March 14, 2013

Watashi wa Mada Sore o Shiranai [Chapter 4] -Fin-

Cover page: “Loving a guy whom I shouldn’t love. Suffering a rejection. Even if that is so, I persistently like [him].. What would be the conclusion of Anna’s first love-!?” Narration: “That night, I kept on crying as he pulled my hand and we went back to the house together. After being rejected and still going back to the house together, I felt very humiliated and very embarrassed that it made me cry even harder.” The next morning, Anna finishes up tying her necktie and says, “Okay..!” She looks at her flustered face on the mirror. Narration: “After painfully crying, I thought for the whole night. I don’t like ‘bringing trouble on myself’. *walking downstairs* Seeing those crybaby girls, I would think that these cheap people should die for trying to stand out [by making oneself look pitiful]. *flashback: Anna groaned when the girl tearfully told her friend that her boyfriend unexpectedly..and her friend would immediately say that’s quite mean* I don’t want to become like them.” She opens the door and happily calls out, “Good morning, Tatsuo-san.” Reading the newspaper and preparing to drink his hot coffee, surprised Tatsuo greets her back. He asks her to give him another cup of coffee. Anna says okay and she pours him a cup. She smells it and says that it is quite fragrant. Removing his glasses, Tatsuo asks what is’s great that she is in a good spirits. “I’ll also be at ea[se]..” He wasn’t able to finish because Anna suddenly slams the coffee cup on the table. This surprises Tatsuo. Anna asks, “How can I be in a good spirits? I did cry and cry but then, I have also realized something. Even if you are father’s friend, I also still like you. *Tatsuo nervously looks at her in disbelief* Right now, even if you used ‘because you’re the child of my friend’ to hold me back, despite that you look at me as a 16 year old girl, - but I guarantee you that I would make you fall head over heels in love with me that you can’t help it.” Tatsuo blushes a bit and looks nervous. Narration: “In the end, what kind of girl does Tatsuo-san likes? *thinking in class* He is passive[/inactive] as I’ve imagined so I ought to take the initiative to make an attack.. No.. *recalls going in the bathroom while he is taking a bath and hugging Tatsuo from behind* Even if I take the initiative to attack, but I ended up being ‘lead by the nose’ by him. After all, he is older so her experience can’t cover that. A 16 year old girl’s seducing a 40 year old guy up front has no weight. *grumpily walking in the streets* I should temporarily not mind the age.. From all sides, my experience is quite shallow..” Then, she notices a flyer for a job at a convenient store for 16 years old and above. At his home office, Anna informs Tatsuo that she is going to get a part time job. Tatsuo asks if she wants to buy something. Anna says no, it is just a ‘social practice’. Anna thinks that it can be said that even if her father gives her money for living expense but, all along, she has been lodging under another person’s roof[/live while relying on someone’s charity].. “But, I also want to earn a bit of extra money, and that I won’t be a useless person who can’t hold up one’s head.”
