March 8, 2013

Kainushi wa Akuma [Chapter 6]

Cover page: “People possessing rare eyes mutually attract each other.” Win seriously says that he has a very important announcement. Nora and Albrecht anticipate what it is. After coughing, Win tells them that from today on, the two of them are going to reside at ‘Central’s Vatican[pope office]. Walking away, Nora says okay, goodbye. Win nervously calls out to her. Feeling tired, Nora scolds Win that he specially called them from a far away place, using a messenger pigeon, to the Vatican just to hear him say some delusions. Win laughs and says that’s quite mean, for he is quite serious. Nora angrily bangs the table and shouts that answer sucks even more than the one earlier. Albrecht tells Win to quickly explain the situation before it becomes worst and he will be the first one to suffer. Looking at furious Nora, Win thanks him for the warning. He tells Nora that the first time he saw her, he had already noticed it, those beautiful emerald green eyes. This surprises Nora. Albrecht tells Nora not to belittle Win for whether good or bad, he stands at the top of priesthood so he already noticed that her eyes are special. Win tells Albrecht that is a mean way of putting it and he’ll get angry over that. Standing up, Win tells that in simple terms, for the ‘Church’, they must protect her, who possesses the ‘Emerald Eyes’ and even if it is imperfect, but there is also a need to prevent bad usage. “So, I hope that you’ll stay here where I can see you.” Nora asks if that is all for if it is to protect her, how come he didn’t call her earlier and after the last ceremony ended, she couldn’t have straightforwardly come there so why ‘now’. Win laughs and says that is a good question, why ‘now’..well, it is because—Win opens the window to show a mansion. “Finally, at last, it is completed! Your new home--” Albrecht and Nora looks dumbfound. Nora shouts that it is too near, just a few meters from Win’s office[/Vatican]. Aghast Nora asks if he specially build that. Win happily says yes, it is recently made and because time is urgent so he would always urge the workers to hurry it up. Win also says that it is quite unprecedented in history to construct a house within the annexed territory of the Vatican. “But it is alright, because I’m the ‘pope’. I’m the church’s highest authority. *roses all over* Actually, no one can fundamentally oppose me, right?” Nora angrily shouts if it is really okay to have such a willful pope and please don’t use his papal authority for his own whims. Albrecht just laughs. Sparkling Win seriously tells Nora that if the pope cannot casually use his authority for what he desires, then why he would still continue on being a pope. Nora darkly tells him that a lie would be fine, so please tell her something that can be believed. Win chuckles that it is already been built so it is useless to any more things, and isn’t it a house worthy of recommendation. “So, right now, I’ll accompany you guys and give you a little tour.”

Gabriel darkly tells him that there’s no need for him to go personally. Win nervously exclaim in surprise and asks when did he.. Nora looks at Gabriel and recognizes him as someone with Win before. Gabriel introduces himself as Gabriel Haseney to Nora. Albrecht tells Nora that Gabriel is one of the seven cardinals and at the same time, is in charge of assisting with the pope’s work so one could say that he is the ‘Church’s no. 2. Nora wonders if the person who is only second to the pope in regards to authority in the ‘Church’ is this cultured and refined young person. Gabriel glances at the side and asks where Win is going. Win is trying to sneak away. He nervously says that he suddenly thought of some private matter that he has to attend to. Gabriel darkly tells him to do that for last because the documents that he has to deal with for today got piled up like a mountain. He tells Win not to worry about things here and concentrate on finishing his work. Win is surprised when a couple of priests suddenly grab him and drag him away. Win can only shouts, smiling Gabriel. Albrecht tells Nora that if that guy gets angry, it is quite scary so better pay attention to that. Nora gloomily thinks that didn’t Win say that he is the highest authority in the ‘Church’. In the new house, Nora is surprised over how beautifully furnished it is inside. Gabriel tells her for a house to be built quite near needs Win’s permission and if they need anything else, just inform him about it and he’ll handle it. Just when he is telling them that they can use the things inside the house, Nora interrupts if this house is really for ‘residing’ so why is it so luxurious. Gabriel says that he doesn’t know for it is all in accordance to Win’s directions. Nora angrily imagines Win’s playful expression. Nora tells Gabriel that there is no need to specially build a house for they can just stay at an empty room in the Vatican. Glancing at Albrecht who is by the window, Gabriel says that there are a lot of inadequacies to letting Albrecht stay in the Vatican. Nora is puzzled. She asks him how come Albrecht can easily go in the Vatican for devils ought not to be able to do that because of some sort of barrier. “Is this because of the signing of the contract with the ‘Church’?” Gabriel says that it is true, if there is a contract signed, one ought to be able to feely go in the Vatican even if the other party of the contract is a devil. “But that is also because of a set condition allowed by the contract. Like, after entering the Vatican, one’s magic powers will be sealed. But Albrecht wasn’t given any form of condition. *Nora is surprised by this* And, the reason that there is no condition is simply because of the ‘power’ he possess which far exceeds the barrier made on the Vatican. ..I’m afraid that for him, whether there is a contract signed or not, it has no influence on him at all. From what I know, in this piece of land, there is no god or devil ‘power’ that can be superior to his. *Albrecht glances back at them * (Unrivalled against anyone, an overwhelming existence, an unmatched special devil-) ..So, Albrecht can easily go in the Vatican. (And, if I were to compare this young girl who possesses rarely seen eyes, in the end, who is the rarest existence between these two--..)”
