March 4, 2013

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 138]

The brothers watching over Mei eating cake when they were interrupted by Maria who told them that Mei is going to have a comprehensive health check-up THE WHOLE DAY today. Mei protests that she doesn’t feel bad anywhere. Maria tells her that if she did, it would be too late. “I have received reports saying that these past days, a lot of things had happened. So, even if you say that you don’t feel anything [bad], there is also a possibility of an ailment. Kento agrees and tells Mei to go. Mei hesitates because it seems to be scary. Rihito assures his mother that there is no problem, because Mei has always been with him.. They were surprised when Maria hugs Mei tight and sternly tells them, “NO. During the time when Mei-ojousama is in the Hongo residence, I will PERSONALLY take care of Mei-ojousama so the two of you are on a vacation.” Maria left with Mei. Kento says that their mother is always like that, unexpectedly dismissing them. He is surprised when Rihito turned around and starts walking away. He asks him where he is going. Rihito tells him that he is going to the library to study. “Are you coming, too?” Kento sweatdrops and declines. Sracthing his head, Kento thinks that he got nothing to do and he also doesn’t have his own room in this place because he was adopted [by the duke]. Then, he overhears a couple of maids lamenting that Mei’s birthday didn’t push through in the end but they gave her gifts so she should be quite happy about it. Kento is surprised and thinks about giving Mei a gift. He recalls.. Flashback: Holding a pair of shoes, Mei told Kento that it is Rihito’s gift for her  Kento asked if she can wear it with those big feet of hers. Mei promptly hit him on the head. End flashback. He thinks that of course it is good if one prepares the gift on the day itself. “Ah~~ I’m already out of touch with everyone!!?” At Shibuya, Kento in casual clothes thinks that he came without preparing. He walks around the shops and wonders what Mei would like. “In the end, it has to be better than THAT of Rihito..” He imagines: Mei happily holding a small gift box and saying, “Huh? This is for me..? Thank you, Shibata.. *going to kiss Kento* Like you..” End imagination. Kento freaks out, “Stu..stupid!! Isn’t that almost like that oil prince’s way of thinking!! That isn’t what I want!!! *calms down* So-called birthday gift ought to be.. Now that I think of it, I.. Until now, I never gave Mei a birthday gift.. Even if every year, I thought of, ‘today, I’ll definitely give..’ Grandpa also the others would definitely give her gifts so I also felt that it doesn’t matter. But actually, I’m more bothered with.. Flashback: Kids are teasing young Kento that he actually likes Shinonome. End flashback. ..being assailed by others like that.”

The passers-by are surprised when Kento suddenly shouts, “Ah- Like!! I already like her to the point that I no longer can get myself out of this situation!!! Do you have any objections, moron-!! ( come I didn’t say it that time.. Thinking that I should wait when I’m older, when I’m taller, and become more manly.. ..Actually, everything excuse.. And when I’ve became aware of it, I just turned my eyes away and that girl has become more mature than me.. She’s already 18 years old.. This time, a lot of things happened.. That girl did quite well.. ..What about me? Did I already become a guy who is a match for her..? *stomach growls* Oh no! What time is it.. *it is already night* Ugh~~ I must quickly go back. By the way, I still haven’t bought the gift!!)” Dark Maria says, “Dinner is at 7pm, latecomer.. You know that, right.” She slams the door. A note says that it is the back door. Sitting down by the tree, Kento thinks that since it is his mother watching the door, definitely not even ants can’t get in. He is ready to sleep outdoors. He looks up to the moon and wonders what the heck he is doing. He is startled when a cloth flies in front of him. Someone says that she heard that he has been locked outside. Kento calls out to Mei. Mei tells him that it is no good to be like that and he must respect the curfew. Kento angrily thinks whose fault is it. Mei tells him that she has made quickly eat them. It is 3 pieces of onigiri [rice balls]. Kento wonders why she used a cleaning rag to cover the onigiri. Trying to tell himself that Mei doesn’t have any malice in it, Kento cries over not really wanting to touch it. Mei happily says that he ought to be hungry. Kento blushes a bit and decides to take a little bite. After taking a bite, Kento starts coughing and asks Mei if she got the sugar and salt [mixed up].. Mei gives him some tea from a thermos. Kento shouts that it is bitter. Then, Kento says that this is for her. It is a sheep keychain. Holding it on her finger, Mei says that it is SHABBILY cute Kento shouts that shabby is unnecessary. He turns away and apologizes to her for it isn’t nice and considerate like Rihito’s. Mei asks him if this is her birthday gift. Kento blushes and didn’t reply. Looking surprised, Mei also blushes and says, “Thank you.. Something both shabby and cute.. I like [those] the most..” Kento blushes as Mei slightly puts the sheep near her face. Kento thinks that she has always been slow[-witted]. “When did she [learn] to already skillfully and easily say those kind of words..” Mei tells him that they go in together. Thinking about ‘being skillful’, Kento declines and says that he’ll go in later by himself. Mei says okay, bye, better don’t catch a cold. Watching her walk away, Kento sadly thinks, “’s no good.. It really quite painful to be at her side..” With cross arms, thoughtful Rihito is standing behind a tree near downcast Kento. The next chapter will be the finale of the ‘choosing the son-in-law arc’.
Comment: With only one more chapter in this arc, I don’t think the love triangle will be resolved. It seems that it is a trend to some of the series I’m reading about = do you wait until you’ve become a ‘great’ person before confessing to someone or just go ahead and hope that the other party accept your ‘self-perceived inadequacies’? The first one is indeed a ‘sure way’ of getting accepted but then, it is also risky since some other guy might come by and snatch that person from under one’s nose. That is the typical problem faced by complacent childhood friends in shoujo series. It doesn’t help that the ones they like are very clueless over their feelings since being nice to them are taken for granted as ‘treated this way because we are friends’. The second way is also ‘sure guarantee’ that you get the other party especially if the feelings are mutual but risky since if one is ‘inadequate’, the relationship might not last. It does seem that what pained Kento in the end of this chapter is Mei matured faster than him so would that mean that he has to ‘improve’ himself again? When will it end? He still couldn’t bring himself to confess to her even if she reacted well with his birthday gift for her. It seems to be partly because of lack of self-confidence or fear of rejection especially since Rihito is way better than him. Well, their interaction here is nice though I wonder if it is enough to make Rihito jealous but Rihito is concern enough to ‘spy’ on them and thinking of something. Well, it seems that Kento is already contemplating to improve himself too..though for him to ‘be mature’, I guess he won’t tease her as much anymore. Scans by 深雪汉化组

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