February 28, 2013

Kedamono Kareshi [Chapter 6]

At the train station, Keita calls out to stupid Himari and hits her on the head with a notebook. After looking around, she scolds him that he shouldn’t talk with her outside. He tells her that she forgot to bring her notebook and he’ll go to the other train carriage. He sticks out his tongue at her and goes to the other side. Himari smiles and thinks that even if Keita is still like before but thanks to him, she got over her trauma and can ride the train alone. She felt that the current her is in the best situation and her exams are also going smoothly. She plans to invite Ryou to the movies next time since she hurriedly left during their date earlier. She believes that the current her can definitely pull it off. At the women’s toilet at school, some girls are talking about whether they saw [that girl] at the gate. Just then, happy Himari enters and wondering when she is going to invite Ryou. She gets excited that she might become his girlfriend. While fixing her hair, she felt that she ought to thank Keita if she truly ends up becoming Ryou’s girlfriend. Then, she overhears one of the girls saying that it is quite daring for a girl from some other school to wait at the school gate for her boyfriend and she heard that the girl’s boyfriend is first year’s Ryou, how lucky of him. Himari looks surprised. She looks at the girls and wonders what that girl just said. One of the girls says that it seems that the girl is younger than them by a year. The other girl says that it is a third year junior high student and she felt that she already lost but it is inevitable. She says that even if she is frustrated about it but that kid yesterday is indeed quite cute. Her friend agrees. After they left, Himari thinks about Ryou having a girlfriend. She rushes to their classroom and calls out to napping Keita that this is an emergency, quickly come with her. By the stairs [probably fire escape since no one is there], Keita asks her what is the emergency and didn’t she always reprimand him not to talk with her in school. Himari tells him not to care about that for now. Keita is surprised when Himari asks if Ryou had a girlfriend. He asks where she heard that. Himari says that in the toilet, she heard some girls talking about it and she carelessly heard it. Keita nervously sigh. Himari asks him what she should do. Keita tells her it is useless to ask him what she should do. He is surprised again when Himari asks if he knew about this girlfriend thing. He looks away and just says who knows, he doesn’t know her or anything since she is younger by a year. Himari asks again that means, he truly knew about it. Keita insists that he doesn’t know. Pointing at him, Himari angrily says that he just said a year younger. Keita denies that he said it. She exclaims that since elementary, he is always together with Ryou and their relationship is quite good.
Still not looking at her, Keita lets out a sigh. This made Himari realize something. She asks him if he obviously knew and yet, he would pretend saying that he’ll help her. Keita looks surprised. Himari thinks that it could be that Keita is enthusiastically helping her romance is only for him to laugh at her. Clenching her fist, Himari thinks that this is quite mean for everything is a lie – saying that he’ll help her, and she always thought that their relationship had become closer as a family. Himari asks why, could it be that she did something very mean to him and is he angry about something.. Wiping her eyes, she asks why he would always do mean things to her. “Lately, it isn’t easy to feel that we are truly like real siblings and our relationship had become quite good.” After looking surprised from hearing that, Keita lets out a laugh about ‘real siblings’ and ‘lately good relationship’. Himari got scared. Keita admits to her that is right, he knew that Ryou has a girlfriend so he told her that he’ll help her. “I don’t have time to play a ‘play house’ game with you.” After recovering from her surprise, Himari asks why for whether it is their mother or father, they want them to be like family so why would he say such a mean thing. Approaching her, Keita says, for her to say ‘mean’, when did he say that he is going to properly get along with her? Cornering her to the wall, Keita angrily hits the wall and shouts for her to quit considering herself as an older sister to him. “And, let me tell you ahead of time, I never treated you like a family member nor did I even think of it.” With that, Keita turns to leave. Himari kept on thinking, why. She grabs her arms tight and bends down. She thinks that he is really angry and no matter what, it is quite mean of him to hate her. After running at the hallway, Keita leans at the wall and curses for what the heck is he doing? Later on, Keita arrives home and meets with Himari at the stairs. Keita tries to talk to her about what happened today but Himari suddenly got scared. She quickly turns around and leaves. He tries to call her but she won’t listen. Keita quietly looks glum. Himari locks herself in her room and her heart is beating fast. She thinks that in the end, she couldn’t do it. “How scary.. Could it be that I’m the only one who is happy that we became a family? But, the smile before, and also those words [telling her to stay while he’s sick], could it be that all of it, everything is just a lie-?”
Comment: And, congratulations to Keita, he blew it and managed to revive Himari’s trauma[?]/fear of guys, I presume. It is one thing to be traumatized over the bullying but to be tricked and scolded like that by a guy who caused her original trauma. It isn’t good that Himari has to learn the truth from someone else. He really made her think that he just took bullying into a new level. Actually, it does put Ryou in the same level since he didn’t come clean with her about having a girlfriend. It will really make her think that two of the closest guys to her are making a fool of her. I do hope that she also won’t let Ryou ‘easily’ get away with this. We might have a ‘cold war’/snubbing period soon and Keita regretting his outburst depending on how bad Himari reacts to this incident. Too bad for Keita, he is clueless over his feelings or else, he say ‘don’t want to be family’ and follow it up with ‘because I want for us to be lovers/I like you’. =P Well, it is bad day for Himari, just when she thought that things will become better, it just got worse. Scans by allwink

Quote of the day:
Truth often hurts but it’s the lie that leaves the scars. ~ Author Unknown