April 15, 2013

Waltz no Ojikan [Chapter 4]

While Tango and Yuusei are reading books, Yuusei casually says that she didn’t come for 5 days already. Tango asks, who? Yuusei says that he is talking about Makimura Hime who obviously hasn’t skipped dance class before. Tango just says that it turns out that he’s talking about her. Yuusei casually looks at Tango and says, “Ah, it’s Makimura Hime.” This made Tango jump up the sofa but it turns out that Yuusei is teasing him by saying that dog in the TV advertisement looks like her. Yuusei asks Tango what had happened with Hime but Tango is mum about it. Recalling telling Hime that he is no longer looking for a partner, Tango wonders if Hime has really given up for she also doesn’t greet[/talk] with him at school but then, isn’t [her?] attitude a bit too indifferent and is that her degree of perseverance. Tango is surprised over why he is feeling uneasy about it. The scene changes to Hime looking at the Minami Dance School from outside. She lets out a heavy sigh. She is surprised when Sumire suddenly hugs her and exclaims that she found her. While happily touching Hime all over, Sumire says that her back muscles are still quite good. She tells Hime that she is definitely bothered about Tango so she hasn’t been going to class and it seems that there is a problem between them. Hime apologizes for making them worried. Then, she starts to cry that made Sumire apologize for it turns out that it is a very serious issue. Hime tries to tells her that it isn’t that.. Hime wonders that if she should practice since she feels jilted. In Sumire’s[?] house, Sumire has finished fixing up Hime and gives her a mirror. Hime is surprised over how pretty she looks. Sumire tells her that before a competition, there are also times when she isn’t confident but after she put a bit of make-up on herself, she becomes fully enthusiastic. This made Hime happy that she holds Sumire’s hand and thanks her for it is very amazing since this is the first time she saw her eyes big like this and it is really like magic. As Sumire eats some cake and tea that she served, she tells Hime that it is a waste of time to be depressed over Tango – that easy-going egoistically enough to ‘think well of himself’ guy. Even if he shed his clothes, he is still that choosy. And no matter what, he would only dance because of money and that kind of attitude towards dancing is unforgivable. He obviously only used a bit snack [as incentive] that he can dance well, compared to the others. Hime tells her that she knows for even if the number of times she danced with Tango can be counted on one’s fingers, but while dancing, s/he was able to convey this happy feeling so even if she cannot be Tango’s dance partner, she would still want to continue on dancing with him. Sumire smiles and says, “That is what she said..Yuusei.”
Hime is surprised that Yuusei is already standing behind her. Yuusei says if it is like that, does she want to try teaming up with him and join a competition. Yuusei shows Hime a ballroom competition show on a laptop computer. For the competition of skill, there are five events for Standard Dance, and also five for Latin Dance. Standard: Waltz, Tango, Fox-trot, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz. Latin: Cha-cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. But it will be just a small scale dance competition so there will only be standard dance. Hime is amazed at colorful everyone was when the music started and how everyone moved smoothly, step by step, in their own independent dance. She didn’t know that there is this kind of world. Yuusei looks at Hime and comments that her expression is just like Tango’s. Flashback: Young Tango held a laptop computer to Yuusei and exclaimed that isn’t it amazing. “One day, we are going to stand on that stage! The two of us!” End flashback. Yuusei says that no matter what, he wants Tango to go back in the world of dance. He asks Hime if she thinks that making Tango come back is related to her appearing in the competition. Hime tries to answer him but Yuusei tells her that he has a plan so he hopes that she’ll keep this a secret from Tango and help him. “Please trust me on this.” Hime protests that isn’t his partner, Sumire. Sumire says that partners aren’t exclusive for they can be exchanged. And, it is useless to persuade Yuusei once he has decided on something and it seems that he is also concerned about Hime’s issue. “..And, I also wish that Tango would be able to continue on dancing.” Hime thinks that she totally doesn’t have self-confidence about this competition but to be needed by other people, this feeling is really good.. Hime tells them okay and please let her try to do this. She wants to be these two people’s strength and she also wants to see Tango dancing onstage. Sumire happily hugs Hime and says that’s too cool. Then, Sumire warns her to be prepared. Soon, Yuusei is barking at Sumire over what she should do after the ‘1’ step and tiptoeing after step ‘3’, and also over her position + posture. Sumire is scared for it seems that Yuusei become a different person [like a Hannya] with just the mention of competition. Soon, after a lot of practice, Hime notices that she kept on stopping at this beat[/meter]. Holding his hand to her, Yuusei says that it is because she wasn’t able to grasp the beat and Japanese aren’t good with 3 beat dance step so instead of ‘1, 2, 3’, try to remember ‘eat ap-ple’ or ‘Sa-kura-open’ or perhaps, change the beat count to her favorite three syllable word. He tells her that if she cannot get this part, she cannot dance the waltz.
