April 21, 2013

Amai Amai Koi o Seyo [Chapter 3] -Fin-

Game#3: The True Colors[/Identity] of This Thing Called Love Is? Haruto tells Nagomi to come closer. She goes to him on the bed and they kiss. Haruto says, “I like you, Nagomi.. I always wanted to do this with you.. Really want to see you.. Then, Nagomi? *leans to her* Do you want to see me?” Nagomi thinks that about this, she also.. And, Nagomi hugs her froggie doll tight and shouts, “Nagomi also really wants to see you..” Then, Nagomi wakes up from her dream because of the ringing of the alarm clock. Blushing, she wonders what’s up with that dream about wanting to see Haruto. She thinks that it is because she is bothered by what Haruto said that she liked him so she had that dream. Her mother goes into her room and asks if she is going out today. Nagomi says that she is. Because Nagomi wanted to confirm these feelings, she decided to go to the cultural festival of Haruto’s school. At his school, Haruto is surrounded by girls who wanted to go see him in his class’ café and he must serve them as a waiter with special consideration. Patting the girl’s head, Haruto says that he doesn’t give special consideration. The girl giggles. Seeing this, Nagomi wonders what is this, he turns out to be like that in school, acting nice towards girls.. “Nagomi obviously wanted to see him that I even specially came here.. what..” Her friend slightly pushes Nagomi forward and exclaims that didn’t she come to see Haruto, that she even made-up herself to be cute so, she ought to definitely do her best[/gambatte]. Nagomi walks to him and Haruto notices her. He blushes and says, “Nagomi?” She didn’t answer and thinks that it is no good for her heart is beating really fast and she couldn’t directly look at him. Looking away, Haruto says that she came. Looking down, Nagomi says she came. A couple of guys ask Nagomi if she is Haruto’s girlfriend and she is from a different school. A fangirl laments over Haruto finding the one for him. Haruto is puzzled over what they are saying. One of the guys says that it is because right now, Haruto is really blushing. The couple freaks out over this. Haruto denies it. He takes the hand of the other girl and says that it is time for them to go to the class. Nagomi and the others are surprised by this. The other guy protests about that other girl [Nagomi] but Haruto says that is enough, they are going. While walking away, the others are glancing at poor Nagomi who is stunned over this. Soon, while everyone, including some couples, is enjoying the festival, Nagomi is sitting by herself by a tree and eating a froggie lollipop. She tearfully wonders what’s up with Haruto to leave her all by herself. “I couldn’t dare believe that he would go to some unknown place with some other girl. For Nagomi, if guys are talked about, there is only Haruto. And for Haruto, it is definitely not like that. Just like that, he would happily be chatting together with some other girls everyday. I always the only one who felt quite happy, I’m the only one who feel like a deer in front of headlights [<- idiom for heart beating fast like a deer about to hit by a car] Nagomi is really like a fool..”
Haruto’s friend goes to her and asks if she is Haruto’s girlfriend just now. Backing away, Nagomi exclaims that she isn’t his girlfriend, and what’s up. He apologizes to her for just now was a joke so don’t mind it. “If it is okay, I’ll accompany you to Haruto’s class.” Nagomi protests that if she goes, she’ll definitely just cause trouble to Haruto. He tells her that it is alright, and just then, Haruto is just being shy[/embarrassed]. From the window, Haruto sees the two happily talking. Nagomi wonders if Haruto views her the same way. Nagomi and Haruto’s friend arrive at the class. He calls out to Haruto. Haruto glances at timid Nagomi. He goes to her and says, “What? Why did you come here? *Nagomi looks at him in surprise* I’m very busy.” His friend tries to call Haruto attention for saying that. Nagomi clenches her fist and shouts at leaving Haruto, “Why would say those kind of words!!! *he turns to see her teary-eyed* ..Nagomi, Nagomi really wanted to see Haruto today. I specially made myself cute and came here!! Despite this, despite of this, Haruto would still leave Nagomi without a care and go to some unknown place with some other girl. Talking nicely to some other girl.. *holds his shirt tightly* ..I don’t want that.. Nagomi doesn’t want Haruto to look at some other person--!!” Everyone looks surprised over the confession and Nagomi snaps out of it. She quickly screams and runs out of the classroom. Haruto shouts wait, and runs after her. While running at the hallway, Nagomi thinks, “I didn’t know that unexpectedly in Nagomi’s heart, has this kind of thinking.” Haruto manages to catch up to her and he hugs her tight. Haruto asks, “..what are those words.. ..do you know what you are expressing with those words? You like me, right? Ah, quickly say it. Quickly say that you like me..” Thinking that sweet sound lingers in her ear, Nagomi says, “Nagomi..I..like you..” Haruto makes her face him and he kisses her. He pushes her on the wall and starts to give her a French kiss. Nagomi wonders what is with this kiss, it’s quite embarrassing that except for Haruto, she cannot do it with some other person. Blushing and aroused, Nagomi says that she feels that she’ll quickly die for it’s so embarrassing.. Looking at her, blushing Haruto hugs her and says, “~~you, having that kind of expression, it’s quite a foul[/break the rules].” Narration: “This is so-called ‘romantic love’.” While walking at the school grounds and holding hands, Nagomi asks Haruto, “Haruto, do you like Nagomi or not? *Haruto asks huh* It’s because you haven’t told me.” Blushing Haruto says about that, after she received that erotic kiss, she still doesn’t know. Nagomi replies that didn’t he say before that whether it is kissing or other shameful things, it doesn’t matter to guys if they love the other party or not, since they can still do it. Embarrassed Haruto exclaims that she’s annoying. He kisses her forehead and says, “Of course, I like you!” This made Nagomi blush happily and jumps on Haruto to hug him tightly. Narration: “Young guys and girls of this whole world, come and have a sweet romance!” The end.
Comment: So, this chapter is more on Nagomi realizing her feelings for him and that she isn’t too bothered doing erotic stuff if it is with the person she loves. At first, I thought that Nagomi is the only one who is going to confess but it is good that at the very end, he also did. ^^ It does seem that Haruto has a bit of pride earlier about not wanting to admit that he has fallen for her especially since his friends are already jumping into the conclusion that Nagomi is his girlfriend because of his reaction. And, seeing her with his friend made him jealous that he acted mean to her. Well, it all ends well and they can already say what they really feel for each other ^^ I find the froggie and rabbit stuff here very cute ^^ Overall, the short series is okay though it does seem to get ‘weaker’ after the amusing first chapter. ^^; Scans by 莺工作室

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