March 13, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 77]

All dressed up, Sawako looks at her brand new star pendant necklace. She blushes upon thinking that it is a sparkling star. And, it is January 1st. At the shrine, the couple met and Sawako is happy that he is wearing the hat. They greet each other ‘yoroshiku’[/I’ll be under your care]. After being glad that it is a clear day, they went to pray at the shrine with hopes that everyone will be happy next year. While walking, embarrassed Shouta tells her that her friends saw him buying her gift. Sawako thanks him again for it and it is the first time she wore a necklace. He asks her if she likes it. She says of course she does. Then, he tells her of his thoughts while buying it for her. This made her tell him that she’ll treasure it. Shouta says that he is already satisfied if she likes it. Sawako insists that she will treasure it throughout her life. Then, Sawako starts to freak out over it. Shouta grabs her hand and says, ‘Ya’. Shouta asks her about the noodles that she made. Sawako says that even if her parents said that it is delicious, she isn’t satisfied and plans to make it her lifetime project. Shouta asks if she plans to open a noodle store. She says no, not something grand like that. She actually just wants Shouta to eat them one day. He asks her if her parents were angry yesterday. She says no, for they’ve said about not being too strict when she’s an adult and she can be a bit independent but then, they also say that she is just a high schooler. Shouta comments that her parents are quite nice. He tells her that his mother is easy-going[/optimistic] and a father nicknamed[known as] valiant. Sawako realizes that what Chizuru meant about Shouta’s father is a nickname. Shouta says that his father would always sleep early but yesterday, he didn’t sleep at all so thanks to Sawako for telling him who won at the Red&White. He laughs that he did manage to see her. They get some fortune papers. Sawako got ‘uncertain luck’ and Shouta got ‘fair luck’. They consider it as not bad but then, it is not that good either. Shouta says that his love fortune is ‘remember to be understanding of the other’. Sawako’s love fortune is ‘going on a journey again’. They are puzzled over what it meant and just tell each other that ‘they’ll do their best/gambatte’. For school fortune, Sawako was told to give it her all upon deciding what her goal. Shouta’s school fortune is determination is not enough, diligence is needed. They were interrupted when Sawako got a message from Chizuru asking for help by going to Ryu’s house. At Ryu’s house, Chizuru laments over Pin falling asleep there. Ayane arrives and asks what the situation is. Chizuru tells them that they carelessly bumped into Pin and he ‘clung on’ to them – eat ramen + lecture until morning. And, at some unknown time, Ryu had fallen asleep..afterwards, Tooru also came to close the shop and accompanied them. Shouta exclaims if Tooru already came. On cue, Tooru comes in and greet Shouta + his girlfriend. Tooru tells them to take a sit.
While Sawako takes off her jacket, Shouta sees her necklace. And, Shouta felt embarrassed over Ayane giggling over it. Chizuru asks Ayane how come she didn’t get Kent to come over. Ayane says about being tormented until morning [kept on talking?] so Kent ought to be still asleep. Chizuru is puzzled over how come Shouta knows that Kent is a ‘night owl’. Just when Ayane asks if this guy [snoring Pin] is really a teacher, Pin suddenly sits up and says that it is because he can get a salary so it is like that. Then, he sleeps again. They freak out over it and wonder if he is dreaming when he said that. Tooru laughs and tells them not to look at Pin like that for during their time, he is a hero. Everyone laugh in disbelief. They don’t believe him when he said that Pin is also very popular. Tooru says that it is because of Pin that Ryu went to [北幌 = I’m not sure if it is a typo for Sapporo or the name of their school] and Shouta is also always taken care of by Pin when he was young. Shouta says that it is ‘being bullied’. Tooru says that is Pin’s way of showing his affection. Shouta admits that it is like having an older brother. Sawako exclaims that Pin is a good guy. Tooru tells them that Pin is a baseball hero that college, no..professional baseball even scouted him. Pin planned to continue on with his studies and was said to be the second nominated but he even said about not rigorously refusing[?