Hime looks down and notices that Yuusei’s shoe is already broken = the sole pulled away from the shoe. Yuusei says that his blister broke. Looking at it, Sumire scolds him for not taking care of it before it broke. Yuusei apologizes. Hime thinks that Yuusei is an amazing person that he also practiced up to that degree. Soon, at school, Hime goes to the roof top. She decides to practice even if it is for a second since she must properly remember the tempo – the Waltz’s 3-beat. She starts to use Yuuse’s ‘eat ap-ple’ and ‘Sa-kura-open’. She falls down and complains how come she couldn’t get it. As she decides to practice again, someone approaches her and tells her that it isn’t a ‘triangle’, it is a ‘circle’. It is Tango who tells her that she’ll remember the beat easily if she turns it into a ‘circle’. Surprised Hime asks why he is at the roof. Tango tries to use the alibi that he came up to see the bright sun but it turns out to be a cloudy day. Tango tells her that her dance step is like a ‘triangle’ but it should have a more ‘circle’ feeling. Hime is delighted to see Tango demonstrating it to her. She snaps out of it when she recalls Yuusei telling her that she must keep it a secret from Tango. Deciding not to be starry-eyed over him, Hime exclaims that she must dance. She goes out the door and left. Tango shouts, wait. He wonders why it seems that he is concerned about her when this is obviously what he originally wanted. Not opening the door, Tango tells her that even if she cannot dance together with him, there’s no need for her to give up on dancing. He says that she suddenly disappeared and Yuusei is always on his case, and it can be said that he is a bit carried away and how to describe this.. “I’ll also feel very lonely.” Hime is happy to hear this but she lost her footing by the stairs. Since there is no reply from Hime, Tango opens the door and is surprised that it turns out that Hime isn’t there. He wonders if Hime has really given up and geez, what’s going on. [<- probably referring to himself] Lying by the stairs, Hime comments that it hurts but he unexpectedly said that he’s lonely. Hime is very delighted over this. While practicing at [Sumire/Yuusei’s place’s] studio, Hime decides not to give up like this. She reminds herself about how Tango danced like a ‘circle’-type of beat and then, her favorite three syllable word.. She unconsciously mutters, “Mi-na-mi” She blushes and repeats it. She felt embarrassed for saying his name like that. But because this is a treasure hidden in her body, so she doesn’t want to give up like this. Using ‘Mi-na-mi’, Hime practice dancing. Yuusei sees her and is delighted for Hime finally got the Waltz’s beat.
After two weeks, at a dance competition, Tango yawns. Sumire reprimands him not to yawn at a holy participating ground. Tango says that it is his previous winter vacation so why must he come to this small-scale competition. She tells him that it is because an amazing dancer will participate that she must make him see her. Tango thinks that Hime really didn’t come back again, not even once, but forget it, it has nothing to do with him. A female dancer is approaching that Sumire says that it is that person. Tango see a beautiful slim girl. Tango says that it is a cute girl, who is she, Sumire’s acquaintance? Just when Tango is introducing himself, the girl says, “You really came, *smiles* Minami-kun.” Tango is shock for it is Hime. He nervously asks what happened to her body figure. Hime tells him that the energy used in dancing is a lot, and she practice 10 hours a day that she lost 20 kg so why is he saying introducing himself a while ago as if they met for the first time. Tango is confused that he asks didn’t she give up on dancing. He is surprised when Yuusei asks Tango what he wants with his dancing partner. Tango asks if the one who brought Hime here is.. Taking Hime’s hand, Yuusei says that it is him and tells him not to take off his sight [at them] for a second because this is their waltz. As Yuusei leads Hime into the dance floor, Tango wonders what Yuusei is planning to do at the dance floor.
Comment: So, Hime has become thin within the span of 4 chapters though I don’t know if it is a safe way to lose weight that fast. Actually, I’m wondering if that is actually possible in real life. It is nice to see how they all helped out Hime in her waltz. It is amusing to see how different the two guys’ approach in teaching dancing and it seems that Tango is the better teacher. Hm..is this part of the reason why Yuusei don’t have students. I wonder if just dancing with Hime in a competition is enough to make Tango want to go back. I’m thinking that he has to experience it himself to make him go back. Because of the fast pacing of this series, I guess it would be the former – make Tango jealous enough to want to dance with Hime later on. From the looks of things, it does seem like Tango’s friends are indeed helping Tango come back to dancing and also helping Hime get Tango. =P It does seem a bit strange to see that happening since it is usually love-related squabbles if we have two pairs in a shoujo. ^^; So, I wonder if this is just a ‘prologue’ of things to come or this is a short series which ends when they got Tango dancing again.., of course, with Hime. ^^ Scans by allwink

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