April 5, 2013

Suki-tte Ii na yo [Chapter 42]

The chapter starts with a narration about each and everyone, no matter what path, have different colors. While walking holding hands with Mei, Yamato is watching her and thinks that she is slowly changing. He also thinks that she is hiding something inside and would he be able to see everything. He holds up his cellphone and immediately takes a picture of Mei when she blushes in delight over the delicious food display. Trembling in anger, Mei asks how come he took her picture. She is shock that he is saving the picture. She tells him that he’s being weird lately for taking pictures of her when she’s lost in thought or looking awful after eating lunch. He is secretly taking pictures when she isn’t paying attention. Yamato says that it is because she is very cute like that. Mei exclaims that she isn’t cute. She gloomily thinks that she doesn’t quite like being photographed but then, that isn’t really the reason but rather, she had become fat lately so she doesn’t want her picture taken. Yamato comments that he also wants to see what, the person he likes, is looking at. Mei turns away and tells him that she isn’t looking at some amazing thing. They look at the sky and Mei thought about of facing the future squarely one day. With that thought, Mei steps on the scale. She tearfully thinks that she didn’t go back to her original weight and this cannot keep up because it will be Valentine’s day soon. She is worried that possibly, if Yamato sees her body that he would start freaking out. At school, Kai says that it is a miracle that Mei came to see him. Mei asks him about those gym coupons. Kai says that he still has them but it is only for a day. Mei says that it is okay. She tells him that starting the end of the year, she didn’t go back to her original weight so she wants to try that out. Kai asks if Yamato said anything about it. Mei says that he didn’t say anything and it will be Valentine’s Day soon. She becomes embarrassed and tells him that it is nothing. Kai laughs and says that he has already heard it. He tells her that lately Megumi is going to the gym to become stronger so she might meet her there. At a café, Momo shows Megumi about a cute lipstick on the magazine and this model named Rin is lately always on Megumi’s magazine. Megumi says that it seems that Rin has been discovered by someone in the editing division. Megumi tells Momo Rin’s height, body type, etc, and she is only a junior high student so everyone have [high] anticipations on her. Momo is shock that Rin is only a junior high student. She whines that it seems that capable kids like Megumi and Rin are in a different place. She also mentions that Megumi is going on a study overseas for a short period during summer and there is definitely progress on that, unlike her who hasn’t decided yet. Megumi tells her that if there is no progress, just find a hint[/clue].

