March 20, 2013

Stardust Wink Side Story: Don’t Really Like You (Part 1 of 2)

Cover page: “Childhood friends, quarrelsome friends, classmates. Our relationships are like that and there are no other progress, right?” Narration: “This guy is Kazami Hinata (15 years old). Birthday: March 9th. Pisces. AB blood type. Favorite food is miso ramen but he hates eating dried bamboo shoots. Usually, he would pretend to be listening attentively to the lecture but actually, he is always thinking of manga as an active high school mangaka. If you ask me how come I know about these things about him, that is because Hinata is my, Saeki Nanoka’s childhood friend. THIS IS NOT AT ALL BECAUSE I LIKE HINATA. THINGS SHOULD BE LIKE THIS.” In the classroom, Nanoka is frowning over a girl telling Hinata that her younger brother is a fan of his and he would be happy to have his autograph [which usually has a drawing of the mangaka along with the signature]. “I know that you are definitely very busy, but, if it is okay, please give an autograph to my younger brother.” Hinata agrees and says that he would be happy to. The girl is delighted and says that her younger brother will definitely be happy. Nanoka mutters that he’s horny. Hinata turns around and asks, what. Nanoka shouts that even if he very happily replied, but the one who likes him isn’t Sakuma [佐久間] but Sakuma’s younger brother. “Don’t think that you are lucky in love that you are proud of yourself!!” While Sakuma [the girl] is stunned, Hinata angrily asks what’s up with Nanoka for he didn’t think that way nor is he proud of himself. Narration: “Ever since it was publicly know in the class that he is a mangaka, from time to time, there are girls who are interested in Hinata. [Girls saying that he’s amazing and would want to read the manga he is writing.] But, whatever, it’s fine but today, I bafflingly felt furious.” At the photography room, Anna tells Nanoka to stop while she’s ahead for this childish thing of bullying the person she likes, she won’t be forgiven and there are other ways of doing it so don’t be mean. Looking away, Nanoka says that Anna is telling her again that she likes Hinata. “Nanoka and Hinata are only childhood playmates! Don’t say that to me just because you and your childhood friend are lovey-dovey!” Blushing Anna mutters that isn’t what she meant. Turning open a [/organizer] notebook, Ayane says that actually Anna-chan’s situation is rarely seen but what is this inside Nanoka’s treasured notebook. It is a picture of young Nanoka and Hinata eating bento while holding up V-sign. Shocked Nanoka exclaims how come they are looking at that without persmission. After Ayane shows it to Anna, Anna exclaims that it is so cute, and it is a picture of Nanoka and Kazami when they are young. Flustered Nanoka exclaims that it isn’t like that, the photo just floats down while she is tidying up her closet. “I felt that it is a bit nostalgic!! There is no other meaning to it.”
Ayane says that she obviously is also a childhood playmates with them. “So, why did you choose a picture that only has you two and no me? I’m really quite stunned.” Anna agrees for it is really strange when Nanoka really likes Ayane. Still flustered Nanoka says, “That.. is because.. I said that it isn’t [like that]!! You two are so annoying!! Enough, Nanoka is going home first!!” This surprises the two. In the apartment, pouting Nanoka thinks, “Those two teasing me at that side.. it’s too mean. *looking for something in her bag* Only thinking of picking on Nanoka!! Huh? *takes out all of her things from her bag* There’s no key!! No way, I left it in the room!? *gloomy* In the end, it’s not here.. *looks at her notebook and looks at the picture* Geez, it only just flown down and I felt that it is quite nostalgic. Ayane isn’t here because this is taken after Aya-chan moved away--..” Flashback: Young Nanoka is crying about not wanting to go to the excursion without Aya-chan. “I obviously promised Aya-chan that we would eat bento together-!!” Her mother said that even if she said that but it is inevitable. Her mother apologized to Hinata for he came to fetch Nanoka. “Can you eat bento together with Nanoka?” Her mother got irritated when Nanoka continued to whine about it being boring without Aya. Hinata said, “If you go together with me, when we eat the bento, I’ll share you a piece of fried chicken. So, let’s go to the excursion together!” Nanoka stopped crying and that picture was taken. End Flashback. Smiling Nanoka thinks that in the end, she had fun in the excursion and fried chicken. Hinata sees her and asks what she is doing, isn’t she cold? Nanoka is shock to see him. Hinata asks if she forgot her key and what about auntie [<- not blood related; Nanoka’s mom]. Nanoka nervously thinks, “No way. When did Hinata came back? He would laugh upon seeing me all by myself, right!? And also the picture!! Did he see it?!” Nanoka tells him that her mother is currently at her part time job. “So what about it? Nanoka forgot to bring the key and this has nothing to do with you, right?!” Hinata sweatdrops and says, “Ya- nothing to do with me. Why do I feel that you are a bit strange lately? Or, I should say, you would easily lose your temper. You’re more uncute than before.” This surprises Nanoka and she becomes gloomy. Opening the door, Hinata asks if she’s coming in. “Anyway, we are neighbors so it can’t be helped. Just come and wait inside my house.” Nanoka looks surprised at him. Inside, Hinata says that even if he said that but he still has work to do so just ignore him and just conveniently sit anywhere. Nanoka says that he doesn’t have to tell her that for that is exactly what she plans to do. “Ah.. thank you.” Hinata widens his eyes and speechlessly looks at Nanoka. Nanoka asks him what it is. Hinata says that it is nothing. “It’s just because you,unexpectedly become docile. *sparkling* It’s really strange, Nanoka.” Nanoka looks at him in surprise.
