March 3, 2013

Koi dano Ai dano [Chapter 19]

[Free Talk: I’ve assumed that Skip Beat! 198 will be English scanlated today but it turns out it is not. ^^; I’ve concentrated on working on this summary. But thankfully, I found someone who already written a thorough summary of it in mangafox by Vampirecat. ^^ About the pitas blog, only the FIRST page is working. After two months, the archive pages and login page are still DOWN. orz I’ll be mentioning this blogger site repeatedly in the tagboard since apparently, some people still didn’t know about it.]

There are people who like to rate people like Guy A commenting that this girl is 5th cutest in the whole year. There are those who hate being rated by others like Guy A being praised for his drawing skills but not good enough compared to 00 and △△. He would darkly say that he doesn’t want to compete against them. Election, that is the activity called wherein one has to overcome oneself and listen to the others comments about oneself. It is a frightening activity wherein in front of others, one will know who are one’s supporters through voting. And, their school is currently in an election. With pictures of Sayuri, Yabuki and Otabe on the board, the other students are commenting about the three. Kanoko is making a mock survey from their comments. She thinks that in the end, these three are the ones who attract the most attention. Taking her notes, Tsubaki asks what this is. She tells him that she is investigating who attracts the most attention. Tsubaki comments that it is these three. Kanoko says yes, but one can’t say if there will be a dark horse. She tells him that one must get the data gathering by oneself. Tsubaki sighs and tells her to quit playing around and go to the club. They arrive at the club and are surprised to see Hitoyoshi and Okyou already there welcoming them. Kanoko still felt that Tsubaki is out of place in their club as if ‘a talented person is in an insignificant position’. Hitoyoshi says that they are going to discuss about the division of work in getting election information for publication. There is the retrieving of surveys and interviews. Kanoko offers to do that. Hitoyoshi is a bit hesitant until Tsubaki volunteers to go with Kanoko. Walking at the hallway, Kanoko thanks Tsubaki for this way, it won’t be suspicious when she is gathering information about the candidates that concerns her. Her duty in this election is to make Yabuki win as president. They go to section 3-A and asks Yabuki for his time for an interview. Yabuki tells them that they’ll talk in a different place. At the conference room, Kanoko looks around and claims that it is her first time there and can students go here. Sitting down on the sofa, Yabuki tells her to quit pretending for she would occasionally go there. Kanoko becomes quiet and Tsubaki is freaking out over this. She actually goes there to take a nap since no one goes there. Kanoko thinks that Yabuki is a vigilant person. Yabuki asks if they came regarding winning the election. Kanoko says yes, she thinks that it is best to collaborate with Sayuri. Tsubaki exclaims in disbelief over this since Sayuri is their rival. Kanoko tells him that if their interests are the same, there’s no need for them to cross swords. Because Yabuki is currently in third year, it isn’t definite if he can continue to stay in the school council. The elected members this April will be organizing the June’s cultural festival and it will definitely be difficult [based on what happened last year with those pestering students].
Sayuri’s camp goal is only to make her the first female president of the school so make her a vice-president first then, before March, Yabuki would be president then after April, Sayuri would be president. Yabuki says that’s quite disappointing for he was anticipating a brilliant scheme but it unexpectedly became a compromise. Kanoko smiles and says that his goal is to change the student council/clubs’ tenure limit. Yabuki admits that she is right, winning is very easy but choosing the way to win. Tsubaki objects for there is still the problem of whether Sayuri’s camp would agree or not. Yabuki tells him that his protest is in vain. This made Tsubaki dark. Yabuki says that when he said ‘talk in a different place’ to Kanoko, it wasn’t necessary for him to come. Tsubaki says that he is a member of the newspaper club. Yabuki tells him that this isn’t a club activity and he had noticed that Tsubaki is excessively interfering with Kanoko. Yabuki tells Tsubaki that Kanoko isn’t his possession so he doesn’t have the right to hinder Kanoko’s actions. Tsubaki is surprised when Kanoko says that Tsubaki can, because of the the fact that is he is always thinking of her, so she’ll listen to Tsubaki’s advice. At the newspaper room, Kanoko is looking at some papers and saying that no matter what is said, it is absolutely better to collaborate with Sayuri now. Tsubaki asks that isn’t she going to listen to his advice. She says that she’ll listen but it’s hard to follow. Tsubaki thinks that the reason why he is displeased is because they are relying on Yabuki. He recalls Kanoko telling him that because during the first year, they had a lot of interaction with Sayuri and Hijiri, they already know how they work and compared to their interaction with the student council, it is quite few so they don’t understand much about that. Although ‘do unto others/eye for an eye’ and there are many components in governing people but ‘know yourself and know your enemy’ [in order] to be ever victorious. Fufu. Tsubaki gloomily thinks that means Kanoko is interested in Yabuki. Kanoko prepares to get the broadcasting’s views through indirect questioning but Tsubaki insists on doing it because until now, Hijiri thought that it is all his schemes so it is more natural for him to go. Since Kanoko didn’t answer, Tsubaki assures her not to worry for he won’t deliberately provoke them so that they would refuse them. Kanoko says that it isn’t like that because about what Yabuki said a while ago, on contrary, she wonders if she is willfully always sticking to him. Tsubaki rubs her head and calls her stupid for he is always only just concerned of his own interests. Happily thinking friendship, Kanoko says that she’ll leave it to him. While going out, Tsubaki darkly thinks that it is true for he absolutely won’t let Hijiri get close to Kanoko for it would be his problem if they had a good relationship.
