February 9, 2013

Waltz no Ojikan [Chapter 1]

[Free Talk: This is Andou Natsumi’s new series that is serialized in Nakayoshi. Some of you might be familiar with her previous work, ARISA. The English title is Waltz of Time. The plot according to ANN, is ‘A boy who has lost interest in ballroom dancing for a certain reason and is instead distracted by the latest dancing fad, and a plain girl who has a hidden desire to change herself... the two youths who were destined to meet grow into adulthood together through ballroom dancing.’ Names are all guesswork from the kanji. There might be some errors because the Chinese scanlation isn’t quite consistent with the use of certain words like ‘ballroom dancing’ and not surprisingly, four translators worked on this. ^^; ]
Narration: “In the end, who is the first rate partner? One will know the moment when the hands intertwine. It is like one’s destined person-” Title: Princess-sama. A couple passes by a building and sees a small store. They are surprised that there is a dance studio there. There would be dancing there wherein the couples are tightly close to each other. The woman says that is right, it’s ballroom dancing. The man declines about not being able to do it. The woman wants to try it out since she can wear cute mini-dress[/gowns]. The man says if that is so, then let’s try it. Inside, a young guy is teaching a woman how to dance by dancing with her and telling her what to do next. Since the woman is concentrating too much on how to dance, the young man whispers to her that if she keeps on looking down, there’s no meaning to dancing and one won’t be able to see that rare captivating smile of hers. This made the woman smile brightly. After practice, the woman is wiping her perspiration with a towel. She says that in the end, if only the lead dancer is amazing, then she’ll be able to dance really well. “I’ll leave the next class to you again, Toku-Tango-kun.” [Guesswork from 棠宮] Tango smiles and tells her that it is an honor for him to accompany a beautiful adult in dancing. After waving the woman goodbye, Tango starts to happily exclaim that he got the 20th student and no wonder he is the ‘great guy’[<-probably ore-sama]and his allowance raise has been decided. His mother kicks him at the back and tells him that the guy who can’t even evade her dance step won’t be given an allowance raise. Tango angrily shouts in protest to respect him a bit, her outstanding reputable son. His mother says that he’s quite great but talk to her when he learned the ‘fancy’ dance. Tango is angry that she obviously made him do this since they lack male lead dancers. This is a dance studio, their family business which his grandfather started. And from the time he knows things, this is what he must do everyday day. [<- know about dancing?] Then, someone is shouting that Yuusei [guesswork from 勇誠] and Sumire [guesswork from ] are going to dance together and they are their class’ ‘fancy’ dance duo. Everyone is praising over how beautiful since it seems like Sumire is a flower and Yuusei’s lead is quite dependable, they are really the ideal duo. Tango just quietly watch. His mother tells him that he obviously danced with Yuusei and Sumire when they were young but now, the difference is really great. To the surprise of the others, Tango says out loud that Yuusei obviously still peed when he is 3 years old. After the couple finished their dance, Tango gives them some towels. He says that no wonder they are the young division’s most anticipated duo who makes people fascinated just by watching them. And as the childhood friend, he is fairly proud of them.
Yuusei tells him to properly do competitive dancing and don’t always practice with a student for he would seem more like a host[/gigolo]. Sumire tells Tango that he belittles dance class too much and isn’t he even hiding this from his classmates. Making a face, Tango says that it is because he’s very popular and if they knew, do they know how many girls would want to dance with him. And won’t his ‘great guy’ perfect image be ruined? Sumire tells him that he’s so pathetic and it’s great that they aren’t in the same school. Then, she tells someone that about the peeing thing, it wasn’t Yuusei, it is Tango. Tango shouts that Yuusei will hear. Yuusei calls his name so Tango immediately tells him that he is just kidding. Yuusei seriously tells Tango that he’s waiting for him to go back to competitive dancing, just like before. There is a scene of Tango happily dancing with someone. Tango calls out to Yuusei and says that earlier on, he has decided not to join competitive dancing. In the school gym, Tango is showing some dance moves which impresses everyone that they asks how he did that. Tango tells them that it is a gift[/innate skill]. Tango thinks that today’s age belongs to Hiphop street dance so he won’t let anyone know that he can do ballroom dancing. Then, he gets a text message from her mother telling him to properly teach the Latin dance class for the afternoon students today. Tango thinks that this is bad for he doesn’t have a music accompaniment yet. Then, he notices a threat from his mother that if he fails, he won’t have an allowance this month. He quickly rushes to some secluded place. He thinks that if he can find work, he definitely won’t teach dance for a living. After finding a secluded place, he starts to listen to his phone and find which song will he use, maybe, Because You Live. He is surprised when a guy is telling a girl who is standing behind some bushes to stop while she’s ahead and it is really gross. Tango is sitting behind those bushes. Tango turns to wonder what’s going on. A boy is telling the girl that even if she might possibly like him, but he came to see her with hopes that she give up. Tango thinks that it is a confession. The boy says that it is impossible for him to go steady with her. The girl mutters, impossible.. The boy also said that he saw from the mirror that that she is kissing her father. Tango wonders if this girl is that shabby. The boy tells her to put some effort in dressing up and she is a failure as a girl. Her name isn’t even mentioned [<- like she is forgettable] and she gives a feeling of ‘why do you live’ and she’s so annoying, why don’t you go die.
