March 21, 2013

Amai Amai Koi o Seyo [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is Gotou Misaki’s new series in Shocomi. The Chinese title means: ‘Let’s have a sweet love.’ The first chapter is a bit ‘childish’ that it seems more from Ribon or Nakayoshi but it is amusing enough with the ‘ideal ≠ reality’ theme. And, even if the lead girl is the naïve type, I love the girl’s reaction when that happened. ^^] 
Cover page: “Rihon Yuu Satodzuka Nagomi [from /なごみ], 15 years old. Regarding love and boys, until now, she purely has no inkling at all.” Game #1: Is ideal much sweeter[/hopeful] than reality!? Narration: “Saturated with a sweet fragrance and mixed with a dangerous scent, this is honey flavored perfume of love.” At some place, a guy looks at a picture of a group of girls on his cellphone. He puts his finger on the smiling faced girl and says, “Okay- Then- I choose this girl.” Together with her friends at Cote Bazur [café/karaoke bar], the smiling girl is sitting on the table. She happily looks at a crudely drawn princess book and giggles that it is too perfect♡♡♡ Narration: “Hiyii-♡♡♡ I’m Satodzuka Nagomi. 15 years old. Today is my first gokon [group date].” Holding her book,  Nagomi  innocently asks, “Hey- Hey- Saka [guesswork from 早歌] You said that today’s gokon has some prince-sama types, right? Hee hee” Saka scratches her head and she says that she reckons that there is none.  Nagomi  is stunned and goes splat on the table. Saka tells her that it is embarrassing so go close that book. Narration: “I’ve studied in exclusive female schools during junior high and high school, so until now, I haven’t talked about romantic love.  Nagomi  [<- addresses herself as a third person; a cute effect of Japanese girls] is always waiting for *crude picture of prince protecting the princess* a bright handsome, kind outstanding, forgiving[/lenient] Prince-sama!” The door opens and someone apologizes for coming late. Four handsome guys greet the girls and the girls blush over them.  Nagomi  spots a guy whom she thinks is quite handsome. Their eyes met and the guy goes to her and says that he’ll sit beside her.  Nagomi  happily thinks that her Prince-sama has appeared-♡♡♡ “It’s great!! It’s really great!! Could it be what’s about to follow is- the start of a fragrant sweet romance-!?” While one of the guys are singing at the karaoke, the guy introduces himself as Sakurada Haruto [guesswork from 櫻田遙斗/工口斗; they are using two names for the guy ^^;]. As  Nagomi  tells him her name, she is happy that he is talking with her. Haruto smiles and says that he’ll call her ‘Nagomi’. Drooling with hearts in her eyes,  Nagomi  says okay. Then, he talks with her about what song she likes. She happily thinks that Haruto is like Prince-sama, so messily cool all together. “Very bright handsome. Perfect, as if he came out of this manga drawing. *The picture shows Prince-sama saying that she is his princess and they live happily ever after.* It’s simply like  Nagomi ’s Prince-sama♡”  Nagomi  stands up and says that she’ll go to the washroom. Happily walking with her manga, she goes into shock upon seeing a guy and a girl kissing at the hallway. Blushing, she runs away and screams since she thinks that it is too shameful[/brazen]. “That kind of shameful thing obviously cannot be done before marriage. *tears* How can they do that. How could they do that.”