At the broadcast club, the twins arrive and inform everyone that like yesterday, nothing happened. Today, the homeroom teacher talked with Otabe about his absences and if he keeps it up, he’ll repeat a year but Otabe is okay with it. Sayuri comments that even if Otabe joined the elections, he is bidding his time. Hijiri agrees with her and they don’t know the reason why he joined the election so they don’t know how to react against him. Underling guy says that Otabe’s reputation is bad so he ought not to be voted by the others so the enemy would only be Yabuki. Both Sayuri and Hijiri tell him that he is too naïve and defenseless. Hijiri asks the twins what they know of Otabe. They start saying he is the computer club president, lolicon, likes money, grades good but always absent during exams, etc. Hijiri says that people are quite knowledgeable about Otabe even if they didn’t interact with him. Rumors about him being a ‘pervert’ is spreading because this election, a lot of people would start to know about him. Hijiri concludes that Otabe joined the election not as a student but to become a ‘celebrity’[/famous person]. Underling comments that Sayuri and Yabuki are also ‘celebrity’. Sayuri tells him that if there are bad news about her and Yabuki, their popularity will fall but since Otabe’s reputation has been bad from the start, it won’t be affected at all. They were interrupted by Tsubaki who asks to talk with Sayuri. Hijiri asks him what it is. Tsubaki says that it is about the election. Hijiri tells him that he’ll talk with him in some other place. Behind the school building, Hijiri is telling Tsubaki about being troubled and Sayuri’s reputation affected if there is a picture taken with him and Sayuri alone so he [Hijiri] doesn’t want him to be seen with Sayuri during election period. Tsubaki thinks that he isn’t an idol. Hijiri accuses Tsubaki with a smile about trying to ruin Sayuri’s reputation by getting near her. Tsubaki says that he isn’t thinking of that. Hijiri asks him what he wants. Later on at the newspaper room, Kanoko asks Tsubaki how it went. To her surprise, Tsubaki tells her that they were turned down. Kanoko exclaims why for they should be afraid of Yabuki. Tsubaki apologizes so Kanoko immediately says that she isn’t blaming him. Tsubaki comments that her plan is too ‘hard-line’[/tough]. Kanoko asks what it is but Tsubaki says that it is nothing, he’s going to buy some juice. Kanoko thinks that Tsubaki’s expression seems like ‘don’t bother me’. She knows something happened but as a friend, she also wants to give Tsubaki some space and that is how adults do it. She decides to go back to work. While drinking juice at the bench at the courtyard, Tsubaki recalls what had happened. Flashback: After Tsubaki explained things to Hijiri, Hijiri said that he doesn’t want to collaborate with him so don’t come back again. End flashback. Tsubaki wonders what he did to make Hijiri angry. Is it because he took away Kanoko during summer vacation while they were talking and he is still holding a grudge? 
He is startled when Kanoko suddenly sits beside him. She asks him what had happened for he is a bit weird just now and she knows because she is always with him. Thinking that pretending to know and give space isn’t being an adult, she tells him that if anything happened, she will do her best to help him out. After looking surprised, Tsubaki tells her that it is no big deal at all. Kanoko is shock that she starts to think that she is unreliable for he refused her help. Troubled Tsubaki sighs and tells her that it is really no big deal for it has been a long time since he talked with Hijiri and he became a bit cold. Tsubaki thinks that is really bad way of putting things and he isn’t a girl. Tsubaki laughs it off and says that it is no big deal. Kanoko says that it definitely is because to be unexpectedly treated coldly by a friend, anyone would become depressed. Tsubaki tells her that Hijiri isn’t his friend and possibly, he is mistaken about it. Kanoko tells him that even if he is mistaken, if he felt being treated coldly by the other, he would feel hurt and common people are like that. She tells him that he must not desperately act like an adult by pretending that it is alright, in front of her. Tsubaki thinks that she doesn’t know that when he act strong, and desperately acting like an adult by pretending that it is alright is only when he’s in front of her. When Tsubaki lets out a laugh, Kanoko exclaims what it is. He tells her that he didn’t expect that she would unexpectedly tell him ‘common’ <- during junior high, Kanoko asked if so-called friendship is commonly like this. Kanoko proudly says that she matured a lot. Tsubaki calls her stupid, for she’s totally a kid. He asks her to forget what he just said. Kanoko asks why. He tells her that it makes him feel humiliated to be hesitating/indecisive. She tells him that it is nothing and common people would get depressed. Tsubaki says that he hates ‘common’ because he wants to be special in her eyes and he wants her to forget his humiliation. “Please.” Tsubaki thinks that Kanoko is quite low-profile, yet she has the elements to be popular – fair clear cheeks, raven black hair, strong-willed big eyes and luckily, she’s pure so he can heave a sigh of relief. Kanoko says that she understands. Just when Tsubaki is telling her not to mention it again, Kanoko adds that she also has humiliating stuff. Tsubaki is surprised. And their faces are quite close to each other. Kanoko says that he felt humiliated over what he said that he doesn’t want others to know so as an apology for hearing it out, she will also tell him her humiliating stuff. Getting close to him, Kanoko continues to say that she also doesn’t want to broadcast out her shameful stuff so she also won’t tell anyone what he just told her. Tsubaki sweatdrops and thinks that he told her to forget it, not keep it a secret.
