April 19, 2013

Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru [Cast for the Live Action Movie]

Most of you, KwUwA readers, already know that there will be a live action movie for the series. They already found their Riko during the audition. And, the cast picture is already out in their official movie page. The names of the cast can be found at Tokyo Hive. Hehe, I’m not quite familiar with Japanese actors and actresses. ^^; Somehow, with all the promo, I’m getting excited over it. For those who haven’t seen it yet, I’ve posted the cast pictures here along with the names of the cast playing them. [Edit: Added pictures of Mush&Co.]

Riko [Ohara Sakurako]

Aki [Sato Takeru]

Crude Play 

[Left to right:
Kaoru: Mizuta Kouki,
Shinya: Kubota Masataka
Teppei: Asaka Kodai
Shun: Miura Shohei]

Mari [Aibu Saki]

Miwako [Tanimura Mitsuki]

Soichiro [Sorimachi Takashi]

Aside from the ones in the official page, some of the pictures are by 深雪. Hm..I wonder if Riko's friends will be included or not. 

Sou [Morinaga Yuuki] and Yuu [Yoshizawa Ryo]