March 26, 2013

Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai [Chapter 7]

Cover page: “This little bit. Just a little bit, I felt that our distance got closer-” Karin looks at the hardboiled egg on her plate. She asks, “Nao-senpai..?” The other things on the table are two glasses of water and a small plate of salt. While Nao is peeling his hardboiled egg, Nao says, “TODAY’S DINNER. Even if it is like this, just force yourself [to bear with it]. Yesterday’s dinner cost a lot of money. We shouldn’t use much of the 724 YEN so that we would have a living expense for the rest of the month.” Karin tries to protest since their breakfast and lunch are quite miserable. *Half of a piece of sliced bread for breakfast and a piece of onigiri [rice ball] with bits of vegetables in it.* If we are going to save this much for the half-month’s living expense, I’ll die~~!! In the end, I’m going to ask daddy..” Nao stops her from calling. Looking dark and angry Nao threatens that he won’t talk with her throughout this lifetime if she tells it to his father-in-law. “I obviously do not even need to pay rent, and even got a 200,000 yen living expense. I’m already pretty much happy about it. A week has not yet passed and the money is almost used up. How can I possibly mention this kind of thing? We are already married. Even if we are high schoolers, but from a legal perspective, we are no different from being adults. From today on, if we do not properly plan things out later on, we cannot live on[/survive]. *taking the plate and glass to wash* So, I’m saying that we would have to endure half of this month. I hope that next month, we won’t have a failure like this again..” His stomach growls loudly and he becomes embarrassed. He starts drinking lots of water to satisfy his hungry stomach. Realizing that sound is from Nao’s stomach, Karin tells him that it is her fault for wasting the money so no matter what, she will resolve it. He answers, “Don’t pay attention to that. The problem is my fault. Because we are a married couple, so this is something that both of us are responsible for, right?” Karin looks flustered by this. Holding himself steady by the door since he is so hungry that he cannot barely stand up, Nao says that he is going to sleep. He stops when he overhears Karin saying, “-ya, Daddy?” Nao turns around and calls out, “Karin..!?” Karin tells her father that tomorrow they are going there. “Ya. No problem.” After hanging up, Karin says, “It is alright even if you don’t talk to me throughout my lifetime. Karin still wants to get daddy’s help. *teary-eyed* I don’t want senpai, for you to be dizzily faint [from hunger].. I..I’m worried about you..!! *clenching her cellphone tight* for cooking that kind of food.. I’m sorry!”
Karin wipes her tears and thinks that it wasn’t easy for her to get him to stop calling her ‘Oriyama’ and use ‘Karin’ instead but things had ended up becoming into not talking with her again. She is surprised when Nao pats her head and says, “Thank you. The dinner you made yesterday, I ate it happily. There is no need for you to apologize to me. I’ll also go with you, Karin, to your [parents] house so, the two of us would apologize together and ask for help. Let us strive hard together and hope that next month, we won’t fail again.” Thinking over his words of ‘two of us’ and ‘strive hard together’, Karin smiles and says “..Yes!” This made Nao blush. From her head, his hand starts to move down to her nape but he immediately pulls it away when she calls out his name. Startled Nao backs away says, “Ah.. nothing.. that..” After staring at him, Karin grabs his hand and exclaims, “If we are going to daddy’s tomorrow, then, it ought to be okay for us to fill up our stomachs today, right!?” Opening the refrigerator, she shouts that they still have some leftover roast meat [toppings for the rice bowls last dinner] and rice but then, they would have to wait [to re-heat it] so does he want to just directly eat some bread. Turning away, Nao declines and says that he won’t die anyway from not eating. Karin is shock by that when she is offering him some bread. So, Karin just quietly bites on a slice of bread. In his room, Nao sits down on the floor and mutters what he was doing just now. He looks at the door and touches it. “I obviously thought that it would be good to separate the room..” Then, he tightly holds the door’s horizontal beam. At the Oriyama residence, Karin’s father happily calls out that they finally came. “Is your married life doing well?” To Nao’s surprise, Karin tells him to wait for her to tell him that Nao-senpai is super amazing. Karin squeals over the need for a train ticket to ride a train which Nao had prepared and Nao is quite cool in showing her how it works as if he is a young cool escort. Nao tells her that it is no big deal for anyone can do that, she’s the only one quite shock by it and tried to use her palm [for the ticket gate machine to scan and] open the gate to get into the trains. A flashback of Karin putting her hand on the machine but there is no response and Nao is shouting, train tickets. End flashback. Karin is asking Nao why, when she is obviously doing the same thing as the others does. [<- I think she didn’t notice the train card/ticket below the hand of the other people and thought that it opens with a hand print scan.] Nao chuckles and says that right now, there is no way of doing that [using hand print]. Karin’s father looks pleased as he looks at the two. He interrupts the two and asks what they came to talk with him about.
