April 17, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 34]

Originally posted on September 30, 2014

While Reishou is taking off his coat, Yuulin is freaking out for he told her that it would be better to stay here tonight. Tonight, here? In this narrow small room? With his Wolf Majesty, the two of us? Impossible! She quickly tells Reishou that she would go to some other room. Smiling Reishou says that didn’t he say that the rooms are already filled with customers. He tells her that anyway, normally, they are always together so don’t mind it too much. Yuulin screams that those are two different things and normally they sleep separately. She wonders what’s up with him for he isn’t acting normal ever since he arrived in the commoners’ district - he would kiss her and also at that time [<- not translated into Chinese and I couldn’t find this part in previous chapters ^^;]. She doesn’t know what kind of mischief he’ll be up to next. She is on high alert. Reishou timidly asks if she hates being with him. Flustered Yuulin says no, it isn’t like that. With a twinkle in his eye, Reishou says, since it is like that, then come and sit here. He made her sit on the bed and easily make her lie down. He tells her that he only wanted to talk some more with her.
Yuulin is freaking out since in a flash, he already did this and she couldn’t free herself from his hold. She tries to tell him to let her go but he happily says, okay, do not leave like this right now. Yuulin is really wondering what’s up with him, and why it is like this. She asks him if he is angry. Reishou says no. He tells her that seeing her doing her best for her father and younger brother, he thinks that she’s amazing but no matter how serious and honorable she lived, there are still difficulties that she cannot step over. [<- Gaku’s grandma] “I want to teach the kind [/nice] you that actually there are wolves (bad people) on this world. That’s it. I also had harassed you. I’m leaving.” Putting on his coat, Reishou gets ready to leave. Puzzled Yuulin sits up. Before he goes out of the room, Reishou tells her that it is enough for her to stay here by herself and he already paid the room’s fee. He says that he thinks that if this keeps up, that matter with granny won’t be resolved so tell him when she no longer feels guilty. She asks him where he is going. He tells her that he can improvise for one night. He already left when she calls out for him to wait. Blushing, she wonders what’s going on.
Outside, Kou Dai tells Reishou that Yuulin is really stubborn for she only has to act spoiled with him. Reishou says that she’s considerate like a universal considerate wife. Dai giggles and asks ‘wife’, when she basically treated him like an outsider. This make Reishou darkly look at Dai who freaked out over it. Reishou tells him that it is really hard since he is clearly doing his best to treat her very ‘gently’ so how come in the end, it feels like she’s very scared of him. After looking amused over that comment, Dai says that earlier, that guy is wandering in the commoners’ district and it seems that he already bumped with Yuulin so what is Reishou planning to do. In wolf mode, Reishou says to let that guy go for a while and he hopes that they also won’t go against his expectation and it would be better if they do something that is fun for them [Reishou and others]. Thinking that he’s really scary, Dai says okay. The next day, aghast Yuulin arrives home early in the morning. Seishin assures her that he won’t ask in detail. Tense Yuulin tells him that it isn’t so, she only wasn’t able to catch up and the city gate is already closed. She also tells him that she stayed by herself last night.
Seishin continues to say that it is better to quickly arrange the marriage or else, the others would talk about their family situation. Freaking out, Yuulin insists that it isn’t like that. She wasn’t able to sleep last night but today, she has to go to Gaku’s granny. Then, the ponytailed guy greets her and says that it is such a coincidence, is she going to work. Yuulin remembers him as the customer in the restaurant. The ponytailed guy asks for directions to a certain place. He explains that lately, he got transferred there for work as a bodyguard and it involves moving luggage but then, he is still not familiar with.. Yuulin offers to walk with him there. The ponytailed guy thanks her. He asks her what’s her name..commoners’ district’s akujo [evil woman] type. Aghast Yuulin tells him to forget that title[/name]. While Yuulin thinks that this guy is overly familiar with her, ponytailed guy happily chats with her that the others insist on saying those things to her when she is a kind-hearted girl and she even got compare with that willful queen. Yuulin doesn’t like the topic because she is also that same person.
