March 12, 2013

Watashi wa Mada Sore o Shiranai [Chapter 3]

[Free talk: This chapter has some sexual provocative content that might not be appropriate for young readers.]

After Anna asked him what this feeling is, she clings on to surprised Tatsuo. He starts patting Anna’s head and tells her that he has nothing to tell her so get off him. Anna clings on to him tighter. He tells her not to keep on clinging as if she won’t let go. Anna says she won’t [let go]. Tatsuo shouts what she means that she won’t, shut up and let go. Anna keeps on protests that she doesn’t want to. Tatsuo manages to push her off him and tells her that he told her to let him go. He is surprised to see Anna’s flustered blushing face. She covers her face and tells him not to look at her face. Tatsuo just says, ah yes. Tatsuo wonders what that is, and she even told him to ‘please tell me’. While covering her face with his shirt, Anna thinks that it is quite awkward for she had suddenly kissed him so what kind of expression should she have. Tatsuo’s expression softens. To her surprise, he holds her ear and starts to lightly touch it. While he kept on touching it, they were interrupted when the door bell rings. Tatsuo snaps out of it and wonders who it is so late at night. After he goes out, Anna wonders what that was just now, for she didn’t expect that Tatsuo would suddenly make the move. “And what if the door bell didn’t rang, what would have become of the current us..” While going to the door, Tatsuo sweatdrops and wonders what he is doing. He tells himself not to do that even for a second because in the end, he is older than her by 24 years. Tatsuo is surprised when it is a young man who greets him a good evening at the door. Tatsuo asks if he is Anna’s classmate and what’s up so late at night. Takumi apologizes for he just passed by after his work and he wants to return something that Anna left. “Even if I could give it to her at school, but I also want to see Tatsuo-san.” While Tatsuo is thinking that this tea-colored haired guy with a ‘dragging way’ of talking is a ‘present day youth’ no matter how he sees it. It made him realize that Anna is still 16 years old since he is Anna’s classmate. Takumi holds a flower-designed hair elastic. After taking it, Tatsuo recognizes it as Anna’s hair accessory when they ate out before. He tells this to Takumi and asks him how come he has this. Takumi says that it is because Anna spent the night at his house and she forgot to take it with her. “It is already night when I’ve noticed it on the pillow-” Surprised Tatsuo asks what his name is. Takumi happily says that he is Shigeru, Anna’s childhood friend. At the living room, Anna thinks that fundamentally, she already ought to have gotten used to this but how come her heart is beating really fast. When Tatsuo opens the door, Anna greets him welcome back. Tatsuo says that he’s back. He sits down on the sofa beside her and starts to removes his coat. Anna is surprised for she thought that he would definitely run away from her to some other place but he would unexpectedly sit beside her.. After removing his watch, Tatsuo looks at her and tells her that they should continue where they left off. Anna is surprised when he suddenly kisses her including French ones. Anna couldn’t believe that he took the initiative to kiss her but why all of a sudden, but it felt quite good..
Aroused Anna tells him to please do it until the end.. Tatsuo suddenly pushes her down the sofa. While puzzled Anna looks at him, Tatsuo says that it seems that she told him, ‘please make love with me’. “Anna, you’re such a bold and unconstrained girl. *Anna thinks that the mood seems to have..* It also has been a long time since I, this ojisan hasn’t done it. So.. *looks angry while taking off his necktie* So..I might do it over the top.” Anna couldn’t believe it as Tatsuo takes off her skirt and underwear. Then, he starts performing oral sex on her. Struggling Anna asks what’s up with him and it isn’t like him. While Anna groans as he licks her, she trembles and wonders what’s going on for this. Then, she finally screams. This made Tatsuo stop. Flustered Anna wonders what’s going on since this is far from good. Tatsuo licks his finger and asks her if she likes this kind of thing. “Yes.. Really.. I know you are..” Tatsuo gives her the hair elastic band. While Anna wonders where she dropped it, Tatsuo tells her that just now, her childhood friend came over to bring it here. Anna sits up and recalls telling him that she took a bath with her childhood friend, and he assumed that the friend is a girl. Tatsuo says that it turns out to be a guy. Anna tells him that she didn’t have an opportunity to explain and she didn’t really mean to hide it from him. Wondering what to do for Tatsuo already knows that they took a bath together and how much does he knows about it, Anna tries to explain that she and Takumi have an ill-fated relationship and they were together since kindergarten. She is surprised when Tatsuo interrupts her by saying, “And then, during third year junior high, you guys made love. Sorry, I already know everything. *stands up* Just now that thing, for you, it is already something that is quite familiar to you [that you can do it with your hands tied behind your back]. *Anna tries to protest* And you would even say, ‘Please teach me.’ How senseless.” Anna is shock for she always thought that there’s no big deal with guys and she knew how to treat guys with that kind of thinking because she always just have to smile, lead them on a bit to whet their appetite and they would immediately treat her nicely. “So, this is- reaping what I sow.” Tearful Anna shouts for him to wait, she was sincere with what she said and it isn’t like that convenient relationship with Takumi. Tatsuo just walks out and closes the door. Anna calls out his name and starts crying. In the bathroom, Tatsuo washes his face at the sink. He looks at mirror, and mutters, “Why am I so angry.. Geez..” Still crying Anna is startled when Tatsuo opens the door. She calls out his name and notices that he is wearing a windbreaker. She thinks that he is going to drive her away to some place. Tatsuo tells her to come with him and wear her underwear first. He helps her put it on. Crying Anna calls his name. She is surprised when he puts his shirt [the one Anna has been sniffing] on her and tells her to wear that for they are going out for a walk. Anna looks surprised and wipes her tears on the sleeve.
While walking outside, Anna wants to hold his hand but she quickly hold them up when Tatsuo says, “If, I’m at the same age as you, Anna.. how would it turn out..” Anna asks him what he was like during high school. Tatsuo says that the 24 years old him has always been a bookworm. “I also don’t have many friends. I would always hang out with Daisuke.. I don’t have luck with girls.. And if the former me were to meet you.. you would have bullied me everyday. *Scene 1: Anna sits on his desk and tells him to do her homework for various subjects. Scene 2: She sits on top of him at the sofa and tells him that she will give him thanks for her homework* And, you will teach me some shocking things. *Scene 3: Covered with a towel, Anna tells Tatsuo who is in a bath that she’ll rub his back.* I couldn’t open my mouth to refuse you. *Scene 4: Anna angrily asks how come it is only bread* I wasn’t able to go to the canteen so I can only treat you to bread. *Scene 4: Anna sighs and asks what’s HLA* You definitely won’t listen to what I say seriously. *Scene 5: Anna grabs his collar and tells him to quickly say, ‘Please make love with me’ and timid Tatsuo would say yes.*” Tatsuo thinks that he fundamentally doesn’t have confidence in dealing with her. The two are aghast over that kind of imagination. Tatsuo says that’s how he was in high school, a virgin guy. Anna comments that she would definitely boss around that kind of Tatsuo-san. “Ah, Tatsuo-san, you’re still a virgin when you’re in high school.” This made Tatsuo embarrassed that Anna happily says that he’s so cute Embarrassed Tatsuo tries to tell her not to be annoying about that. Anna happily runs ahead of him to the promenade[?] and says that it is beautiful. They both look at the sparkling night scene. Anna looks at Tatsuo and thinks that if Tatsuo is at the same age as she is and they live together in one house, she thinks that she ought not to be concerned with him like this. “And, definitely, I also won’t have these current feelings. It has to be like this. This age gap.” Blushing Anna says, “Tatsuo-san, I like you. (For me and Tatsuo-san, perhaps, this is a necessity.” After looking surprised, Tatsuo smiles and thanks her. “But, in the end, you are the child of my friend. I think I still cannot accept [your feelings].” Surprised Anna tells him that after everything that has happened until now, he would bring up and use that kind of reason. “You obviously lead me to the climax.. You’re such a mean person..” Tatsuo says that she is right. “So.. you should give it up..” Next chapter will be the finale.
Comment: Hm..this is unexpectedly a short series when I thought it can be explored in so many ways. The author really cannot resist putting in some ‘lust/smut’ sex scenes. ^^; I like that idea though that because of this age gap, they are attracted to each other. That didn’t occur to me before and in a way, it is a bit ‘romantic-fate’. ^^ True, Anna would have not been interested in him when he is his ‘high school’ self and he would have been any other guy whom she can easily toy with. I guess even in other relationships, it is a case of ‘timing’ for what we are in a certain period of time might not exactly attract the other person whom we would eventually fall in love with and end up with. In Tatsuo’s case, it is like girls won’t fall for his ‘awkward’ stage of being a bookworm and ‘secluded/anti-social’. =P From the looks of it, Tatsuo is in denial over his feelings for Anna since he rejected her on the grounds of something that isn’t quite related to her confession. He didn’t tell her what he feels for her. He is also puzzled with his ‘subconscious’ acts towards Anna. It is quite obvious that he was jealous. ^^; Hasn’t he ever in love before, too? Maybe he had some bad relationships with women since he claims that women are ‘monsters’. Well, I guess it is still too soon since he still thinks that Anna is the type of girl who is hard to handle and she doesn’t take love seriously, aside from the huge age gap. In a way, I think Anna as a lead is quite unique because usually, in other series, she would be cast as the ‘fangirl’ or ‘other girl’. And, what happened her would indeed be ‘getting what you deserve’ = reject by the guy you like. Scans by 深雪

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