April 16, 2013

From Five to Nine [Chapter 32 - Torch Song Trilogy part 1 of 3]

[Free talk: This chapter has some sexual provocative content which might not be appropriate for young readers.]

Cover page: “For things to reach up to this stage, there are no longer any words that can express my condensed deep feeling for you. (But say, ‘I love you’)” Takane tells Junko how to remove the kasaya. After Junko removed it, she proceeds to take off his inner robe. They look at each other and kiss. Soon, Junko is on top of him and starts to lick his nipple.

He tells her not to be scandalous like that for the kasaya would be wrinkled up. After telling him that she’ll take responsibility for that, she kept on doing what she’s doing. Junko felt that while undoing his belt[/obi], it seems like the binding in her heart is also been undone. She tells him that she likes his body because of its fragrance – the smell of incense and his own body scent that is fused together.

She felt like a dam that has burst which cannot be stopped. While sucking his nipple, Junko wonders if she has fallen for him from the very start and she is a fool through and through. As she repeats that she likes him, Takane pulls her up and kisses her on the cheek. Then, he pushes her down on the bed and kisses her.

He tells her that for her to say those words during this kind of situation, he would want to enter into her body now. Junko groans a bit then she looks at the desk. She suddenly pushes him away and says no, don’t. Sweatdropping, Takane mutters her name and tells her to be careful or else, it would have been severed. 

Junko apologizes and tells him to temporarily stop for she is really bothered since this is her younger sister’s room and bed so it’s no good. Leaning to her again, Takane says that it is alright, he’ll just solemnly apologize to her younger sister. Trying to stop him, Junko asks who says that it is okay. Takane says that if it is no good, then he’ll buy her a new bed. 

Junko shouts for him to please, only this place is no good. Junko suggests that they go to the guest room since her parents and grandmother are currently away on a trip. Takane asks if she would help him out, because he wants her ‘first’. Meanwhile, walking with Nene, Yuki angrily complains over Renji’s suggestion about practice kissing and that guy fundamentally wanted to kiss Nene himself.

Embarrassed Nene says that it isn’t so. Yuki calls her naïve, for if they continue on staying at his apartment, it will definitely happen. And, if it goes according to what he wants, in the end, it would have become a 4P[/foursome]. This made Nene blush really red so Yuki apologizes for saying too much and it ought to be almost time to go home. 

Nene tells him that she wants to walk for a while before returning. Yuki asks how about they stroll around and go shopping. “Do you want me to accompany you?” Blushing since Yuki is standing near her, Nene says that it is possible that the monk is still in her house. Yuki goes ‘NO!’ so Nene apologizes for she shouldn’t have said that. Nene couldn’t believe that she has been staring at Yuki’s lips that she carelessly blurted that out.
Yuki lets out a long sigh and wonders out loud if the monk’s technique is quite good. Yuki comments that it seems that the monk has experience that he is filled with self-confidence so he was able to drive Junko around in circles. Yuki continues to complain about how cunning Takane is as a monk and it is based on experience.

Holding both thumbs up, Nene tells Yuki that they can practice. “If you think I would do, then I’ll help you out.” Yuki stares at Nene who starts to perspire. She suddenly apologizes for a person like her would say such shameless words. Yuki says no, it isn’t like he is turning his back on her. Nene says that it is because he said about practicing on a cushion, it would be better to practice on a live person.. 

Yuki reprimands her not to casually say such things to a guy for she would be misunderstood. He suggests that they go eat something sweet first. While walking ahead, Yuki thinks that just now, it is most likely that he was just being confessed to but he can only pretend to be ignorant of it in order to bluff his way out of it because he has no way of answering her.

He glances behind at flustered Nene and thinks that this doesn’t seem quite easy to deal with. Nene is thinking that aside from her sister, about this ‘practice’ thing, it is quite strange for she doesn’t want Yuki to do it with someone else. Back to the couple, covered with a towel, Junko asks if he is serious and can’t they take a bath separately.

Clad in a robe, Takane says no and didn’t she say that she would help him and until now, just as he thought, she hasn’t experienced this. Junko admits that is true for she didn’t do this kind of ‘game’ [before with her past boyfriends] but it doesn’t mean that they have to do it right now and she finds it embarrassing to do it in her house’s bathroom. She tells him to go in first since it is a tiring day for him.

Just as she is telling him that she’ll be in the bed, Takane sneaks up to her and grabs her from behind. He asks if she is trying to escape. Junko denies it and says that she is just embarrassed. He tells her not to say ‘embarrassed’. He kisses her deeply and starts putting his hand underneath her towel. While breathing hard, Junko says that it is amazing since that felt really good. Takane says that he knows that it is there. Junko says no, for him to do that..she can no longer stand..

She is surprised when Takane suddenly [princess] carry her. Blushing Junko tells him to wait for could it be that.. Takane smiles and says okay, let’s go in. As her towel drops to the floor, Junko protests that it is embarrassing. Takane tells her that it is okay, he’ll help her wash neat and clean from head to foot.

Soon, they are in the bathtub together. Junko tells him that she won’t run away and she’ll listen to him but at least, close the lights. Takane refuses for if it is closed then he cannot see anything. Junko says that she is now embarrassed to death. Takane says that he would be troubled if she dies. He tells her that it is alright, he will properly help her cover up.
She says that he’s quite cunning when he said that they are only going to take a bath. He starts fondling her breasts and Junko starts moaning. He tells her that he’ll also help her properly hide the deepest part. After a French kiss, he starts touching her below. Junko lets out a loud moan. Junko starts to move away from him.

