April 26, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 36]

Reishou hugs Yuulin tight and says that she still won’t stop crying. She mutters his name and he leans toward her. And, Yuulin sits up from bed and starts screaming. It was a dream. She looks around and thinks that this place looks familiar. Seishin goes in the room and asks her what happened and how did she wake up. Yuulin calls his name. Seishin quickly turns around and says that he’ll bring some water for her. Later on, Seishin asks if she has forgotten that yesterday, she and granny got involved in something..and at that place, she fainted because of fever. Holding her cup of water, Yuulin remembers that is right, as a maid, she went with granny to do some detective work at High Store and they carelessly got caught. “Afterwards, His Majesty saved me- *Reishou hugged her tight and muttered her name* -wha!? *blush* then, from what part did the dream started!? *blush-blush*” Seishin tells her that it would be better for her to lie down for a while, because lately, she has been quite reckless = working as a maid in the morning and doing house chores at night. Yuulin exclaims what he is talking about, she is alright. “I cannot always just lie down and sleep. *climbing out of the bed* That’s right, where’s granny? I have to go over there.” While Seishin tries to stop her sister, they hear a loud knocking on the door and someone is shouting if no one’s home, and she’ll be coming in. The siblings think, “Speaking of the devil..” Inside, granny complains that just because of a small incident, Yuulin already fainted and in the end, the young girls these days are too weak. Standing behind, Seishin laments that Yuulin managed to get away from him to meet with granny. Approaching granny, Yuulin asks if she is okay. Granny exclaims but of course. “Afterwards, those guys who are doing some dishonest business transactions were arrested. That official seems to be also doing all sorts of illegal stuff. The High Store is dealt with cruelly.” Yuulin says is that so. Granny tells her that already has nothing to do with them. “..by the way, I have something that I wanted to tell you. *Yuulin is puzzled* ..since the time I’ve made you a maid, I’ve been properly observing to get acquainted with you. No matter what I’ve said, you have an attitude of sincerely completing your work. And also, yesterday, in that kind of situation, you wanted to protect me and even showed courage. Even if you are the daughter of that idiotic father, you did quite well.” Yuulin gets excited for this means that she is going to finally let them go [of their father’s fault]. Happily pointing at Yuulin, granny exclaims, “So, you can come and become my grandson’s [young] wife.” This stuns puzzled Yuulin that she asks, “Huh?” Granny chuckles and says that Yuulin is very lucky that she is eyeing on her. “Fufu, even if right now, [I’m] still not that fully acquainted [with you] but you’re childhood friends with Gaku so you mutually know each other very well. You’ve already been nice to me-- after I teach you, you’ll definitely become a good wife.”
Yuulin is still stunned for how can she be Ki Gaku’s wife..that guy who told her before that she still has that ugly face since this morning. Snapping out of it, Yuulin shouts why it became like this. Ignoring her, Granny says, “It has already been arranged when the wedding is going to be held! Ah, of course, I’m going to arrange everything so you don’t have to worry about anything! Besides, it is the wedding of our family’s important grandson so of course it will be done in a grand way!!” While granny is telling Yuulin about the other things she has to remember, Yuulin is freaking out that granny is totally letting what she [Yuulin] said pass through her other ear. Someone tells granny to wait a bit about that. It is Reishou who is carrying a small basket of food. As Reishou gives the food to Seishin as gift, granny asks who he is. Reishou tells her that Yuulin works at his department. “..It appears that Yuulin is not feeling too well so is it okay if I talk on her behalf?” Yuulin is still speechless and confused. Granny asks if it is about Yuulin’s cleaning job at the palace. “..About that job, I’m going to make her resign as soon as possible so this has nothing to do with you.” Reishou whispers something to granny which surprises her. Reishou smiles and tells her that they go out for a while to chat a bit. Granny angrily backs away and goes out of the house. The siblings are puzzled speechless over it. Just as Reishou is going out, he turns around and asks, “By the way, does Yuulin want to become Gaku’s wife?” Shaking her head and body, Yuulin says absolutely not. “But, about that..” Reishou tells her that she looks pale and she needs more sleep. “..no need to worry, I won’t say anything that will cause you trouble.” This made Yuulin blush and she timidly says okay. After a while, Seishin tells Yuulin that it is amazing because afterwards, granny immediately left. Seishin also says that Reishou told him that Yuulin should rest some more and he’ll explain things tomorrow since they still have other things to discuss. Yuulin wonders what now, she obviously wanted to quickly get well but she feels light-headed and it is definitely because of that strange dream. On the second day, gloomy Gaku says that is impossible for why would he marry a child who doesn’t have any cute side. Gloomy Yuulin says that it is absolutely impossible, marrying a loan shark, this kind of scoundrel who can be said as the most awful among humans. Gaku angrily shouts that too much, you woman. Yuulin shouts back, that is what she wanted to say. A note says that after the fever left, she felt a bit uneasy so she went to the restaurant and bumped into Gaku. That light-headed feeling is also gone. Gaku shouts by the way, how come that guy got involved in this thing. Embarrassed Yuulin exclaims that is why she said that he [Reishou] is a very friendly[/gracious] person. Gaku shouts back that there is no such friendly person and she is definitely being deceived. This made Yuulin furious.
