March 22, 2013

Vampire Knight [Chapter 91]

[Free Talk: This is a speedy summary but I think I got the main idea ^^]

Before Yuuki can turn Kaname to human, he stops her and tells her something about this [becoming metal] is a kinder way of continue on killing purebloods so she ought to approve of him becoming the metal. He asks if it is really a good idea to turn him into human when he is the only way/weapon to oppose vampires. Kaname goes to face the invaders and tells Yuuki to stay there for let him protect her. Useless Yuuki agrees. So, Kaname goes out and want to fight. Zero argues a bit with him about this. and Zero recalling something about hating purebloods.. And, they quickly defeat the intruders. Maid apologizes to other purebloods of their failure. They plan to stop Kaname from becoming the metal thingie. Soon, everyone moves the school [I think or wherever the hunters are currently staying]. Zero is still thinking Yuuki is a weird pureblood for telling him not to say in that place anymore..and probably go with them. = her concern for him? Then, Yuuki is asking Kaien if the metal thingie is really needed. Scar guy tells her why it is needed to fight against pureblood and, if not, they would all be dead especially since most of the hunters lost their weapons and the purebloods are currently active. Yori arrives and is glad Yuuki is alright. She also mentions how humans will be affected by this. Zero still thinking that Yuuki isn’t like a pureblood. Zero visits Kaname in prison and tells him the preparation for the metal thingie is going smoothly. He asks if Kaname is serious about this. Amused Kaname comments that he never thought he would ask that.
Then, Zero comments that from the start, Kaname ‘isn’t living’. While saying something, Zero got confused as his memory continues to jog..jog..jog. After all of that thinking, Zero goes to the prison where Yuuki is snuggling with Kaname and says that Yuuki has a visitor. Isaya tells Kaname that he is going to fulfill their agreement. Kaname tells Yuuki to go. Yuuki refuses. Kaname hugs her and tells her to go to the radiant world and even if she forgets about him, he will always remember her. He says that she suits the light more. Yuuki shouts for him to let her decide that. Isaya drags Yuuki away. Outside, while Zero follows the two, Yuuki protests to Isaya about wanting to be always a vampire, not to lose this strength and she doesn’t want to just abandon and run away. Zero recalls some earlier scene with Yuuki. As Zero takes his leave, Isaya prepares to turn Yuuki into human. Isaya thanks Yuuki’s parents since this is a way for him to end his life. Zero suddenly returns and grabs Yuuki from Isaya. He looks at her intently and trying to recall her. He finally says, “Your name is Yuuki. You’re the girl whom I want to protect. (and also the girl who won’t let me protect her)” The blurb for next chapter, Zero got his memory back and the school is surrounded.
Comment: Okay, as expected, the bed scene might be Kaname’s ‘last hurrah [of the love rival?]’ and Yuuki might end up with Zero after Kaname becomes the metal thingie. Well, I guess YxZ is the good example for their world that they can live in harmony. Not all vampires are bad kind of thing. Then, they can just set up some sort of 'police' for the bad ones. Scans by 玖玖爱枢♀汉化

Quote of the day:
You know what is the difference between promises and memories? We break promises, where as memories break us. ~ Author Unknown