March 1, 2013

Waltz no Ojikan [Chapter 2]

[Note: Correction for the names which I hope is right since the intro page in this scanlation is very small. ^^; The male lead’s name is Minami Tango [南棠宮/たんご], Sutou Yuusei [須藤勇誠] and Shiraishi Sumire [白石], and Makimura Hime [牧村姫愛] so basically, I got the male lead's name totally wrong. ^^; ]

Title: Destined Person. Cover page: “Wanting to dance Hime. Doesn’t love dancing [ballroom] Tango. Then, in the end, who’ll be the VICTOR?” Tango’s male classmates darkly tease him that they heard that he is into ballroom dancing and that is so outdated[/old fashion]. The girls are turned off by him because he is mingling together with so many girls. Then, the spotlight is on creepy-looking Hime asking, “Minami-kun, shall we dance?” Tango screams in fright and it turns out to be just a dream. Tango thinks that it is a nightmare. And, even if it is for his allowance, he absolutely doesn’t want to expose that he can dance ballroom and he never thought that there is actually a classmate who would come to learn.. At the shoe lockers, Tango is startled when someone calls out his name. While the other students cheer him on and saying that they want to see it, a girl clings on to his arm and asks if he is going to dance hip hop during PE class. They want him to dance that sidewalk [dance] again since that is super cool. Tango is delighted that it wasn’t exposed. He tells them to properly anticipate it. As they walk the corridor, they ask Tango to teach them. Tango thinks that in this school, there is no difference between being called outdated and death, so in the end, this thing should absolutely not be found out--.. Tango’s smile freezes when Hime appears behind him. Holding up a 5 thousand yen bill, Hime tells him that she has prepared a lot of money. Tango goes into shock while the others look surprised. Hime continues to tell him that she’ll pay him every month. “So, please Minami-kun, let me become your student.” While pushing Hime away and going out with her, Tango shouts that she should give the field trip money to the teacher. His classmates ask if they have a field trip and who is that girl. They don’t recognize her. Soon, at the outdoor hallway, Tango is catching his breath. While holding her hands together, blushing Hime thanks him for yesterday, and she was really happy while dancing with him so.. She is surprised when Tango says that it is quite regrettable. With a tear in his eye, Tango tells her that actually their dance school will be bankrupt soon and they also have a lot of debt so they don’t have the ability to take a student again. Holding her shoulder, Tango says that even if it is her, they cannot take her in so better give up this thinking of wanting to be his student. Then, he tells her that he’s going ahead. While walking away, Tango thinks that is quite dangerous for even if it is painful not to take in this student, but in order for him to protect his secret to death, he must have no relationship with her.

