March 31, 2013

Kiken Mania [Chapter 0]

[Free talk: This is Nanajima Kana’s new series which, I think, will officially start in Shocomi’s 10th issue. It seems like another dreaded love triangle. ^^; The Chinese title is ‘Dangerous Mania’. Some parts are crudely translated because some of the Chinese don’t quite make sense.]
Cover page: “Dangerous Duo. The two’s encounter.” Narration: “I first met her during the high school entrance exam.” Passing by the hallway, a boy passes by a girl and thinks, “Ah, a super cute girl.” The girl nervously exclaims what to do because in her latest mock exam, she got C. The boy next to her says, “It’s alright, Nono[guesswork name from 野乃]! You’ll pass and we’ll have a gorgeous kind of high school life!” Nono shouts, “Yes!! I always review with Yuuta[guesswork name from 悠太] who always get A grades! So, I definitely can do it. Gambatte!!” The boy gloomily thinks, “What.. she already has a guy.” The girl with the boy pouts her mouth and says, “Kazuma~ [guesswork from 一馬]” Kazuma tells her that he can’t kiss her at this place unless she strive hard to prepare for the exam and that way, she’ll be more motivating[?/be more moving?]. The girl says is that so. Narration: “What is romantic love? What is ‘loving someone up to the point of not being able to free yourself [from it]’? In this world, does this kind of thing truly exist? *a teacher says that the exam starts now* Compared to the questions in the exam, these questions are more incomprehensible to me. *writes his name on the exam paper, ‘Asou [guesswork name from 麻生] Kazuma’* No, right now, I should concentrate.” Soon, the exams results are posted on the board. Nono happily exclaims that she found her name and she passed. “How about you, Yuuta?” Yuuta says that his name isn’t there. This surprises Nono. Yuuta gloomily says that it is not there and even if he looked again, it is not there. Nono starts asking if they got their exam certificate switched but then, she got her own name. She says maybe the wind blew it away when they got bumped and the certificate got switched. While the girl with Kazuma is muttering that her name is not there so she failed, Yuuta says, “Nono, let’s break up.” Surprised Nono goes, “huh? What..” Yuuta tells her that it is quite degrading that his girlfriend’s grades are better than his. “If I look at you later on, I ought to feel quite uncomfortable so, goodbye.” With that, Yuuta leaves Nono. Looking at them, Kazuma thinks, “Ah.. she’s dumbfounded. How pitiful..” The girl with him says, “Kazuma, I want a boyfriend who goes to the same school so let’s break up.” Kazuma replies, “Ah- Okay, bye.” The girl says, “Ya, bye.” Kazuma thinks, “I’m also single.. *looks at Nono who is looking at him* Ah..this is bad. She’s crying? *sees tears are forming on her eyes* In the end, she’s very cute.” Kazuma tells Nono, “If you’re lonely, then go steady with me. *Nono looks at him in surprise* [After] breaking up, new..” Nono happily says, “Really!? Then, come with me!!” Kazuma is surprised when Nono suddenly pulls him away. While walking, Kazuma smiles and thinks, “Really proactive!!’s super easy!!”
Soon, Kazuma is speechless over Nono’s non-stop talking. Nono is venting over the one who started it all about this wanting to go to the same high school with her is Yuuta so she strive hard in studying. “And even saying, [we have to] definitely have to go to public[/cram] school, I’m really tired to death!! Even during rest period, I have to study! Because of that, [I’m/he’s] called bookworm by everyone!!” Kazuma says that it is a matter of life and death for a person with C grades to get in this kind of school. Nono exclaims that is right, and it is the power of love. Kazuma thinks that she is quite optimistic. Nono sadly says that she is obviously anticipating it. “A whole year’s feeling, breaking up just because of this little thing!! Just now, that kind of situation, could it be that he couldn’t choose to hug me tightly and say, ‘I don’t want to leave you’!?” Kazuma tells her that he [Yuuta] only wanted to conveniently find a girlfriend. Nono exclaims where did true love go? Nono exclaims that she also got a two-timing boyfriend before and does he want to listen to her about that. Thinking that she is going to talk for a longer time, Kazuma just says, ya. Nono tells him that her ex-boyfriend told her not to look for him past 8 o’clock and she thought that it is because of some strict family rule but it turns out that he is running to see some other girl. While Nono is ranting over how she sincerely respected that 8 o’clock rule, Kazuma thinks that she doesn’t play [with feelings] around. “Stupid.. really stupid.. there will be problems with a defenseless girl. But, this ought to be the so-called like[/love] that one can’t free oneself [from it]?” Holding up her arms high, Nono exclaims, “Ah, that felt great!! *shakes Kazuma’s hands* Thank you for listening to my rants!!” Kazuma gloomily says, “Ah- Ya. (I found the wrong person!!!)” Nono exclaims that it is already late so she’s going. She bids him goodbye and thanks him again. Kazuma says, ya. Then, as if praying, Kazuma thinks, “Annoying to death. Please don’t let her be in the same class with me!!” Nono exclaims, “That’s right, KAZUMA-KUN!!! *Kazuma looks surprised* After the start of school, if there is an opportunity for us to be in the same class, yoroshiku [/please take care of me]!! *happily salutes* Also, if you switch around girlfriends like that, you’ll dig your own grave one day-” Kazuma is startled and asks what she meant by that. Pointing at him, Nono says, “The girl with you just now, and the girl you were with during the exam, isn’t the same one.” Narration: “It was only a second of a brief encounter and yet, she noticed a lot of things? By the way, I didn’t tell her my name.” Slightly smiling, Kazuma replies, “Nono, don’t trouble yourself over with that, okay?” Nono looks surprised and points at him to say, “You pass. Bye-bye.” After Nono turns around and left, Kazuma watches her go. Narration: “Unknowingly, the so-called spring, the up and down of high school life, has started.”
Comment: This is obviously not an innocent love for both already had experience with love relationships. So, it is more on finding one’s true love. Kazuma is more of a playboy and it seems that he wanted to take advantage of Nono who just got dumped. Unfortunately for him, Nono wants someone whom she can vent her frustrations on. Also, it seems that she is also paying attention to him to know that he is with two different girls so she already has a hint on what he is after from her. Interestingly, she knows his name..probably like him, she had overheard it during that encounter. Nono’s problem is she hasn’t found Mr. Right since the first one is fooling around and the second one didn’t take her seriously. Actually, the second one probably just wants a ‘trophy girlfriend’ since he cannot stand a girlfriend who is better than him. ^^; Anyway, it does seem a bit like fate that they met each other like that so I wonder what’s in store for them later on and what would be the glasses guy role triangle, again? Scans by Class Bianca.

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