Tatsuo asks her about her grades in school. Holding some exam papers, Anna tells him that there’s no problem at all, her term exams are pretty much in the grade of 90s. She shows him her exam papers and Tatsuo comments that he wasn’t able to tell that she is actually quite intelligent. Anna proudly says that fundamentally, she just guessed right what the teacher is going to ask in the exam and it also depend to her feeling out the teacher’s character. Tatsuo says right, that is really her expertise. Then, an exam paper, with a score of 69, falls down. Tatsuo grabs it and says she got 69 in English. This shocks Anna. She tries to grab it and tells him not to look at it. She is surprised when Tatsuo says in English, “The Commerce Department said that spending on public..” She says that his pronunciation is quite good and his English is very amazing. Tatsuo asks if he didn’t tell her, his work is translating novels and medical documents. Anna exclaims in surprise that he is a translator. He starts to tell her that first of all, the second question’s ‘because’, even if it sounds good if said but in the book, it cannot be simply used that way so perhaps adding at the start, ‘This is because’.. Anna tells him to wait, please teach her the basics first. This made Tatsuo smile and says, okay. This made Anna blush that she wonders if she is unconsciously being led by the nose again. While Tatsuo is reading to her in English, Anna thinks that this is too strange for she wanted him to be crazy over her but on contrary, she is becoming [more] crazy over him. “On my ear.. using that magnetic low voice in saying fluent English.. My ear will become pregnant..!! How come it is only when the other party is Tatsuo-san that I would always drop the ball [/fail at the critical moment]. How come I’m the only one whose heart is beating fast. *She didn’t notice that Tatsuo blush upon seeing her blushing* It would be nice if the one I had fallen in love with has a pure[/naïve] personality. *At the convenient store, the manager introduces Anna to the staff Anna* When I’m with such a pure guy, I don’t have to consolidate at every step[/advance gradually]. *Anna happily talks with the customer as she punches in the goods into the cashier * Right, it would be someone like Takumi--” Takumi drops by the convenient store and asks her for a soon-to-be-expired bento. Anna speechlessly glares at Takumi. Takumi asks her what’s up lately since she isn’t paying attention to him when they bump in school. Recalling Tatsuo telling her that he heard it from her childhood friend, Anna says that it is nothing and she is still working so please don’t talk to her. Takumi puts his elbows on the cashier and happily asks her if work is tiring. Anna is irritated for she just said..
After a pause, Anna says work by itself is very easy but fundamentally, earning money is quite tiring and this is the first time she realized it. “Because father is always be engrossed with work that he doesn’t come home.. *Scene of young Anna looking out the window and wondered if her father hasn’t come back yet* I got the impression that ‘work’ is enemy that I would shout at my father, ‘what do you like, me or work’ when I was young. But for a big man like him to raise me up all by himself, right now, I sincerely want to thank him.” Takumi looks surprised. He smiles and says that’s good and he felt that lately she had changed. This surprises Anna. He tells her that for a time, she would give him a feeling that she’s thorny all over but now, she became smooth. Anna laughs over what he is saying about being thorny all over. She smiles and finds it scary that her temperament became smooth. After getting off work, she is surprised to see Tatsuo waiting for her outside the convenient store. Looking away, slightly blushing Tatsuo tells her that it isn’t [what she is thinking] and he just happen to stroll by that he came over. Anna happily smiles. Then, while he is tutoring her, Anna fell asleep on his shoulder. Tatsuo carries her to the bed and watches her sleep. He is startled when she starts to talk in her sleep and calls out his name. This made him blush really red. Soon, after work, Anna happily greets out to Tatsuo. And, he greets her ‘good work’ back. Narration: “Ever since then, after I get off work, Tatsuo-san would come and fetch me.” While they are walking, Anna gloomily asks if it is worrying and taking care of her on behalf of a parent or perhaps.. Then, someone riding on the bicycle rings behind them. Tatsuo takes her hand and pulls her to the side for the bicycle to pass by. This surprises Anna. She looks at Tatsuo to see him blushing yet he is looking away. She wants to say that he obviously took the initiative to hold her hand so what’s up with his blushing face. “If it is the usual me, I might possibly say that. But, right now, I don’t want to ruin the mood-- *The blushing two continue to walk holding hands.* In order not to give you an opportunity to let go off my hand, I will hold my breath and be silent. I don’t know if it is revealed that my heart is beating quite loudly. Slightly clammy hands, not knowing whose perspiration it is. The more I think of it, the more I’m affect by it. Until now, the things that I inevitably do, I couldn’t do it-” She is surprised when Tatsuo let go of her hand. He looks at his watch and apologizes to Anna that he unexpectedly thought of something so she should go home first. “We will soon arrive at the house so it is also fine for you to go walk by yourself.” Wondering what she did, Anna exclaims that she also wants to go with him. They were suddenly interrupted by an old policeman. He says that they were holding hands just now so are they father-daughter. While Anna looks a bit nervous, Tatsuo says that they aren’t father-daughter. Anna gets irritated when the policeman is asking what their relationship is and in the end, is Tatsuo a sugar daddy [Enjo-kōsai].
