April 27, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 8]

Karin is excited because their first newly wed night was shelved after their wedding, finally, it will happen in this room. Patting her blushing cheek, she had just spent a full three hours in taking a bath. Standing in front of the door, Karin checks her hair and her skin. “Yes, everything is prepared!” Then, she looks at her pajamas. She gloomily thinks that these pajamas isn’t cute at all though her father happily told her that she would definitely like it and he specially prepared it for her. Then, she turns around to leave because she wants to change into something cuter. She bumps into Nao. Holding her steady, Nao asks her what she is doing in front of the door. Surprised Karin exclaims how come he is outside and please don’t startle her like that. Nao tells her that he went out to drink a glass of water. He asks her what she is doing that it took her three hours just to take a bath. Just when Karin is about to explain, she notices Nao’s pajamas. She mutters that it is a ‘lovers matching pajamas’. Nao couldn’t believe it and Karin is very thankful to her father. Changing her tune, Karin says that this pajamas are so cute so they should accept it and of course, senpai, too. Somewhat embarrassed Nao tells her that compared to that, shouldn’t they quickly go to sleep, he was waiting for her for such a long time. A bit tense, Karin says, okay. Inside the room, Karin felt uneasy since her heart is beating so loudly that she can hear it in her ears as if it is resonating inside the room. Karin suddenly shouts that she wants to sleep at the side near the window. Then, she quickly jumps into the bed. She turns around and asks Nao if it is okay. Nao smiles and tells her that she can do whatever she likes because he..is going to sleep here. To her surprise, Nao lies down on the sofa. “Then, good night.” Recalling how she used up three hours to scrub herself, put lotion on her body and condition her hair, shocked Karin wonders what it was all for. Teary-eyed, Karin asks if he still hates her that much. Flustered Nao grinds his teeth and says that it isn’t so. He sits up and asks her instead how come she doesn’t hate him. “Not only you got into a loveless marriage, you are also forced to live at a rundown apartment. A normal person wouldn’t want to see me anymore and it would be more illogical if it is because you like my physical looks. That’s right..choosing someone based on looks, will just cause failure..” He recalls his mother shouting at his father that not only he cannot engage in business [<- translation is a bit crude but it seems like not good in business since it was mentioned before that he has debts], he is even womanizing [/going to brothels] so if only she wasn’t pregnant with Nao, she would definitely be very happy with some other man right now. Nao is surprised when Karin tells him that she doesn’t think that this marriage is a failure. Shaping her hands like binoculars on her eyes, Karin asks what’s wrong with choosing based on looks. Nao asks, huh, and what’s up with that position. Looking around with her imaginary binoculars, Karin says that she always do this when she’s searching for her prince. “Even if there are many good guys but they didn’t move Karin’s heart. Finally, on the opening ceremony of high school..”
Flashback: Karin overheard some girl saying to her friend that she came to this school for Nao so Karin rushed to find this Nao and this time around, she ought to definitely find her prince. But then, even if he is so handsome yet she doesn’t like him, then he isn’t her prince. Karin looked surprised to see Nao playing soccer. Using her binoculars, she cannot see clearly see his face because Nao kept on moving. She started to walk into the field then shouted in frustration that she made a mistake again and these binoculars are useless. Just then, Nao backed towards her to hit the ball. Surprised, Nao immediately shielded her to prevent her from falling on the ground. And with that, Karin has finally saw his face. Nao asked if she is okay and is she hurt. Clinging on to him, Karin said that she is alright. Karin thought that compared to that, his handsome face is now in front of her. Nao smiled and said that’s really great. Karin blushed and thought that she finally found him, her prince and no one is compatible except for him. End flashback. Still with her imaginary binoculars, Karin tells him that with that thought, she goes to see him everyday. “Is Nao-senpai’s face this magical!? With only one look, Karin’s heart is filled with happiness! *Nao sweatdrops* But.. *putting down her hands* looking face to face with senpai, I have not once tried it out. Quickly look at this side. Quickly look at Karin. I’ve been silently praying for this so many times. So, thanks to this marriage, right now, senpai, you look at Karin face-to-face and you would occasionally smile at Karin, right? *with hands on her face and bends down to face Nao* So, I think that this marriage isn’t a failure. Although Nao-senpai, you really hate Karin. *aghast and teary-eyed* And that is, a bit unexpected for me. But, it is alright. *smiles* It’s fine for I would just have to slowly make you like me!” Nao blushes and looks a bit tense. Looking away, Nao asks what she is saying, that’s too reckless. “..and, if until the end, I still don’t like you, what then?” Karin looks shocked that she exclaims if that thing can happen. Sweatdropping Nao say yes, and it doesn’t have to be said but it is quite common. After contemplating over this, she confidently tells him that she’ll just take things one step at a time. Holding her hand to him, Karin exclaims, “In short, right now, I don’t want Nao-senpai to sleep on the sofa. That isn’t good for the body and it is painful. Karin hates that so, come over and sleep here, okay..?” Slightly flustered Nao takes her hand. Soon, Nao is sleeping at his side. Karin is tense for she is now sleeping at the same bed with Nao. “It’s amazing! It’s great, just like a married couple. *glances at Nao’s back* His back is quite broad.” She closes her eyes and goes near him. Nao is surprised when he felt Karin’s head on his back. Karin is surprised when Nao goes away from her. To her surprise, Nao goes on top of her. She mutters, “Sen..pai..?” There is only silence.
Comment: So, this could be their ‘first night’. I guess this is a turning point or something that the mangaka has to ‘recap’ the prologue. ^^; The matching pajamas is a nice touch and Karin’s father is really thinking of her/them. ^^ He must be lovey-dovey with his wife, too. About Nao’s parents, it seems that Nao’s mother would tend to repeat the ‘if only Nao wasn’t born, she would be happy’. I checked this scene and the earlier scene, they aren’t wearing the same clothes. I guess his mother is venting her frustration and anger at the father. It makes me wonder if she really meant that or it is just reckless shouting in her fit of anger. Nevertheless, it already had a bad impact on Nao. The thing is I wonder how come she never just divorced him to stop blaming Nao for her misery. And, the father didn’t even bother protesting that Nao has nothing to do with this. Um..unless they didn’t know that Nao is there and the father is the type who’ll just be quiet to let his wife vent her frustration and anger. Then, take comfort with some other woman? Actually, it does seem to be partly the father’s fault since they are in debt and he even womanize. ^^; About not divorcing, I have a feeling that they are just waiting for Nao to grow up so that they can fulfill that promise with Karin’s parents and get the money. Maybe afterwards, they divorce and split the money? If that is so, they are really horrid parents. So, from the looks of things, Karin is going to help ‘cure’ Nao of that trauma. She is quite confident and positive here that she is slowly winning his approval. For him to take her hand, I think it is a good step towards that. Hehe, as for the end, I wonder if something will already happen in the next chapter. Usually, in shoujo, it usually has to be mutual first but with this mangaka..it is possible, I think since Nao seems to be just suppressing himself from falling for her. ^^;  Scans by allwink汉化组

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