April 8, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Chapter 43]

Cover page: “‘Come to me’, ..I’ve already said that to countless people. This is SELLING DREAMS.” Riko asks Shibaken why he called her out with some many people there. Surprised Shibaken says, “..That..that is because.. *angry* Aside from LIPSYNCHING, I’m TEACHING you DINOSAUR, the WAY TO SURVIVE, being a band in the SHOWBIZ WORLD. This is my KINDNESS, okay!!” Shibaken is surprised by what he said and Riko looks dark. Shibaken thinks that this is bad, what he was saying. Riko is totally furious. In the Mush&Co dressing room, Riko is having a tantrum that she really had enough. “In the end, I really want to sing live!” She is lying on the floor and thrashing about with her arms and legs. Sou tries to calm her down and say that he can see her underwear. Miwako is telling Riko that her clothes will.. Riko is frustrated for even Mari said something like that – “It’s really great that you get to lipsync” Covering her eyes to stop herself from crying, Riko says, “Takagi-san, after you said that to me.. I basically already planned to agree but.. in the end, I’m quite frustrated..! It’s fine even if I’m been treated like a fool. Even so, I also want everyone to listen to my song. It’s fine even if I made a fool of myself..” Soichiro replies, “You want to, huh? Then, you go sing your own song live.” Riko looks surprised as well as everyone else. Miwako[?] exclaims what nonsense is he talking about. “The dress rehearsal is already over. There is only 30 minutes before the official broadcasting.” Soichiro calmly tells her that [they] just have to create a mishap during the broadcasting by just preventing the playing of the recorded lip-synced music. Trembling Miwako nervously asks how they are going to do that. Soichiro tells her that since she doesn’t stand on his side, then it is for the best that she doesn’t know too much. Miwako is really scared. Soichiro says, “Riko, before the music is played out, you’ll sing live at that moment! Immediately, you’ll be singing a cappella. And at that time, Shinya, you’ll play to accompany Riko’s voice.” Shinya asks if they can pull this off. Soichiro says that generally, it is chaotic onstage but they would have definitely have a way to restore the microphones. “We have to believe that the MST staff’s capability to react on this. *Everyone looks a bit nervous.* But, the problem is.. Yuuichi and Souta. It’s possible that they will become very embarrassed.” Riko and Shinya are slightly flustered and quiet. Sou grips his fist and shouts, “It’s alright! If it’s me, I’ll be more than happy to hear Riko sing!”
Riko is moved by this. Yuu kicks Sou and says that he is acting cool by himself in this place. With arms folded, Yuu shouts, “You should have said, ‘WE’!! Stu-pid” Riko is also moved by what Yuu said. Soichiro laughs and says, “Guys who are willing to do it for someone even if embarrassed will become good men. Don’t worry. Since [I/she?] have a relationship with you guys, [I/she?] will be responsible throughout your lifetime.” This made Sou and Yuu blush. Miwako says that she thinks that this is all preposterous. Soichiro says, “Nagahama-chan, it’s because you don’t dare do [things] and have no plans that you are still a virgin at 25 years old. *This made Miwako embarrassed* ..but, this bit of being deadly earnest. *pats her shoulder as he prepares to leave* I also really like this, okay?” At school, Reiko is typing about Mushroom and Shibaken to her Twitter when she overhears a girl shouting that Kaitouranma is appearing in today’s MST, ah, Shibaken. The other girl whines in envy that Riko can also see him. The girl gushes that Shibaken is so handsome. This made Reiko angry that she starts deleting what she earlier typed. [I think] she mutters how is it possible for that garbage band to become Kaitouranma’s adversary[/match]. She decides to type, “If Mushroom’s lip-synching skill is exposed, what’s going to happen www” And, she sends it to Twitter. Soon, at Kimijima Y.’s apartment [Yuu’s house] at room 3802, the families of Riko and Sou say that they will be intruding. As visiting gifts, Riko’s father brought vegetables and Sou’s father brought fish. Yuu’s father says that he has been waiting for them, so come in. He invites them to his living room and tells them to hurry for the program is starting soon. His wife has already prepared some drinks for them. They exclaim that his television is so big and it is only today that they would want to sit in front of the television. Yuu’s father tells them that it isn’t big, it is only 14 inch. Riko’s father asks about advance recording it. Yuu’s father gives him a thumbs up and says that it is already done since yesterday, because Yuuichi is being noisy about, ‘remember to record the program and let me emphasis, it’s channel 2.’ Flashback: Yuu asked if he really really would record it. His father shouted that he said he will already. End flashback.
Sou’s father laughs and says that their Sou is also like that. Riko’s father says that it seems that Riko isn’t like that. Yuu’s father asks if she is embarrassed for girls are sensitive. Riko’s father says, but talking about embarrassed, he is also a very stubborn person. Yuu’s father admits that from the start he oppose this band thing since he prefers that Yuu live like a normal child who’ll get into a good college and find a good job.. “Honestly, I currently still have that way of thinking. But, how should I say this. Making a firm resolution, putting his energy into something he totally doesn’t have any experience in, and deciding to debut. Seeing him having that kind of expression when he comes home, I cannot help but support him.” The three fathers comment that they truly never imagined that there will be a day when their own kids will appear on television. Yuu’s father looks at the clock and it is 5 minutes to 8 o’clock. He says that it is starting soon. “Let us properly protect our children, emerging into the limelight.” Back in MST, everyone is getting ready and is excited with only two minutes before the program starts. Stomp stomp stomp, Soichiro walks up the stairs and into the broadcasting room where everyone is busy with only one minute left. Someone is telling the cameraman to pay attention. Kiyo calls out to Soichiro to come to this side. Filled with anticipation, Kiyo happily says that finally, they are going to start broadcasting and Mari will make a comeback in MST after fainting before. “And, she even gets to sing the song of Crude Play’s Aki! This time, before it is sold, she’ll be onstage for the first time in television! I can’t help but anticipate it! Today will become Mari’s day!” Soichiro just laughs with him. Then, he mutters that as president, he has failed because before the official broadcasting, he forgot to go and greet Mari.. Backstage, the staff member is telling the performers to line up. Frowning and flustered Riko is nervous. Shibaken’s band member tells Shibaken not to make a mistake. Shibaken laughs that he’s noisy and he, too, [better not make a mistake]. Shibaken glances at the back to Riko. Seeing her foul expression, he wonders if he is hated but then that is inevitable. He imagines angry Riko in his mind and something about acting childish compared to her. Mari is also nervous then she starts vocalizing, “..Ma! Ah! Ah- Ah-” Riko notices this. She turns to her and asks if even Mari is also nervous. Mari goes to her and whispers, “..Mushroom-chan, I really anticipate your highest level of lip-synching.” This surprises Riko. At first, Mari smiles then, she looks surprised for Riko looks back at her and says, “Thank you. I’ll do my best.”
