Then, she comments that Aiko’s chest is still small like that. “Do you want me to help you find a good man who’ll fondle them?” Angrily pouting Aiko thinks that someone already fondled them. The fangirls laugh and say that they are going to some other store. After the girls left, Aiko looks at her chest and nervously tells Hiroko that this is bad, because of her chest, Leo is going to be snatched away. Aiko asks if she has cleavage if she squeezes them. This time, it is Hiroko who is hugging Aiko to comfort her. She tells Aiko that they must think a bit since that kind of feeling [of those girls?] is intense. Aiko is wondering if it is really true that Leo likes huge breasts and that idiot really said it out [to others]. She also wonders what to do for it seems that the Okinawa field trip is going to be a place where Leo might become fickle. At the hallway of the cafe, Mai-Aiko is still gloomy over chests. Hiroko asks her until when she is being gloomy. “It is fine, you’ve already bought a swimsuit!” Mai-Aiko says, ya~~ After entering the staff room, they greet Takumi who came early. They notice some books about Okinawa on the table. Takumi says that he just saw those from the bookstore. The girls look at the books. From the pictures, they got excited over how beautiful Okinawa is. Takumi says that he thinks it is better to look at these and draw up a plan for the trip. Hiroko exclaims that would be more exciting.
Standing by the door, Ritsuki asks if she is feeling quite happy when she is going to be separated from him for four days. After Ritsuki sits beside her, flustered Hiroko says that is impossible and she is also enduring. “It’s impossible for me to want to separate.. don’t bully me..” Ritsuki says that she is so cute, that he doesn’t want her to go to Okinawa. Mai-Aiko freaks out when Ritsuki leans to kiss Hiroko. Mai-Aiko shouts for them to wait for them [her and Takumi] to go to the dining hall before they do that. She calls for Takumi that they should go. Outside the room, Mai-Aiko says that because those two made up, they have been inseparably lovey-dovey with each other. She says that it is quite embarrassing for them [her and Takumi]. Blushing Takumi comments that he is quite surprised to see that kind of expression on Hiroko. The two sighs and thinks that there is nothing more awkward than seeing people you know doing lovey-dovey. After Mai-Aiko said that they should go to the dining hall, Takumi asks what Leo is doing today. Mai-Aiko says that he is at work and what about him. Takumi says that he is going shopping. Then, Mai-Aiko realizes that she hasn’t changed her clothes yet. Takumi tells her to go back there later on for they ought not to do it until the end. Mai-Aiko says that it will be good if it is like that. He asks if she has any suggestions regarding where their little group would do during the field trip. Mai-Aiko casually tells him that she isn’t quite sure of a place where she wants to go with him and Leo so she’ll just leave it to someone else. Takumi mutters she’s such a mean ‘friend’ and she ought to at least anticipate the last time she’ll be with him. Mai-Aiko is a bit irritated by that then, she perks up and asks what is this last he is referring to. Takumi also snaps out of it and says high school’s last- Before leaving, Takumi says that it is their last activity, this field trip, so she should think about it. Somewhat puzzled Mai-Aiko just says, ya--.. She thinks that he seems to be quite normal today compared to his listless self before. “Was I just mistaken..” Soon, Mai-Aiko is busy with her waitress job. A glasses guy arrives. Mai-Aiko happily greets her customer and tells him about their new cake. “Do you want to eat it?” Glasses guy comments that her energy is quite strong this time around. While Mai-Aiko is telling glasses guy to wait for his order, Ikumi apologizes to her customer for coming late because she went shopping for swimsuits. She happily says that it will be their field trip soon and they are going to Okinawa. Her customer says that is great and he would want to see her in a swimsuit that day. Ikumi teasingly giggles that he is quite H[/pervert]. Mai-Aiko overhears this swimsuit thing.