While Hinata prepares to start working, Nanoka starts rubbing her eyes and wonders what was that, for a second, it seems like Hinata is sparkling. She looks at him again and Hinata is sparkling while drawing. Nanoka asks him what’s up with him, could it be that as a guy, he would unexpectedly start putting on make-up. “You’re using some sparkling powder.” Puzzled Hinata asks how that is possible. Nanoka nervously asks if it is his clothes, he is wearing some gold thread embroidered shirt. “It totally doesn’t suit with your plain and simple looks, so quickly change!!” Hinata tells her that he isn’t wearing one and about having plain and simple looks, she doesn’t have to meddle with other people’s business. “Let me say, if you hinder my work, then can I trouble you to go out[the room]?” With knitted brows, Nanoka wonders, “Huh, then, why? Why does Hinata sparkle like this?” Hinata nervously looks at her and wonders if there’s no problem with this girl. Feeling dizzy, Nanoka says that it seems that she is very tired so she’s going home. Hinata says that she doesn’t have a key. Nanoka just replies, ya, it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t have a key. Nanoka goes out of the room, leaving puzzled Hinata. Narration: “I totally don’t understand. What’s wrong with Nanoka? Hinata is an otaku [/nerd]. His appearance is far from being a handsome guy. *Nanoka looks surprised at sparkling sleeping Hinata in the classroom. He also sparkles during PE class, when he goes into the toilet and when he eats lunch* In studies and sports, he is very ordinary. His only good point is drawing manga. All of these things, I knew of it early on. Then, why is it like this? Sparkling,’s too dazzling!!” Displeased Nanoka shouts, “Hinata, why don’t you stop while you’re ahead! *Hinata groans while waking up from sleep* What kind of strange medicine did you drink! Is it some medicine that claims ‘after drinking this, your charisma will double!’! Actually, it’s abnormal so don’t drink it again!! It’s because you always sparkle sideways that Nanoka has no way of concentrating in listening to the lecture!!” Sleepy Hinata apologizes and says that he’ll be careful next time.. Nanoka angrily shouts for him not to treat her half-heartedly. Anna glances at them and thinks that actually, Nanoka felt that Hinata is cooler[/more handsome] than he usually is. Hinata yawns and tells Nanoka that he doesn’t understand what she meant but since she felt that he is a hindrance, won’t it be okay if they just proceed with the changing of seats. Nanoka is surprised by this. Soon, the teacher tells everyone to sit in accordance to the number they got by lottery. Anna asks what the guys got. Hinata says that he got 15. Sou says he got 3. Nanoka looks at her paper and it is 17. She is startled [complete with sprouting cat ears] when someone asks what number did Hinata got. Hinata says that tragically it is number 29. The girl says that it is a seat in front.
Nanoka looks at the blackboard and sees that her seat is far away from Hinata’s. Looking sad, Nanoka tells herself that it is alright. Then, she looks surprised after remembering Hinata telling her that if she felt he is a hindrance, and isn’t it okay that they are going to change seats. “Huh? ‘Hindrance’?” Nanoka immediately calls out to Hinata and tells him that regarding what she said a while ago, she doesn’t feel that he is a hindrance. Nanoka is surprised when Hinata cluelessly asks what did she said a while ago. He asks her what her seat number is. She says 17. He looks at the blackboard and exclaims that it is really amazing and how lucky she is for it is at the last seat by the window side. “Ever since before, Nanoka’s lottery luck is quite good- *smiling and sparkling* I’m envious of you-” Nanoka has a lame expression over Hinata’s sparkling presence. Then, she angrily hits his stomach. Hinata shouts that it hurts. While he watches her leave, he wonders what’s up with her. Nanoka felt quite furious and agitated yet she doesn’t know why. “I planned to explain and yet he would have that foolish smile.” Nanoka darkly starts moving her desk to her designated place. Then, she overhears Sakuma asking Hinata if this is his seat. She is glad for she is sitting in front of him. Hinata greets her. Sakuma offers to let him hide behind her back while he is sleeping because after all, he usually sleeps. The girl laughs and Hinata nervously sweatdrops. Nanoka recalls Hinata commenting that she is strange lately. During class, Nanoka thinks, “In the end, the one who is strange is possibly I, Nanoka. I don’t know why I often felt furious. I also felt that Hinata looks sparkling. Then, I would also unexpectedly feel lost. I’m not quite sure what’s up with me. What’s going on with Nanoka..” On the way to school, Nanoka sighs while walking. Then, she notices a familiar figure. She rushes to him. She greets him a good morning and hits him on the back. Hinata turns to look at her. Sparkling Hinata yawns and asks how come she cannot greet in a normal way. Nanoka thinks that today, he is still bafflingly sparkles. Nanoka says that he looks quite tired. Hinata says ya, for the drawing manuscript was just taken this morning. Nanoka says that it felt that it has been a long time since they talked like this. Hinata asks if that is so. Nanoka says that there has been none ever since they’ve change seats because their seats are very far. Hinata says that they’ve only changed seats last two days ago so for her to say it has been a long time is quite an exaggeration. Looking thoughtful, Nanoka says that is true.. While yawning and stretching, Hinata says that Nanoka’s seat is really great, for it is really hard to sleep while seated in front that it is quite horrible and he didn’t know if he can sleep today or not. Nanoka sighs and asks what horrible for isn’t he happy. Emoting Nanoka says, “ [pretending to be Hinata ->] ‘This is.. the autograph that you asked before..’ [pretending to be Sakuma ->] ‘Ah, thank you. Can I look at it now!? How amazing- You’re drawing is really awesome-! I really revere you’ ..didn’t you talked like that with Sakuma-chan?”