Anna shouts, “Hey, ojisan!! *Tatsuo and the policeman are surprised* Even if the age gap is a bit quite big so what if we’re holding hands. For you to suddenly say that kind of words, what do you mean by that!? Don’t act so damn snobbish. So gross!! *Tatsuo is speechless while policeman says, ‘what’* Our relationship isn’t like what you think it is.. (‘What relationship’ Something heavy is pushing down inside my heart. ‘Other people’s view’ Why. I obviously know that this is something that I basically don’t need to mind. Hey, Tatsuo-san. The truth is- very, very cruel) is only.. he and my father are friends.. we are only..but.. only just..” The policeman asks what, he can’t hear it clearly so speak up. Tatsuo tells the policeman to calm down and apologizes for making him misunderstand their actions. The policeman asks if he isn’t going to bring this high school girl home to spend the night with her. Tatsuo says no so they are not father-daughter nor that sugar daddy thing. Anna looks flustered and sad. The policeman asks what it is, what is their specific relationship. Tatsuo laughs and says, “Definitely it isn’t either of those. For we are.. *holds surprised Anna’s hand* a pair of lovers.” Back at home, Tatsuo is walking ahead at the hallway while Anna is walking after him. She shouts, “Wait, Tatsuo-san. Wait up, why did you say that!? Is it to deceive that policeman!? Hey!! Answer me!! Tat-” And, Tatsuo bumps his head on the doorpost. Anna worriedly calls out to him as he slides down on the floor. Tatsuo says, “ I thought that we should.. go home separately.. I want to.. calm down my head.. a bit.. ..Unexpectedly.. *covers blushing face* I’ve fallen in love with a 16 year old girl.. *Anna blushes, calls out to him and reaches out to touch him* ! Stop! No, don’t touch me right now! ..I won’t be able to control my feelings.. so..” Anna still went ahead and touches his arm. He looks surprised over her loving expression towards him. Tatsuo scratches his head and mutters geez, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. And, he holds her to kiss her. Anna recalls wondering what would happen if they touched [during the bath scene] and her declaration of making love with her [at the restaurant]. “At the very start, it is only like that, only being seduced by his scent.” In the bedroom, Anna tells Tatsuo that she wants to take a shower first because she just returned from work. Half-naked Tatsuo asks if she thinks of everything[/whatever?]. Anna pouts and thinks that for him to say that. While holding up her leg, Tatsuo says, “It’s fine. Anyway, I like your scent.” This made Anna blush in surprise. She thinks, “Tatsuo’s hand, breath, and even skin penetrate though my body.” Anna tells him, “Tatsuo-san.. I like you. Towards Tatsuo-san, I..” Tatsuo replies, “—Me, too. I like you.” This made Anna teary-eyed with happiness. Just when she holds his face to kiss him, they were interrupted by a cellphone ring. Tatsuo reads his cellphone message from Daisuke, “I’m on vacation today. And, I went fishing! I caught a huge fish! By the way, is Anna doing fine?” While Tatsuo nervously thinks that he felt that it is Daisuke, Anna wonders what’s up with that ‘by the way’ by her father when asking about her. To Anna’s dismay, Tatsuo tells her that’s it for today. “..I might.. be sent off flying [by a punch].. but, next time, let’s see Daisuke together.” The two smile at each other. Narration: “16 years old. Winter. I knew what love is.” The End.
Comment: I like Anna’s strong personality. It only took her one night to get over the rejection and try again the next day. Hehe, well, it is a short series. =P Because of getting a job, she learns to appreciate her father more though I think her ulterior motive is to make Tatsuo think of her as a responsible, mature girl. Hehe, love obviously changed her for the better that even her childhood friend noticed it. Apparently, Tatsuo unintentionally made himself fall for her more when he tutors her and walks her home from work. I don’t think they would have any much problems regarding what others would think of them based on how they faced that policeman. If Anna knew of his feelings, I think she could have confidently mouth that policeman off instead of hesitating because of her fear in facing the truth. I guess the next obstacle would be Anna’s father and the author will leave that into our imagination. After all, the point of this short series is for Anna to realize what true love is. Thanks for reading this short series. ^^ Scans by 深雪组.

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