She says that it is no good, she is becoming dizzy [from the hot water] so let her go up and rest first. Takane asks if she is okay. Irritated Junko asks how she can be alright, doing that kind of thing in the bathtub. Sparkling Takane apologizes because he was very happy that he carelessly gone overboard. Before standing up, she insists that he turns around and covers his eyes since she dropped her towel a while ago. 

Takane sheepishly asks if that is still necessary after everything that has happened. She tells him not to look so Takane covers his eyes and says okay, but after they are married, they are going to take a bath together everyday. As Junko reaches out for the towel, she tells him that she won’t marry. This surprises Takane that he stands up and calls her name. 

Junko says no, listen to her first, even if she wants to marry but his grandmother won’t agree to it. She tells him that she likes him so she went steady with him but she’s afraid that wedding is out of the question and isn’t it okay for them to be just like this. Takane says that he is happy over what she is saying but he has no way of accepting that. 

Junko tells him that his grandmother seriously thanked her for breaking up with him. His grandmother even neatly cleaned out her things from the room and even said about finding a bride that is suitable for the temple— Takane pulls her head to him and says that no matter what others say, she’s the only one who suits him the most. 

Junko says that for him to say that, she will be thoroughly hated by his grandmother. Takane tells her that his grandmother has resolved to definitely make him inherit the temple because after she was married off, her eldest son wasn’t able to succeed on as the second generation abbot. Back in the bathtub with Takane, Junko asks how come for wasn’t his father the current abbot, ah no, the abbot was his grandfather so why is that. 

Takane says that he thought that her grandmother told her about it. He tells her that grandmother’s son, his father, is a famous teacher so he has no choice in becoming a monk. Because of work, he is currently living in Yokohama all by himself. Junko says that she doesn’t know about this. Takane says that his mother doesn’t have any say, but he is happy that she [Junko] is interested in his issue.

He hopes that she’ll have more and more interest about him. Junko thinks that the more she knows about him, the more she feels that she cannot free herself from him. She asks if she can ask him one more thing. Takane tells her to go ahead and ask.
At Renji’s bathroom, Renji and Masako are taking a bath together. Masako tells Renji that this will be the last time she’ll go there. Renji slightly submerges himself in the water and says is that so. Masako asks if he isn’t going to ask her why. Sitting up and shaking his head, Renji says that it doesn’t matter since everyone are like that and even if she goes, there will be others who would come. 

Masako says that he’s really despicable but then, she’s already used to it. Renji says that she already knows it and yet she wants him to ask the reason. He asks if it is because there is progress with Glasses. Masako giggles and says that she’s been found out. She happily tells him that one time with Satoshi, he dated her for dinner at a hotel.

Then, afterwards, they coincidentally met with Satoshi’s mother who comments that Masako is such a cute girl and Satoshi must bring her home to introduce her to them. Masako is very happy over the favorable impression she gave Satoshi’s mother. And, afterwards, Satoshi said that his mother would always bug him about this so when is she free for the weekend of this month. End flashback. 

Masako tells Renji that most likely, his mother wants him to marry before going overseas so isn’t it a good opportunity for her. Renji says that she is obviously still quite young so why is she so eager to get married. Masako exclaims isn’t the reason obvious, of course, it is because she wants to attain happiness early. Puzzled Renji asks if getting married is happiness. 

Masako says that is right for isn’t marriage always the gratifying conclusion of a story. This made Renji laugh and says is that so, really good, it isn’t bad to have a simplistic way of thinking and no wonder she is nicknamed as number 1 marriage information-gathering woman. Masako says that for a high schooler, it is too complicated that he has no way of understanding it.

As she is about to get up from the tub, Masako says what about him, he is most likely called by others as a playboy or maybe something like his lower body part is an animal. Renji tells her that about nicknames, he no longer has them after he got in high school though he is called a prince in other schools. Although always until junior high, he has been called shinigami [/death god].

Standing up, Masaka looks at Renji and wonders what’s up with that, how detestable, for she sees him as very stupid [<- the term used seems to be a Chinese slang about being young, stupid and doing bad things.] Masako thinks that at that time, she should have properly asked him for the reason [<- why he is called shinigami?] but it was later on when she thought of it.
Comment: It seems that in sex, Junko can be quite ‘manly’ and ‘feminine’ at the same time since she is initiating it at first, then becomes shy to be seen fully naked. ^^; Junko seems very conscious of the place where they will do it. And just like what Yuki thinks, Takane does seem to be very experienced. Hm..it seems that Takane’s grandmother prefers Takane more than Amane to be the heir.

Well, Takane seems more serious and obedient about it rather than Amane. It does seem that Junko is okay with becoming the abbot’s wife so the problem with be his grandmother’s consent. Maybe if Junko can prove she is capable and willing to learn that will change. It is interesting though that his father is a teacher since Junko herself is also a teacher.

I wonder if there will be a relation to this later on. Yuki already knows of Nene’s feelings for him. I wonder if this will make him distance himself from her since it is a bit of awkward situation for him. It does seem that Satoshi is finally moving on and is dating with Masako. I don’t know if he is going to make her meet his mother just for her not to keep on bugging him about it or he is really serious with Masako.

It also makes me wonder if Masako actually likes Satoshi because she believes that marriage = happiness, which seems to imply that she doesn’t care if she loves the guy or not..though she does look at the guy’s qualifications since Renji mentioned that she is gathering information about bachelors.

As for Renji’s nickname, it makes me wonder if it has something to do with his mother or some female close relative..probably something tragic, that is why he is cannot commit to any girls and is playing the field. Knowing more of these characters does make one know where they are coming from = why they act that way and why they are like that. Scans by 深雪组.

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