March 21, 2013

Free Talk: Blog Stuff

First of all, I’m a bit orz because I’m going on a 4-day vacation next Wednesday and a lot of the other series I’m summarizing aren’t out yet. Okay..I guess they are probably going to come out while I’m gone, right? ^^;

I’ve revise the ‘reactions’ below each summary. Since not many are commenting about certain series on the tagboard, I hope this would get me to know what the readers think about a particular series. This is more on for the new series so that I’ll, more or less, know if it stays a ‘preview’, I’ll continue, lower the details or drop it especially since it doesn’t seem to be getting more interesting. The number of clicks doesn’t seem to be a good indicator since it might be just out of curiosity. =P 

So, Kaichou Maid-sama’s Chinese scanlation is supposed to come out this Saturday. Their schedule says that Koi dano Ai dano is coming out today in their forum. And, I’m supposed to work on Kimi ni Koishitei desu ka as a filler but thank God, I delayed it because soon enough, an English scanlator just release the first chapter. Thank you, Lord because I just found another good one today for replacement. ^^ I’m going to work on a new series called Amai Amai Koi o Seyo/あまいあまい恋をせよ. It seems to be a short series so that would make a good filler. If anyone has Shocomi or knows the two main leads of that series, tag me. Thanks ^^

I have seen a bit of spoilers for these two Cheese! series: In From 5 to 9, it seems that the author is going to show Junko and Takane making love based on the first few pages ^^; And for Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru, it seems that Takagi does have a plan. From what I read in the teaser by jennyjule, he caused some malfunction in the show = Riko gets to sing LIVE. ^^ Then, the chapter after that, Riko wows them with her LIVE performance ^-^ So that is something to look forward to.