February 15, 2013

True Love [Chapter 2]

Ai is so happy to see her brother that she kept on crying and asking if this is for real, he is really here, how he is, how’s life, etc. Yuzuru comments that she’s the same with her ‘bombardment of questions’. She stops when he wipes the tear from her eye. A guy with a wooden sword appears and calls out to that ‘suspicious’ guy to leave their school. Ai frantically tells the teacher that it is her older brother. Yuzuru tells her that he’ll wait for her at the shrine. She tries to tell him that she has five subjects today but he assures her that he’ll wait for her until she comes. She goes to her friends crying again about meeting her brother again. While feeling embarrassed for crying in public, she confirms to the interrogating girls that handsome guy is indeed her brother. They start to ask her all sorts of questions about Yuzuru but it turns out that Ai only knows that he is one year older than her. After the others left, one of her friends says that it is inevitable since Ai’s parents had been divorced and she hasn’t been living with her brother. Ai says that whenever her father and brother are mentioned, her mother and grandparents would quarrel. Her friends are envious of her since one of them is an only child and the other only has sisters. They say that it is great that Ai got to see him after such a long time. Ai happily says yes. She decides to fold her skirt up to make it shorter and her friend lends her some lipstick. Then, Ai feels weird about seeing her brother [like that?] but her friends don’t know about it since they don’t have a brother. They assure her it is alright to have a good impression of being a cute younger sister.

Soon, Ai goes up to the shrine and wonders if her brother is bored. She also wonders about all sorts of things about her brother. She finds him sleeping and he seems to be happily dreaming. She wonders if she ought to wake him up or wait. She starts observing him and about how tall he is, etc. She starts to happily wait for him to wake up and call her name. Then, she leans near his ear to hear what kind of music he is listening to on his earphones. He wakes up and reprimands her not to get too close to a guy and letting down her guard. She tries to explain that she’s only trying to listen to his music. He comments that he heard that girls are quite forward these days. Ai protests that she is only one year younger than him. He notices that she also had make-up on. Just when she is saying that this is because she [came to see] him..Yuzuru starts saying that she has grown up, putting make-up, wearing short skirt, she must have gone to some goukon [group date] and become a frivolous[/flirty] girl, that he felt disappointed. With a smiling face, Ai says is that so. She stands up and says that she’s going home and tells him to take care. He tries to stop her and she lost her footing. He uses his body to protect her as they fall down on the grassy ground. He asks her if she is hurt but she’s crying. He asks if she is injured and they should go see the doctor. She starts having a tantrum that it would be better not to see him for she felt like a fool to be excited all by herself and she shouldn’t have worn lipstick. She starts thinking that her kind brother from before is gone and this isn’t the same as before. Yuzuru apologizes for she isn’t exactly the same as he remembered her before. Rather, he is worried[anxious] too much since she became so cute. He pulls her to him and says that it is embarrassing to say that when she is obviously his younger sister. He tells her that if she is finished crying, he wants to hear about her during the past nine years. She happily says, “Yes.”
Comment: Sorry but I’m dropping this series. I don’t quite like the lead girl. Ai really reminds me of the lead girl of the author’s previous series that I can’t shake off the feeling that she’ll do something really stupid later on. Sigh, I’m already biased. ^^;; I’m not too interested in the plot either. Since they seem to be the clueless types, I’m guessing that it is when they are really in love when they realize that it is incest. =P  For now, I’ll probably just browse through this series rather than read or summarize it. Anyway, it seems the English scanlator of this series is quite active so just wait for that. Scans by DayDreamy.

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