April 25, 2013

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 46]

In room 1003, Haru is intently looking at some Japanese doll, a bottle of insects, etc. He recalls that Shizuku had just called him to tell him that right now, she is going home from the library so if it is okay, can she drop by at his house. Lying in bed, Haru is surprised by that and wonders what he should do. End flashback. Title: home•sweet•home Blurb: “Finally the two are mutually connected. Currently going steady from now on, what would it be like!?” Haru thinks that no matter what, he must first quickly bring out his collector’s items[/precious objects] and it ought to be okay for him to give these to her. After staring at his stuff, he turns around the Daruma doll towards him and says that is much better. Then, he recalls that it seems that she has somewhat mentioned about this during New Year. Flashback: Carrying a tray of drinks, Haru asked everyone if they are already leaving when it is obviously January 1st, and it is simply okay to make the kids of his house. Someone commented that Haru really makes people know that he is expressing his loneliness. Then, he noticed that Shizuku is looking at him. He asked her what it is. She told him that she’ll come back again and next time, it will just the two of them. End flashback. Haru starts imagining himself as a meerkat. Meerkat looks left and right, then walks together with another meerkat. They snuggle. And then, meerkat is standing behind the other. Ding dong. Haru is surprised since his imagination is interrupted. It is Shizuku who greets him a good afternoon, and sorry if she is early. Flustered Haru says no, no problem, sorry for making you come [<- being polite], please come in. While looking around, Haru excitedly tells her that since she came here before, he thinks that she already knows that on this side is the toilet, this is my room, and even if it is a bit dirty, please go in. Giving her a 3kg dumbbell, Haru tells her to listen well, even if he thinks that nothing will happen but just in case something happens, take this so that she can fight when trying to run away. Puzzled Shizuku just says okay. Then, he happily smiles and says that Shizuku is in his house. Holding up a wrapped bento, Shizuku tells him that she brought onigiri [rice balls] that they can eat together later on. Haru shows her the washing machine and tells her that he washes his clothes once a week. While Shizuku looks at a dried up carrot, Haru says that the refrigerator is broken so right now, they eat instant noodles. Showing her his treasures, Haru urges her to pick one. [<- He arranged it like some tribal offering] Shizuku declines and says that she doesn’t want it. Jumping on bed, Haru exclaims that this is Mitsuyoshi’s bed and since two years ago, he is sleeping alone by himself and it is so funny. Shizuku says that she doesn’t know why it is funny. In the messy kitchen, Shizuku looks at a burnt pot with chopsticks sticking out of it. While eating some onigiri[/round dumplings?], Haru says, “..By the way, why did you come here for?” After commenting that one can’t cook soup here, Shizuku looks at him and replies, “..you don’t know? *Haru is puzzled* ..*blush* Can’t I go in your room today?” Haru looks surprised and the meerkat is screaming.
Standing outside his apartment’s room, Mitsuyoshi recalls Shizuku passing by and telling him that she’ll be going in his house. Mitsuyoshi thinks, “What, only the two of them!? Why here? No no, no way (laugh). Let’s not talk about Haru but this is Shizuku-chan. No, isn’t this good? They are already high school students that even if it something happens, it isn’t strange at all, right? By the way, why am I so worried that I run to check on these adolescents? Isn’t this the feeling of a father who has children? (laugh) I’m obviously not at that age yet (laugh) And speaking of that, I have no right to tell off others, right? *nervous* ..there’s nothing bad about worrying. I am Haru’s guardian!!!” Embarrassed Mitsuyoshi goes in and exclaims geez, he unexpectedly forgot to close the gas valve. He sees Shizuku reading a book and Haru is busy cleaning. While Haru continues to clean the floor, Shizuku tells Mitsuyoshi good job, and does he want to eat some onigiri, too. Mitsuyoshi says that she is reading books and sorry for being noisy. Later, Shizuku asks Haru if she can borrow these two books. Airing the quilt, Haru says okay, and has she already finished looking around. Shizuku says yes, at that time there are a lot of people so she wasn’t able to properly look at the books. She comments that the books in his bookcase really have individuality, which is totally unlike the one at her house, it’s very interesting. Haru happily says that he also thinks that her house is like that. He happily tells her to