Thinking that is a bit too much, Tango angrily stands up and shouts at the boy to stop while he’s ahead. The girl turns out to be a chubby girl with ponytails and she’s wearing glasses. Then, Tango says that it turns she’s not quite a girl-type[?]. Running off, the boy shouts for the girl not to appear again. Tango shouts for him to apologize. Using his flashy smile, Tango tells the girl not to mind that, encountering a guy who would say mean things to a confessing girl. The girl says that she isn’t confessing. She gloomily tells him that she only thinks that boy is not bad so she always glances at him and she is dumped without even having to confess.. Tango is surprised and speechless. The girl thanks Namu Minami [guesswork from ; surname] Tango for his help. Tango asks how come she knows his name. The girl says that they are classmates in section 2-C. Tango is shock for he is meaner to her [than that boy]. The girl tells him not to mind it for she is already used to it. She already left when Tango shouts that she left her student handbook. He picks up the handbook and thinks that her name and impression are totally not the same because her name is Makimura Hime [guesswork from 牧村姫愛; Hime can also mean princess so I choose that one to jive with the title of this chapter]. Riding the bus, Hime looks at her wallet with the picture of her smiling mother. She recalls her mother telling her that no matter who, girls can become everyone’s princess. And, she always believed those words of her deceased mother but.. She suddenly shouts that her mother is a liar. This startles the old woman sitting beside her. She sobs and thinks that in this scary society and it isn’t beautiful at all. There is no wide-hearted person who would consider a girl, who has no cute gene, as a princess. After getting off her bus stop, Hime is walking and felt that she ought to apologize to her mother for having such a beautiful anticipation for her that she gave her that name. Then, Hime notices a poster about a Minami Dance Studio that has Sumire and Yuusei dancing together. She blushes over the beautiful dancing lady [Sumire] on the poster. She wonders if she’ll also have a beautiful life like that. Then, Tango’s mother is holding up Hime’s arm and saying that the length is about just right. Hime quickly backs away. Tango’s mother asks if she is interested in dancing. Hime says no, she is just unconsciously looking at this beautiful girl. To her surprise, Tango’s mother tells her that this girl is a junior high student like her. She asks if it is really okay for a junior high girl to wear such a mature feminine outfit and what did she eat to become like that. Tango’s mother tells her that she can also become like that if she starts to do ballroom dancing.
Hime tells her that she doesn’t have a sense of rhythm and she’s fat. Holding her hands with hers, Tango’s mother tells her that isn’t important for in ballroom dancing, if there is only an expert male lead dancer, she will quickly learn to dance in an amazing way. Just by oneself, one cannot dance well if there is a no partner, but if a guy and a girl would hold hands and start to dance, it is the world’s most romantic dance. Tango’s mother gives Hime a business card and tells her to try it out and with a guy leading the dance, her heart will recklessly go da-bump da-dump [/heartbeat]. “Anyone can have a princess-like existence.” Hime takes the business card and ponders on what the woman said. At home, while eating dinner, Hime wonders if it is a scheme to trick kids out of their money. It has already been 14 years since she has nothing to do with princesses but suddenly, this becoming a princess is mentioned. Her father happily asks if she wants another serving. Hime tries to decline but her father becomes depressed so she quickly agreed to another serving of rice. She asks her father if she can always be like this, whether as an adult, at thirty years old, becoming an old woman, she felt that she can’t get married. Her father exclaims what she is saying for if it is her, she definitely can and didn’t her mother always say so. Hime recalls her mother at her sick bed, telling her that she always anticipate to see Hime becoming a bride and she would definitely look like a princess. She looks at the mirror and wonders if it is okay to be like this. Since she isn’t cute at all, would it be better to just give it up and if she didn’t do anything.. She looks at Minami Dance Studio’s business card. At the dance studio, Tango is dressing up. His mother tells him to be gentle with the trial student. Tango smiles and tells her that he is always gentle with girls. She urges him to hurry for the student is already waiting. She smiles and tells puzzled Tango that perhaps, this kid might undergo an astonishing transformation. He goes to the dance room and sees the ponytailed girl looking at the mirror. He thinks that it is rare to see a young student. Just when he is about to call her, he recognizes that it is Hime. He quickly hides when she turns to look. He couldn’t believe it for a classmate has become a student. Tango’s mother shouts what he is doing since he seems to be leaving the room. He says that there is a bit of.. Tango’s mother corners him and tearfully tells him that if this girl goes, this month’s new students would be zero and their business is in a crisis. And if that came to be, both of them can just go die.