Back at the news room, Kanoko tells him about wanting to have an ordinary school activity with everyone when she just got in high school, after getting in the newspaper club and getting busy with the cultural festival, she doesn’t hate it and it is thanks to Tsubaki who forced her to join the club. Since she always likes acting alone, she didn’t realize that she actually likes acting with everyone, and that is quite humiliating. Tsubaki thinks that he totally doesn’t know what is humiliating about it and he knew of it in May when Momoka mentioned to him that Kanoko actually likes hanging out with everyone. But then, he didn’t know that she is very thankful to him for making her join the newspaper club. Soon it is late in school, Kanoko tells Tsubaki that she’ll get the bicycle so wait for her at the gate. While walking, Sayuri calls out to him and says that it is quite late. Tsubaki says that there was a bit of trouble at the club = Okyou lost the voice recorder so everyone has to help in searching for it. Tsubaki stares at Sayuri and comments that her make-up is unexpectedly thick. This irks Sayuri. Tsubaki asks Sayuri if it is okay to talk with him when they are enemies. Sayuri is puzzled. He tells her that Hijiri had turned down the proposal of collaboration. Sayuri exclaims if that is why he came to the broadcast club today. Tsubaki is surprised that she didn’t know. Then, Kanoko arrives with the bicycle. While the two rides the bicycle home, Tsubaki tells Kanoko that when he thinks of it in detail, since choosing an election collaboration has been rejected, has she thought of a new tactic. He says that staying late for club activity like this is a waste of time so he’ll do her club work and from tomorrow on, she concentrate on helping Yabuki out. Kanoko wonders if Hijiri thinks that Tsubaki is with Yabuki’s camp so he acted coldly and she doesn’t want to trouble Tsubaki with her willfulness again. Kanoko says she understands and she’ll leave it to him. At the broadcast room, Sayuri confronts Hijiri that he told her that Tsubaki came only for an interview for the newspaper club so why did he lie. Why did he refuse when it isn’t bad that Yabuki would be president before March and after April, she will be president. Hijiri tells her to calm down. Sayuri says that Hijiri also knows that in this election, if Otabe starts acting like a good person in front of the whole school, they have no way of winning. She asks him again why he didn’t tell her about refusing Tsubaki’s proposal. Hijiri denies it and says that they ought to observe them a bit. Sayuri sternly tells Hijiri that didn’t she tell him to absolutely not lie to her so why didn’t he tell her the truth. Hijiri silently bow his head. Sayuri says that she’s leaving. After she left, Hijiri looks flustered and mutters that she also won’t tell him what she talked with Tsubaki before. The next day, by the shoe lockers, Tsubaki calls out to Yabuki who had just arrived in school. After greeting him a good morning, Tsubaki wants a bit of his time [to talk]. Yabuki smiles and asks if he wants to use the conference room.
Comment: Hehe, Tsubaki is already hinting a lot there and Kanoko still thinks that it is all in the name of friendship. =P It seems that we are in for a lot of misunderstandings. Tsubaki thinks that Hijiri likes Kanoko but actually, Hijiri likes Sayuri and thinks that there is something between Tsubaki and Sayuri when in truth, there is none. It does seem that Otabe is a ‘wild card’ in the election. The collaboration thing is indeed a bit lame and plotwise, it is good that it is been refused so that we can see a more brilliant tactic. Based on the brewing conflict inside Sayuri’s camp, if that is known by Kanoko, she might use ‘divide and conquer’. I’m not quite sure how she is going to handle Otabe though. I wonder what Tsubaki wanted to talk with Yabuki. In the end, after everything is said and done, it is indeed true what Kanoko said, everything Tsubaki does is indeed for her..and a bit of for him to protect her from other prospective suitors while she is clueless over his feelings for her. =P Gambatte! I also like how supportive he is of her. I like couples like that especially if one of them is exceptionally brilliant. ^^ Scans by 红莲汉.

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