March 23, 2013

Kaichou wa Maid-sama [Chapter 80]

[Free Talk: This is a speedy summary and thanks to Tinynarna for the link. ^^ There are some crude translations in some parts but I hope you get the general idea. ]

Misaki sends a message to everyone back at Japan that she and Usui are okay, sorry for making them worry and she’ll contact them again. Back in London, Misaki is shock over the newspaper items about the prince running away and other stuff including something about dancing fully naked in a school gathering. Usui seems to joke about using black magic to increase the zombies. Misaki shouts about there’s no need for enemy’s sympathy. [<- It seems that they are talking about the game. ^^; Don’t quite get it] They played the game throughout the night so Usui is sleepy. Usui asks Tora if it is time. Tora tells him to start preparing and they’ll leave after an hour. At the car, Misaki protests that they are not going to the airport, but rather to returning to the city. Tora tells her that he also has something he has to do and he can’t always trouble himself about the two of them. In some place, some common people are shock to see Usui then they start gossiping. The older woman greets Tora and starts showing him the new commodities. It seems that this place is something that Gerald started..probably related to the perfume before, I forgot and it seems that Tora has a business negotiation with him about making the products available in their school. Then, there is a woman causing a ruckus calling Usui a traitor for ruining Gerald’s hard work. Misaki tries to explain that Usui is forced but Usui stops her. He tells her that staying in the castle for some days, he came to understand things about the high expectations on Gerald. The woman still kept making a fuss and causes the cabinet to fall on her but Usui and Misaki saved her. Later on, a man tells the two to wait since Tora is still on a business meeting. Usui seems okay that the store people hates him and treats him as an enemy even if Misaki protests that he didn’t do anything wrong. Usui comments that even if his brother treated him that way but it isn’t like that with everyone else who depended and adored him. And, perhaps, he doesn’t belong to those type [bro and others] and the only one who can give him a setback because of criticism is Misaki.
Misaki asks where he got that perverted alien nature. He says probably from his mother. Touching his face, Misaki lovingly comments about not being moved by others, and he will continue that pervert alien gene between the brothers, a thorny family member. Usui says ya. Then, he wants to have a dance with her but her foot is injured. He hugs her and apologizes for he only wanted to do this. Misaki blushingly smiles and says that he is really a thorny guy. The staff are watching the two, and of course, grumpy Tora. Meanwhile, the grandfather is shouting at Gerald if that is all he has to say and nothing more, then leave. Then, Gerald’s father invites Gerald for tea. Gerald asks if he isn’t going to rebuke him. His father says that he is like his wife strong, intelligent and assuming everything by himself. And, if there is some similarities [between him and his wife?], it is about being more carefree but even so, even if it is hereditary[/inheritance] he felt that he can’t win against her. Even if he loses in any fight, he only has self-confidence on winning in one thing and that is no matter what happen, he always loves them. Gerald is touched by that. Then, his father holds the toy plant which he recently bought and playfully asks Gerald if he knows its is Ficus pumila which means in plant language, ‘let us cheer up’. Then, afterwards, his father doesn’t know how to continue since he has no plan. Nevertheless, he did manage to cheer Gerald up as Gerald smiles and thanks him. Soon, Tora tells everyone that work is over, they are going back to Japan. At the Japan airport, Misaki is thanking Tora for everything when Tora shouts that it is annoying to death. To their surprise, Tora grabs Misaki and kisses her on the lips. After letting to off Misaki, Tora casually says, ah, is that the ‘remorseful to death’ expression. He smiles and comments about making him experience[/be knowledgeable] of a good thing. Usui is totally furious that there are people screaming about some scary thing. Soon, everyone welcomes Misaki back. And, in school, Misaki and Usui go back to school together in Seika. Next, it is the start of the last arc.
Comment: So, I guess for Tora that stolen kiss is part jealousy and part wanting to taunt Usui. I think that would have been funny if we see a scene of Tora in bandages in the hospital but it seems the author wants to portray Tora as a cool, cocky guy and not some slapstick type like the three idiots. The scene between the couple is okay but what I really find touching is the part between Gerald and his father. Fully knowing his many limitations, his father can only give him one thing which he can give and something that no one else can..and that is love. Very nice ^^ I like how he cheered him up. Hm..I wonder if that is the end of the Walker family problem and from the looks of it, they are really going to sever ties with Usui. With that last scene, it seems like going back to the usual school antics. Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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