Gabriel tells Nora that there is another thing, because the Vatican doesn’t allow outsiders who doesn’t belong to the clergy, she must change her clothes to a nun’s when she goes out. Gabriel apologizes for the trouble but she can wear what she wants inside the house. “Besides, His Eminence has prepared some clothes for you. You can check it out a little while.” Looking at the nun uniform, Nora let out a sigh. Albrecht asks her what the matter is, doesn’t she want to wear the nun uniform. Nora says no, it is fine for her to wear any kind of clothes but only, is it compulsory for them to stay here. The two men look at her in surprise. Albrecht pats her shoulder and says that the other party is Win so better give it up. Gabriel also pats her other shoulder saying good luck to her. Nora is quite shock-gloomy over that since she was just comforted by a devil. That night, Nora is thinking while sitting on the bed. Albrecht, who had just taken a bath, asks her what’s up since she isn’t asleep yet. Nora says that she is a little bothered about something. Then, she exclaims that his hair is dripping wet and he ought to properly dry it by himself. Albrecht asks what about it for devils doesn’t catch colds. Nora angrily says that she’ll feel cold looking at it. While Albrecht is sitting on the bed, Nora towels his hair dry. She cannot just let it be and this guy is quite troublesome. She thinks that this devil’s face is so beautiful that if someone looks at it, it makes one feel unwell. She is startled when he asks her what is bothering her. Nora says it is about the reason why they have to live there. Even if Win told them of the reason but there is something fishy about it so there ought to be some other reason for it. Albrecht smiles and mutters about some other reason. Nora asks if he knows something. He tells her who knows. Nora grabs his robe and angrily tells him to spit it out. Albrecht says that he didn’t say he knows. Nora is really infuriated and shouts forget it, she isn’t interested. Albrecht holds her to him and tells her not to be angry, for she’ll know the reason soon so there’s no need to worry. For him to say that, Nora thinks that there is indeed some other reason. Then, she realizes something. Albrecht is making her lie down on the bed. She shouts for him to stop, what he is doing. Albrecht says that when it is time to sleep, does the pet know what to do for the owner. Blushing Nora asks what it is. He tells her, ‘accompany to sleep’ so good night. Nora angrily protests and for him not to get on the bed. Soon, while sitting on the bed, Albrecht asks someone if he slipped away again. Win asks if he knew that he’ll be coming. Albrecht says that he has a hunch about it. Win goes nearer to them and sees Nora sleeping on Albrecht lap. Win laments that he was going to surprise them. Albrecht says too bad, Nora has just fallen asleep = after resisting too much, she got tired and fell asleep.
