April 22, 2013

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai [Chapters 14-16]

[Free Talk: Summaries for chapters 8-13 can be found at Asahi’s Halftone Circle Blog. I’ll be continuing where she left off. Edit: 2/25/2014 Ah, it seems that site no longer exists. ^^; I emailed her if I can post them here if she still has them but there is still no reply. I'm not sure if I have time to write those missing chapters..maybe shorter sums..will see.  Edit: 2/27/2014 Asahi has replied and sent me 8-12. Thank you Asahi ^-^ Still checking if she has 13. She didn't back up the chapter 13 summary. Edit: 3/3/2014 - I ended up summarizing chapter 13 so summaries are now complete. ^^]

Chapter 14: There is a lot of honking in traffic that some people are irritated. Still at the pedestrian bridge, Mego thinks that Aoi cannot hear her confession because of the noise so she decides to use sign language to tell him, ‘I like you’. Aoi blushes and stiffens. Aoi thinks that he didn’t see her sign language so she repeats, “I really like you.” This makes Aoi stiffen again. This makes Mego think that she is doing it wrong so she does it again, “I super like you.” She kept on repeating it that Aoi bends down and thinks that he already seen and understoodd it. Mego gets flustered because she should have learned sign language well. Then, she sees him having a vicious look while glaring at her. Thinking that he is angry, Mego apologizes and says that in the end, she caused him trouble. She tries to run away from him because if he gets near, he’ll get sick. Aoi grabs her wrist which surprises Mego since he cannot touch a girl. And, he hugs her. He tells her not to run away and go elsewhere. At first, she is puzzled how he can do this, then she notices that Aoi is really forcing himself because he already looks ill. She tells him to let her go for he doesn’t look well. He shouts for her not to mind that and there is nothing she should apologize for. He isn’t a bit angry at her and he is really thankful to her for being considerate since he cannot touch a girl, protecting him while always concealing her identity, and all of this she dealt with kindness. While Aoi tries to confess his feelings to her, he is already at his limit and he collapsed. Mego freaks out and calls for an ambulance. Aoi wakes up from the hospital and wonders where he is. Mego says that he is in the hospital and she called for an ambulance. Aoi is surprised to see Aoi covering her face with an [her favorite] eye-patch penguin handkerchief. Aoi asks if it is Mego and what is that on her face. Mego exclaims for him not to go near her and he passed out because he touched a girl like her. So, perhaps to weaken it a bit, she ought to cover up her girlie-ness. She apologizes that because of her, he..but, even if she is apologetic, she is also very happy [since he hugged her tightly even if it is bad for him]. Aoi tells her that he has something to tell her so please remove the cover. She refuses since she’ll make him feel unwell again. Aoi thinks that actually it also pains him to see her covered up like that.
