February 8, 2013

Himitsu no Ai-chan [Chapter 36]

The chapter starts with a basketball game. Some basketball guy freaks out for Leo got the ball. Leo shoots and he scores. Fangirls go wild. At the side, while looking at him, Aiko is pouting. She thinks that since first year as a new student, Leo’s fans had increased. And it is quite obvious that he has more fans that she does. Hiroko goes to her and asks if she isn’t going to mix in and play with the guys. Aiko gloomily says that she can’t because since that time, she is under tight surveillance by Leo’s fans that she cannot enter within the 2 meter radius [<- not sure if it is can’t get near Leo or the fans are within that distance] and they are always staring at her. Aiko looks up to see the fans on the balcony gloomily glaring at her. Hiroko sighs and says that she thought that with Takumi’s help, they were able to deceive them but look at them. Aiko says that even if she minds them, it is useless so instead, in order to increase the members, she is going to make them see her cool basketball moves. Some girls cheer for Aiko. Aiko shoots the ball and she misses. She is startled when the fans scream for Leo who manages to score again. Aiko is flustered for the more she lies, the more her heart felt sad and it really hurts. She angrily tosses the ball at the basket but it hits the board and bounces back..hitting her directly on the head. Ouch. Aiko holds her forehead in pain. She curses over being intolerably bullied. Leo quietly looks at her and seems to somewhat sweatdrop. Later on, the homeroom teacher is distributing future career forms which are more of a survey on which college one will go to after graduation. He tells the class that this will be the last survey so they should properly think before filling it up. And since this is an affiliate school, so the majority has already decided on it. After waving his ballpen, Leo writes his name and section. He didn’t fill up whether he wants to go move up in the same school [<- I think go to college in the same school] or what are the other three universities that he aspire to go to. He glances at Aiko who is talking with Hiroko. Then, he looks thoughtful. During lunch break, three kouhai girls want to give some food to Leo. Leo is a bit speechless. The other students tease Leo about being popular and good luck with the first year girls. The girls are embarrassed and Leo tells them to shut up. Aiko looks at him and pouts. She is angry that Leo is really popular. Then, someone puts a small bag on her table and tells her that this is for her. She looks up to see that it is Takumi. Puzzled Aiko asks what that is. Takumi takes out the bento box from the bag and starts putting the food around her table. He tells her that it is the food he made by himself and because she looked very jealous over the bento that Leo will get so she can go ahead and eat this. Blushing really red, Aiko shouts that there’s no need for that. This made Leo look at them. Aiko nervously whispers to Takumi not to do this kind of thing for they will be misunderstood. Takumi innocently asks what kind of misunderstanding. Just when Aiko is telling him that it is about him liking her.., Takumi feeds her with a tamagoyaki [fried egg roll]. Aiko happily exclaims that it is delicious and she likes them sweet. Takumi says that’s right.
Furious Leo mentally tells Aiko not to be baited by that and Takumi is planning to use that kind of method. He quickly massages his eyebrows [= to relax and remove the scowl] then he apologizes to the girls for even if he is thankful for their feelings, but he has a girlfriend so he can’t accept them. “Because, I don’t want to do something that will make others MISUNDERSTAND..Sorry.” Overhearing this has made Aiko freak out. Thinking that this is bad, Aiko whispers to Takumi to scold him to quit always doing these kinds of things that will make people misunderstand. Takumi asks if that misunderstanding is thinking that he likes her. Nervous Aiko tells him not to use that tone, and that is right, so she’s saying.. Aiko is surprised when he tells her that liking isn’t a misunderstanding. She asks him what, what is he saying.. Putting the bento box in the bag, Takumi says as a friend. “What were you thinking? It’s ‘like’[/love] as a friend.” Just then, Hiroko arrives with two bento boxes. She apologizes for being late because there are a lot of people in the washroom. She is surprised that Takumi is there. Takumi tells Aiko that it is the same with Hiroko, making a bento for her and wasn’t she the one who said they are friends. This surprises Aiko. Aiko nervously thinks that this guy is quite perplexing. Taking the bag, Takumi says that it seems that Hiroko made her lunch today so next time, she should eat it all up. After he left, Hiroko asks what had happened. Aiko sighs and says that she doesn’t know, and they talk about it later on. Aiko wonders what’s up with that guy, and what would she do if Leo misunderstands again. She is obviously in the same class with Leo but she’s