April 11, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 8]

Cover page: “This guy is..DANGEROUS!” Flashback: Keita just told the fangirls that he is going steady with Himari. He whispered to Himari that she is really concerned about exposing their living together and since that is so, wouldn’t it be better to honestly say that they are going steady. End flashback. Himari couldn’t believe what he said about her going steady with him, is that some sort of joke? [Sorry, it turns out that the other fangirls are still there and it is only Yuna who left. ^^;] Then, gesturing towards surprised Himari, Keita says that it isn’t so for how could he possibly go steady with this girl. “And, even if one would think of it, *waves hand* it is impossible.” Himari angrily thinks that even if she can sigh a relief since it was a joke but that kind of attitude can really put her in a bad mood. The fangirls laugh and say it turns out to be like that, he really surprised them. “Geez- that’s quite mean, I thought it’s for real-” Keita says, “But, even if we aren’t going steady, *looks at Himari* we have an ‘older sister-younger brother’ relationship, right? *Himari is surprised* So I’m saying that we are living together and it is like a ‘going steady’ relationship.” The girls scream in shock that the two of them are siblings. Himari couldn’t believe it for this idiot just said it. She doesn’t want him to say it because she is already in this kind of situation = she is tied up upside down and the girls are glaring at her. Himari thinks that for him to say that, how she is going to stay in this school. She is scared when one of the fangirls approaches her. She thinks that it is going to happen [being bullied] quick. To her surprise, the fangirls happily apologize over what happened just now. “We didn’t think that you’re Keita-kun’s OLDER SISTER-SAMA. *Himari is surprised that they are using polite language to address her* We’re really sorry to say such strange things to such a very important family member. We really didn’t know anything so--.. since you are older sister-sama, you absolutely cannot become ‘the girlfriend’. It’s such a huge misunderstanding. Then, see you, older sister-sama. Next time regarding Keita-kun, please help us out.” After they left, Himari wonders what’s up with that. Keita cheerfully says that it is quite relaxing for it is already the limit of their hiding something but then, like this, she doesn’t have to worry about being bullied so quickly thank the great him[/oresama].
As Keita leaves the room, Himari goes huh? She thinks, “Thank you? Me? That you simply exposed this very important secret. And you want me to thank you?” Keita turns to stick out his tongue at her and says that anyway, sooner or later, it will be exposed and it would be better to bluntly say it so don’t get angry. Himari thinks that like this, Ryou would totally misunderstand her and Keita’s relationship, and she doesn’t want that. In section 1-2, Ryou helps Himari with some books. He laughs and tells Himari that he never thought that they are unexpectedly step-siblings and they are living together. “How amazing- I’m really shocked by it.” Himari gloomily thinks that he already knew. She thanks him for his help with the books. Ryou says that it is okay, he is just getting his cellphone. Himari tearfully thinks that this won’t do, if she doesn’t quickly resolve Ryou’s misunderstanding.. Himari exclaims, “About that.. even if we are living together, but currently, it has only been 2 months. On the day that we moved to a new house, I also didn’t know that the other party is Oogami-kun. For the happiness of my step-father and mother, I also can’t help but live together [with him]. So, I’m saying.. That.. there is nothing strange happening between the two of us.” Ryou looks at her in surprise. He laughs and says that there’s no need for her to seriously tell him since he also knows that. This made Himari embarrassed for what was she saying and Ryou isn’t exactly very concerned about this thing. She starts to regret telling him that and berates herself for being stupid. Then, she shouts, “That’s right!!! Girlfriend!! *Ryou is surprised* Before, the girl who came to our school, she’s your girlfriend, right? I didn’t know about that.” Ryou replies, “Ah..ya, she did came. But I’ve already broken up with her.” This surprises Himari. She turns to face him and say that for her to come to their school, doesn’t that prove that her feelings for him is very good.. After finding his cellphone under his desk, Ryou says, “She said something like a guy who is overly nice is very boring. I really don’t understand the inclination of girls.” Thinking he has broken up with his girlfriend, Himari mutters that isn’t so. [<- probably referring to what Ryou’s ex-girlfriend thinks]. Standing up from his desk, Ryou says that for the time being, he is going to concentrate on his club activity [He seems to be in the soccer club] and it is almost time for him to go back. Himari is thinking that means, he is currently single so what should she do.. Just when Ryou prepares to leave the room, Himari shouts, “I like the nice Saeki-kun.”
Both Himari and Ryou are surprised by her outburst. Himari blushes and couldn’t believe that she unexpectedly confessed and carelessly said that. Shaking her hands, she tries to say that she carelessly blurted that out, and there is no special meaning to that.. She stops and thinks how is it possible that there’s no special meaning to that, and is this okay? “And since I’ve already confessed, now--..” Just when Keita is passing by the classroom, he overhears Himari’s confession. Inside the classroom, Himari says, “Since I was young, I always like Saeki-kun. After I transferred school and also until now, I always, always!! (When I was young, I’m was bullied and the one who would definitely help me is Saeki-kun. For me, you are always my Prince- If I didn’t say it, I’ll definitely regret it-” Keita hides to the side and mutters what’s up with that idiot for she obviously doesn’t show that kind of expression in front of him. Ryou answers, “Thank you. ..but, I’m sorry. Right now, I still don’t want to go steady with anyone but for you to say that you like me. I’m really very happy. It’s true.” This made Himari blush and happily smiles. She thinks that it is great for her confession isn’t a total waste. From the corner, Keita quietly watches Ryou leave the classroom. Later on, after club, Ryou sees Keita by the gate. While walking together, Ryou asks him what he is doing there. Keita tells him that he should have been more blunt and more formal when dumping that girl. Ryou is puzzled. Keita tells him that he is saying that he shouldn’t use a ‘not warm not hot’ way of rejection. “That girl is an idiot so for you to use that gentle way of rejection, that idiot won’t consider herself being dumped.” Ryou darkly asks Keita if he saw what happened in the classroom. Keita denies that he has seen it. Ryou says that he also don’t quite understand it. Keita asks don’t understand what. Ryou tells him that it is only today that he knew of Himari’s feelings and he is really surprised by it. “Temporarily, I thought of whole-heartedly engrossing myself into the club activity. *Keita thinks that [he] is quite slow-witted* ..but, I’m very happy over that serious kind of saying that she likes me. So, I’m also planning that afterwards, I’ll seriously think about this issue..” Keita looks surprised.
Comment: The plot changed direction again and went back to its original path earlier on. ^^; So, the ‘going steady’ thing turns out to be a joke by Keita and I’m surprised that he is saying those things to Himari while the fangirls are there. I really thought they left. ^^;; Thanks to Keita, those girls will no longer bully her though they might even ask her help with Keita. I’m not sure if this is okay with Keita if Himari does favors for them later on, since she is clueless over his feelings for her..but then, he is also clueless over his feelings for her. =P I think it is ironic that he would say that Ryou is slow-witted, when he is the same. =P The important part, is because the secret has been exposed, Keita had unintentionally made Himari confess things to Ryou and if Ryou isn’t slow in acting, they might be a couple soon. This part reminds me of the time when Keita’s plan [make Ryou hurt Himari’s feelings since she didn’t know he has a girlfriend] backfired. Just like in Chitose, Etc, it seems that this will be a choice between the ‘nice-boring guy’ and the ‘bullying-interesting guy’. From here, it does seem that Himari is a match with Ryou since she is also kind of ‘nice-boring’. =P Obviously, Ryou is her type. And with that, would that make Keita the ‘love rival’ lead? ^^ Scans by allwink汉化组

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