Flashback: “Megumi informed the magazine staff[?] about her decision to go overseas by studying abroad this summer and she has already consulted the school teachers about it. From the very start, she wants to find a company or go through auditions during that short period of time. The editor[/boss?] told her that it isn’t that easy for even if she go there, it would be hard for her to communicate and she doesn’t know the roads. Unfazed Megumi answered that if she didn’t go do it, there will be no progress. She can only depend on her own strength. And even if she cried a lot more, if she didn’t make a move herself, then it is the end. The editor apologized for saying this but for her goal to be a model there, she lacks a decisive thing. End flashback. Looking at the picture of Rin, Megumi thinks that she always has a self-inferiority and it unexpectedly appeared during a crucial time. Megumi tells Momo that even if what she is doing isn’t the same with everyone’s but there are all sorts of uneasiness towards the future and this is something which is the same with Momo and everyone else. Momo exclaims is that so, then, gambatte, Megumi-chan! At night, Yamato asks Mei through text, about going to watch a movie on Saturday but she declines by writing back that she has to go to the gym. Yamato is quite surprised over her unexpected response. Soon, she arrives at the gym. Kai comments over her huge luggage. She tells them she got a change of clothes, kit, towels, and bath towels. Kai informs her that the gym provides the towels. While Kai goes to the reception, Mei looks around. He goes to her and gives her a folder which contains a form for her to fill up and other scheduled gym classes. He tells her to go join in any of the exercise scheduled there that is to her liking. She asks him if he also joins in those exercise programs. He tells her no, he just training [his muscles]. While Mei doesn’t quite understand it, he shows her the female dressing room and tells her to go upstairs to join him after she changes her clothes. Mei just timidly agrees. Thinking that Megumi wants to become strong so she is always coming to this place, Mei plans to lose weight in time for Valentine’s Day and she must go back to her original weight. She thinks that if she cannot do that, she won’t let Yamato see her body again. Then, she tells herself that isn’t right, this is for herself. She drops the folder and immediately apologizes to someone whom she bumped it with. A young man [looking like Rin] tells her that it is okay. She recognizes him and calls him Search-chan [guesswork from 小尋; I haven’t read the chapter/s where he appeared so I’m assuming that she helped him look for something hence the nickname]. Search-chan says that she’s from that time..the meddlesome one. Looking aghast, Mei thanks him about before. Search-chan tells her something about tying up the pillar well next time. As he walks away, she notices that there is the word ‘staff’ on the back of his shirt.
Later on, Kai says that it seems that [he] is always here lately and if he is a staff, he is quite young. He asks Mei which exercise program she wants to join. Mei says that she doesn’t know which one is good. He tells her that she can join midway and it would be better to take it easy since it is her first time. While they are talking, Search-chan passes by and looks at them. Soon, Kai says that he is going to run for a while [at the treadmill] and he’ll be back. After looking at a loss, Mei decides to try some weights. Search-chan comments that it is such a thoughtless boyfriend. Search-chan tells her to do some relaxing/loosening exercise first before doing the heavy stuff or else, she’ll have an injury. For someone like her, she should have warm-up exercises first for preparation. Unlike her, it won’t be a problem though for someone who is used to sports, and she doesn’t have any muscle. Embarrassed Mei admits that she doesn’t have muscles but that guy isn’t her boyfriend. Search-chan says that it seems that the guy beside her before is a different one..could it be..ah..that person is her boyfriend? Mei asks what’s up with that surprise and pause. Search-chan comments that he thought they are siblings. Mei is speechless. She tells him that it is nothing, she is used to it. Search-chan apologizes. He asks if it is her first time here and if she got that coupon from Kai. She tells him that she wants to reduce and as he can see, she doesn’t have muscles. While Mei does some stretching, Search-chan says that she cannot lose weight in one day. Mei tells him that she knows that. To her surprise, Search-chan takes out many one-day coupons and gives it to her. He tells her that it is his younger sister’s favor [/return gift] from before. He tells her that there are a lot of it here and his father is in the sports gym business so it is okay. Mei accepts the coupons. Search-chan tells her that she must know which part she wants to reduce[/burn the fat] because the machines used are not the same. He starts telling her all the other things that she has to know like fats burn after 20 minutes of sports activity, start with jogging and bicycle first, and what exercises are effective. She comments that he really knows this stuff. Looking away, Search-chan says that his younger sister knows them more than he does. Mei imagines his younger sister as some crybaby curly haired girl. Search-chan introduces himself as ‘Aoi Ren’ [guesswork from 青井蓮] and tells her that he is usually there during weekend if it weren’t for school so just look for him if there are things that she doesn’t understand.
Later on, Kai is amazed over the coupons that Mei got. So, Mei determines which places of her body that has excess fat. Aiko gives her tips on which meat is best to eat, and red meat is what she asked her mother to buy. She recalls Kai’s exercise tips. Yamato is becoming lonely since Mei is busy during Saturdays. Nagi writes a message to Mei that she found an easy homemade chocolate that Mei can do. She had already emailed the recipe to Mei and if Mei gives her brother anything strange to eat, even if it is Mei, she can’t forgive her. Mei feels the pressure. So, Mei buys the ingredients and continues to exercise with Ren’s supervision. Later on, Mei’s mother looks surprised and tells Mei that she seems to have lost weight. Mei quickly checks the scale and thinks that what’s left to do is the chocolate. While doing some aerobics with the others, Mei decides not to make the biscuit. She thinks that ‘result’ + ‘enthusiasm’ are connected. The teacher tells the others to imitate that pose of Mei. Ren is watching her. Soon, Mei looks at her last coupon. She tearfully thinks that she strived hard until now, and she didn’t think that she can persist until now. She had truly and sincerely lost weight for the first time. While she is savoring the moment, Kai asks for a refund, and hands over his and Mei’s folder. Ren takes the folders and seems to read Mei’s personal data. Later on, Mei finishes two strawberry-chocolate dessert [seems like a mousse]. Then, she meets up with Yamato. Yamato comments that it seems that she lost a lot of weight. He asks if she is okay and has she been eating. Mei just tells him that she felt her strength isn’t enough so she did some sports activity. Yamato says that she really went to the gym. Touching her face, he comments that her skin is quite smooth. She tells them that she made these [desserts] herself because it is Valentine’s Day. She takes out the desserts from her plastic bag and says that this time around, it isn’t ruined. Looking surprised, Yamato breaks into a smile. He says that it isn’t ruined at all and he is super happy. This made Mei smile. Narration: “This kind of struggle. Striving hard and there’ll be a future. This is the smile that I wanted to see.” At the gym, Mei informs Ren that this will be her last day there so thank you for all his guidance. Ren asks her if she got her weight goal. Mei says that’s right and she became lighter by a .5 kg. Ren says that’s great. Mei says ya. Ren replies back, “Then, see you next time.” This puzzles Mei. Ren turns around and walks away. He passes by Rin who seems to be teary-eyed from laughing. She asks Ren what’s up with that foolish smile[/smirk], how gross. Blurb: “And, a new season is coming soon. With new characters, there will be new progress. A new school year starts, and there is definitely new disturbances [/crisis]!?”
Comment: So, the theme here is one has to act and persevere in order for there to be progress and a future. Contrary to what Mei is thinking that it is for herself, it does seem more for Yamato in case they do it again =P Losing weight is indeed hard and it does take discipline. A little bit of inspiration and support can go a long way, too. ^^ And, Mei is finally able to do it. Amusingly, I think her dessert made him happy rather than her losing weight since he seemed quite concerned that she became thin. ^^; As for Megumi, her dream is a bit harder especially since there is a new younger upcoming model. There are a lot of odds against that, and she also has to fight against her own insecurity. I get the feeling that the siblings..seems like twins..will be new students in their school which is hinted in the blurb. Ren seems to be interested in Mei. Well, I hope that it isn’t the usual siblings trying to break the couple apart. Scans by 离境汉化组

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