totally unhappy. As Leo goes back to his seat, some girls are gossiping about Takumi has a thing for Aiko and those two had a sex scandal before. Leo sighs. Later on, Mai-Aiko apologizes to Leo and says that it is Takumi again. Leo asks if it is just an apology. While they walk together and holding hands, Mai-Aiko kept on apologizing. She decides to change the topic by asking if he had submitted the survey form. Leo says not yet and how about her. Mai-Aiko says she already did and it is Kafuu University [guesswork from 花風大] where her brothers except Makoto went to. Leo teases her by asking that even if there is a promotion system, but can she go to college. Flustered Mai-Aiko exclaims of course, she can...generally. Leo scoffs over the ‘generally’ that Mai-Aiko exclaims regarding that, she can do it. Leo calls her a liar. While walking again, Leo tells her that Renji [guesswork from 建二] always asks why aren’t in the same class and always make a fuss during club activity. Mai-Aiko happily says that it is love. Aiko thinks that even if she isn’t worried, she has this guilty feeling. Towards others, she wasn’t able to truthfully say it. Towards Leo, it also seems like she is gradually becoming someone who can’t say her true feelings. Leo tells her that he has work today so he’s leaving. Mai-Aiko tells him to good luck/gambatte. Just as Leo is leaving and Mai-Aiko is waving him goodbye, Leo suddenly stops and turns back towards her. He asks for a moment. Then, at the alley, Leo starts to passionately kiss Mai-Aiko. She thinks that even if she doesn’t want the people in school to know but because she tends to be jealous, she doesn’t want to share him with the other girls. “-I couldn’t say it.” Mai-Aiko mutters his name and Leo continues to kiss her.
Then, she tells him that it hurts. Leo quickly stops and apologizes for he unconsciously.. Mai-Aiko happily asks what he means by unconsciously. She hugs him tight and says that being like this, it is okay to go anywhere. Mai-Aiko thinks that not only Leo doesn’t tell the school about it, he didn’t tell her about don’t always mingle with other guys and he also didn’t criticize her. “It’s because he treasures what I have.” Blushing Leo tells her that those words made him really happy and with only that, he will do his best at work. He pats Mai-Aiko’s head as she is happily laughing. Leo tells her that he’ll fetch her after work. Mai-Aiko says yes, see you at night. While waving him goodbye, Mai-Aiko wonders what she wants to do, how can she[?] understand, and she obviously knows that this thing cannot go on. Mai-Aiko freaks out when Hiroko stands behind her and tells her not to go lovey-dovey at this kind of place. Mai-Aiko exclaims what happened to her since Hiroko has a crying face. At the dressing room, Hiroko lies on Mai-Aiko’s lap and tearfully asks why guys are so fickle. Mai-Aiko asks if it is about Ritsuki again. Hiroko tearfully tells her that she couldn’t believe it for there is a woman who went to their apartment and that is already out of bounds. She sits up and exclaims that woman would even carefully leave her earring and even if she didn’t do anything, that woman would emit an ‘enemy aura’. She tearfully says that Ritsuki obviously knew and yet, he would still treat that woman nicely. She asks her if in Aiko’s family, they were taught to treat girls nicely. Mai-Aiko says it seems so..sorry. Hiroko asks why she is apologizing. Mai-Aiko says that is because.. Standing up, Hiroko exclaims that because she is so angry, she got the earring and gave it to that woman. Mai-Aiko exclaims if she went to see that girl. Starting to change her clothes, Hiroko says ya, just now, she heard it from Ritsuki and then, she went. “Because I’m his girlfriend! I can’t forgive.” After looking surprised, Mai-Aiko says that Hiroko’s quite strong since she [Aiko] doesn’t even have the courage to say out loud that she’s the girlfriend. Hiroko looks at her and says that it is okay to say it. She tells Aiko that even if Aiko pretends that it is nothing, but in her heart, she’s very jealous. Looking away, Mai-Aiko asks if that is jealousy, because Leo has more fans and she felt frustrated. Hiroko says that she is still acting strong. Mai-Aiko replies that it is because..she would appear to be the type who’ll say it that way, right.. [<-Not too sure on that] Hiroko asks why, isn’t that her true feelings – wishing that he’ll only look at her but the other party is also thinking that way, right? If that is so, if one is committed to him, that person will be hated. Thinking that way, Aiko will keep this thing as a secret but it will give her a stronger feeling of losing and she’ll think too much over what to do. Mai-Aiko asks is that so. Sitting beside her, Hiroko tells her that she is envious of her for she can always be together with her beloved Leo, and from her point of view, the two of them are quite compatible lovers. “I think Leo is waiting for you to summon up your courage..” Realizing that this is all true, Mai-Aiko smiles and says, yes.