She bumps into Haruto at the door. Haruto says that she hasn’t come back so he went to check on her.  Nagomi  tearfully tells him that something bad is happening. They look at the corner to see the kissing couple. Thinking that this shouldn’t be allowed,  Nagomi  says that they are kissing. Haruto says that those two are quite capable to have guts to do that in this kind of place. Puzzled over what he mentioned as ‘capable’,  Nagomi  exclaims that no good. She holds up a book [<- Cinderella] to him and tells him that the book says that before marrying, they cannot do that kind of shameful thing. Haruto is surprised by this.  Nagomi  asks could it be that they plan on getting married. Haruto angrily shouts who is getting married. “Let me say!! *grabs  Nagomi ’s collar* Guys!! Even if they don’t like the girl, whether kiss or sex, they can do it!! * Nagomi  is stunned* Understand!!!” While  Nagomi  has turned into stone, Haruto’s friend tells him that it [gokon] is over. Haruto says that is quick.  Nagomi  thinks that this kind of thing is impossible.. “Isn’t it sweet romance -> marriage -> shameful thing..? Then, speaking of that, what is sweet romance like?”  Nagomi  is surprised when Haruto turns her face towards her and says after school dismissal, he’ll go to her school to fetch her tomorrow. While he gently pokes her cheek,  Nagomi  asks why. Haruto says that it is nothing. “Absolutely- be good and wait for me” Narration: “Could it be that in reality, Prince-sama doesn’t exist-!!!” After school dismissal,  Nagomi  is hiding behind Saka as they go to the school gate. Saka angrily asks what’s up with her.  Nagomi  says that she is currently playing a game of ‘if I am discovered by that shameless disciple, I must immediately go home’ Saka says who cares about her, go far from her and play it by herself. They were surprised by the other girls screaming over a handsome guy by the gate. The girls curiously mutter whose boyfriend is he, and which school is he from.  Nagomi  thinks that Haruto has appeared. Just when Haruto turns to see her,  Nagomi  tries to grab a leaf to hide herself before he notices her. Haruto angrily shouts that he has already seen her.  Nagomi  stiffens and thinks that it is game over for her. Haruto ‘hooks’  Nagomi  by the neck and says that they are going. While Haruto drags  Nagomi  away, Saka giggles.  Nagomi  calls for Saka and tells her not to laugh. Nagomi  wonders what’s going on here.
While timidly walking behind Haruto,  Nagomi  asks if afterwards, Haruto is going to do shameful things on pure  Nagomi -chan. Haruto angrily asks, “Ha? Are you referring to sex as the shameful thing? Who would do such a thing with you? Relax, flat-chest!! It has to be at least with a C-cup.” Embarrassed  Nagomi  exclaims that he really has no shame, then what are they doing to do afterwards. Haruto angrily shouts, “Ah, geez. You’re really an idiot! Obviously, you’re going out on a date with the great me[/oresama]-!!!” Frightened  Nagomi  says is that so. Then, she freezes. “Date?”  Nagomi  asks if he is going on a date with her. Haruto says ya, that’s how it is.  Nagomi  asks, “Then, how come you don’t have flowers?” Haruto goes, ‘huh’? Holding up her Prince-sama manga,  Nagomi  shouts, “Look! Read what is written here! Prince-sama would come riding on a carriage and bring flowers on his visit. Afterwards, he would say, ‘there are no flowers more beautiful than you’.” Aghast Haruto shouts for her not to say anymore.  Nagomi  happily says, “Isn’t it very beautiful” Having goosebumps, Haruto shouts, “How gross.”  Nagomi  is stunned. Then, the two look aghast-gloomy. Tearful  Nagomi  thinks, “Unexpectedly saying, ‘How gross’.. How mean, Haruto.. This is  Nagomi ’s very important first (date).. Ah, I obviously anticipated it.. *looks at the sky and sees a seagull flying* There’s no Prince-sama and even saying gross, reality *teary-eyed* isn’t a bit sweet and beautiful..” She is surprised when Haruto brings her a flower-shaped balloon. She thinks that it is a big flower. Flustered, Haruto looks away and says, “Let me tell you! The one whose with you is the great me!! Not the Prince-sama, you’re talking about!! *blushingly looks at her* Properly look at me.. If you don’t, I would feel perplexed..”  Nagomi  blushes and thinks that in her life, this is the first time she heard the beating of her heart. While she takes the balloon,  Nagomi  thinks, “He is obviously not giving me flowers. He obviously isn’t Prince-sama but rather, he is Haruto. It is totally not the same with what I’ve longed for. But why do I currently feel my heart always saying dabump, dabump [<- heartbeat]--” She holds the balloon tight to her face and says, “Ya.” This made Haruto blush. He wipes[/covers] his face and says that they should go. She says okay. Recalling him saying to properly look at him,  Nagomi  thinks, “I’ve never experience this kind of feeling. It felt like pain. It also felt like restless anxiety. Unable to use one’s hand to hold this sweet feeling. * Nagomi  reaches out and grabs Haruto’s sleeve.* What is this feeling.. How should I go about this.. This feeling is overly sweet..” Haruto holds her hand and asks what she is doing. “Showing that kind of expression, I won’t be able to control myself..” Narration: “He obviously isn’t the Prince-sama in my heart but why, my heart has never pound like this, as if a deer who is going to get in an accident [<- idiom of deer meeting headlights and heart beats very fast].”
