March 6, 2013

The One [Chapter 99]

And, Lele is so very happy that she felt the world is truly very beautiful. It turns out that she is very happy because Andre confessed to her. Eros teases her for being pitiful that she is happy up to this extent just because of a confession and the people who were after her before are quite few. Lele angrily protests that it is because she didn’t give them a chance. Holding the picture of ‘Angus’ whom Lele has fallen in love with, Eros asks if it is because from the start, her heart belonged to this guy. Lele exclaims that didn’t he throw it away. He tells her that he got an original print from Marshall. He finally admits to her that he was the one in the picture. Angus got sick then so he helped him out with the work. Eros decides to tell her more about Angus. Angus couldn’t free himself from the duke[/their father]’s control. Even if he ran away to New York, he was found and continued to be threaten him by saying that he’ll harm Eros to force him to go back. Angus would quietly submit and deceive him that he is going on a trip. With this unbearable life, Angus start to have fall apart to the point of thinking that things will be resolved if he disappears. Then, he tried hurting himself with a shard of glass [<- slash his wrist]. It is only then Eros learned of how Angus has been living. This self-mutilation had an effect that the duke left them alone for 1-2 years. But for Angus, perhaps after living that abnormal life for such a long time, he always felt unsafe. He closed himself up and won’t let anyone enter his heart except for Eros. Afterwards, he noticed that Angus has this extraordinary possessiveness towards him. Eros tells Lele that is what he’s worried about so Angus might not easily accept her. Lele assures him to relax, she’ll definitely get along with him and she had a pleasant experience working with him before. Before, he also had Feidna and it seems that Angus didn’t quite like her, but she didn’t see Angus putting all his effort to hinder them.. Eros tells her that it isn’t the same because Feidna isn’t a threat to Angus. She isn’t his destined person, unlike her.. She isn’t the same with the other girls whom he had gone steady with before and Angus can see through this. This made Lele tease him that for him to say things up to that extent, is this his first love? And, he turns out to be quite ‘pure and innocent’. Not noticing his twin eavesdropping behind a tree, embarrassed Eros tells her to shut up. Lele continues to tease Eros that he may be experienced but actually, he doesn’t quite understand about love. Eros angrily asks for her wallet. He puts the ‘Angus’ picture in her wallet. He tells her that he threw it away before because he didn’t want her to get too close to him and he hoped that she won’t be infatuated with the person in the picture but right now, he already got her and he won’t let her go again. This picture will help her remember from time to time that she belongs to him. He hugs her and tells her that if she dares throw it away[/lose it], she’s dead meat.
Looking at the picture, teary-eyed Lele thinks that his hug is overbearing and gentle. She didn’t imagine that he would do his best in chasing after her and that one day, he would take the initiative to hold her tight like this. She starts crying that Eros exclaims why she is crying. His ‘Yin’ earring and the picture in her wallet, both are things that they swear to protect. As Eros kisses her cheek, Lele thinks of her grandma that right now, she is very happy. And, the couple happily walks away, holding hands, hugging each other..still didn’t notice that Angus is watching them. At some apartment, Ulysses asks Angus where he went since he has been going out these past few days. Angus says that it is nothing and he just want to walk out since the weather is nice..and in the end, he still came back. Ulysses hugs him and apologizes that he has been busy lately that he can’t keep him company. He hopes to make it up to Angus some other day and Angus can ask without hesitation about anything he wants. Angus asks for a bit of freedom. He tells Ulysses that this isn’t New York and he isn’t a kid so there’s no need for a curfew. If he is worried, he can just call him on the phone. It is almost a year since they are ‘together’ and did he ever do anything to make him worry. Wondering if Angus is now having a tantrum[/acting spoiled] with him, Ulysses says that it sounds like he is accusing him of criminal treatment. Angus asks if it isn’t so, for he is sending people out to look for him in less than 24 hours. Ulysses tells him that he is only worried of his safety. Angus says that he is quite nostalgic of his life before for he can sleep when he wants to and occasionally, goes out to drink and hang out but right now, his everyday right now has become so quiet that he isn’t used to it. He sleeps early and wakes up early that it is like the life of an