look, he aired out his quilt for the first time. Looking up the sky, Shizuku says that she has already decided to go forward this route. Even if nothing much has actually changed since she is going to continue on studying in college and will be doing the same job as her mother. “Before, I was only simply thinking that doing this would make my mother approve of me. Right now, from inside my heart, I’ll use my own determination to ponder over it. (This is definitely [because of?] Haru).” She tells him that she’ll try to consider once again her accumulated studying strength and according to this, she’ll have the freedom of choice and she is going to take advantage of her relationship with her mother. Haru exclaims that she is quite astute and that’s really good. “Isn’t this really good.” Shizuku asks if he is still going to catch tuna. Haru says ya, he has already decided to properly catch one for her. While Haru happily looks at the sky, Shizuku looks at the side and says is that so, although she really likes tuna sashimi. Preparing to leave, Shizuku glances at the picture of Kyouko. Then, she looks at Haru’s messy room. In school, Asako asks what about career prospect, she hasn’t thought of it. She tells Shizuku that it is still for next year and they should think of it after one year. “Isn’t that so, Sasayan?” Shizuku tells her that one year from now, it is exam time. [<- probably entrance exams for colleges] Sasayan says that he had more or less decided to go to college. This surprises Asako that he is going to college. Eating his melon bread, Sasayan says yes, though it would be within the scope of his ability. This made Asako really nervous.
At the outdoor corridor, Asako is downcast when Chizuru tells her the college that she is going to. Asako spots Haru but notices that he is talking with Oga-sensei. Holding Nagoya, Haru says bye-bye to Oga. Oga asks if this is really okay. Haru smiles back at him. On the streets, Andou is talking with someone on the phone – okay, okay, I understand. Andou starts staring at someone then calls out to Shizuku. [<- since she is carrying leeks, she had just came from the grocery. She has a typical housewife look.] Andou exclaims that it is such a coincidence, and just like before, she is dressed up quite differently from the current high school girls in their prime. He asks if he can help her carry those things. Shizuku declines his help and asks him what’s up. Andou’s smile freezes. Eating a chocolate chip, Yuuzan opens the door and is surprised to see Shizuku with Andou. Andou happily exclaims that he got someone to help him out. Yuuzan angrily asks Andou why he involved Shizuku without his permission. While Shizuku says that it is because Andou says that she’ll get paid, Andou shouts of course, after all, it is just cleaning up some pitiful guy’s room and look at her outfit, no matter how one looks at it, she can immediately go into battle. Shizuku wonders what’s with this clean up thing.. She glances in Yuuzan’s messy apartment and asks if he had just moved in. A bit embarrassed Yuuzan says no, sorry but this is last month’s. It was tidied up but now, it is already messy. Yuuzan tells Shizuku that he just found a good place and it is near his college. While Shizuku observes that it is a big place, Yuuzan asks if she wants to drink coffee and eat some chocolate cake. Holding a bag of coffee, he asks if it is just dissolve in water and it seems to open this way. Since he is spilling the coffee all over the place, Shizuku offers to do it for him. While Shizuku makes the coffee, Andou carries some boxes and tells Yuuzan that even if it is the girlfriend of Yuuzan’s younger brother, having a girl in the house makes one’s heart beat with eagerness. Blushing Yuuzan scolds him that is enough, and don’t be like that. Soon, Shizuku gives a cup of coffee to Yuuzan. While sipping her coffee, she asks if Yuuzan is living alone even if his living ability is awful. Muching on a chocolate chip cookie, Yuuzan says ya, but he can live normally or rather, he can have some distance from that family. He tells her that after the party, he had this feeling of wanting to separate himself but he’ll definitely inherit the family business and he is still waiting for the suitable opportunity. He starts rampaging in a box and shows something to Shizuku. Looking at it, she says that it is a rock. Yuuzan happily says that is right, he had told Haru before that this is a moon rock. “I found it during the time when we came out of the house. It’s quite nostalgic. When he’s young, Haru would always cry. I picked up a rock from the courtyard and told him that it is a moon rock to console him. ..afterwards, he suddenly told me, ‘this rock is a limestone so this isn’t from the moon’. At that time, I was really shocked. Kids really grow up so fast.”
