March 19, 2013

Waltz no Ojikan [Chapter 3]

Narration: “At the kindergarten play, the one who is chosen to play Cinderella is a very cute girl who is definitely slim and slender with big eyes. And, I’m always acted out that mouse-kind of thing. At that time, I knew that I have no way of becoming the princess-sama throughout my life. But, without knowing it, the moment that we held hands and started to dance. In this world, it is possible to become a princess-sama--..” Title: Important Partner. At the shoe lockers, Hime meets up with Tango and greets his a good morning. Then, she trips but holds up her hand to him. “I believe that even in this kind of situation, he will also properly catch me.. Because I’m princess-sama..” And, she falls down on the floor. Splat. While the others sweatdrop, her eyes widen in surprise. She sits up to see Tango happily chatting with the others about good morning and eating together for lunch. Hime wonders what’s going on. At Minami Dance Studio, Hime is shock that Tango is absent today. His mother apologizes by saying that Tango caught a cold today. Hime asks if it was serious. She tells her that it is okay, that idiot will get better soon. On the second day, Hime asks about Tango but his mother says that Tango has something to do at school. After two days had passed, Tango’s mother tells Hime that Tango injured his foot and says something about going to the hospital. Hime thinks that Tango is deliberately avoiding her. “Could it be because I said those words--..” [<- please make me your destined person]. Yuusei invites Hime to a dance party organized by the dance class. He tells her that even if those joining have to have at least a year experience in dancing, but they are going to specially invite her. Holding the flyer that Yuusei gave her, Hime exclaims in surprise over the party when she obviously have a ‘mouse’ existence. Puzzled over what she said, Yuusei tells her that the students experience social interaction and Tango will also join. This made Hime happily tell him that she will join. “Thank you very much, Yuusei-kun!” While Hime is practicing inside by herself, Sumire meets with Yuusei outside and tells him that he is being meddlesome again. Yuusei says that he doesn’t know what it is but he wants to help Hime. Looks at Hime practicing alone, Sumire says is that so. Inside, Hime wants to hear from Tango’s mouth, his answer to her request of making her his destined person.
At a hotel ballroom, Hime is awed over how grand it is. She wonders if this is Versailles Palace or some nobility country. She wonders if she matches the place while standing there even if she is properly dressed. The gown she is wearing is an old dress of her mother. She starts looking around for Tango. She notices someone who looks like Tango. She grabs the guy but when the guy turns around, it is a different person. A woman bumps into Hime and apologizes but Hime lost her balance and clings on the guy. The guy blushes and asks if she wants to dance with him. “Even if I want to dance with a cuter girl, but you’ll also would do..” Hime tries to protest but the guy kept on insisting and asks for her hand. Suddenly, Sumire grabs the guy’s hand and twist his arm behind him. Sumire tells the guy to stop it and please don’t treat dancing in such an impure manner. Upon recognizing Sumire, the guy quickly backs away and says that it is a misunderstanding and he only wanted to strike a conversation with Hime. Sumire looks at Hime and asks if she is Makimura Hime, Tango’s student. To Hime’s surprise, Sumire suddenly hugs her. Then, Sumire starts pinching Hime’s arms, tummy and back. When Hime cringes, Sumire quickly apologizes for being in that trance [/doing that unconsciously] and it is her bad habit of examining the body shape of a dancer in front of her. Hime sweatdrops and asks if she really likes dancing. With a sparkle, Sumire says that she is a fanatic. Holding Hime’s shoulders, Sumire tells her that she got good muscles and no wonder that is [/she was chosen by] Tango’s mother who has talent of selecting the best. Sumire introduces herself to Hime and tells her that she is Tango and Yuusei’s childhood friend. Yuusei arrives and tells Sumire that it is their turn to dance. Sumire tells Hime that if she sees Tango, she’ll leave him up to her. As Sumire and Yuusei go to the dance floor, the others become excited for they were anticipating this and those two are really great. Hime recognizes the two as the ones on the poster. She is amazed to watch the two dancing and Sumire is a million times prettier than in the poster. She thinks that it can definitely be said that those two have that kind of relationship – legendary fated partner--.. After the couple finished their dance, Hime thinks that in the end, she also wants to become like that and she wants to try out that dance together with [her] destined person. Hime suddenly turns around and sees Tango who got his hair all gel backwards. While going to him, Hime thinks that this time, she saw the real one. She blushes for he looks good in the swallow-tailed coat. She snaps out of it and thinks that she shouldn’t say that but rather, his answer..
