April 24, 2013

Free Talk: Vampire Knight 92

English scanlations are already out at White Lily Scans.

So, Zero recalls that Yuuki took his precious memories. With that, we get another bite scene. Fanservice for Zero x Yuuki fans? Well, it is a fact that while biting vampires can see ‘memories/visions’ of the one being bitten so that is a way for Zero to get his memories back. Ah, because of what the person, who posted the Chinese scans spoiler, mentioned, I’m starting to interpret Zero’s true feelings for something BL-ish with Kaname. ^^;; Wow, what a sudden turn of Zero’s perspective that he actually wants to team up with Kaname. Actually, that seems to mean that not making Yuuki cry + true feelings is greater than family. Can we call that as Zero moving on from the past/revenge and thinking of the future of humans? Once again, Hanabusa is the one interrupting/accidentally seeing the lovey-dovey of Zero and Yuuki. As expected from the teaser pics, it is Kaname, Zero, Kaname’s friends + some hunters vs PBs. Hm..they were all against Kaname before when he goes assassinating PBs, presumably the bad ones, but I guess being ‘good guys’, the bad PBs has to attack first to warrant an attack back. It does seem like a question of do you wait for the bad guys to attack first or do you get them first before they possibly cause mayhem? Now that they are in this pinch, wouldn’t it be better to deal with those PBs before this happened? For example, that chibi PB, if he was gotten rid of earlier by Kaname and wasn’t sheltered by Kaien, he won’t be causing trouble now, right? Wouldn’t it had been better if Kaname lessen their numbers first so that they won’t be so overwhelmed now especially since their metal thing self-destruct? I guess it is a case of ‘presumed innocent until one does the bad deed’. But of course, what’s done is done..hope they revise some things later on so that this won’t happen again. Hehe, if there will be any PBs left.
Fufu, we also got some Hanabusa x Yuuki scenes. =P That’s cute by itself.  Wait..did Yuuki had a dress change just before going to fight? It reminded me of a similar incident in Bleach. ^^; I guess it is for appearance of being a Perfect or student protecting the school. In the end, Kaname decided to do what has to be done especially since they can no longer hold back the PBs. So, does making the weapons instantaneous? I guess so since Kaname decided to leave the battle field and do this instead. I feel sorry for Artemis though that it never get to get any action because of its useless owner. Just as I thought, the cliffhanger would be to get Kaname fans crazy over whether he’ll survive this series or not. So, for Kaname fulfilling his promise to hooded woman and for the future of humans is greater than Yuuki. Wait a minute, if Kaname is still going to throw his heart in the furnace, why did he bother going to the battle scene? Wasn’t the furnace ready then that they are just buying some time? Obviously, even with Kaname and Zero fighting, they are still overwhelmed so the question should be, not about making Yuuki sad, but rather, keeping Yuuki alive even if she is just running around for Kaname during a battle. ^^; So, the finale would probably be a bit of conclusion to this battle and maybe some aftermath scenes wherein everyone continue to live on with their lives..without PBs? Scans by 玖玖爱枢汉化

Above are the promo for the finale chapter that will have 52 pages + the gift cards. Some Chinese fans are wondering if the picture is hinting on something since Yuuki’s hair is long here. In the official page, the next chapter preview is the same picture but with only Kaname x Yuuki.