Aoi says that looking at her and talking would be fine, Kobayashi Megumu, Mego. “You’re the real ‘Mego’, right? *Flashback to Mego-Mitsuru wanting to name the kitten, Mego.* The meaning of ‘Mego’ is cute, right? It is a waste to cover up your face so remove it, okay?” Teary-eyed Mego removes her handkerchief. He tells her that he has to maintain a distance of 50cm with girls or else, he can unexpectedly faint. And for her to be with him, it is definitely not a happy thing and might even leave bad memories for her. Mego tries to protest but Aoi continues to say, “But, even if that is so, I also hope that you’ll stay at my side. You’re the first girl who made me have this kind of thinking.. Is it okay? Won’t you regret it? Is it okay, with a person like me?” Aoi says, “It’s not, ‘like[/similar me]’ It is only ‘IS’ Aoi, so it is okay!! If it isn’t Aoi-kun, it won’t do!! Senpai is the no. 1 in my heart and is also the only 1!! You are the world’s unrivalled senpai!!” Embarrassed Aoi says okay, he understands. Mego says that the one who fainted is him so is it okay for someone like her to be at his side. He tells her that it isn’t ‘like[/similar]’. “It is only ‘IS’ you so it is okay.” Then, Aoi gets embarrassed over what he just said. Mego wants to hug him but she couldn’t. She giggles and thanks him. “It is alright even if I cannot touch you. It is enough for me to be able to stay at your side. With only this, I’m very happy. *bows to him* Let me introduce myself again, nice to meet you, I’m Kobayashi Megumu, I’ll be under your care[/yoroshiku]. I like Sengoku War’s Masamune-sama but the person I really, really like is Sanada-senpai.” Moved by her words, Aoi looks away and says, “Me, too, yoroshiku” Then, Mego asks him to hold up his hand to her. He did as told. Also holding up her hand to his, Mego tells him that right now, they are holding hands and even if there is a distance, but she is holding on to his hand tightly. “Senpai’s hand is very warm. With only this, I can only feel senpai’s warmth. (Even if we cannot touch each other)” Aoi smiles and says, ya. They felt that they are holding each other’s hand and their hearts are mutually close to each other. It is also quite blissful for the two of them to be together even if they cannot get close by 50cm. “I and Aoi-kun started a 50cm radius love.”  
Chapter 15: Riding a taxi, Mego is still feeling giddy over what had happened because today she exchanged feelings with the person she like. And this is somewhat of a miracle because she was crying earlier about being jilted. Still, they have to maintain a 50 cm distance because of Aoi’s illness. Still, she is so happy to the point of tears since they can talk to each other like before and he even smiled at her. Then, she wonders if that ‘exchange feelings’ means.. She exclaims if this ‘going steady’ meant that they are ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. She becomes embarrassed for she blurted it out. Blushing Aoi says that is what he was thinking and doesn’t she think that way.. Mego exclaims, she also wants to think that way. She got overly excited that she stands up and hits her head on the taxi’s roof. Crossing his arms and legs, Aoi call her stupid for standing up in the car. Nevertheless, Mego is really happy that they are indeed boyfriend and girlfriend. At home, the twins’ mother says that Mego came home early and Mitsuru isn’t back yet. She asks Mego what happened for she looks really happy. Mego denies it by saying that it is nothing. She thinks that her mother is sharp to see through her. She wonders if she should tell her mother that she got a boyfriend and how would the others react. The twins’ mother is puzzled since Mego seems like she wants to tell her something but hesitates, since Mego wants to keep it a secret. Mego is really happy since throughout her life, it is the first time she got a boyfriend. At home, Aoi removes his necktie and recalls Mego’s confession. He wonders if this is really okay and isn’t he too willful to say about wanting her to be at his side when he cannot go near her. Then, he suddenly recalls a long haired woman exclaiming, “How scary.. don’t come near me..” Aoi holds his eye-patched eye and feels unwell. Removing his eye patch, Aoi wonders how Mego would react when she knows his true self. He is startled when his cellphone rang. He recalls Mego telling him about the LINE [something like instant messaging through the internet] which is a fun way of communicating with each other and they can attach emoticons. Mego asks if he is feeling okay, there’s no need to answer, and just go rest up. He wonders what’s up with that teddy bear that seems to be sitting timidly, it must be the mascot emoticon that she mentioned. Mego also wrote her thanks for today is like a beautiful treasure. “Today is the most happiest day of my life. [+ tearfully happy teddy bear]”
