April 17, 2013

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 35]

Cover page: “His Wolf Majesty is in a bad mood and the reason is her persistence--?” Pony-tailed man with his men confronts defensive Yuulin and Gaku’s granny. Pony-tailed man says, “You cannot go eavesdropping on our important conversation, ladies of the Ki family.” Soon, after they tied the two up, Yuulin and granny got tossed in a warehouse. Pony-tailed man says that even if he isn’t interested in kidnapping women but this is work so it is also inevitable. “Suspicious people must be captured.” Yuulin says that the High Store’s boss and person-in-charge [/official] appear to be currently in a conversation that cannot be heard by others. Pony-tailed man smiles and says that that even if he thinks that a strong girl is quite cute but in this kind of situation, he cannot approve of her for doing that. “If you do not want to have a terrifying memory, why don’t you behave a bit. *scary look* Don’t reckless move around!” This somewhat frightens Yuulin while gagged granny angrily glares at him. Yuulin didn’t imagine that granny’s ‘plan to observe stores in order to get intelligence from the enemy/rivals [merchants]’ ended up this way. Yuulin wonders what to do and since Dai is doing spy work, he ought to be nearby. A note says that granny is the only one gagged because she is too noisy. Yuulin thinks that since she hasn’t seen Dai around, he must have gone to ask for help. “-I have said that I won’t depend on His Majesty and yet, I’m still giving him trouble.” She imagines Reishou saying, “See! It would have been better if you depended on me early on. Relying only on yourself, cannot resolve things at all! *puppy Reishou with wagging tail* Even if you strive hard, it also won’t do at all, right?” Yuulin isn’t quite happy about that and she doesn’t want to just stand by at one side and wait for help. She notices that her ropes, binding her hands, are a bit loose. She rubs her wrists a bit and soon, she and granny are free. [<- granny seems to have freed herself] Yuulin decides to strive hard and depend on her own strength to escape from here. Yuulin is speechless over freed granny who angrily shouts that those scoundrels at High Store are unforgivable for doing some under the table business transactions in order to gain profit and making her encounter this kind of situation. “Exterminate them!! Hey, you also hurry up!! Quickly unbind those ropes on your feet” This surprises Yuulin and says okay. She finds granny quite amazing.
Inside the building, a trembling tall man [probably the man-in-charge the boss] asks how they are going to handle those people that they have captured because no matter what is said, it is very hard to deal with the mistress of Ki family. “If we were to directly confront her one more time, it will be a long nagging[/entanglement].” The short man [probably the boss of High Store the one in charge/official] angrily complains that he was the one who scattered the seeds, how annoying. “In short, this shouldn’t be known by outsiders!” Pony-tailed man is eavesdropping on them. The thin man asks how they are going to do this, for it is very difficult to make that mistress scared and shut her mouth. The short man says that it is inevitable and just make those curious and strong willed women merchants disappear from this royal city. Meanwhile, Yuulin and granny observe that it seems that their [High Store] precautions are quite relaxed just because they are women since they can easily go there. They had manage to get out of the warehouse and evade the guards. They arrive at the gate but there are a couple of guards there. Granny wonders what to do. Yuulin watches at fuming granny. Yuulin tells granny that she will act as bait so granny should use that opportunity to run away and ask for help. After looking surprised at Yuulin, granny angrily shouts what nonsense is she talking about, that is what she [granny] should do and she [Yuulin] should be the one escaping. “I’M NOT THAT WEAK TO NEED A YOUNGSTER’S SYMPATHY!” Moved by her words, Yuulin thinks that she’s so cool. She smiles and says, “Thank you but it is alright. Please let me do this. (Anyway, I’m already used to doing this kind of thing!)” Carrying ‘granny doll’, Yuulin comes out and was seen by the guards. They shout that it is the captured girl, she had run away, quickly get her! They left their post so granny goes out the gate. A note mentioned that the ‘granny doll’ that Yuulin is carrying is made from the stuff they found nearby as well as granny’s hat and outer clothes. Yuulin thinks that this is the way to buy some time, and it is fine that only granny would be fine and that granny has quickly gone to a safe place. Soon, pony-tailed man, together with some other guards, appears in front of Yuulin and says that she is really such a foolish girl who won’t behave and stay put. Yuulin thinks that this is bad because she is surrounded. Pony-tailed man tells her not to resist and come over to this side. Just when the pony-tailed man is about to swing his sword, Yuulin closes her eyes and thinks, “Your Majesty-”
