March 26, 2013

Free Talk: Going on a Break

Hiyo! As many of you would know that I’m going on a vacation trip tomorrow. I’ll be back on Saturday night so I ought to be back online on Sunday. ^^ As usual, I’m turned on the CAPTCHA for the tagboard to stop those annoying spambots while I’m away. Sorry for the inconvenience about that.

I only managed to half-finish Himitsu no Ai-chan since I’m busy packing yesterday. ^^; Since the pages to be summarized are around the same as Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai and the latter is easier to do so I will TRY MY BEST to finish MDKJ today. If I finished it, I’ll post it in the empty entry below. If not, well, Sunday? And, I’ll delete the empty entry below.

I don’t know if you guys noticed but there is a slight delay in the Chinese scanlations. I don’t know if it is a busy time at school or something during this month. So far, the two series mentioned above are the only ones out in Chinese scanlations. For the rest, I don’t know when they will be out. Everything is ‘out of schedule’ = things that should be out around this time are not yet out. ^^; 

Anyway, for those who are going on a vacation this Holy Week/Easter break, have fun ^_^  For the rest, have a great week and weekend ^_^