At the lounge where there are televisions, Miwako sits down in front of one of the television. She is nervous as everyone is already getting ready. Aki notices her and sits beside her. He laughs and teases her by saying that she isn’t going onstage. Just when Miwako is about to protest, the others start taking their seats with them and exclaims that MST is starting. Aki says that in the end, during the official start, the mood inside the place changes. While someone behind them is eager to see Mari, Miwako just says, “..ah” Aki asks her what it is. Trembling, Miwako says that it is nothing. Aki is puzzled. And back onstage, counting down, 5, 4, 3.. And, Mush&Co. are now being interviewed. The host is asking Riko about being childhood friends with her band mates. Riko says that is right, she and Souta are childhood friends from the time that they were born. Miwako looks on nervously. Then, Aki complains that this is bad, he got infected by Miwako’s nervousness. Riko continues to tell the host that since she was young, she really likes this show and she is really happy that she gets to perform here. Aki comments that it is inevitable, but in the end, it would be great if she can sing [live]. This surprises Miwako. She lowers her head and mutters, going to sing live. The host tells the audience that tonight, Mush&Co.’s supervisor [/person-in-charge], Crude Play’s Shinohara Shinya-san, will also come into the special stage. While the people there are busy directing the cameras to prepare and focus on Shinya, Soichiro slowly walks behind. At the cabinet, he slowly slides the door open and casually grabs the plug connecting to the machine. Someone shouts about preparing the song. When the host mentions, ‘Mush&Co’s Tomorrow Still’, a staff member shouts, “Sound!” Soichiro immediately pulls the plug just when another staff member presses the button. Riko and others are on standby and there is only silence. The staff people are in a panic since the recorded music wouldn’t play. Kept on pressing the button, the frantic staff member shouts that he pressed it, he obviously did and yet.. Onstage, Kaitouranma members felt that something strange is going on. The staff onstage are wondering what’s going on. Mari looks a bit surprised. The audience is wondering if they aren’t going to sing. Back in the broadcasting room, panicking Kiyo shouts at the staff over what they are doing, where the sound is, and this is will be a broadcasting mishap. An older staff member says that the reason [for this] can’t be found. Someone asks if they should go into a CM[/commercial]. They didn’t notice Soichiro beside the dangling plug. Soichiro mutters, “Sorry, Kiyo-chan.”
And, Riko grabs the microphone and opens her mouth. Kiyo and the staff in the broadcasting room are surprised by this. Soichiro looks on with an anticipating smile. [I’m not sure if the older staff member instinctively puts the volume into high for the microphone or he stopped tinkering with the machine.] Everyone, that includes Shibaken, Mari, Reiko and the three fathers, watch in anticipation as Riko prepares to sing. From behind Riko, Sou smiles on proudly and thinks, “Ah, sing, Riko. Let everyone see your true strength.” Blurb: “Resonate the whole audience! MUSH!!”
Comment: Yay, we are finally at the ‘feel-good’ part after all the ‘looking down on Riko’ chapters. ^^ Even if Soichiro is despicable person and a womanizer, he can get things done. Well, he doesn’t get to be where he currently is if he doesn’t take risks like this. Lucky for him no one bothered to look behind them and just thought that there is something wrong with the machine that it won’t play. It does seem like thinking the radio is broken but actually, it is unplugged. I think he is doing this partly because he wants to protect his investment = don’t lose money after heavily promoting Mush&Co, and partly because of his ego since after all, he was the one who discovered Riko. In a way, doing ‘this’ kind of thing in this kind of cutthroat industry seems ‘right’ and it would be hard to ‘progress’ if they do it the ‘proper’ way just like what Miwako would prefer to do. It does make me wonder if Miwako is new to this or maybe this is her first time to encounter this kind of situation especially with someone like Soichiro. I really like Sou and he is such an awesome friend. It does seem that Yuu still has a lot to learn from Sou. =P Thankfully, Reiko finally blundered in changing what she’ll twit. Because of insisting that Riko will lip-synch, the other fans would no longer believe her future twits unless she has more ‘truths’ later on but I hope, she won’t since Sou would already have notice that Riko did something to his phone. It is a nice for the author to show what the proud fathers are about their children and hopefully, they would keep on guiding their children to keep their feet planted on the ground. It does make me wonder what did happen between Aki and his father because there seems to be a hint of a falling out. Anyway, Riko’s forte is singing live as she did during their music class so I guess it’s time for her to show her strength, just like what Sou mentioned. And hopefully, this will make their album’s ranking go higher if not, number 1. ^^ Scans by 红莲 & allwink汉化组.

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