Suddenly, Reishou jumps down and blocks the sword away. Serious Reishou says this is enough. Pony-tailed man is surprised. Short man, together with tall man, shouts what’s going on and quit dilly-dallying. They are surprised to see Reishou who darkly tells them that the mistress of the Ki family has already been safeguarded and she will quickly bring people here. Dai is the one who is protecting granny. Reishou says, “If you didn’t do any shameful deed, then it is fine for you to act grandly here. *glances at speechless Yuulin* And, the hot-headed ojousama[/lady] over there, you won’t listen to other people’s advice and let yourself get into danger. You better prepare yourself in a little while.” Yuulin freaks out that Reishou is scary, the person who came to save her is scary. While tall guy is trembling scared, short guy shouts for his men not to mind that guy too much for he is just one person. “Don’t be afraid, quickly go and capture that fellow!” They all rush towards Reishou but suddenly pony-tailed guy hit their swords away. Yuulin is surprised by this. Tall guy shouts what he is doing to his own men. Pony-tailed man apologizes for it seems that he has to return to his original duty. He tells Reishou to please don’t use such a shocking way in making an appearance and what is he doing in this kind of place. “I was really shocked.” Reishou tells him that just now, he had a very stupid expression, and quickly deal with these people. Pony-tailed man says that Reishou is truly a boss[/sama] who causes a lot of trouble. Yuulin wonders what’s going on. Later on, pony-tailed man kneels down in attention at Reishou. Reishou says, “It has been a long time, Jo Kokuu [徐克右]. I heard that after doing something to make General En [] angry, you hurriedly return to the royal city and got yourself a position in which you are not in agreement with.  ..have you already gotten used to it a bit?” Kokuu sheepishly smiles and says totally not, with this job of doing secret investigations on problematic and suspicious officials, and also gathering information. “For me to do this meticulous kind of work,..it’s like chasing after the mouse’s tail, and I never thought that it is quite hard.” Yuulin realizes that this guy is gathering information among the commoners. Kokuu asks how come Reishou is in this kind of place. “And- that lady at that side, what’s your relationship..?”
Yuulin freaks out over this situation and wonders what to do for Reishou is the king and she is just a commoner. Reishou tells him that she is his secret assistant among the commoners in order to know what’s happening among the commoners, there are times when he would go in the royal capital to walk around and observe things. “..and this time around, aside from coming to see your work, I also conveniently come to ‘inspect’ and I coincidentally bumped into her as she is getting herself involved with a dispute among the merchants.” Kokuu says is that so, she’s His Majesty’s eyes and ears. Feeling relieved, Yuulin is amazed at how good Reishou is at lying that it seems to be true. Starting to feel dizzy, Yuulin thinks that if what he said is actually true then Reishou really did come here for work and she is only.. Reishou holds her shoulder and asks if she is alright. This surprises both Yuulin and Kokuu. Yuulin shouts that she is fine so let go of her. Reishou says that she is swaying around [<- dizzy earlier]. Yuulin continues to insist that she is fine. While embarrassed Yuulin tries to free herself from Reishou and tell him to let her go, Reishou casually tells Kokuu to give him a detail report later on and do tidy this thing up. Kokuu says, “As you ordered.” While somewhat scratching his head, Kokuu quietly leaves. Yuulin wonders what Reishou is thinking. Embarrassed Yuulin tearfully tells Reishou not to be like that because just now, Kokuu is very, very suspicious and right now, she isn’t the Queen Consort. Reishou says compared to that, does she have a slight fever. Getting dizzy, Yuulin exclaims that she is alright, and he can quickly go back to work. Reishou tries to protest but Yuulin is concerned about giving Reishou trouble again. Yuulin exclaims, “It’s okay. Let me go first.” To her surprise, Reishou hugs her tight and says, “I won’t let go. I don’t want to hear you say some ‘acting strong’ words. I’m very worried about you.” Yuulin finally stops protesting and holds on him tightly. She thinks that in the end, His Majesty is too cunning.
Comment: It is nice that Yuulin is quite independent that she doesn’t want to always depend on Reishou pampering and doing things for her. This has something to do with her upbringing since she can only rely on herself to help her family and clean up her father’s mess/debts. It doesn’t help that the rumors about her as the Queen being overly spoiled that she might cause Reishou’s downfall. Of course, there are times when being helped by others is a good thing and it also shows that they are concerned about her. There are limits to what she can do so, I think moderation is the key here. Not overly dependent yet, not too independent to refuse everyone’s help especially if it is a dangerous or troublesome situation. It also does seem like she doesn’t want to trouble Reishou about her and her problems especially since he is the king. If Yuulin finally gets the ‘right mix’ of when to depend on herself and on Reishou, they will be more like a couple by then. ^^ Unfortunately, she never wonders why he treats her in a special way which somewhat goes beyond acting as a ‘fake couple’. ^^; And, it turns out that Kokuu is just one of Reishou’s men and not his brother, like I originally thought. I guess Dai looks disapproving of him since they are in the same line of work and probably, Kokuu isn’t doing a good job at it? Scans by 狼陛下汉化組.

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