And, Aoi is healed by that message. Blushing Aoi thinks that Mego really likes to exaggerate. In front of her purity and sincerity, whether it is his confusion or dread, everything just melts and goes away. Mego wonders if it is a bit childish to send those emoticons. Aoi decides to write back that he is also under her care[/yoroshiku] today and tries to put an emoticon, too. A note says that Aoi isn’t good at texting. Then, Mego gets a message. She happily wonders what it is but it turns out to be a teddy bear angrily giving her a thumbs down. Mego thinks that he is angry when she was just too happy and sent him a message without considering that he isn’t feeling well. Aoi is still struggling on how to text and properly attach the right emoticon. Then, it is an ‘I love you’ emoticon from Aoi which made Mego nosebleed since she is imagining Aoi posing like the teddy bear and saying, ‘I love you’. While Mego goes crazy over it, Aoi is embarrassed to death over what he just sent. Planning to also send a lovey-dovey text, Mego got interrupted when Aoi writes back that just now, everything he sent was his mistake. This made Mego gloomy. Then, her cellphone rings. Aoi apologizes that he doesn’t know how to write text that he even sent some weird things to her so he just called. He tells her that they haven’t agreed on when they are going to meet again so how about the two of them go out this Sunday. Mego realizes that it is a date. She tells him that for there to be a day happier than this, she won’t be able to determine which would be her ‘the happiest day of her life’. Aoi laughs and says what she is saying. While they talk, Mego wonders what Aoi looks like while happily chatting with her on the phone. At the same moment, at Toushou school, Mitsuru is hiding by a post with he hopes of seeing Shino. He wonders if Azusa bullied Shino while he isn’t around. Then, he spots Shino happily talking with someone so Mitsuru is relieved by that. Just then, Azusa sees Mitsuru. She blushes and her heart beats fast upon seeing him in his school uniform. She starts to check how she looks on her compact mirror then she angrily throws the mirror and wonders why she is concerned about that. She wonders what Mitsuru is sincerely looking at. She realizes that it is Shino. Mitsuru is startled when Azusa asks him what he is doing at their school’s gate. She calls him a disgusting stalker for hiding like that. She asks if he had really fallen for Shino. Blushing Mitsuru asks if he can’t.
This pains Azusa and she mutters whether this person or that person, why do they only like Shino.. There is a flashback of someone patting Shino’s head. Azusa angrily grinds her teeth for how Mitsuru is making her feel jittery and upset but her heart kept on beating fast so what’s up with this strange feeling. She decides to clarify these feelings. Azusa tells Mitsuru that he still owes her a favor for not exposing him so he must obey her orders. Blushing while pointing at him, Azusa exclaims, “This...this Sunday, you must go on a date with me the whole day!! *Mitsuru is stunned* At 11am, stand at the ticket counter [probably movie theater]. I won’t let you off easily if you didn’t come or if you are late!! *turns around* That’s it, I’m off since I have something urgent to do.” After turning to the corner, blushing Azusa starts running fast since she couldn’t believe that she just invited him to a date. Unfortunately for her, Mitsuru thinks that she wants a one-on-one duel with him so perhaps he must bring his shinai. He is determined not to lose for Shino. At the train station, Shino is waiting for her train when a guy calls out to her and says that it has been a long time. Shino blushes and looks surprised to see the guy. Thus, something big is going to happen that coming Sunday.