Looking at the rock, Shizuku says that Haru previously really like Yuuzan. Yuuzan sadly smiles and says that he felt unbearable going to his current house, and it can be compared with Haru then. “That child caused disturbances in order to leave that house. It is definitely because he felt that if he is there, I would have a very hard time. Haru, he, is a very nice kid.” Andou interrupts their conversation and reminds them that he is getting busy all by himself here, is that okay. Soon, Andou seems to find some porn video and Shizuku teaches Yuuzan how to fold his clothes. The two guys ask for a break and drink some tea but Shizuku tells them that it is all done. After throwing away the trash, Yuuzan drives Shizuku home. At her house’s gate, Shizuku is quite happy over her pay. While eating a donut, Yuusan tells Shizuku that it is also okay to tell Haru that she went to his house because compared to hating Haru, he is more happy if he is hated by Haru. Shizuku sweatdrops. Shizuku tells Yuuzan that she doesn’t think that Haru hates him. “Because in Haru’s room, there are a lot of those rocks like that one [you showed me].” Yuuzan looks surprised. At the cemetery, Haru is carrying some flowers and water pail. Haru’s expression sours when he saw Yuuzan there. Haru asks why he is here. Yuuzan says that it was Mitsuyoshi who called him there and what’s wrong with visiting during his aunt’s third death anniversary. Haru angrily mutters that Mitsuyoshi said that he is going ahead, but it turns out that this is the reason. Yuuzan says that this is in front of the grave so let’s pay our respects. After they pay their respects, Haru starts to toss some water to clean the grave. He exclaims that even if Yuuzan didn’t say it, he can properly do this. “Here, look.” Yuuzan says that a man called Kirigaya wrote a letter to their family and he [Haru] ought to have gotten the invitation. Yet, unexpectedly, his career prospective is tuna fishing. Yuuzan tells him that he isn’t forbidding him but he doubts that the blood flowing in his body is the same as his. Haru angrily asks if he wants a fight. Yuuzan asks if he is worried about the expenses but whether it is Mitsuyoshi or Kyouko, they would want him to go to college. “And even if it is me, who rejected you, also feel that it isn’t necessary for you to do this.” Haru says that he knows, but it isn’t the same, it isn’t only that because for him, he definitely can accumulate a lot of things in this type of work. Walking away, Yuuzan says, he understands, and geez, how come Haru turned into a person like this, when he is obviously quite frank and cuter before. Haru tells him that at least, this isn’t his fault, so there’s no need to be concerned about it. This surprises Yuuzan and he smiles. Waiting with Andou, Mitsuyoshi asks Yuuzan how was it, did they attack each other in front of the grave. Waving his hand, Yuuzan says that it is no good, Haru totally won’t listen to him just like what he [Yuuzan] told him [Mitsuyoshi]. He tells Andou that they are going. While walking with Andou, Yuuzan recalls Haru telling him not to be concerned about it since this thing isn’t his fault. Yuuzan says that he also really wants a girlfriend. Andou says that it is impossible, just look at his room.