At the side, some customers are telling Meigyoku what happened to the gambling bet, isn’t it already been decided that it is Gaku. Meigyoku says no, until they get married, it isn’t decided. Kokuu goes in the restaurant and says that it is quite lively here. He calls out to Yuulin to talk with her for a while. Yuulin says okay, she’ll go. Gaku angrily scolds her to wait, how can she just easy go with that man. Yuulin scolds him that he isn’t a bad person. “It’s really alright!” Gaku just goes ‘hmph’ for she is really too trusting. The customers start saying that there is now a third man [to the love triangle] and how Gaku can just let her go with that man. Gaku shouts at them to quit gambling on Yuulin, and don’t involve him in that. Gaku’s servant thinks that Gaku’s personality is quite a disadvantage when he obviously wanted to protect Yuulin. Behind some of the stores, Kokuu apologizes to Yuulin for what happened before because he is doing investigations so he has to pretend to be like the others. He tells her that he is originally some sort of soldier and he heard that she is a cleaning lady at the palace. He apologizes again for he was investigating her because he thought she is part of the Ki household. She asks if it is related to His Majesty and something like how the people evaluate him. Kokuu says that is right, this time around, he is investigating the source of the bad gossip about His Majesty and the Queen Consort that has been circulating in the town. That includes the Ki family’s Big Store. Kokuu sheepishly tells her that he really didn’t think that while he is on duty, that person himself would show up, and that person is really quite bad. And, just like before, he [Reishou] really likes to probe out other people. Yuulin thinks that at that time, she felt that this person and His Majesty are close to each other and His Majesty’s goal is actually to come and see this person. Then, Yuulin notices that Kokuu is staring at her that she asks him what it is. Kokuu comments that that even if it is a bit unexpected but it isn’t bad. Yuulin is puzzled. Getting ready to leave, Kokuu happily tells her that from her standpoint, it is very difficult but he will silently support the Downtown Akujo-sama [bad woman/femme fatale]. “I’ll leave that stuff to you. ..do not lose to the Harem’s Akujo!” Yuulin realizes that Kokuu misunderstood things for he thinks that Reishou is having an affair with her. Just when Yuulin tries to protest, Kokuu tells her that a woman can cause a disaster to the king and besides, for the most part, those women are unhappy. “..you won’t be called as ‘the one who made the king fall from grace’, right?” Yuulin is speechless over that. In Yuulin’s house, Reishou happily tells her that in conclusion, she doesn’t have to go work as a maid anymore. Yuulin exclaims that’s quick so what did he do to convince granny. Reishou says that actually, about granny’s injury, that is a lie. Yuulin is surprised that she asks, what. Reishou says that it is true that Yuulin’s father bumped into granny and when they had it examined at that time, it was determined that it is a minor injury that only requires her to wear bandages. There is a flashback of granny shouting at Yuulin’s father that it hurts, it hurts and raised a ruckus about it.