Chapter 16: On the way to school, Mego’s friends exclaim in shock that Mego has a boyfriend. Mego says that they are going on a date this Sunday so she wants their opinion regarding what she’ll wear. Her friends start crying that Mego has been stolen by a boyfriend that she won’t spend time with them after school anymore. She would be so busy dating that she cannot go with them to CON [concerts] and Comikets. [Tomo is an idol otaku so she goes to CONs and Shizu is a BL otaku so she goes to Comikets] Mego tells them that she likes them both and she doesn’t want them to have fun without her. Soon, they have a group hug about going to CONs and Comikets together, otaku friends forever. The others comment that those girls are on a high so early in the morning. Just when her friends are asking what kind of guy her boyfriend is and does she have a picture, Shino greets them a good morning. Mego wonders if she should tell Shino about this but then, it would be hard to explain and it will be exposed that she switched identities with her twin brother for a week. Since Mitsuru hasn’t told Shino about the switch yet, Mego tells her friends to help her keep this boyfriend thing a secret. Since Shino is asking what’s up, Mego tells her that they are going shopping today in Shibuya so does she want to join them. Shino declines by telling them that she has to meet with a friend[/acquaintance] today. Mego says that it is okay, they’ll have fun some other day. Shino holds her chest tight and recalls the guy she met the other day at the train station. At Akechi school’s kendo club, Mitsuru is busy practicing his kendo. His teammates are in tears for that Misuru who always ditch club activity, that playboy likes to tease girls would unexpectedly be striving hard. Still misunderstanding Azusa’s declaration, Mitsuru thinks that Azusa finally declared a duel and believes that Azusa will bring with her a hundred kung fu experts to beat him up. And for Shino, he must win this. Soon, he is practicing with thoughts of beating Azusa and love Shino. Aoi comes to see him and stands by the door. He recalls young Shino imitating him in practicing his kendo. Young Aoi laughed and told her that when she grows up a bit, he will teach her kendo. End flashback. Mitsuru notices Aoi so he goes to him and asks what’s up. Mitsuru starts teasing Aoi that it seems that everything is going smoothly with Mego that they are going steady and they even have a date this Sunday. Mitsuru claims that he is a cupid and he really wants to know how Aoi confessed. Aoi suddenly grabs Mitsuru’s shoulders that Mitsuru wonders if he offended Aoi. Aoi says that he has come to ask him a favor and that is, this ‘date’, what does he have to do to make a girl happy. “Please teach me..”
Mitsuru realizes that Aoi’s love experience is zero when he is obviously very popular. Finding it very interesting, Mitsuru rubs himself on Aoi and says okay, he will teach him a perfect date plan. At a karaoke bar, Mitsuru is singing about liking Shino and wanting to hug her. Mitsuru tells Aoi that is how to do a singing love confession and remember to mention her name in the song lyrics. Aoi half believes him and half doubts him. Mitsuru then asks about Aoi’s right eye that is in an eye patch, is it because of a fight. Mitsuru says that it bothers him when Shino said that the injury is because of her.. He stops upon seeing Aoi’s flustered sad expression. He apologizes and says that it is okay if he doesn’t answer that. Mitsuru thinks that expression of enduring as if one’s life depended on it is quite the same with Shino’s. Those beautiful eyes with pain had captivated him and in the end, they [twins] are the same, and he knows the reason why Mego’s heart is moved for Aoi. Somewhere nearby, Mego and friends had finished shopping and Mego bought lots of cute clothes. Mego thanks them for their help. They tell her that the date would definitely go smoothly. Tomo says that it is still early and since it has been a long time since they sang karaoke, they should go and celebrate Mego’s first love. Soon, while walking at the hallway of the karaoke bar, Mitsuru tells Aoi that singing is quite fun. A note says that Mitsuru monopolized the microphone. Mitsuru asks Aoi what he sees in Mego since he can find any girlfriend. He says that his younger sister doesn’t look bad but she isn’t sexy, has a child body type, and she’s even a female otaku. Aoi says that it isn’t so for he thinks that Mego is like a flower that makes people want to love her tenderly. Mitsuru couldn’t believe it for he imagines Mego going crazy over any Masamune-related things. Aoi becomes embarrassed and tells him not to make him say any more things that don’t conform to his nature. Mitsuru is kind of happy for Mego because in Aoi’s eyes, she seems to be a unique beauty. Then, the two guys overhear a couple of waiters commenting over how much fun those customers are having and they are really dancing well. Out of curiosity, the two guys peek in the door. It is Mego and friends who are happily singing and dancing about loving someone and this is their future love story. Mitsuru and Aoi felt like they had seen something that they shouldn’t have seen. While ad-libbing, Tomo is singing about liking a certain Hirosuke-tan [guesswork from 裕介; probably an idol]. Shizu is singing about liking bishounen [beautiful guys]. Of course, Mego is singing about loving Aoi-chin. Mitsuru tells Aoi that isn’t bad, Mego is shouting her confession. He teases Aoi if that is really like a ‘want to tenderly love flower’. Aoi says that she is still the flower he thinks she is.