At night, Haru is looking at the invitation from the ocean research institute. Soon, it is around 12:25am. In her house, instead of studying, Shizuku recalls Yuuzan saying that Haru definitely thinks that his existence caused him [Yuuzan] pain, Haru asking if he is bothering Shizuku, and Haru saying that she and Yuuzan are annoying to death. And, she recalls Haru happily smiling while looking above. She decides to call it a night. Just when she is about to climb into her bed, she hears some tapping sound on her window. She peeks out to see Haru getting ready to throw a huge rock. She freaks out over this. Haru notices her and points to his cellphone. She whispers-shouting what he is thinking, trying to destroy their window. Haru says that it is because she shut off the cellphone. “It’s great for I thought you’re already sleeping. Can you come down for a moment?” Covering herself with a blanket, Shizuku quietly goes out and meets Haru at the gate. Haru happily exclaims his apology. Shizuku had to tell him to keep quiet for her father is still sleeping and what if he gets angry. Thinking that this is the first time she secretly run out when it is obviously not a big deal, Shizuku asks him what’s up during this time. Haru happily says that he came to see her. This surprises Shizuku. Haru leans to her and kisses her. He hugs her. She calls out his name. Haru says, “..ya, it is me, that’s right.” Shizuku tells him that they study together. This surprises Haru. Shizuku says that he said before that if he has some place he wants to go, then he must go. “If there is something he wants to do, he should do it. If he feels lost, then he should ponder over it. Haru, with me, the two of us, we’ll definitely find the answer.” Haru looks at surprised Shizuku and asks if she went back to her bad habit of not wanting to lose in exams. Shizuku angrily says that it is besides that.. Haru holds her face and kisses her repeatedly [and I think there is a French kiss there]. Blushing Haru says, “Ya.. I’m going.” Shizuku goes, huh? Brroom...Shizuku watches a plane flying in the sky. She is with everyone including Sasayan, Asako, Chizuru, Yuu, Mitsuyoshi, Yamaken, Iyo and Yamaken’s 3 friends. Shizuku mutters is..is this for real? Narration: “March. –after Haru finished saying those words, like that, he first flew ahead. –by the way, that February, even if there are all sorts of conversation scenario” In class, Shizuku exclaimed in shock that Haru is going to an overseas research. Carrying Nagoya, Haru said that is right, though he is only going as an odds-job guy. Shizuku exclaimed if it is for that Professor Kirigaya. Haru said that he is an acquaintance of his aunt. Holding a flyer to Kyoto, Asako tearfully asked if Haru can go here next year. [<-probably school field trip] Narration: “I cannot forget his last words.” At the airport, Haru happily said, “Then, I’m going. I’ll leave Nagoya up to you.” Narration: “When he comes back, it would already be next year’s spring. I never thought that there will be this dramatic change[turn of events]..but, it is also not necessary to be shocked. After all, this is Haru. ..for me to think like this, it is only today at this time.” Blurb: “Two more chapters to go.”
Comment: The author really packed a lot of things in this chapter with that surprising turn of event at the end. First, the Shizuku visiting Haru’s house, it is quite amusing that Haru and Mitsuyoshi are already thinking of other things and Shizuku is just concerned about checking out Haru’s books. ^^; Shizuku’s plans for the future are still the same but instead of wanting to gain approval, it is more on she wants to do it herself. It does seem to somewhat blur the distinction of did she actually wanted to do it in the first place overlapping with wanting mother’s approval. As for the tuna fishing thing, I don’t know if for Haru, tuna fishing means ocean research or it was originally tuna fishing but he changed his mind later on since everyone do not exactly approve of it and, what Shizuku said that night is the final push for him to go. With everyone planning what they’ll do in the future, it seems that Asako is the only one who has no plans yet. And it seems that Haru has another thing that Yuuzan doesn’t quite know how to do yet = household chores. Hasn’t Andou been teaching him or it is only now that Yuuzan is asking for Andou’s help? That ‘somewhat’ resolution between the brothers is nice. I think what Shizuku and Haru told Yuuzan helped ‘heal’ Yuuzan that he can move on with less guilt. And apparently, Yuuzan knows that the change in Haru is because of Shizuku. Lastly, Haru suddenly going abroad and he’ll be back next year’s spring. That is a fast turn of events and I guess the mangaka doesn’t want to drag the potential drama of that one. If I estimate it right that would be a one year skip. He’ll be skipping third year high school and when he comes back they would be going to college already. Somehow, I imagine Haru coming back with a huge tuna for Shizuku, and there are sakura blossoms flying around. ^^; With two chapters left, I wonder if we’ll get to see them as adults aside from possibly, what happened to the main characters later on. Scans by 贤赛高同好会. PS. This is a different Chinese scanlator so there might be a bit difference in the flashback dialogues and amusingly, this group is composed of Yamaken’s fans.

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