March 15, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 7]

In the morning, Keiko calls out to Himari and Keita to go down and eat breakfast. Himari gloomily wonders how she is going to face Keita and she really doesn’t want to bump into him but they live in the same house and are in the same class. Just when Himari opens the door, she is surprised to see Keita. After they look surprised at each other, Himari quickly hides in her room again for she cannot believe that they immediately bump into each other when she doesn’t to see him. Angrily knocking at the door, Keita shouts what’s up with her to immediately hide in her room upon seeing him. Keita is helpless since she had locked the door so he continues to shout what she’ll do if she’ll be late at school. He finally stops knocking and apologizes to her about yesterday. He tells her that he doesn’t know why he felt quite jittery at that time that he carelessly said some mean things. He assures her that what he said yesterday aren’t his true feelings. He apologizes again and says that he’s going ahead. As Keita goes downstairs, Himari wonders if he is saying the truth just now so what’s the meaning of those words that he said yesterday. She really doesn’t understand what he’s thinking. In school, the teacher tells the student to pass the forms. When Keita turns to pass the forms to her, Himari is startled and immediately backs away along with her table. Himari seems surprised by what she did and Keita is furious. When he tries to call her, she would hide behind some other girl. When he turns to call her at the hallway, she would quickly run away. She also doesn’t come down to eat dinner with them. Keita is also furious that her bedroom door is locked. He cannot believe her attitude when he obviously already apologized. Sitting on the desk inside her room, gloomy Himari is panicking for Keita has already apologized but in the end, she is still very afraid of him and her body would unconsciously reject him. She wonders if Keita is seriously apologizing to her but what is she to do, she definitely provoked him to anger. Later that night, Keita goes inside Himari’s room through the balcony. He proudly mutters to himself that if he cannot get through the door, he’ll go through here. Just when he is calling Stupid Himari, he couldn’t believe that she is fast asleep on her desk when it is just pass 9pm. He is calling out for her to wake up but he stops and says how she can rest properly if she sleeps there. Thinking that he can’t let her be, he [princess] carry her to the bed. After putting her on the bed, he apologizes to her again about yesterday and says that he really didn’t mean to frighten her. He tells her that it made him jittery when she seriously said that they simply just have an older sister-younger brother relationship, stu-pid.
While stroking her hair, he says that he has no way of simply treating her as a family member and he basically doesn’t hate her [either]. Then, he freaks out and looks at his hand. While waving it around, blushing Keita wonders why he is stroking the hair of this girl. He pinches her nose and blames it on her for sleeping that he said things[/lower his guard]. With that, Keita turns around and left. After a while, Himari opens her eyes wide. She sits up and looks at the balcony. Touching her nose, she wonders what’s up with that just now and are those his true words. Then, she blushes really red for he ‘princess carry’ her. At a fast food restaurant, Yuna is furious to see a picture of Keita and Himari together [when he called out to her] on her phone. The next day, Yuna and friends approach Himari by the shoe lockers and say that they want to ask her something. Himari is puzzled. Cornering her to some school lab, Yuna shows Himari the picture and asks what’s up with that for she has seen her with Keita going in the same house. Himari freaks over it being found out that they live together and what is she going to do- Even if she knows that one day it will be exposed, but she can’t say ‘we are family so we are living together’ at this time [given the situation?]. Yuna shouts that Keita obviously already has her as his girlfriend so Himari better pay attention since she is making a move on someone else’s boyfriend. Himari wonders what’s up with that when she isn’t thinking of that. Himari tells her to calm down. Yuna angrily asks, ‘huh’. Himari shouts that she absolutely doesn’t have that kind of thinking, not even for a little bit, towards that opinionated, terrible, arrogant guy. After pushing Yuna away from her, Himari thinks that she said it and there ought to be no more misunderstanding. To her fright, Yuna and the girls angrily ask what she just said about Keita and how could she say that randomly when she doesn’t know know him. To their surprise, Keita arrives and tells them that is enough, don’t bully that idiot again. Thinking that she is saved, Himari ends up becoming more surprised when Keita puts his arm around her and declares that he is currently going steady with this girl. Yuna angrily shouts what is Keita saying when she is the one whom he’s going steady with. Keita sighs and says that he doesn’t remember giving her a concrete answer about going steady with her. Yuna angrily shouts that he’s quite awful and he’s an idiot. After Yuna [and friends] runs off, shock Himari asks what nonsense did Keita just say for when did and how come she ended up with going steady with him. Keita whispers to her and says that she ought to be also worried that it will be exposed that they are living together. Standing up, Keita tells blushing Himari, who is holding her ear, that isn’t it, better to honestly say out that they are going steady.
Comment: So, after that ‘scolding’ and ‘lie’ is probably forgiven and forgotten, they are now going to act like ‘fake lovers’. It seems that things are moving too fast or rather, new things are being introduced that we don’t have a chance to deal properly with the past issue. Oh well, the time span of the chapter is 1-2 days and Himari has so many things on her mind that she didn’t confront Ryou yet about having a girlfriend. But then, they aren’t really serious yet so, maybe Himari is not in the position to do that. Just like that, the supposed girlfriend of Keita is gone. It was kind of mean of him to lead Yuna on..or make her thinking she is the girlfriend when she really wasn’t. I guess Himari didn’t notice that since she is freaking out too much over having to pretend to be ‘Keita’s girlfriend’. So, the other fangirls might give her more problems than what she wanted. Actually, by saying that they are ‘siblings’, it might actually make those girls stop bothering her..or attempt to bully her. Either way, they would bother her because I think they would actually suck up to her to get to Keita. It does seem that this series is more on plot-driven since the characters seem to be a bit ‘forgettable’. ^^; Scans by allwink

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