/playing hard to get]. Though, in the end, he wasn’t nominated and ended up like this. Ayane exclaims why when it ought to be okay since he is quite good. Tooru says that everyone says that but due to various reasons he heard like about the money, how Pin was talked with, etc that in the end, Pin flipped out. Tooru just assumes that it is all because of everything he mentioned and he didn’t bother asking Pin about it. Ayane tells Chizuru that even if she thinks that he isn’t the same with Ryu but he is Ryu’s brother for he doesn’t care for things that he isn’t interested in. Chizuru tells her that she mentioned this before about those brothers having the same kind of attitude. Tooru asks Shouta about what happened when Pin was a coach. Shouta says that there is only silence for his father won’t talk about it whether at Pin or the family so he just assumes that his father wants Pin to play baseball, Pin would always vent his anger on him [Shouta] afterwards. [<- not sure] Tooru casually asks about his father if he is still valiant. Shouta says that he’s too energetic. Sawako comes into Pin’s defense by saying that Pin really likes to become a teacher. She tells them Pin’s good qualities with the others slightly refuting Pin’s intentions for being nice to Sawako. When Sawako says that she really respects Pin, Pin’s ear wiggle and he quickly sits up. He starts muttering about ‘’ that everyone wonders if he is still dreaming. He shouts who is brazen enough to be rude to him. They realize that he is awake. Sawako tells him that she respects him. Pin is surprised that he asks since when she is there. Trying to act cool, Pin says that of course, he ought to be respected for he is a great person.
Then, he asks the others if they are quite idle to hang around here on January 1st. Tooru laughs and asks Pin if he failed to hit on a girl again. Pin shouts for him to shut up. After some more teases, Pin glares at Shouta and tries to threaten him about ‘telling him on’ to his father to which Shouta retorts back that he didn’t do anything wrong. While the two are shouting at each other, Ayane comments that Ryu can really sleep through this ruckus. Soon, Pin is shooing them away to which someone thinks that he is doing that so that they can properly sleep for the day. Then, Pin tells Sawako that he has homework prepared for her and she ought to properly think about her possibilities and it is also okay for it to be more than one. “Even if it is only a dream, even if it is up to that degree, it is also fine. So go and properly attempt vainly!” After a pause, Sawako says yes. Shouta is surprised by this. Pin turns to Shouta and says that he also have homework – to remember his top 100 favorite food and top 100 favorite types of women and there will be a test. Shouta angrily shouts that he is just picking on him. Outside, Pin, together with the others, shouts for them not to hinder the business. Ayane shouts that he is the one hindering and bids Chizuru and Tooru goodbye. As they go back in the store, Tooru tells Chizuru to properly sleep. She asks him if he is going to his wife’s place and asks about her health. Tooru says yes, he brought her to her hometown yesterday and about her pregnancy, he let her rest at her family’s house though he’ll go see her tomorrow. Chizuru hopes that they’ll have a healthy baby. Patting her head, Tooru tells her to properly dote on the baby to which Chizuru says, definitely. Chizuru glances at Ryu and tries to wake him up. Glancing at them, Tooru asks surprised Chizuru how things are with Ryu. Chizuru asks if he heard about it and it isn’t like that yet. Tooru asks what happened, did Ryu confess. Chizuru blushes over this and Tooru says that Ryu won’t talk about this kind of thing. Tooru asks if she felt an ‘embarrassed and at a complete loss’. Chizuru thinks that she is a bit like that. She tells him that she doesn’t quite know because she never thought of it. She asks him how many girls he went steady with but she starts to freak out when Tooru is counting more than 4. Chizuru tells him that she wants to be with Ryu forever. Tooru comments that between the two, no matter one has boy/girlfriend, get married, perhaps have children, forever not going steady yet wanting to be together forever is a hard thing. Chizuru asks what about always going steady, not breaking up and together forever. Tooru says that it is also a hard thing but if they don’t break up, they will be together until death. Chizuru looks sad and says that it is difficult to understand. Tooru says is that so, but then, he used the simplest way to say it to make her understand. Chizuru continues to say that it is quite difficult. It turns out that Ryu is awake and overheard their conversation.