Tango has no choice so he went back to where Hime is. Tango closes the light and claims that the light is malfunctioning. He removes Hime’s eyeglasses and says that it is dangerous to dance with them. “So, let’s start.” Hime exclaims that she can’t see anything. Tango holds her hands and tells her that it is okay, he’ll lead her. Tango hopes that this ends soon. Tango pulls her to him that Hime starts to think that this is so close and perhaps, it is good that she can’t see. When Yuusei and Sumire arrive, they see that Tango is dancing with a young girl and finds that rare. Tango tries to give Hime instructions but she is panicking and she even stepped on his foot. Embarrassed Hime tells him that in the end, she’s no good and she’s really sorry. Then, Tango used his usual line about not always looking down or else there is no meaning in dancing, and her rare captivating smile couldn’t be seen. Hime thinks that is right, if she kept on looking down, it has no meaning and she came here because she wanted to change herself. She must keep up with the teacher. Soon, to her delight, she can properly dance. She starts to think that even if it is a dance studio, she can see another world – like she is dancing at a ballroom while in formal clothes. She wonders if it is because she can’t see well without her glasses, no, is it okay to think about this, but it is true, mama, it is as if she turned into an unrivalled [/unique] princess. Hime happily smiles over this. Tango notices that Hime manages to keep up with him. He tries some other steps if she can keep up and she could. He thinks that she isn’t the same as a while ago for her dancing has become very relaxed. “Her movements are bluntly like an idiot wherein she would believe in me and giving me everything. What, what is going on.” Tango blushes and smiles. Sumire is surprised when Yuusei mutters that he has seen it, the dance stage’s sparkling light. Sumire looks at the couple and seems to see them dancing at a stage with a spotlight. It is only when one found the most amazing partner, there will be bright light. Yuusei says that it has been such a long time since he saw Tango happily dancing like that. Then, Sumire turns away. Tango notices Sumire that he turns and this made Hime make a wrong step. Tango loses balance and they fall on the floor. Tango apologizes and asks if she is alright. Hime apologizes for making a mistake on the sequence of the right and left foot. Tango offers his hand to help her up. Tango seems to look surprised when Hime took his hand. She calls out, “Teacher?” Snapping out of it, Tango says, “I’m sorry, I..” Tango’s mother wonders why it is so dark there, so she opens the light. Hime is surprised to see her teacher. Tango immediately tries to cover his face. She calls out, “Mi..Minami-kun?” So, as Tango and Hime look at each other, Sumire and Yuusei look at them. Narration: “Having a chance encounter with a first rate partner, the moment the hands intertwine, one will know. It is simply like meeting one’s destined person-”
Comment: I think this story is not bad. Obviously, it is targeted for younger girls since it is about ‘wanting to become a princess’ and it gives me ‘Cinderella’ vibes. Obviously Hime looks far from being a princess. If she starts to seriously dance, maybe she would become fit and she would have to dress herself up. Hehe, that will be a good revenge towards that guy who is dumping her when she isn’t even confessing. Aside from hiphop dancing being more popular these days, I wonder if there is some other reason as to why Tango gave up on ballroom dancing. He seems to have a crush on Sumire but he probably gave her up for Yuusei and currently, he hasn’t found the right partner or has given up on finding one? After all, it is already mentioned that it is rare to see a young student. It seems that their business is already on the verge of being bankrupt. I guess his mother is hoping that Tango will take over the business and he seems to have the talent for it. I’m not sure if dance studios are hard-up in Japan but Tango is indeed being practical about wanting to learn hiphop dancing. That way, the dance studio can still survive somehow. Anyway, I guess Tango will later on find himself in a dance competition just like what Yuusei has been anticipating. This seems to be a foursome love polygon with the lead couple having a bit of issues. Or, this could be like three childhood friends-love triangle wherein two became a couple so the other one/third wheel now finds a different girl. Scans by allwink

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