February 11, 2013

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 76]

At the station, Kent invites Ayane to go to the hatsumode [first shrine visit]. She asks if he has no plans with others on that day. He tells her none for his time is reserved for her. Ayane says that they are only going steady for a day[/dating] but to her surprise, Kent says that it is great that they are really going steady. She tries to tell him that she didn’t say it to deliberately emphasize that. Kent says that he knows and it truly feels real. Ayane blushes and tells him that she’s okay for anyway, after eating at home, she can go out. Kent happily holds hands with her and says, okay, just the two of them. Meanwhile, Chizuru is still awkward with Ryu that she casually mentions about the snow and he agrees to what she said. He is surprised when Chizuru scolds him to say something. He invites her to the hatsumode. She starts screaming if Sawako isn’t going and about Ayane going with Kent. Then, Ryu says her parents.. [<- I think he asks if she always wants to go with her parents] though his father is busy with work. After screaming over that, Chizuru asks why she is the only one who felt shy. Ryu admits that he also felt shy. He asks if she doesn’t hate going with just the two of them. She says no. So, Ryu says that they’ll go together this year. Elsewhere, Shouta looks up and seems to have decided on something. From her room, Sawako looks up the sky and thinks that it’s fast and soon, she’s past 16. In the morning, Sawako’s father is off to work. Sawako tells him to wait for he forgot his hat. He asks if he can wear it [since it is originally for Shouta]. Sawako says of course, it is his so her father happily left. At night, Sawako is on the phone with Shouta about it snowing three times today which is making his father grumpy since they cannot see the road and there is a lot of work at the store. Just when he says that it is almost.., he asks if he can see her on the 31st. Sawako is happy about it but what about him. He tells her that he’ll find time and conveniently, can they go to hatsumode together. And if 31st at night is no good, on the 1st is also okay. Sawako says that they’ll go together and hopefully, it won’t snow heavily. Then, they talk about eating with their family, mochi[new year cake] in the morning. Sawako thinks that even if this isn’t the same as last year, but it is a beautiful yearend. At a gift shop, Ayane and Chizuru bought Sawako a gift and wonders if she’ll like it. They see Shouta and Chizuru wonders if he is skipping work. Just when Chizuru is going to call him, Ayane stops her and tells her that they should go. And finally, it is the 31st. Sawako finished making the handmade noodles and is worried if it tastes good. Her parents assure her that it is definitely delicious. Then, Ayane and Chizuru came to greet her a happy birthday. They gave her some cosmetics and put some of it on her. Sawako goes to put a small pin on her hair and giggles. Ayane screams over it being too convenient for Shouta to have a girlfriend like her. Sawako asks if she is mistaken and it isn’t vice-versa.
Sawako asks them about going to the hatsumode tonight. They are going but going individually with their respective partners. Sawako is happy for them but Chizuru is embarrassed over it and Ayane is nervous about it. They ask if it is okay if she isn’t going. She tells them, yes because she is going on New Year’s Day with Shouta. Ayane asks if they’ve seen each other since then. Sawako says no because he is very busy. While Ayane tells her to shut up about it, Chizuru says that she had seen him on the street, two-timing. Recalling what Shouta told her before, Sawako asks if that is possible. It turns out that Chizuru is joking so don’t treat it seriously and he even skipped work that she thought he went to see Sawako. While Sawako is embarrassed over that, Ayane thinks that these two are quite slow-witted [as to what Shouta is doing at the gift shop at that time]. Chizuru says that Shouta ought to be busy during this time since his father would always order him around every year and make him shovel the snow. He ought to be particularly busy today since early this morning, they are cleaning the store and the house. His father would make the whole family watch his favorite Red&White program. [<- aka Kōhaku Uta Gassen, shown in NHK wherein female singers (Red) vs male singers (White) compete against each other in singing and performance of their popular songs that year. And then, there is a voting as to who is better between them. Source: Wiki] But, Shouta’s father ends up sleeping around 11pm and is lenient with his wife regarding watching it so it is Shouta, who must watch the show until the end. And, in the morning, when they are eating mochi, he will ask Shouta who won. Last year’s Christmas and New Year, Shouta did his best in negotiating with his father and he always ends up