Win is surprised when Albrecht tells him that Nora is already questioning the reason that she has to stay here. Win says that compared to what he thought, Nora is quite sharp though he doesn’t exactly think that she is slow-witted but then, she hasn’t found out about it? Albrecht says that right now, she still hasn’t. Albrecht says that since the time he left, there are many people on the streets now. Win agrees and they are working hard to handling things but there are still too many so sorry, but can he lend Nora for them to use? Albrecht smiles. While stroking Nora’s hair, he tells Win that he should have say it straightforwardly at first and Nora would be more than happy to help because she is easy to talk to. Win says that he also knows that but just revealing everything isn’t his style. Albrecht says that he is really naturally eccentric. Win tells him that he has no right to say that for Albrecht is ‘deliberately mystifying’[/make things unnecessarily complicated]. Albrecht chuckles and says that for Win to specially build a mansion is to lessen his guilt regarding using Nora. Win denies it by saying that it isn’t so, and this is a reasonable reward so don’t say ‘lessen guilt’ for that is too boring, and he even paid in advance. Albrecht smiles and says that anything is fine with him. While he pats slightly moving Nora, Albrecht comments that anyway, things will immediately be resolved. Looking out the window, Win says that is right, it will be finished by tomorrow. The next day, Leo is walking at the hallway and the people are mesmerized by his good looks. He thinks that since yesterday, the air inside the Vatican is strange. Obviously, the air outside the Vatican is quite thick but inside the Vatican, the aura is still quite normal and peaceful so what’s going on. Just when he is wondering if it has something to do with Win, he is surprised to see a red haired nun by the courtyard. He accidentally hits his head on the side of the door before calling out to Nora. Nora is surprised to see him. Leo asks her why she is in the Vatican and this clothes.. Just when Nora is about to reply, she asks him what’s that red thing on his forehead. This made Leo blush and tell her that it is nothing at all and why is she.. Nora says to simply explain it, Win called her to stay at the Vatican. Surprised Leo asks, ‘stay’ and is this Win, His Eminence, she knows His Eminence. Nora asks if he likes to say ‘His Eminence’. He says no, he voluntary does it. She says that he can say that she knows him and she was also told that she must wear this while inside the Vatican. She says that it doesn’t suit her for she isn’t really a nun. Leo says not at all, it really suits her and very cu.. [<- going to say ‘cute’] Nora is puzzled over what he tried to say but Leo already caught himself and tells Nora not to mind that. Embarrassed Leo thinks that was dangerous for he almost said some inappropriate words. After coughing and calming down, Leo says that he understands the situation but how come she is all alone here.
Looking around, Leo asks isn’t she together with that abnormal devil who makes people feel unpleasant. Nora thinks that he really hates Albrecht but then, she already knew that before. Nora says that she didn’t know where he went since early this morning and she felt that there is something strange in the air. Leo exclaims if she also noticed it. Nora says yes, and if it is Albrecht, he ought to know the reason. Albrecht suddenly appears behind her and asks if she called him. Nora is surprised. Albrecht says that Leo and Nora is a bit of an unexpected combination. Nora angrily shouts where he ran off, too. To their surprise, Albrecht hugs Nora and asks if she is lonely, he really doesn’t know what to do with her. Nora shouts what he is talking about and she didn’t mean that. Albrecht says that she really won’t be honest [with him]. Leo angrily calls out to Albrecht to quit fooling around and quickly explain what he is up to. Taking off his glasses, Albrecht says that he didn’t do anything for it is Nora who is doing something. The two are surprised. Albrecht points to the sky for them to look. They see a dark mass up the sky. Someone asks what that is. Albrecht tells them that it is all sorts of negative emotion mixed demons that naturally gather up in places where there are a lot of people. If they leave it by itself, it will have a negative effect on humans’ spirit and body. Leo asks how can that be, for indeed those demons increased in the streets but for them to suddenly gather up together in a huge mass in the same place. Albrecht says that they were enticed by the fragrance of their food, and that food is Nora. Nora is surprised by this. Just when Leo asks what, Albrecht holds on to Nora and tells Leo to move away for he might get hurt. “Okay, it’s cleaning time.” Leo is surprised when Albrecht created a barrier where he and Nora stand. Someone says that it seems that it has started. Leo turns around to see Win and Gabriel. Gabriel tells Leo to calm down for Win knows about this. Looking up, Win says that a lot has gathered and no wonder, it is Nora [who is capable of this]. Leo asks Win who is Nora. Win tells him that Nora is a person who possesses ‘emerald eyes’. An‘Emerald Eyes’ has bottomless ‘power’ and at the same time, easily enticed devils[/demons] to gather and like butterflies, wanting to suck the flower’s nectar. When Win mentions that the mixed demons from the streets have all gathered here, Leo realizes something. He asks if Win used Nora as bait. Win says that is quite blunt but then, it is true, for the people in the streets as well as the mixed demons dramatically increased at the same time so it is quite troublesome so for today, he plans to make it nice and clean in one swoop. Leo protests that for him to use an ordinary person as bait. Win says that anyway, sooner or later, it will end up like this.. He thinks that before for the time being, he didn’t discuss this with her since she is not conscious of it. But now, learning to use that given degree of ‘power’, her whole body is filled with that sweet scent and no matter how hard the barrier is, it also cannot conceal her scent.