Then, he asks if she heard that the Wolf King’s mother is an exceptionally beautiful woman. “It seems that she is a dancer. And I heard that she is particularly beautiful that it turned the wise ruler into someone else. Then, he had fallen from grace. After that, the older brother inherited the throne. He also squandered his own wealth and always stayed at the imperial place to collect beautiful women. The Wolf King’s relatives are all like that. Would he himself also quickly fall from grace.” Serious Yuulin replies, “But that is not proof that His Majesty will also fall from grace so how can you belittle His Majesty? You didn’t seriously look close at the Wolf King himself, so your comment about him is meaningless.” After looking surprised, ponytailed guy smiles and asks if the little servant of the Ki’s family is unexpectedly for the Wolf King’s faction. This puzzles Yuulin. They were interrupted by Gaku who calls out to her that she’s so slow and his granny is already angry. Then, he comments that it seems that he hasn’t this guy before. To the two’s shock, ponytailed guy says that it seems that his flirting is a failure for the boyfriend had appeared. Yuulin and Gaku angrily tell him simultaneously that he isn’t her boyfriend.
Ponytailed guy tells the young master of Ki’s family, not to worry for he’ll give back his cute girlfriend to him. He thanks Yuulin for showing him the way. While Yuulin tries to tell him that she isn’t Gaku’s girlfriend, Gaku angrily shouts what Yuulin is doing and also with that suspicious official before. He accuses her of being happy over what that guy said a while ago and she, an unpopular girl, must be dizzy with happiness about it. Yuulin angrily shouts that she is not. Then, Gaku shouts that she isn’t cute at all. Irked Yuulin shouts why he has to shout that. Gaku’s servant tries to tell him that from this direction it seems that he isn’t mature. Gaku asks her how things are with her and that official. Flustered Yuulin shouts what he is saying for didn’t she say that he is her superior. She quickly leaves as Gaku is angrily shouting that he specially came to fetch her. While walking away, Yuulin is furious over how everyone likes to spread rumors about the king being irresponsible but then, she can see that his mother ought to be beautiful because he is quite good looking. She thinks that even if she works at the harem, she doesn’t know those stories about the past kings and Reishou’s family affairs.
Yuulin wonders if it is because he doesn’t want to mention it or because she is only a worker so he doesn’t want to discuss it with her. Even if he is nice but regarding this thing, he would still put a dividing line on it. At Ki’s residence, granny is having a fit over what Yuulin is doing. She scolds Yuulin for daydreaming that her massage has no strength and she’s [granny] always enduring. Freaking out Yuulin says okay. While Yuulin follows behind her during her stroll, granny complains over her disbelief that High Store can surpass their family. High Store’s business is going smoothly when she knows that family doesn’t have the capability to do business. She also complains about being she was viciously taught [about business before]. She is furious over her daughter-in-law being mean for telling her that she should quickly retire for she is old already. Yuulin thinks that she’s quite lively today and even if Reishou said that there is no way to resolve this granny issue but if she were to settle the source of granny’s rage, maybe she’ll forgive her father. Then, granny tells her to quickly hide. She pushes Yuulin to the corner. Granny points out the skinny guy walking inside a restaurant and tells Yuulin that sneaky guy is the owner of High Store.
With a sparkle in her eye, granny says that it’s suspicious so they’re going. Yuulin is in disbelief. Granny exclaims that they’ll win if they find out their weakness. Yuulin asks if she needs to do that. Granny exclaims of course, for she always depend on her own strength and live according to her own thinking. “I’m that kind of woman!!” Yuulin thinks that she’s amazing. She feels that it is dangerous but then, if it can make granny calm down. They sneak in and squat below some windows. They overheard one guy saying that he had already prepared the things he said. Another guy thanked him and from today on, for him to go to the extreme top, they’ll do their best together but of course, this is going to be a secret. Yuulin realizes that it is some improper business deal. Granny whispers that it is as she guessed, the other party is definitely an official and that store owner is secretly doing some shameful shady business. Yuulin whispers that they go report it to the authorities. Before they can leave, Yuulin overhears one of them asking if they are really going to offer these to the Wolf King. Yuulin looks back and wonders why he was mentioned. While granny is telling her to hurry, they were found by ponytailed guy with some men. Looking at the surprised ladies, he says that they [men] were talking over a big issue that shouldn’t be overheard by them. “Are you also ‘investigating’, madam Ki?”
Comment: I’ll skip the comment on the outcome of this arc since I/we already know. I’ll just comment again over how I like Yuulin and Gaki’s interaction. They seem like Skip Beat’s Kyouko and Shou minus the ‘trauma’. I like granny and it makes me curious what kind of girl she was when she was young. She’s very driven and proactive though I wonder if the complaints and being talkative came with age or not. ^^; In a way, what they did is reckless for in the end, someone has to step in. Of course, it is interesting to know that Reishou doesn’t have ‘pure high breed’ blood. He’s a half-commoner. Probably, that’s part of the reason why he can easily blend with the common folk and not really into royal life. ^^ If I remember correctly, he also wasn’t raised within the palace. Hm..illegitimate son? Scans by 狼陛下汉化

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