After placing her order, she asks Ikumi if she bought a swimsuit. Ikumi says yes, she bought a very sexy swimsuit. Mai-Aiko nervously thinks if it is that..!!? Holding her index finger at Mai-Aiko, Ikumi declares that during this field trip, she is going to make Leo-kun her possession. “During the time while Mai-chan isn’t around, I’m going to take advantage and take Leo!!” Realizing that it is indeed that, Mai-Aiko nervously exclaims what is she talking about, Leo-kun is her boyfriend. Ikumi shouts that thing doesn’t matter at all, because this is the last opportunity. Holding up her full chest, Ikumi says that she won’t lose to an ugly [non-feminine] looking, small chest person! Mai-Aiko is furious for everyone is like that. She shouts that if she strips, she also has that. Ikumi scoffs her off by asking where it is, even if that thing is squeezed, it cannot, even be squeezed. Mai-Aiko shouts in disbelief over that. The customers are muttering over the girls quarreling. Hiroko is embarrassed over what the two are shouting out loud. Aiko thinks that this is bad and girls are quite frightening. “This small chest won’t be able to capture Leo’s heart! I cannot even get myself to be in a good mood.” At the staff office, Hiroko, together with Aiko, gives Koike [小池; guesswork name]-sensei the plans of their class’ small groups for the field trip. Koike thanks her. Hiroko says that it is okay for she is the class head. It seems that Hiroko got that position because she is bad in a game called morra [finger guessing game]. Then, Aiko notices Leo coming out of the career[/next grade] guidance room. She wonders if Leo has been called by the teacher to the career guidance room. As Leo goes out of the hallway, Aiko peeks out and sees if anyone is around. Since no one is around, she gives Leo a pat on the shoulder and asks what he did there at the guidance room just now. Leo nervously says is this a conversation about [her?] hair being too dark brown [tea-colored] so pink is better. Aiko laughs and says that he isn’t listening to what she is saying. Coming out of the room, Hiroko pats Aiko’s shoulder and tells them to take their time talking for she is going to her club first. Aiko happily thanks her. After she left, Leo asks about going to that side but Aiko says there’s no need for they aren’t talking about something strange. Leo smiles and says that’s right. Aiko asks Leo if he is already prepared for the field trip. Leo tells her that he had almost finished buying. Aiko nervously thinks that this is a good opportunity to ask because it is also inevitable that she kept on becoming gloomy over it without hearing it from him. “It ought to be alright if I just ask him straightforwardly!”
Aiko says, “..about that, Le...Leo..I heard that you like big breasts, is this true?” This surprises Leo that he chokes and starts coughing. Sweating and blushing Leo asks her why she is suddenly talking about this. Thinking that she mustn’t tell him that the girls told her about it, blushing Aiko says that isn’t that what Renji said. Leo tells her that is something during the junior high and he said it only as a joke. Leo mutters what did that guy[Renji] is saying, and he would absolutely hit him later on. Aiko asks him again if it is true, he doesn’t like big breasts. Leo angrily says no. Aiko seductively asks if it is true, for she has small chest and it is quite pathetic that even if she stumbles, it won’t even hurt a bit. Leo asks if it is because of this, she is quite listless. Embarrassed Aiko thinks of course, since she felt that he is only forced to fondle her. To her shock, Leo suddenly grabs her breast and says that he likes it up to this degree. This made Aiko’s heart beat. She asks him what he is saying in this place and this kind of thing.. Leo tells her to be quiet and he guarantees that no one is there but don’t shout or else, they would be found out. Aiko is thinking about saying not to do that.. While fondling both her breasts, Leo says that it is super soft and with just one caress, it felt quite comfortable. Aiko felt happy that Leo likes caressing her. Aiko starts groaning that Leo quickly covers her mouth. As his other hand is already inside her slightly unbuttoned blouse, Leo tells her that all the more she couldn’t make that kind of sound. He asks her to bear with it because if they got found out, they won’t be able to continue. “Because making you, feel comfortable is my happiest thing..” Aiko mentally tells him not to whisper with that kind of voice in her ear for she won’t be able to restrain herself. Just when Leo seems to be licking her ear, Aiko manages to snap out of it and pinches his hand, that is covering her mouth, very hard. While Leo winces in pain, Aiko moves back from him. She shouts up to when is he going to fondle her. “Continue on, up to what degree do you want to continue on, idiot?” Waving his pinched hand, Leo says, “Always until you have self-confidence? You’re quite mean to unexpectedly pinch me.” This surprises Aiko. Aiko shouts are you an idiot. Leo says that she is obviously very happy [about it]. Aiko denies it. Leo says that she obviously felt comfortable. Aiko tries to protest about it when some girls arrive and say that those two are quarrelling again. Narration: “Even if Leo is very nice to make me feel very at ease, but I also cannot be careless. In order for Leo not to be captured by someone in Okinawa, I must do my best!!!”
Comment: Ah, it is a bit embarrassing to summarize this with all the breast talk ^^; but then, in a way, it is a realistic thing for girls can be insecure with their figures especially with a body figure like Aiko’s. It doesn’t help that she heard that Leo likes them big and all of her rivals have big ones. ^^;; I don’t think it is because she doesn’t trust Leo but I view this as Aiko being well-aware of temptations. She isn’t naïve enough to let her guard down with all those girls buying sexy swimwear to seduce and get Leo once he slips up. These girls are not to be taken lightly especially the ones like Ikumi who doesn’t care if the guy already has a girlfriend. Well, Leo literally shows to her that he likes Aiko’s how they are and made her feel that he isn’t doing it grudgingly like she thought earlier. What he did is quite daring though, that I think he might do more when they go to Okinawa =P Hm..it seems that he is still keen on keeping it a secret from Aiko about his college plans. Actually, I wonder what kind of swimsuit Aiko choose. If it is very sexy, Aiko might gain more fans..the male ones since most, if not all, doesn’t think of her as a girl, it seems, except for Leo and Takumi. Scans by Daydreamy
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