helping at home that he doesn’t have a winter vacation. Shouta is quite controlled by his father. Chizuru teases Sawako that it would be hard for her to be his wife[/daughter-in-law of Shouta’s father]. Carrying some snacks, Sawako’s father overhears it and wonders what kind of father is that. After her friends left, Sawako looks at her cellphone and there is no call. She recalls him being busy than she imagined. She just sends him a message not to force himself too much. Her father calls her to get in the house or else, she’ll catch a cold. She imagines Shouta always shoveling in such a cold day. Soon, she celebrates her birthday with her parents. Somewhere else, Kent calls out to Ayane that she came. She is surprised that he is waiting outside. He says no, he just thought that she will be coming so he came out and she really came. He asks her if she isn’t cold. She says no and he says that’s great because it is very cold today. She worriedly asks if he isn’t cold. After looking surprised, he says, ya. Then, his fangirls call out to him and mention about not being together with him even on Christmas. He tells them that he is going steady with Ayane. They say is that so, so how about Ayane coming with them. Kent declines and says that he can’t have fun with them anymore. They ask why, so  how about some other day. He tells them that he wants to cherish Ayane and he can’t be rude [lack in manners] towards Ayane and them. The fangirls understands and says that they don’t mind.
Kent revises his way of saying that by telling them that he wants to cherish the time together with Ayane so he doesn’t have extra energy to do two things at the same time and he doesn’t want Ayane to feel uneasy because he is having fun with some other girl. The fangirls realize that he isn’t the same as before, they tearfully cry that he really cherish Ayane, they understand, even if it is lonely, they support his happiness. They tell him to cherish Ayane. They tell Ayane that they’ll leave Kent to her. Before leaving, the fangirls tell Kent that he is welcome to come back if he is single again and they’ll lend him their chest to him if he encountered a painful thing. Ayane asks Kent if that is alright. He says yes. She blushes and thanks him. Kent tells them that they should go. At the shrine, Ryu tells Chizuru to be careful for it is slippery. It seems that he offered his hand and this made Chizuru start screaming. He asks what it is and she says that it is nothing. Among the crowd, Chizuru thinks that he shouldn’t have done that, no, she wants him to do that. While commenting to each other that there are a lot of people there, Chizuru felt her shoulder on Ryu’s. She looks at him. this made Ryu embarrassed for he noticed her looking. Chizuru thinks that she likes Ryu and it is impossible not to like him. She wonders what he is thinking, and what is she thinking. It is almost 20 minutes before midnight. While Sawako looks out the window, her parents are talking about the delicious noodles that Sawko made, it is always snowing, and the White Team won in the Red&White program. They are excited for it is almost the time when Sawako was born. Sawako looks at her cellphone again when it suddenly rings. He tells her that he is right outside her house. Sawako quickly goes to meet him. She is happy that she is able to finally meet him. He apologizes for suddenly dropping by without calling. She invites him in and her parents ask if he wants to eat the noodles. He apologizes for coming late but he’ll quickly leave. Sawako’s mother pushes her husband away so that the two can be alone. Holding a small ribbon box, Shouta greets her a happy 17th birthday. She asks if she can open it. It is a necklace with a small star pendant. She tries to put it on but has difficulty doing so. While wearing the gloves that she gave him, Shouta offers to help her. Then, he gets embarrassed over saying that. He also had difficulty over it since his fingers are quite cold stiff but, he finally manages to put it on her. He says that it is very cute. Then, he gets embarrassed over being so nervous that he is saying everything out loud. Covering his face, Shouta tells her that no matter what, he wants to give it to her today. Sawako thanks him and says that she’s very happy. He bids her goodbye and, see you tomorrow. Just as Shouta is going out, Sawako shouts that White Team won. Shouta smiles and thanks her. While she watches him leave, Sawako thinks that the curtain of being 17 years old is raised. She holds the pendant and thinks that this year, a special night had passed.
Comment: So, Kent is serious about Ayane and he is really winning her heart. Things are still a bit awkward between Ryu and Chizuru but they are getting there soon. Of course, things are going quite smoothly with the main couple. So, probably the next chapter will be their hatsumode date. Scans by 工作室.

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