Feeling that this will put him at ease, Tango goes to the school and says that he’s back. He freezes on his tracks upon seeing Himei already inside. Tango is shock for she totally didn’t comprehend what he meant. Trying to hide and escape, Tango tells himself to slowly, calm down and this is an ought to be an illusion. He is surprised when Yuusei whispers to him from behind that it is girl from yesterday. “She’s called Makimura Hime, right? Did she become your student?” Tango tells him what nonsense is he talking about, they are in the same junior high school and he obviously refused her and yet she totally didn’t understand what he meant. Moping at the side, Tango wonders what to do for her to give up. Yuusei asks if he doesn’t want to teach her. Tango says of course. Yuusei looks thoughtful. Inside, Tango’s mother is complaining about Tango being late. Hime gloomily wonders if in the end, feeling like a princess is just her egoistic feeling being too good. “No no no, *determined* Didn’t I, Hime, already decided that I would change. Even if it will go bankrupt, I will still do my best.” Then, a little finger touches her finger. She looks at a Tango hand puppet doll saying, “Shall we dance?” She is surprised and it turns out that Yuusei is holding the puppet. He greets her and tells her that it seems that Tango isn’t around so for today, can she treat this Tango doll as her practice partner. Looking up to him, Hime thinks that he’s quite tall and it seems that he is familiar. Then, she recalls seeing the poster..yes, he is the one dancing with that beautiful girl in the poster. Then, the other students are gossiping if they heard that Yuusei is taking a student and they would want him to teach them. Yuusei introduces himself as Sutou Yuusei and he grew up together with Tango. “I’ve been dancing since I was 7 years old.” This made Hime nervous for he is an amazing person. She introduces herself as Makimura Hime and yoroshiku [/I’ll be under your care]. Then, she says that she has to remove her glasses. After taking his outreached hand, Yuusei pulls her to him. As they start to dance, Hime thinks that it is really amazing for it is like her body is floating and it is moving on its own. “Quite graceful, and elegant. It simply feels comparatively perfect like being in a high class Western-style restaurant and enjoying a luxurious banquet.” She imagines herself happily looking at the delicious spread of food with roast chicken, lobster, wines, etc with Yuusei serving her. Blushing Hime tells Yuusei that yesterday, she became like an ojousama[/milady; this translation changed ‘princess’ from the last chapter to ‘ojousama’] and today, she felt like she had become a rich lady. Yuusei looks at her in surprise which Hime noticed.
Embarrassed, Hime quickly apologizes for accidentally making him into a waiter. After a pause, Yuusei asks her if she knew that in ballroom dancing, if there are a hundred dance partners, there will be a hundred dance statements like this, would be born. “But, even if this is so, among them all, there is a special dance partner that exists. For the other partner, the moment the hand grasp the other’s hand, they melt into one body. Breathing, rhythm[/tempo], and way of breathing, everything are--.. But only one person is a special dance partner. It is like a pre-destined person--..” Hime immediately remembers Tango dancing with her upon thinking of ‘pre-destined’. Blushing, Hime says about this special something..for her, it is impossible to happen and her dancing is awful. Yuusei says, “But compared to your lifting hand[/tiptoe] position [called loir according to the note by the scanlator] yesterday, it has become beautiful. If you only strive hard, one could say that perhaps you can become ‘special’. You must extend your hand [to the other], otherwise, you cannot start dancing.” Thinking about striving hard, Hime recalls what her mother told her that no matter who, any girl can become an ojousama [/princess]. Hime thanks Yuusei for saying some encouraging words to her. Later on, Hime bows to Yuusei and leaves. After she left, Tango opens the door and calls out to Yuusei. He shouts that Yuusei obviously said, ‘leave it to me’, wasn’t that to urge Makimura Hime to give up. Yuusei says that he didn’t say a word about that. Walking away, Tango angrily says that he’ll sever his relationship with him. Tango looks surprised when Yuusei asks if he is afraid. “If you continue on dancing with that person, you will go back to the dancing world.” Tango turns around and shouts, “Wha..” Standing in front of him, Yuusei tells him that the Tango who danced with Makimura Hime is exactly the same as that time. “It is that look during the first time I saw you dance. *There is a scene of young Yuusei looking surprised as Tango is happily dancing with a young girl* Even if I’m just 7 years old, I also knew that this guy is really amazing.” At home, Hime is practice dancing while holding a manual. Her father wakes up and calls her. Hime asks if she woke him up. He tells her that it is already 1 o’clock. Hime says ya, she’ll be done soon. Determined Hime continues to practice. “I want to dance with Minami-kun once again. One more time..  1 2 3 ” At school, some girls notice Hime practicing by herself, “1 2 3” behind the school building. They wonder what she is doing, dancing, it’s really weird. They start to realize that girl is in their classroom and it is the same one who talked with Tango. The other girl cannot believe it for why would he talk with that girl. They start to become jealous. During PE class at the gym, Tango is doing some stretching. He notices Hime, and then, he quickly looks away. This made the jealous girls angry. While everyone is seated, the PE teacher tells them that for today, the girls will show to everyone all sorts of dances so who’ll start.
