March 9, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 6]

Cover page: “Deciding on a goal of wanting to make SENPAI say ‘LIKE YOU’, I, Karin, must still keep on doing my best!” Nao is practicing soccer together with his teammates. Then, he glances at the fangirls cheering for him. Nao is startled when someone shouts that he is going to pass the ball to him. Everyone is shock that Nao caught it using his hand. [<- you cannot touch the ball with your hands in soccer.] While doing some stretching, short teammate teases embarrassed Nao that no matter what, no one touches the ball in catching it. Tall teammate says that it is quite rare to see him distracted during practice. “Could it be that you are still quite concerned with that first year student. *Nao is surprised* Ah seems her name is Karin, right? *helps short teammate in stretching* This is the first time I didn’t see her come to watch you play.” Wondering if Kain is lost again and nothing ought to have happened to her, Nao says is that so. Recalling Karin happily saying that she did well, Nao thinks that rich ojousama is also not quite well-versed with the ways of the world. “By the way, how come I kept on being so concerned about that ojousama..” Nao lets out a deep sigh. Short teammate asks him what the matter is, because not so long ago, he told them about something very good, will happen. Slightly embarrassed Nao says about that, even if he did say that something good will happen but how can he say it, it isn’t the same with what he expected. “On contrary, it had increased my troubles a lot..” Short teammate asks what’s troubling him, and no matter what it is, he must tell him- “I’ll speedily help you resolve it..” Tall teammate interrupts by saying that there’s no need for that, if he were to say something that he doesn’t want to hear, perhaps, he will tell him. [<- I’m a bit confused here whether he is talking to Nao or short teammate ^^;]  “..but, apparently, it isn’t at all a very serious trouble, right.” Nao just says that perhaps, it is so. At the gate, Nao bids his friends goodbye as he prepares to walk at the opposite direction. Short teammate calls out to him and asks him what about the gyudon [beef rice bowl], isn’t he going to eat when he got a free coupon. Nao declines by saying that he has something else to do. Short teammate decides to use the coupon. While walking, Nao wonders why he is so worried. Soon, he is running back to the apartment. When he reaches the apartment, he overhears Karin shouting that it is already this time, what she is going to do. Breathing hard from running, Nao thinks, “What.. she did properly went home. Ha.. I should have gone to eat.. *turns the door knob* That girl forgot to lock the door again..”  He is startled upon hearing a plate[?] breaking and Karin shouting that it slipped. He starts to look uneasy. Flashback: Young Nao peeked at the door to see his parents quarreling. After breaking a plate, his mother shouted, “At that time, if only there’s no Nao [/wasn’t born], *cries* I obviously could have attained happiness..!” End flashback. Sitting by the wall, Nao is breathing hard then he manages to calm himself down. He looks up the sky and curses.
He is startled when Karin comes out with her binoculars and shouts, “Ah, geez- How come Tsuruki-senpai hasn’t come back yet-!? *looking around with her binoculars* If he doesn’t come back early, the food would have cool off. Stupid  stupid.” Pointing to himself, Nao asks, “..Stupid?” Karin is surprised to see him. She asks him why he is sitting there. Entering the house, Nao asks her what she is shouting and fussing about. “You’re finally fed up with this shabby old apartment that you’re having a break down from hysteria..” He stops upon seeing five bowls of food [rice with toppings] on the table. Pointing at the food, he asks if she bought them and is she going to eat all that by herself. Karin shouts that she isn’t and she just made..made a bit too much. “All..all of it is Karin’s.. *Nao looks at the dirtied utensils on the sink and kitchen counter.* But, I wasn’t careful and made a lot that I fundamentally couldn’t finishing eating it all up. Other than throwing it away, maybe senpai also wants to eat together.. so, I’m saying that I didn’t break the rule!” Nao didn’t reply. After a pause, Karin shouts what is it, is he ignoring her. Nao says no, he is only a bit unexpectedly surprised.. Karin is puzzled. Nao tells her that what he said about ‘don’t make my share of food’ is actually a joke, because he thought that anyway, she definitely cannot cook. “How amazing. *smiles* It looks really delicious-..!” This made Karin quite happy that she takes a bowl and gives it to Nao. Nao asks if he can really eat this. She is surprised when Nao suddenly declines for he doesn’t have the right to eat the food that she made. “I.. in order to run away from home, I took advantage of marrying you.. doing this kind of thing, and even thinking of acting as if it is nothing and I’ll eat something that you’ve made, then I would have been the lowest human being there is.” Flustered and trembling, Karin asks him if he is telling her to throw this away. Taking the bowl of food, Nao shouts that it is much worse to throw it away. “I, even if I’m truly the lowest human being there is, *flustered* but, can I also eat this?” Blushing Karin says, “~~Ah.. please.. please try and taste it!!” After eating a bit, Nao looks up to Karin and asks if she isn’t going to eat. Looking away, Karin says no, about that.. “What I’m saying is.. the taste.. how is it..?” Nao looks surprised and is amused that the person who obviously hasn’t tasted it yet, would ask someone to taste it.. Nao smiles and happily tells her that it is very, very delicious. This makes Karin very happy.