Just when she tells him that she has something that she wants to ask him, Tango immediately turns around and calls out to a certain Miss Saitou [齊藤] about promising to dance together. Saitou asks if he remembered. Going with Saitou, Tango apologizes for making her wait for a long time. Then, another woman wants to dance with Tango but Tango tells them to wait in accordance to the order. Hime calls out to a woman and asks if she only has to wait there in order to dance with Tango. The woman says who knows, maybe. So, Hime stands by the side and watches the others dance. At Minami dance studio, Sumire shouts, “What!? You unexpectedly didn’t dance together with Hime-chan!?” Washing his face, Tango, who has changed his clothes, asks if it is Makimura, he heard. Sumire grabs him to face her and shouts that Hime came just to dance with him yet he would even deliberately not dance with her. “You’re such a cold-blooded animal, how disappointing-!!” Tango exclaims that he didn’t tell her to come so who cares about her. Tango catches himself and looks flustered. He tells her that this is inevitable for he said not to have that anticipation. Yuusei tells Tango to properly tell it to Hime herself. “It is fine to dance together and it is also fine for you to ignore her this time around. The other party will be perplexed. Hime-chan is always practicing all by herself. She treated you with that much sincerity. If you don’t properly answer her, she will be too pitiful.” Tango looks surprised by that. Then, Tango’s mother asks the three if they know what happened to Hime. They ask what happened. She says that it seems that she isn’t home yet and her father called. Tango looks at the clock and it is almost 11pm yet she didn’t go home yet. Yuusei wonders if she is still at the dance party. Tango nervously says no way. Sumire worriedly says that at this time, that place’s temperature would have fallen to zero [degrees]. Tango thinks that it is impossible. Yuusei says that it is snowing. This made Tango even more nervous. So, he runs back to the hotel ballroom. He is surprised to see Hime sitting by herself on the floor at the darkened ballroom. And, he is surprised that she brightly smiles and calls out his name. She goes to him and asks if it is her turn to dance with him but he took off his swallow-tailed coat. Tango snaps out of it and shouts at her that she could have frozen to death and no one would know. She tells him that she has a thick layer of fat so it is alright.
Tango shouts it isn’t that, an ordinary person won’t stupidly wait there. Hime says that it is because no matter what, she wants to ask him. “About.. is it possible for me to become your partner..” Tango notices that she is shivering. He asks, “Why.. is ballroom dancing really such a beautiful thing? Without a partner, one won’t be able to dance. Isn’t this quite troublesome?” Hime looks surprised at flustered Tango. Then, a security guard arrives with a flashlight and asks if someone is there. Tango quickly grabs Hime’s hand and apologizes to the guard that they are quickly going to leave. At the waiting area of the park, Tango gives Hime a hot drink. Wearing Tango’s coat, Hime gets the drink and thanks him. Holding his own drink, Tango mutters that she really pulled him by the nose. This made aghast Hime apologize. After a pause, Tango tells her that when he dances with her, even if he doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, but he becomes quite spirited. “So, I’m a bit afraid for I felt that it is like before, I’ll be pulled back into the dance world. Before..I always have a working[/cooperative] partner but one time at a convention, [I] left that child all by herself at the stage so I’ve hurt her. It is because of this thing that she was unable to continue on dancing. Compared to anyone, she obviously trusted me but I betrayed her. She is obviously my important partner. So, I’ve decided that I won’t find a partner again.” Hime is stunned by this. She looks down and mutters, “How.. can that be..” Tango stands up and holds his hand to her. “Okay, you’ve waited so long for me, so finally, let’s properly do one dance. I’m really sorry that there’s no music.” Hime takes his hand and they dance at the park. Hime thinks, “The sound of the snowflake floating down is like music. Minami-kun’s strong emotional upheaval is conveyed from his hand that is tightly grasping my hand. ‘I won’t find a partner again’ Minami-kun, he definitely always until now, regards that partner as very important..” Tango is surprised to see Hime crying. He asks her why she is crying. Surprised Hime apologizes and she is puzzled over her tears. Then, a couple of women pass by. They wonder if it is a fight. They shout to Tango that it’s no good to make a girl cry and guys are quite mean. Hime shouts, “It isn’t so. Minami-kun is a very amazing person. It is because of him, I’ve slowly [start to] like my name. He is like a magician, such an awesome person.” Tango tells her that is enough. Embarrassed Tango pulls her to him and tells her to quickly stop crying. While he hugs her, Hime thinks, “How come dancing with Minami-kun is so special. I finally realize it. I had fallen in love with Minami-kun.”
Comment: Finally, after a long wait and perseverance, Hime got the answer to her ‘proposal’ from Tango but unfortunately, it isn’t quite favorable and her consolation prize is she gets to dance with him. I wonder if she’ll easily give up after this. Aside from possibly regarding that partner as important, for Tango not to find another dance partner again, I wonder if it is some sort of penance for what he did with his previous dance partner. It isn’t exactly explained why he left her at the dance floor alone. We already know that Yuusei is helping Hime and Tango out but I wonder about Sumire. In this chapter, it seems that she also has the same intention. I start to doubt if Sumire was Tango’s previous partner. If she was, then this will be easier to resolve since Sumire seems to have forgiven him for it. It seems that this author tends not to continue from where she last left off. We didn’t get to see if his classmates reacted positively or negatively to Tango’s ballroom dancing but since he is shown here to be talking with the others, I guess it is positively. Anyway, I wonder if Hime would continue on trying to get Tango or would she just give up? I think she has a strong positive personality since she didn’t cry pitifully all alone in the ballroom. She must have really trusted Tango would come back for her. Perhaps, part of this ‘confidence in him’ reminds Tango of the past. Lastly, I don’t think Tango’s hair swept backwards look nice. ^^; Scans by allwink汉化组.

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