April 26, 2013

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 44]

At Belquat castle, Caesar is devouring his food while complaining that it doesn’t taste good. Sitting with her brother, Emilia observes that ever since Caesar came back, Caesar is in a foul mood. He would get angry then he would be lost in thought. Belenus tells her that he heard from Louise-sama that Nakaba came so something should have happened. Caesar didn’t tell him anything so they should just leave Caesar be, for a while. While Caesar continues to complain about the food and wine, Belenus comments that side kept on nagging. Emilia says that she also wants to see Nakaba and Caesar is really annoying. At Senan castle, Nakaba is quietly looking out the window. Lala blames herself for Nakaba’s depression because she made her to see that man. Leo pats her head and says that it isn’t her fault, but theirs for doing such a troublesome thing. Leo comments that he really doesn’t understand what the heck they are doing. Adele suddenly enters the room and tells Nakaba that his grandfather has collapsed. After they see their grandfather, Adele asks the doctor of his grandfather’s prognosis. The doctor says that the king got an epidemic disease and whether it would be cured, perhaps not because of the king’s old age. Adele and Nakaba look a bit tense. While Adele calls for his grandfather to pull himself together, Nakaba coldly looks at them and thinks that for Adele to be this worried for him, it is because he got from this person [grandfather] a huge quantity of love. “..I’m very sorry. Very sorry that there is no feeling welling up inside me.” Soon, Nakaba returns to her room. After Loki closed the door, he asks Nakaba that she ought to know. Nakaba says that she knows. Loki says that this is a very good opportunity and they can grab Senan. The Senan king won’t live long and the king’s position will be given to Adele. They only have to inhibit Adele [from taking the throne]. Nakaba thinks that from imperial concubine, she will be queen. Since Nakaba isn’t saying anything, Loki calls out to her. Nakaba turns to him and suggests that they both rest. Soon, Nakaba is in that tower [where she was locked up before]. She looks at the room and recalls Adele bullying her by pulling her braid and saying that it is trash because of its color. When she was young, she felt scared when Adele looks at her with that belittling look but upon knowing her own position, all the more she wasn’t afraid of him. It changed from hate to sadness to pity. And as those times of feeling pity had passed, all the more she felt that it doesn’t matter at all because she was happy at the tower since Loki was there and they were smiling together. End flashback.
Nakaba opens the window and looks down upon hearing a noise. To her surprise, it is Adele who looks equally surprised upon seeing her. In the room, Adele asks what she is doing there at this time. He calls her abnormal to specially come to this damp and dark place. Nakaba asks that didn’t he also come here. Adele says that he came to ridicule her. Nakaba just glares at him. While Nakaba is sitting on the chair, Adele says that if her hair is like her mother’s, she wouldn’t have been locked up here by their grandfather. Nakaba tells him not to talk about that anymore. To her surprise, Adele says that for her hair to be of that color, it is her. He tells her that he cannot imagine her with black hair. “Have you heard the commoners’ voice? Their assessment of you is quite good. Saying that you have an inconceivable power. *sitting beside Nakba* There are also rumors of you being either a holy woman[Joan] or a witch. After that incident at the snowy mountain, all the more they say that the red haired princess is their comrade.” Nakaba says is that so. She is surprised that Adele, with his eyes closed, leans beside her. She immediately stands up that Adele hits his head. Holding his forehead, he asks how come she suddenly stood up, that hurts. Slightly flustered Nakaba asks what he is doing. Adele says that this is no big deal because after all, she is his wife. Nakaba mutters, no.. Adele starts to leave and say, “Ya, ya, don’t you want to say that your heart belongs to the Belquat prince? Haha, how boring..” After Adele left, Nakaba thinks no, it isn’t that. “Don’t be like that.. *somewhat flustered* You shouldn’t.. make your heart close to mine--..! If it is the you who insulted my red hair as a trash[/useless] color, you wouldn’t have leaned your head on my knee. You will not expose your heart’s uneasiness to me. What I want is to take Senan from you who hated me. But towards the current you, can I still betray you--?” At the library, Ahkil asks Loki what he plans to do afterwards. “After the king collapsed, Adele will become king and Nakaba will become the queen. ..but as the queen..she is still under the king and she’ll only be on the second spot.” Taking a book from the bookcase, Loki says that Ahkil-sama should already be aware of it. “Completing the things that Nakaba couldn’t do, that is my responsibility.” Serious Ahkil just looks at him. In bed, Nakaba is having a nightmare. She ‘sees’ Loki apologizing to her. She shouts what did he do. Holding up a bloodied sword, Loki says that [he is] but just a wild beast. Nakaba immediately wakes up. She wonders if that is the Arcana or just a dream. She recalls that she has seen this once before with the Arcana. “And the one who is fallen down at Loki’s feet is –Adele..!”
Comment: This confirms that the one who will be killed is Adele. Since it coincides with what she wants, Nakaba would most probably let this happen without much fuss unlike the tragedies she had seen before. Hm..unless that isn’t exactly what Nakaba had in mind..like she would probably just lock Adele up or something since Nakaba doesn’t have the stomach to kill someone. With Nakaba’s personality, it is indeed a bit harder to be mean to someone who started acting nice to her. Adele really do seem to let his guard down there especially since his future is now unknown. I do think that Adele doesn’t really hate her but actually has feelings for her and bullying her is his way to get her attention. He does seem to be a tragic guy who perhaps wasn’t able to express his true feelings and got into a loveless marriage with her. He seems to respect her enough not to force himself on her when he has the right to do so. And, because of her, he will die young. As usual, it is Loki who does the dirty work. He seems to be the only main character, who is really staining his hands with blood. I’m curious though if he will stay around when Nakaba and Caesar are together again and united their countries. As for Caesar, it seems that his tantrum is more on his frustration on himself and missing Nakaba. ^^; Scans by Rei'S工作室.

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