A girl raises her hand and says that she saw Makimura Hime dancing quite beautifully. Hime looks surprised and points to herself. Surprised Tango looks aghast and nervous. The PE teacher suggests that Hime shows it to them. Standing in front of her classmates, Hime says that it, not really like that.. She holds up her hand and starts dancing and counting, ‘1 2 3 1 2 3’. The others start laughing and ask what is that dance, it’s so weird. Tango nervously thinks that Hime will be laughed at like that. Hime blushes as she hears her classmates snickering. She thinks, “Everyone are.. looking.. my movements.. *holds her head up high and smiles* Everyone is looking at me. Everyone obviously didn’t know of my existence. It’s very amazing. It’s truly amazing!!” Tango wonders why Hime is smiling and what’s up with her. Then, he notices something. “Her dance steps.. How come her steps are quite big? That girl’s height is more.. *looks surprised* My steps? When she danced with me, those dance steps are totally the same--..? No way. She only has to dance with me once and she completely remembered it?” Tango recalls Yuusei asking him if he is afraid for Hime will make him come back to the dancing world. He hears his classmates snickering over how weird Hime’s dance is. Then, he recalls some women laughing out loud. A young girl [probably his dance partner] look dejected. The girl cried and the others kept on laughing out loud. End flashback. Suddenly, Tango grabs Hime’s hand and dances with her. Hime calls out his name. Serious Tango tells her that he is an expert in coordination so properly keep up with him. Everyone is surprised as Tango expertly dances with Hime. Hime thinks that it isn’t the same. “In the end, it isn’t the same. Thump Thump. Sparkling. Dancing with Minami-kun is like being surrounded by sweet cakes. Always, I want to always keep on going like this. This special feeling--” After they finish the dance, Tango notices the others quietly looking dumbfound at them. Tango is shock and thinks, “Over.. it’s thoroughly over [for me]..” Freaking out, Tango pulls away from Hime and shouts, “No, it isn’t like that. It’s just.. I’m only wanted to say that this ought to be danced by two people.” Because of his sudden movement, Hime loses her balance and fell on top of Tango. Tango thinks, “Ah.. Could it be that, I..” Holding Tango’s hand, Hime tells him, “Minami-kun, please make me become your destined person.” No matter up to where, continue to persist on- Tango sweatdrops and thinks that if it is this person, perhaps, she[/it] is the destined person whom he absolutely can’t break away from. Blurb: “Towards Hime’s feelings, Tango’s heart also starts to move..!? Who is Tango’s ‘destined person’!? Next, SECRET gradually disclosed..!?”
Comment: It is amusing how Tango views Hime based on his nightmare. He seems to think of her as some persistent, creepy person. ^^; Maybe it comes from his fear of his secret being exposed to his classmates and maybe, partly what Yuusei hinted on. His school must be a trendy one that he doesn’t want to be thought of being ‘outdated’. This comment is actually true for Hime who looks ‘outdated’ that most of them doesn’t even know who she is. That is indeed like ‘death’ = do not exist. Hime might not be pretty but she got the right attitude. She may lack some self-confidence but with a good push, she can go far. That is thanks to Yuusei who really helped her here by encouragement. He is also indirectly helping out Tango. Hehe, maybe part of that is because he wants a rival. =P I wonder where he got that Tango puppet. ^^; His speech on destined person in ballroom dancing is quite nice that it can actually be applied to other things especially romance. ^^ Being with 100 people indeed can have different interactions but of course, there will be that special one. I like how Hime carried herself on with the dance even if the others are laughing at her during PE. She has a different attitude towards it especially since she is ignored and quite forgettable before. It is amusing how determined she is to dance with Tango that she is practicing her dance exactly how they’ve danced earlier. It is also nice how Tango helped her with it. I think he does have a soft spot for girls. About his past, I begin to think that crying girl is Sumire. Tango must have felt bad as the male lead dancer to make his partner look bad to the point of being laughed at, that he doesn’t want to ballroom dance in public again or rather dance competitively. Maybe, I was mistaken that he likes Sumire in the first chapter but rather, maybe, Sumire is slightly irritated that Tango has found ‘some other dance partner’ and Tango kind of felt bad about it for Sumire that he lost his concentration. Aside from how Tango will react towards Sumire’s request, I wonder what the others would think of their ballroom dance. Maybe, it won’t be as bad as Tango thought it is and they would all enroll into the dance school and save it from bankruptcy. =P I wonder if real ballroom dancer imagine things just like how Hime does. It makes me think of those cooking manga/anime that exaggerate praises for a certain taste of a dish and comparing it to all sorts of things. Anyway, since the cover always had Hime’s face covered except for the small colored preview picture, I think she will have a ‘change’ later on. Scans by allwink

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