Holding up her arms, Mai-Aiko exclaims that talking with her made her more courageous. Hiroko asks if that is true, then, she’s so happy that Aiko had cheered up. “Let’s do our best together, Aiko-chan!!” “Ya!” Mai-Aiko thinks that Leo did said before that the two of them together are completely perfect [/ideal]..she also wants to have courage and it’s fine even if it is a little just to move forward. “Because I like Leo so it is no good not to want to move forward.” In school, after her teammates left, Aiko goes out of the clubroom and complains about being late. She is surprised to find Leo’s fangirls waiting for her outside. They want to talk with her. At the side, Renji tearfully asks why Leo went to humanities[/liberal arts] and he’s so lonely. Leo tells him that he’s annoying and he knows already. Then, he notices Aiko going somewhere with the girls. Behind the building, the fangirls say that even if they know that it is a punishment dating game, but they want to hear it clearly from Aiko’s own mouth. Aiko gloomily thinks that it has become like this. She is surprised when they ask, “You like Leo, right?” She clenches her fist and thinks that she doesn’t want to continue on lying nor does she want to deny these feelings of ‘like’ towards Leo. Leo is eavesdropping at the corner. Aiko darkly asks, “What’s so good about Leo? Don’t I treat girls very nicely? More so compared to Leo.. *holds the face of nervous leader of the fangirls* Want to do it with me?” Leo goes into shock over that is that idiot doing. While the fangirls’ leader tries to protest, Aiko tells her to be quiet a bit. The fangirls’ leader starts to become hysterical since she couldn’t take her eyes off Aiko. Just when Aiko is leaning very close to the leader, Leo comes out and asks what they are doing. The fangirls freak out in embarrassment. Leo tells Aiko not to steal other people’s fans. The leader shouts that it isn’t so, they came to quarrel, and it was seen by Leo. They quickly retreat. Leo asks Aiko what she is doing in trying to seduce a girl. With her head bowed, Aiko says that she has no way of immediately announcing that they are going steady now but she doesn’t want to deny these feelings for him. “Although I don’t know how to fight as a girl but I want to use my own way of fighting..!” Leo blushes a bit over this. Looking up to him, Aiko tells him that next time it is exposed, she will sincerely say it out. “So, Leo also.. even if other people make fun of you, it is okay not to force yourself to deny it.” Leo says that she is really forcing herself to be strong. Aiko tells him that it isn’t forcing herself to be strong, it is deciding on doing this. Leo smiles. He starts to rumple her hair and exclaims, “That’s right! I’ve also decided!” Aiko asks decide on what. He tells her that he’ll tell her about it next time. Aiko complains over her messed up hair. Leo tells her that it is cute. Then, in the last scene, Leo circles the form on wanting to go to some other university. [<- I think that’s what it is. Since the word he encircled is ‘hope’/desire/wish. So it can also mean about having hope that Aiko will reveal to the others about their relationship]
Comment: So, Aiko will tell everyone about it next time it is exposed again. Well, even if she does, I don’t think those girls nor Takumi will back off. Hm..it seems that they really do have some rivalry in basketball. Aiko seems to be blurring things a bit if she is jealous over Leo having all those female fans or jealous that he has more fans than her. ^^; Maybe, it is both =P Takumi is clever enough to use the ‘like as friend’ to keep on being close with Aiko. Aiko is too nice that she couldn’t bluntly refuse him though I think she has already rejected him as a lover so he is using the ‘we’re friends’ tactic. It is harder for Aiko to refuse since he is saying that the things he does are like what Hiroko does. It will be a headache to explain why Hiroko can and he can’t. It doesn’t help that Leo knows Takumi’s true intention. I guess Leo is also quite nice not to dictate to Aiko over things she can and cannot do. I think Takumi might give her problems especially after her relationship is exposed and those obsessive fangirls are around. Though, he might not be around for too long. Hiroko is really a great friend and helped Aiko come to this decision. It seems that she might also be Aiko’s future sis-in-law. Anyway, even if there are future problems after the revelation, Hiroko and Leo would be there for Aiko. Also, I think, Aiko can be quite strong if she has decided on something. Well, she gives me that impression. Lastly, it seems that Leo will be going to a different college later on. It isn’t clear though if it will be still the same area or different one. If it is the latter, they might have a long distance relationship. I don’t know if this series will lead up to college though. But, because of Aiko’s decision and Leo probably thought that things between them will be stronger, he can go do what he wants in his life. I’m sure Aiko will support him, too. Scans by DayDreamy.

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