Hinata sweatdrops and says that she really saw it clearly. Flustered Nanoka denies it and exclaims that it just so happen that it is within the scope of her sight and she didn’t specially mind is really just coincidental. Hinata asks what happy is she talking about. “Only up to this degree of conversation, I can normally talk. I fundamentally am not good in treating this kind of THE girl. Ah, basically, I felt that all girls are hard to deal with.” Nanoka says that this is the first time she heard of it. “During the cultural festival, didn’t you normally converse with everyone!” Hinata tells her that it is okay since he went into working mode even if the cultural festival isn’t really work. Nanoka says that didn’t he always converse normally with her. Hinata replies, “Nanoka is special. Don’t confuse yourself with other girls.” Nanoka looks surprised and stops walking. Yawning Hinata wonders if he would stop yawning. Nanoka thinks, “Ah.. ‘special’, huh? I, Nanoka.. *smiles* Is that so.” Nanoka happily calls out to Hinata and asks when the deadline is since she can help him draw the manuscript again. After looking surprised, Hinata asks why she is suddenly aloof and her help is definitely a lot. “It’s on the 19th so it is generally 5 days before..” Taking her notebook from her bag, she tells him to wait for she’ll write it down. Then, the picture falls down from the notebook. Hinata says that something fell down. While Nanoka looks shock, Hinata sees the picture of the two of them and says that it is quite nostalgic. “How come you have this picture?” In a daze, flustered Nanoka shouts, “It isn’t like that!! I just so happen found it in the room and felt that it is quite nostalgic. It isn’t at all like girls would conveniently bring along a picture of the person they like. It isn’t like Nanoka likes Hinata. It is totally not that.” Hinata replies, “I know. Calm down. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of that. Let me say, don’t unexpectedly go thinking up to that point. That is too impossible. Here, your notebook and picture.” Nanoka looks surprised and thinks, “‘Impossible?’ No..even if it is impossible.. even if it is true.. And, right.. Just now, you’ve said that Nanoka is ‘special’. *Walking ahead, Hinata looks at his cellphone and says that it is bad for the bus is coming.* It is only saying that I’m different from other girls, and he doesn’t mean that he looks at Nanoka as a girl. I know. I know. It turns out to be like that- communicating, connecting..” And, a bag starts flying towards Hinata and hits his head. Just as Hinata turns to look at Nanoka who threw the bag, she shouts, “Don’t say impossible!! I, Nanoka, felt that I myself don’t like Hinata. I felt that it is impossible. But in the end, I’m wrong. Nanoka probably likes Hinata!! (Huh? What did Nanoka just say? *blushing and looks down* Saying [I] like Hinata!? Really!? When..when did it started!? I totally don’t understand. I totally don’t understand. I totally don’t know. It’s because he said that it is impossible that I got very furious, [felt] very sad..I unconsciously say it out.)” Nanoka closes her eyes and slowly open them. She looks at Hinata to see his ‘weird out’ expression. This surprises Nanoka and they speechlessly look at each other. Narration: “Because of a sentence, it can change the situation, what would be my, Nanoka’s fate..”
Comment: With all the sparkling thing on Hinata, I can’t help but wonder if this is what the author meant for ‘stardust’ of the title. ^^; Maybe this is what/how the author originally wanted but somehow it ended up differently. ^^;; I think she already got the ‘clueless in love, spoiled and spunky with a tantrum’ female high schooler spot on. Nanoka’s internal dialogue is as fun as Anna’s at the start of the series. So far, Nanoka is showing signs of being in love but not, Hinata. Most of this series side stories are about unrequited love so I wonder if that would also be Nanoka’s fate. Scans by allwink汉化组. 

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