Later on, Karin is quite surprised because Nao ate all of it. Drinking some water, Nao says that it is because it is truly delicious. This made Karin happy once again. Nao tells her that it is great that he didn’t go out to eat gyudon. Karin exclaims in surprise if from the start, he plans to go eat elsewhere. Nao says that it is because that guy has a free coupon. Karin says that he didn’t eat there, right. “Could it be that senpai, you *happily stands up* felt that for a second, you want to immediately see Karin!?” Karin is surprised when Nao didn’t deny it when he said, “Yes, because for the first time, you didn’t come to watch the soccer club activity so I’m a bit worried whether or not something had happened to you.. But, you’re okay so that’s really great. Though, I never thought that you’ll unexpectedly be cooking.” Blushing Karin thinks, “Hey, senpai. Towards the person whom one is using and taking advantage of, would one ordinarily be this worried?” While they are washing the dishes, Nao asks Karin if there is anything she would need his help with. “No.. that is.. More on.. a type of..thanking you.. I always felt that if I don’t do something, I won’t feel at ease.” Karin says, “Ah, that- *evil smile* Is anything okay?” Nao nervously tells her to please say something within the range of common sense. Karin says, “Ah yes.. in the end, it is only that. Tsuruki-senpai, that.. next time when you call me, can you.. just call my name below..” [<- Karin; Surnames are always in front/above after the first name] Nao exclaims in surprise. Surprised Karin asks if it is no good, then she’ll change that.. Nao says, “No.. About this thing, it is completely okay.. ..Karin?” This startles Nao and wonders why her face is quite red. Karin happily says, “See, we are already married. Senpai’s name is from ‘Tsuruki Nao’ that has become ‘Oriyama Nao’. If you call me, ‘Oriyama-chan’ and I call you, ‘Tsuruki-senpai’, isn’t that too weird? So, Karin should also call senpai, ‘Nao’.. Nao.. Nao. *blushing* Nao. Nao. Nao. *happily looks at Nao* I’ll call you, ‘Nao-senpai’, okay!! *giggles* Nao-senpai.” Nao looks surprised and blushes. He quickly looks away and notices an envelope which says, ‘living expenses (for June)’ by what seems to be the washing machine. Taking the envelope, Nao exclaims, “Karin! After bringing out the living expense, remember to properly bring it back to its original place--..” He looks surprised when some coins fell out of the envelope. Looking aghast, Nao mutters that he couldn’t dare believe it. From the envelope are coins which amount to 724 yen with lots of receipt of what Karin bought. Apparently, Karin bought a lot of expensive ingredients, organic stuff and the 5 bowls. Trembling Nao says, “It is only one meal.. you’ve used up one month’s living expense of 200,724 yen.. so, of course, it is delicious..” Karin tells him that it is because she thinks that it is a very normal portion for a day. Nao angrily looks at her and says, “Oriyama-chan.. Today, we are also going to have an introspection meeting.” Karin is surprised that he called her by her surname again.
Comment: That was kind of cute and funny. Nao isn’t such a bad guy after all and it turns out that he’s not lying about his parents either. It makes me think that because of his parents’ marriage, he isn’t really keen on getting married. Maybe, that is the reason why he tends to distance himself with his fangirls and not treating anyone special. He apparently didn’t notice that he is really lowering his guard down with Karin. Maybe it helps that he had already shown his ‘true self’ to her that he doesn’t feel that it is necessary to keep up his pretense of being an ‘overly nice guy’. It does seem that treating her badly would make him feel less guilty over what he did since he wanted her to hate him..but apparently, that doesn’t work on Karin. Hehe, maybe Karin likes a challenge? Maybe Nao doesn’t think too much over his feelings for her because he can be quite exasperated over her cluelessness in living the ‘poor life’. Well, he really needs to teach her more about it and maybe later on, she will help him recover from his trauma. It is nice though that Karin breaks the usual cliché of rich girl who can’t cook. It is a good one that Karin wants in return is for them to call each other by their first names. ^^ Unfortunately, at the end of the chapter, it seems to be back to square one but there is definitely a bit of progress. Scans by allwink汉化

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