After happily singing, her friends say that Mego’s boyfriend is Aoi, so what is he like. Blushing and drooling, Mego says that he is very handsome.. Then, she notices Mitsuru waving at her from outside the door and Aoi is sitting on the floor. Blushing Aoi turns around to her and says that she’s shouting too loud, idiot. This made Mego aghast and embarrassed. Trembling, she points at the door and tells her friends that it is that guy. Soon, upon meeting Aoi, her friends think that it is an eye-patch guy, a real Masamune. And, they also meet up with Misturu. The twins are nervous when Tomo comments that it seems like it isn’t the first time they’ve met. So like that, Mego’s friends met with her boyfriend. On the night before the date, Mego felt embarrassed to show that side of her before the date. She decides to consult Tomo who is into fashion on what to wear since she is still undecided. Actually, she wanted to wear something girlie but she fears it might have a bad effect on Aoi. Mego made a mistake since she sent the message to Aoi instead. Aoi who had just taken a bath thinks that Mego made a mistake of sending it to him instead of her friend. Mego also write that she wants to wear white and pink since it is the first date which would be more sexually appealing. But to be safe and nostalgic, maybe jeans but her legs are short so she’s embarrassed. Aoi is amused over this. Mego gets a reply and she is surprised that it is from Aoi. Aoi wrote that she made a mistake and sent the message to him. Mego is embarrassed over that until she reads that Aoi thinks that white and pink really suits her and he thinks that it isn’t bad, and he is also nervous. Aoi is embarrassed for it is the first time he mentioned the word, ‘pink’. Mego thinks that Aoi’s heart is beating fast, and it would be definitely hard to sleep tonight. Then, Mego wakes up late and it is already 10am. She has half an hour to prepare. Hurriedly going downstairs, Mego sees Mitsuru who asks if she is going on a date with Aoi. Mitsuru tells her to come and he has something to tell her. He told her that Aoi and Shino are the same for there seems to be some sort of trauma haunting them that they look quite lonely but when Aoi looks at her, he looks very happy so for him, Mego can heal his dark feelings like some medicine. At the Hachiko statue near Shibuya station, Aoi looks at his cellphone and thinks that he came a bit early. Then, someone calls out his name. He looks at the right, but Mego turns to the left of the statue. Aoi looks at the left and she goes back to the right. After showing herself, Mego giggles and says that she did wear a white-pink outfit. Aoi blurts out ‘flower’ and says that it is nothing. This made the two blush. Mego recalls Mitsuru telling her that that Aoi told him that she is like some flower that one would want to love tenderly (laugh) and that’s not bad since she is obviously weird. Mego thinks that even if she doesn’t have that kind of thought but if that is how Aoi sees her, she wants to be his exclusive, lightly and softly, blooming flower.
Comment: The lovey-dovey scenes between Aoi and Mego are really nice. ^^ Aoi really has a lot of his cute and embarrassed side. And love really changes how one views the person. =P From his flashback, it does seem that he used to know how to kendo but probably quit later on. Also, it seems that the girl phobia is from a woman older than him and I presume that it is his mother or stepmother. Hm..is it a coincidence that it seems like that woman and the twins' mother hair look similar..in color? Apparently, Shino seems to have a special someone and I have a feeling that person might be the key to reveal the siblings’ past since they are mum about it. But then, is it possible that he was the cause of/involved in Aoi’s eye injury? Mitsuru might be sharp about other things but he is clueless regarding Azusa. I cannot really blame him since Azusa gave him a bad impression and she is hiding/clueless over her feelings. I wonder if something will happen at the same time again during the twins’ date on that Sunday. Still hoping for the same funny, cute and romantic scenes ^^ Scans by 莺工作

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