old geezer which is quite boring. Ulysses is quite shock by that for it is like Angus is ‘turning his back on him’ for saying that it is an old geezer’s life. Ulysses is currently 39 years old. But then, for Angus to show that former temper of’s so cute and is this a good thing that he finally open his heart to him? For this, Ulysses happily hugs surprised Angus. He agrees and says that this is right, for Angus to tell him what’s in his heart. Ulysses says that he has waited for a long time for this, and could it be that Angus started to let him slowly know his [Angus] true self. Angus says that he doesn’t know..perhaps.. Ulysses hugs him again and says that it is alright because he is already happy that he can already say those things to him. Ulysses believed that this day will quickly come and they only have to establish real trust between them and he’ll give him more freedom. Angus says ya. 
The next morning, Eros is giving Lele tips on how to ride the horse – don’t be nervous for it will make the horse uncomfortable and adjust her breathing. Then, Eros tells her that she can do it. While Lele is practicing alone, Eros notices that the photographer and everyone else are staring at him. The photographer says that they saw his face yesterday and it really looks like Angus Lanson that it feels wrong for him to be just an employee so would he also join the photo shoot. Eros claims that he doesn’t know who this Angus guy is and maybe they are just too dumbstruck over the Lele incident yesterday so they are hallucinating. He claims that he doesn’t want to do this feminine kind of work since he is a ‘tough guy’. The photographer and the others are disapointed over his refusal. They were interrupted by Lele’s laugh over being happy that the horse ate the apple she gave it. Eros says that they are getting along and she no longer fears of it biting or kicking someone recklessly. Lele says yes and it now lets her touch it. Lele talks with the horse that she is no longer afraid of it but she is still a bit tense so be good while they are taking a picture. Eros tells her to relax for he is here and he also believes in the horse for it can feel [what she said]. Soon, the photographers are ready. Lele is sitting on the horse. Lele takes a deep breath and wants to show off to her mother to make her proud. While the horse is running[?], Lele lets go of the reins and starts leaning backwards with her arms stretch up. And, while Lele smiles back with her eyes sparkling, the picture is taken. Everyone is happy over this and Eros gives her a thumbs up. Later on, while walking into his room, Lele grabs Eros’ shirt from behind. He asks her why she isn’t eating with the others. She tells him that she told them that she had a headache that she wants to rest early. With puppy eyes, Lele says that it is quite tiring to be in front of many people, pretending to be strangers[?/ probably about socializing and acting friendly] and can’t she talk with him a bit more. Eros asks what happened for she was acting quite well a few days ago. Lele exclaims he’s annoying and that is because they had a fight so it isn’t the same. With timid eyes again, Lele wants to spend more time with him. Hehe, and I think she is hinting on to you know what. Next chapter will be out on April 5th in Taiwan. Blurb for the next chapter: “Angus used an unexpected way to show up in front of Lele. For the first time, Lele felt a dangerous aura from Angus. And Eros isn’t by her side..”
Comment: Even if too bad that Eros declined to be a model and probably wants to leave the modeling stuff to Angus, that pose of Lele with the horse is really beautiful and daring. She has really overcome her phobia with Eros’ help. ^^ It seems that Eros has started to open up more with Lele and told her about Angus and even, who is really in that ‘Angus’ picture. At least, Lele would more or less know what to expect and of course, she got to hear some really nice lovey-dovey stuff from Eros. ^^ Aside from that stuff, the teases are also quite cute. ^^ For the 100th chapter, I wonder if the author is reserving some hot stuff there between the two. =P Now, I really have mixed feeling with Ulysses. For him to be shown ‘silly’ at times, it makes me think that the author likes his character but I’m not quite sure if how he is dealing with Angus is good or bad. Hm..I guess it isn’t more on the ‘strict and restrictive’ side but then, being ‘lenient’ and let Angus be doesn’t exactly work with Angus since that is Yang’s way and he didn’t made much of an impact on Angus’ life. I wonder though if Angus is serious about what he is saying to Ulysses or it is just a ploy to ‘do whatever he wants without being watched’ = make his move against Lele which is what the blurb hinted. But then, the blurbs tend to be way ahead of what’s going to happen in the next chapter. ^^; Scans by Icy_Chrisy for baidu.

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