Leo continues to protest so Win comments that he really likes to worry or maybe he worries too much because the other party is Nora. This made Leo blush and exclaims what. While Leo tries to deny it, Win laughs and says that he is just joking. “—it is alright. For isn’t THAT Albrecht by her side?” Then, it seems that Albrecht made the barrier disappear and calls out to the mixed demons that there is nothing that hinders them anymore and what they want is here. “Quickly come.” Just as the mixed demons charges towards the two, Albrecht immediately zaps them into nothing. While Leo looks surprised and Gabriel is smiling, Win is really happy for it is really got cleaned in one swoop. Albrecht tells Nora that because it is thoroughly resolved, so it is a bit not enjoyable. Later on, in disbelief, Nora asks if he[/they] is saying that he[/they] made her become bait and using a ‘one swoop’ way to handle that mixed demon. Albrecht says yes, that’s right. Gabriel apologizes for Win won’t let him tell her. Win laughs and says that’s how it is Nora angrily grabs Win’s collar and shouts why didn’t he tell her the important part that it made her troubled about it. While Leo tries to calm Nora down, Win timidly apologizes to her. Nora wonders what this is, for him to say about protecting her and she has to ‘stay’ in that mansion, she felt that there’s something questionable about it. Nora asks could it be that he wanted her to stay at the Vatican afterwards to become bait. Sheepishly smiling, Win denies it and says that main goal is to protect her. Nora doesn’t believe him for the main goal is to use her as bait. Albrecht tries to tell Win that he has already been found out. Nora feels dizzy. She is surprised when Albrecht says, ‘blood’. Albrecht bites his finger. Nora tells him to wait, is he planning on doing it here. Albrecht brightly smiles and says, of course. Aghast Nora tries to tell him to stop but Albrecht is already kissing her which surprises the other three. Albrecht asks if it is delicious. Win happily says that Albrecht is really good. Gabriel tells Win not to stare like that. Shaking in anger, Nora shouts that he’s a devil. Win laughs and says that Albrecht is indeed a devil. Gabriel tries to tell Win that isn’t what Nora meant..and it seems that Leo turned into stone. And like this, is the opening prologue of Nora’s ‘up and down’ new life—
Comment: I’m amused that Win turns out to be quite good looking in colored. ^^; One won’t suspect how eccentric he is just by that picture. =P It seems that Win is quite a handful and he seems to be the typical ‘easy-going’ boss who needs to have a ‘slave driver’ assistant to make him work. Just like Albrecht, Win seem to like to have fun even if both of them are ‘at the top of their own respective world’. I suspect that they are bored or something and want to make things ‘interesting’ much to the irritation of the others. From their interaction, it seems that Albrecht and Win really have a strong bond as if they knew each other for a very long time. From what Gabriel mentioned, I’m starting to wonder if they actually had a contract or that is just some sort of ‘alibi’ so that the others won’t protest much about having a devil freely associating with Win and going in and out of the Vatican. Hehe, the way Albrecht treats Nora does seem to blur between ‘lover’ and ‘pet’. Well, the others think of the former while the two think of the latter. ^^; It seems that Albrecht and Nora is quite a powerful pair. It is very advantageous for Albrecht to have her around since she attracts devils which both of them can defeat..and well, for Albrecht to eat. Actually, they are quite helpful for Win and he probably thinks that it will make his work easier =P Since there is a mention of prologue, I guess we’ll get into the ‘main part’ of the story soon. Scans by Classbianca.

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