At the living room where tea is served, Karin’s father repeats that the whole month’s living expense has been totally used up for just one dinner. Nao apologizes when they obviously received a lot of  money for their living expense. Karin’s father says that it is okay, relax, for they didn’t use it up for some unnecessary thing and they are still not used to living together. Glancing at her father, Karin slightly bows and says, “It’s Karin’s fault.. I’m sorry, daddy..” The two are surprised when her father starts crying ala waterfalls. He shouts, “Karin unexpectedly would bluntly say I’m sorry.. Ah..! How come mama [his wife] went on a trip on this special day! Ah, ah..I should have recorded it..! And Nao-kun, you get to eat the food that Karin made. Papa is really so jea-lous!! *calming down* No, sorry, sorry about that. Not being able to properly teach my daughter on how to use money is my responsibility. Right now, I’ll go prepare the living expense for half the month. There’s no need to return it to me.” Nao declines and wants him to treat it as an interest expenditure. “We will repay you at the shortest amount of time. If I don’t do it like this, then, how can I become a businessman who’ll engage in an enterprise[/corporation].” Karin’s father asks if he is.. Clenching his fist, Karin’s father happily says that it is really amazing, no wonder he [Nao] is a highly regarded follower of his – an otaku who is engaging in business. Karin’s father invites Nao to the latest news conference regarding a certain building of a model to attract customers. Clenching his fist, Nao happily wants to go. Soon, the two are happily talking about economy, financial crisis and business topics. Karin is clueless over what they are talking about but for Nao to be able to properly communicate with her father over a difficult topic, he is really amazing. Karin is very happy about that when she hears someone calling her. It is the three cooks. They apologize to Karin because when she asked them about it, they would always recommend for her to use high grade ingredients and this is how it ended up into. Karin says that senpai said that it is very delicious and afterwards, he ate it all up. She also apologizes to the cooks for totally wasting the food [cakes] that they made when things weren’t going her way. She had realized how hard it is to make them, and until she made it herself, she didn’t know how hard it is. “And also, until now, *smiles* thank you very much for the delicious food that you’ve made me eat..!” Nao overhears this and smiles. While the cooks are touched by what Karin said, she tells them to teach her some other recipes.
Soon, a maid informs Karin’s father that it is time for dinner. Karin’s father says that he didn’t notice the time and it is because Nao’s way of thinking is original[/fresh and new] and interesting so they’ve chatted up to the point of forgetting time. Nao tells him that he had fun chatting with him about it. While walking at the hallway, Karin’s father asks if his daughter, being like that, is quite troublesome. Nao nervously denies it. Karin’s father says that when Karin was born, they are very poor. “Not only did your parents help us, they would even buy whatever things to give to Karin. *While baby Karin is crying, Karin’s father gloomily mutters to his wife that he rack his brains out for [money so that they’ll have] this dinner* But, I wholeheartedly want to see Karin’s happy face so I always work my best as if my life depended on it. So, I didn’t know when it started that [her?] life became dependent. No matter what it is that Karin wants, I’ll give it to her. So, slowly..due to this, she had become extremely spoiled and also became willfully[/headstrong] rash [in taking action]. But, Karin, she is very pure and frank. She is a good child who’ll really strive hard.” Smiling Nao says, “Yes, I know.” This made Karin’s father smile and reply back, “I’ll leave Karin up to you.” Later that night, Karin asks her father if she and senpai are going to spend the night in this room. There is only one bed in the room. Grabbing her father’s shoulder, blushing Karin asks if he is serious, for how can he let his high school daughter pass the night on a single bed with a guy. Karin’s father asks aren’t they already a married couple and it would be strange if they sleep separately. Karin says, ya..that is right. She looks at Nao and thinks, “Finally, tonight..I’ll get to sleep together in one bed with senpai--..” Karin happily hugs her father and shouts, “Daddy, I like you the most.” Flustered Nao looks somewhat nervous.
Comment: Regarding saving their money to the point of being hungry, I wonder if Nao is just being independent to the point of not wanting to ask for help from anyone or that is just part of his pride of wanting to become a great businessman and yet, he can’t budget money. But, it is nice that he is willing to also take responsibility for what happened and not just blame Karin for it. He is willing to ‘suffer’ for it, too. I guess as a wanna-be business, it is like taking responsibility for the staff and their failures. His thoughts about wanting to be ‘live separately’ with her makes me think that Nao tends to distance himself. I’m not sure if it is only with Karin or his fangirls but it makes me think that he doesn’t want to fall in love which is maybe due to his parents’ marriage. It makes me wonder what will happen that night with them especially since he doesn’t seem too happy about it. =P As shown in this chapter, Karin is not such a spoiled mean ‘lost cause’ girl at all. She is willing to learn from her mistakes and take responsibility for it. I guess this is changing Nao’s mind about her. The way Nao hits off with Karin’s father, I wonder Nao might be a heir to his business, unless Nao wants to start from scratch. The author goes on a break in the next Shocomi issue so the next chapter would come out on April 20th..well, for the summary, it would be around end of the month depending on the Chinese scanlator. Scans by allwink

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