As the two blushes, Haruto pulls her to him and says, “Close your eyes, idiot.” Just when he is going to kiss her, the flower balloon flies away and a piece of paper falls down from Haruto’s coat. Haruto looks aghast when  Nagomi  picks it up and reads it: ‘Contract – If within the month, you get the girl from the gokon to fall for you, we will give Sakurada Haruto one thousand yen. – Yamasugi [guesswork from 山杉] and Kishimoto [guesswork from 岸本]’  Nagomi  thinks that in the end, the guys they’ve met at the gokon are thoroughly awful guys. “Is that how it it is..” Haruto nervously tries to cover it up that it isn’t him and that is before, he is doing that nonsense thing. He thinks, “This is bad. This girl might cry.. But- even if she cries, I better say something good to hear even if it is just to sweet-talk her..” He keeps on denying that it is him.. Then, he is stunned when  Nagomi  shows him a ‘fake smile’ and tears up the contract in half. She throws the torn paper away and her heart immediately closed tight. Giggling, she turns around and starts reading her manga. Haruto shouts, “Hey, wait!? Stop right there!!” Still smiling,  Nagomi turns around and says, “Hello. Who are you?” Haruto’s veins are popping. He angrily shouts, “Stop joking around! Just now, who do you think you’re having a date with!!” Holding her manga, she says, “Here, it’s Prince-sama.” Haruto shouts, “Why you.” Flustered Haruto suddenly grabs her and kisses her. Narration: “Even if there is no Prince-sama, if this sweetness will bring me danger, then, I won’t fall in love.”  Nagomi  screams what he is doing and promptly hits him on the face with her manga. Holding a princess book, blushing  Nagomi  shouts, “If you want to kiss that much, then kiss with this princess.” Haruto angrily shouts, “Ha!? What nonsense are you talking about.”  Nagomi  throws the book on his face and shouts, “Shut up, shameless disciple. *holding Prince-sama manga* Whether it is kissing, marriage or other shameful things, I,  Nagomi -chan don’t do it with anyone else except for this Prince-sama!! *Haruto stunned speechless* I have already decided!! Farewell [forever].” Holding the manga as if she is holding hands with Prince-sama,  Nagomi  starts walking away and says, “Okay, let’s go home together, Prince-sama.” Holding the princess book, aghast and angry Haruto says, “..then, let us kiss, your highness, princess. Ha ha ha *more popped veins and throws the book on the floor* As if anyone would do that, jerk!!! I absolutely would humiliate[/embarrass] you!! Remember that, you darn girl!!”  Nagomi  turns around and sticks out her tongue at him, “Ble!” Narration: “Saturated with a sweet fragrance and into this, mix with a dangerous scent, but it will be soon after, before it turns into a sweet love.”
Comment: Ah, such a feel good first chapter and I had fun with the dialogue at the end. ^^ I immediately like her already. That is a nice way of getting back at a guy who is fooling around with her = goodbye forever, you don’t exist and the final blow, fiction guy is better than you. That would really burst his ego. Lucky for her, she immediately found out about it. I guess  Nagomi  falls in the category of ‘3D guys suck badly so I’ll stick with 2D ones’ after an awful first encounter. ^^; I wonder what will happen next? Haruto might want to get back at her but then, maybe later on, try to win her heart since he seems to be slightly interested. Hm..that depends on how one interprets that stolen kiss. Showing that he likes her or making her fall for him to save face and win the bet? Well, whatever the author plans later on, I hope it would be as fun as this one. Scans by 莺工作室

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