It just so happen that granny is thinking of the issue about his grandson’s [future] wife and she thought of Yuulin because after all, they are childhood friends. Deciding to use this opportunity, granny called her here and deliberately made things hard for Yuulin. Actually, she wants to see whether Yuulin has the qualifications to become her daughter-in-law. Yuulin couldn’t believe it. Trembling, she says that means..no matter how much she strived hard, it is impossible for her to attain forgiveness. Reishou says that is right, and not only that, granny is riding on Yuulin’s conscience to make her the wife of her grandson. “See? *smiles* Aren’t the people in this world wolves?” Yuulin is aghast. She falls on her knees in disbelief for what is all those hard work for. Reishou says, “Yuulin, you can depend more on others. ..you can depend on me. Making others think of wanting to help you, I think it is the power that you possess.” Yuulin lovingly looks at Reishou who reaches his hand to her face. She thinks that starting from that time [Reishou hugging her tight], she feels light-headed as if she’ll fall but.. Yuulin snaps out of it and says that she’ll be going to granny. This surprises Reishou. Yuulin tells him that about the marriage, she’ll personally go and refuse it. Frowning Reishou says that that issue has already been resolved and he thinks that even if she goes, she will only be scolded. Yuulin protests that it is her own problem so she’ll go resolve it on her own. Reishou somewhat smiles and asks if in the end, getting help from ‘someone’ is no good at all. Yuulin exclaims that it isn’t like that at all. “Because I’m very weak, if I rely on His Majesty and be pampered by Your Majesty, I’ll easily fall. –but, I want to become the person who has enough power to support you during your time of distress. So, I cannot be light-headed. As much as possible, with regards with my own issues, I’ll do it on my own! Thank you very much.” With that, Yuulin goes out of the house. Reishou starts laughing and says that for her to be pampered by him, it is only for a moment, it is very short, like a dream. And, afterwards, Yuulin provoked the anger of granny once again, for some reason that she doesn’t know. Of course, granny totally didn’t have any remorse about deceiving Yuulin yet Granny continued being angry. Granny is furious that Yuulin doesn’t want to be Gaku’s wife, it is such a waste, and what’s the use of being skilled as a cleaning lady. Narration: “However, in the end, because of that conversation with His Majesty, there is no longer any more troublesome situation. Finally, it is all okay. Since then, I’ve been liberated from a maid’s life.” Reishou happily says that finally Yuulin can go back to being a Queen Consort. In a really good mood complete with wagging tail, puppy Reishou says that in the end, dirty tricks-whatever can cause pain to one’s heart and it is still better to be nice. Following him behind, Yuulin gloomily thinks that no matter which one [as Queen or herself], she is being pampered and she really has to pull herself together. “..could it be that is just a dirty trick[/bullying] on the stubborn me? *blushing* But, I’m on vacation from working as a Queen Consort, so there’s no need to act like a married couple. –No, that is definitely ..just a dream right?” It turns out that while they were hugging from before, Reishou had tenderly kissed her on the face. ^^
Comment: Hehe, Yuulin got some lovey-dovey in this arc but since she is feverish, she thought it was just a dream. Just as I thought, granny wants her to be Gaku’s wife. I didn’t expect her though to pretend to be gravely injured to trick Yuulin. If Reishou wasn’t there to help her, even if it is against her will, she would have really married Gaku. I wonder if Gaku would agree given that kind of circumstance. I like Yuulin’s belief on not wanting to be pampered but rather, be his support which meant to be more or less at his level = strong enough to help him out. Hmm..would that just be emotional support or really help him out? For now, it seems to be the former since she is still weak in a way that how things work out is still very dependent on Reishou. And, really helping him out, I’m not sure he would accept it either since it would seem that he isn’t a capable king. As for Kokuu, it does seem that like Dai, he goes way back with Reishou. I’m curious what’s the deal between him and Dai since Dai seems to look antagonistic towards him. The gamble bet thing on whom Yuulin would end up with is amusing. It is also that Kokuu doesn’t knowing that the Downtown Akujo and Harem Akujo is one and the same. =P Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.

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