While walking, Ayane shouts at Pin not to walk with her but Pin says that this is also the way to his house. Ayane shouts for him to move elsewhere. She is bothered about the possible misunderstanding. Pin shouts who’ll misunderstand that a shortie like her and super unrivalled him would have a relationship. After some arguing, Pin tells her that it is really great that she is with Kent. She mutters that it is really bad that he has seen through it. Pin tells her to worship him for he handled that nosebleed guy [<- the one Kent punched]. Ayane grudgingly thanks him that Pin comments if it is Kent’s effect that she is quite frank. After some more teasing, he tells her about an exam this year and she better not be scatterbrain about it for she wishes to study in college. Ayane comments that he started saying things like a teacher. Pin asks him who she thinks he is. Ayane thinks, an idiot. Pin says that she is quite intelligent. She asks if this isn’t enough and don’t worry about her for she’ll properly go to a school that suits her. Pin says that is good, a school that suits her, but is there anything that she would put her all out strength to do, anything will do whether studies, sports or love. Ayane glances at him and wonders why he said that. She asks isn’t he the same, could it be that he’s not afraid of losing. Puzzled Pin asks in what area. Ayane shouts about why he become a teacher. Pin asks if she is making an enemy of all the teachers in the world. Ayane shouts that it is only him and doesn’t he only want a stable job. Pin says that stability doesn’t matter to him for he wanted to do this job. Surprised Ayane asks why he wants to become a teacher. Pin says that it is because he really wants to play again, play high school baseball again. Somewhere else, Sawako comments that it is snowing again. Shouta laments that it is enough snow already. Sawako tells him that it is fine for him to walk her up to here. Shouta says okay. She asks if he is going to shovel again when he gets home. He says most probably. He happily tells her that he’ll contact her. Watching Shouta leave, Sawako recalls what Pin told her. Sawako thinks of the future and when she was young, she wanted to be a ladybug [Coccinella septempunctata]. The end narration is about when one is young, limitless future seems quite faraway, and compared to what they thought, their ‘future’ is quickly coming to their side.
Comment: And, this series isn’t going to end yet because we have troubles ahead called ‘unknown future’. From what is hinted in this chapter from her fortunes and what Pin said, unlike the usual cliché in other shoujo of the guy going away, it seems that Sawako is the one who is going away soon. This might be what Shouta’s fortune hinted about ‘being understanding’. So, moving from ‘troubles with each other’, it is ‘fighting together against’ an outside factor. We get to know Pin’s past which I think affects how he is treating everyone in this chapter = after having fun in high school, time to give your all to something that you really want to do in the future. It does seem to hint on ‘no regrets and going for your dream’. It makes me wonder if he regretted having a fit at the ones scouted him or he is just happy with ‘high school baseball’ and not ‘professional baseball’. Compared to the others, Pin seemed to have a major impact on Sawako and from the looks of it, he will also influence her future. As for Chizuru, she still seems a bit afraid of the ‘risk’ which is involved with going steady with Ryu because they might not be ‘together forever’. Of course, it is also not possible to be together forever if they later on have lovers and have a family with someone else. Hm..I think she is more afraid of things might not be the same between them anymore. This is the usual predicament of childhood friends' love story especially if it is still a bit one sided. It seems that Ayane is also ‘afraid’ that she is going for the ‘safe thing’ rather than what she really wants. That is what she mentioned before regarding choosing Kent. Well, it does seem that she lacks the ‘enthusiasm/passion’ in fear of getting hurt and disappointed. I wonder if aside from doing what she wants in the future and her attitude with life, this hints that Pin is still in the running and that will end up with a love triangle again. That is the usual ploy for shoujo love triangles and it seems possible here ^^; Well, we’ll know soon what all these would lead later on..that might be a bit of wait since this is one of those slow-paced series. =P Scans by 工作室.

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